Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

You can play as hard as you want.. asthma – astma

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I am getting a bit tired of what I hear and read on the internet, in news and at doctors offices.

Lines like this one:

“With asthma and the right treatment plan, you can play as hard as you want.”

This is not all true. Taking your medicines and following the prescription from your doctor reduce the symptoms. That is correct. And avoiding what is making you ill also helps. But that “you can play as hard as you want” is not a truth for all having asthma. It really depends on the asthma this person got. Asthma is the same decsiese for all having it, but it strikes differently, it is either less severe or more severe, and that also can vary from day to day, and all persons having it got it differently.

I am on an asthma treatment. I got my Levaxin, my Symbicort Thurbuhaler (strongest one available) and my Ventoline. But it does not help when I want to go bi-cycling or running hard or something else that falls under “you can play as hard as you want“. When I do this “play as hard as I want” thingy I get chest tightness, I get a decrease in my lung capacity and I get trouble breathing.

Of course it does not mean that I can not do anything, but I can not play as hard as I want or whenever I want. My asthma prohibits me from doing that with or without medicines. Besides the illness I have to consider weather changes, today’s status of my illness and other things. Life is not over with asthma, but would be much easier without it. I feel sometimes media and information about asthma has made it look like as no problem. That is wrong. It is a problem, even if it does not kill all the fun.

I just can (or actually have to) play as hard as it is possible. That would be a better way of telling it. That is the truth. What I want my asthma do not care about. I must adjust my life to the asthma, it does not adjust itself to me.

So I try to press my self as much as possible, mostly it is not possible to play as much as I want.

– Even though I do not let that stop me from living. I just go do things I know is possible.


Author: Annelie

I like canoeing, photographing, friends, movies, food, humor, and going on trips. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty, violence, nastyness, and people not caring for others. I do not drink much, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. I love friends who are kind to me and stick with me. If you want to give me a gift, the best gift is to stop smoking and stop using fragranced products. Then you give me health and that dear friend, is the best gift a person can get. It is a gift of love. I got asthma and I am hearing disabled.

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