Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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NAAF and NFBIB have collaborated in a project on the environment funded by inhibition, Helsedirektoratet written a  book (Kjell Aas: Environmental Inhibition – a hidden disability) and produced  brochures.


This is a draft brochure on the environmental impairments due to allergies. Both the book and brochures are freely available online.

Environmental inhibition are conditions with sensitivity to something in the environment that leads to such severe diseases and ailments that the environment is unavailable. The affected person can not stay healthy and able to function normally in ordinary environments that contain what the person does not tolerate. She or he must stay away from such environments.miljøkjemi

Bokforside NettversjonHow are environmental inhibition special disability on an equal par with such as physically disabled to move or walk. Both the government and the individual must strive for the best gender equality and promote equality and accessibility for all disabled people. (Law and regulations relating to integration and equality, Norway’s public reports NOU 2005: 8 Equality and availability Norway’s public reports NOU 2005: 8 Equality and availability). The regulation contains some possibilities for exemptions to environmental impairment where the costs are too great. It requires knowledge, understanding, and that they show consideration and respect which the laws and regulations are insufficient.
Environmental inhibition occurs in someone with specific allergic diseases and in some with severe hyperresponsiveness in asthma that these states have approved medical diagnoses. Environmental Inhibition is also common in chemical environment intolerance ( brochure ), this form is not currently approved as a medical diagnosis in Norway. These are special illnesses little known and attention, and therefore is subject thorrowly mentioned in the book Miljøhemming – en skjult funksjonshemming (Kjell Aas: Environmental Inhibition – a hidden disability).

Disability are available in different varieties and degrees. It can be caused by something that is inhaled and possibly something in the food, drinks and medicines. In addition, acts of environmental impairment “or intolerance”, which is not discussed further here. No patient, but person in risk. The environment is conditioned inhibition. In environments that do not contain anything that is not tolerated, the affected may be well. Therefore,
the term in risk.

Allergies with environmental impairment Allergy is an immunological reaction in
terms of cost and environment where exposure may cause illness. Most people with
allergies and allergic diseases do well in all environments thanks to the proper use of modern medicines and treatments. Only relatively few allergy is hampered by environmental significance, and usually because of atopic allergy. Some are inhibited because of the environment.

Specific allergies such as against the venom of wasps and bee-sting, and some because they are extremely allergic (” hypoallergenic “). The allergy may mean environmental inhibition throughout the year or is seasonal. Often play non-allergic conditions a role
as well as by co-infection or if exposed to tobacco smoke or dust.

flytskjema allergi 30“Hyper Allergy” By hyper-allergic so little of for an example the wasp sting is needed to make the person hyper allergic that it may be difficult to understand for the uninitiated. Hazardous reaction may be triggered by extremely low concentrations of most current allergy sources. Systematic research has shown that this is about real immunological reactions that initiate cascades of uncontrolled chemical in the body.

Risk and risk environments Food, beverages, confectionery, medicines The most common cause of severe allergic reactions to hyper-allergy sufferers – and especially children – are hidden traces of nuts, almonds, peanuts and nut oil or the like in bags and good food. Trace quantities of eggs or milk may also trigger severe allergic reactions. It can also happen when cooking meals or pulling with it traces of previous spills on the ground.

Cookery fumes and odors Many people with hyper-allergic to certain foods at risk of serious reactions when breathed in air that is contaminated from the preparation of that food. Since this is something that happens very often in open shopping centers, cafe, restaurants, cafeterias and halls serving such sites can be inaccessible and “forbidden” areas for some. Most feared are allergic shock (anaphylaxis). It can develop in a matter of seconds with more symptoms at the same time, lead to blood pressure and unconsciousness and sometimes fatal end in a matter of minutes.

AnafylaksiFeared and dangerous is the throat swelling ( larynksødem ) where inside the throat with swollen vocal cords can be so much that it closes up completely. This can also act as the only symptom. Nascent larynksødem must be treated quickly with medication for emergencies. Complication allergic reactions of the mucosa leads to a form of inflammation, so-called allergic inflammation. The inflammation is often accompanied by irritability of the mucosa, hyperresponsiveness. This can cause asthma and mucosal reactions in a number of non-specific air pollutants (irritants). How hyperresponsiveness occurs even without allergies – depending on genetic predisposition and environmental factors. Even mild and moderate forms of allergy can cause pronounced symptoms that affect the individual’s quality of life. Examples of this are unbearable itching that can lead to many sleepless nights and poor concentration. Allergic reactions are often accompanied by additional symptoms such as headaches and severe abdominal pain. Most of us would probably stay away from places and situations that may trigger these symptoms, how common allergies can also lead to a significant degree of environmental impairment. Treatment options and recommended action Allergies and hyper allergies can be helped all or a good piece on the road with custom measures and medications. Consult your doctor and possibly allergy specialist doctor working with you.

More information:

Anti-discrimination and equality law can be downloaded from NOU 2005: 8 Equality and availability can be ordered through local bookstores or from
Fagbokforlaget, phone 55 38 88 38. It can also be downloaded from The various forms of environmental impairment and measures for adaptation of the environment for disabled is thoroughly described in the book Environmental Inhibition: a hidden disability (link later), in broshure about environmental inhibition of hyperresponsiveness and asthma (link later). Brochure on the environmental inhibition by chemical environmental intolerance (link later) and in a brochure Some are working in Asthma and Allergy Association. The Association has also released a series of brochures on allergies and asthma. Some brochures available in several languages ​​for immigrants. Asthma and Allergy Foundation has an open telephone counseling (switchboard 23 35 35 35) and can answer questions through e-mail: Members can find much useful information in the union’s member newspaper and get information and advice through telephone counseling, or through the Association County sections. They can also use the query box in

Internet users can find useful information on the website


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It is about time they do something about this. Many people including myself is environmentally handicapped. I am handicapped by my asthma due to chemicals, here under in fragrance, tobacco, scent a.s. Other people are also inhibited from environments by allergies and MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and other sensitivities that wear your health down and make you sick in symptoms like when you get a flu. Having MCS you get fever, get dizzy, severe headaches, your strength drained and so on. Some people having MCS even end up falling in to coma.

I got some environmental handicap. I can for example not go to parties and locations where people smoke or use much perfume. I can not visit toilets, ladies rooms where people spray perfume, hair spray a.s or they clean the room with heavy chemical cleaning agents because then I get asthma problems. I can not visit restaurants and cafe with open area kitchens because of the cookery fumes, I get sick from those, garages can be a problem, road tunnels I can not drive through in an open car and if it gets really bad I have to close the air-conditioning for incoming air, perfume shops, shops with perfume by the cashier, even so-called natural perfume shops and bath articles shops, churches using incense, concerts, theaters, bars and disco using smoke machines, places with scented candles and so on. Going to a restaurant and sit outdoors having a beer or food with friends or alone is not an option since it is allowed to smoke such places (2011). If anyone at the neighbouring table lights a smoke I have to get up and leave. List is long. Sometimes I got bad days and some days are better. On better days my health can stand more irritants than on a bad day. Yes, I work at the bus. I sit there 8-10 hours a day driving, but it is really not without problems with my asthma. I get sick almost everyday. I am environmentally impaired here at work too actually. I get sick from passengers perfume, tobacco use and if they got some chemicals stick to their working clothes, smog and road dust. If I am subjected to such I get sick in asthma. Sometimes I then must open up to air all substances out to be able to continue to work. But I will not give in, I do not want to get pension from the state. I would go nuts only sitting at home. I love to work.

The extended use of perfume, chemicals and tobacco among people and companies is an environmental problem, not only for animals and nature, but for people too. I would really wish people and companies could see this and take a bit more notice of how their use of perfume, tobacco and chemicals in any other way effect other around them.

I can for example not take just any job. I can preferably only work in occupations where I can avoid what make me ill. And the list of what make me ill is long. That is one environmental inhibition. I am lucky that I can work as a bus driver, even though I get ill anyway. I suffer from asthma when subjected to the irritants and what make me sick but stand up against it, I fight it with medicines and brains. I hold my breath when I feel it coming and get to fresh air and medicine for help. But without medicines I would not be able to work. Without medicines I get really ill and that is fast.

Author: Annelie

I like canoeing, photographing, friends, movies, food, humor, and going on trips. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty, violence, nastyness, and people not caring for others. I do not drink much, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. I love friends who are kind to me and stick with me. If you want to give me a gift, the best gift is to stop smoking and stop using fragranced products. Then you give me health and that dear friend, is the best gift a person can get. It is a gift of love. I got asthma and I am hearing disabled.

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