Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

Superstition in old Norway

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In Ørskog History magazine from 1997 one can read about superstition in the old Norway. They had great respect for the farms and farm houses. If people got there in fall when the milking girls had left the houses and taken their cows down from grassing in the mountain to lower grounds they had to conduct accordingly. Before they went inside the barn and houses they had to make loud noises and loud steps before entering. And when the door was unlocked and they were to enter they had to take their hat off and loudly say Hallo! Hallo! They believed the little people living underground moved in after the milking girls left for home, so they must not go in there without noticing them. They believed that if you did the little people wrong you would not get healthy animals and offspring.

HULDRA and blue-people Another local history is about a creature called the blue-people and the Huldra. Story goes is was summer and a drought in Vissdala, and it was impossible to find water anywhere. But one day they found water under a mountain in a hillside. They digged a hole where the water came out. But every time they were there to get water they heard a lot of noise coming from inside the mountain. But they told the HULDRA that if it liked to move to the other mountain they would not disturb her anymore. After that it was silent every time they went there to get water.

In the old days they used to exchange butter with the HULDRA. They made butter and then put it on a shelf in the dairy-barn. They did not say anything doing that. The morning after it was there, the butter that before belonged to the HULDRA. They then took the butter from the shelf, and it was very yellow and fine. When you were allowed to exchange butter with the HULDRA luck came to you and the farms animals.

 GOVETRÅ At Christmas eve they used to put butter out in the dairy barn so Govetrå could get butter for Christmas. When they did that they believed that when they got to little butter on their farm, they got butter from the Govetrånn.

DRAUGEN On the coast of Norway fishing was the main resource for living. And the thing they were most afraid of was Draugen. Draugen could come in many different shapes and forms, but the one they were the most afraid of was the dead guy sailing the half ship. If the Draugen came sailing up alongside their boat it told about bad weather and storm coming, and then the sea would claim many lives.

You should never believe you got much fish when going out with the boat fishing. The one believing they would not get much fish, were actually the ones getting the most fish, they believed. So they had only small buckets with them to put the fish in. Having small buckets onboard would get them more fish than they got room for. It was not allowed to complain over how much fish you got, and never count the fish before you stopped fishing for the day and were on your way home. If you did you would not get any luck getting fish.

KOBBEN (BABY SEAL) was an animal that had great power over the sea, its travellers and fishing. If it came and were close to the ships front the fishermen could just as well go home. They believed they would not get any fish then. But if the KOBBEN showed its round head alongside or back of the boat it meant luck fishing and sailing.

KRÅKA (CROW) was a sign of bad luck, if it said its «kra-kra» they would not get much fish.

TÅVRE. They believed that if the cows in the dairy farm were not able to move the TÅVRE did it. And if you did put your finger in the cows ears and they did not blink with their eyes the TÅVRE had killed it. Then they believed that the only way to fix the problem was to read a prayer: – It was once Jesus was out walking, and on the road he med the TÅVREman. Jesus asked: Where are you going TÅVRE? – I am going to the farmers farm and mess up all his animals. Then Jesus said: That you must not because then I will melt your words and your tung, your liver and lungs until you want all the best for him, like you want the best for yourself.
This prayer they had to read 3 times over salt, and for every time you had to spit. The salt you hade to use to make bread from. Then you should give the bread to the cows so that they would get better. And it must be made in secret. This they believed.

SEAHORSE The seahorse was a creature living in the sea. It got all the features of an seahorse alongside with the features of a normal horse on-shore. It was big. A seahorse with hair and teeth and gnegg. It often showed itself making actual horse noises and scared away all animals and fish for the fisherman. Meeting such a seahorse were very much bad luck for the fisherman that had to go home empty handed.

It is interesting reading, but Oh, my! How stupid! I think they maybe had to many drinks..


What is superstition?
Belief in powers and causal relationships that fall outside of science and laws that do not have any sense, “rational” reason. Superstition is not the same as folklore, which belongs to an accepted pattern of performances with a clear function in the time and the society it exists. What is called superstition, may vary: there are eg. a number of convictions and “half-scientific science” that fans will say is fair enough, but that others would characterize as superstition. Good fortune or misfortune: We knock on wood, collects on leaf clover, etc., things most people will accept is superstition.

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