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WHO about MCS –

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Platform created by WHO in order to get an ICD code for MCS and EHS

Meeting at WHO: in a few years MCS and EHS may be included in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD11)

Madrid, May 18, 2011. The National Committee for the Recognition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), on 13rd May 2011, met Dr. Maria Neira, Director of Public Health and Environment of the WHO and other WHO officials. During the meeting, the WHO responsible for the development of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) admitted that there was a controversy regarding the updating procedure of this classification.

Dr. Neira and her team explained that, up to the release of ICD 10, the National delegations from the Health Ministries were the only one engaged in the revision of the classification, but now the revision is open to public comment and anyone can actively participate and submit scientific evidence to promote new classifications of diseases for the ICD 11, which will be released in 2015. The WHO official also announced that the very first draft of the ICD 11 was going to be released on Monday 17th May.

The WHO created a virtual platform to engage the scientific community and the NGOs in the revision of the ICD 11 and this is supposed to guarantee a full transparency throughout the revision process. This new openness by WHO was applauded by the National Committee for the Recognition of MCS and EHS.

In order to get the inclusion of these two environmental disease in the new classification , the WHO officials pointed out that it is essential to present clear evidence about the diseases: etiology, pathophyisyology, diagnostic tests, etc.

Jaume Cortés, lawyer from the association Colectivo Ronda, explained on behalf of Committee, the evidence given by more than 200 legal compensation sentences won by MCS and EHS patients.

Dr. Julian Marquez, a neurophysiologist with extensive experience in these cases, presented a dossier about the scientific studies on MCS and EHS published in the recent years.

The Committee will actively participate in the platform created by WHO in order to get an ICD code for EHS and MCS, considering that the national versions of ICD 10 in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Japan already assigned a code to MCS.

For more information contact Sonia Ortiga: mail environmentalhealthcampaign @ and telephone 645803417.

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Learn more about MCS and what it is. Use Google translate and translate from Danish to English.



What people do not think of is that so many people suffer from perfume use, tobacco and other chemicals commonly used in the society. It sure smells nice with most perfumes, but it should not be nessecary to use perfume everyday. Perfume could as well be something used only for festivities, like in the old days. There are deodrants and personal hygiene products without perfume and unnessesary chemicals added that work just as well as other brands. So many suffer from allergies, asthma and also MCS that it is really a good thing World Health Organisation (WHO) put such on their agenda now, and that so many cares about this and work to make it happen. Environmental handicap is painful and cut people out from social happening and daily live. Well done everyone! Bless you!


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