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Greater asthma risk in chlorinated pools –

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I found and translated this article in Norwegian that I would like to share:

Greater asthma risk in chlorinated pools


It is known that the risk of asthma increases if one swims in an indoor pool with chlorine. New studies show that outdoor pools provide asthma and allergy problems for children.

Exposure to chlorine-containing air from the pool system may be one of the reasons why the incidence of childhood asthma is increasing in the industrialized world. That chlorine is not good to be exposed to, is further confirmed in recent studies of children who swim in the outdoor pool.

A Belgian study that was presented at the European lung ERS Congress in Stockholm in September, shows that children who swim in chlorinated pools outdoors have an increased risk of developing such problems.

850 children
850 school children in the age of 15 in three Belgian schools participated in the study. Most of the students had swimming lessons in ordinary, chlorinated pools, indoor and outdoor, while one of the schools used a pool that was not cleaned with chlorine-containing material. This school is used as a control group in the study.

The study was that the parents of the children answered a questionnaire about the child’s exposure to outdoor and indoor pool with and without chlorine, if there were individuals with asthma and allergies in the family – and the child’s lifestyle.

It was also taken blood samples where one looked for the amount of immunoglobulin E (IgE) – antibodies that are associated with increased risk of asthma and allergy.

– To swim in the outdoor pool is strongly associated with increased IgE concentration and a significantly increased risk of asthma, “said Marc Milde Nick when he presented the results in Stockholm.

Adolescents who had spent more than 500 hours in the outdoor pool, had three times more likely to develop asthma than youngsters who had never swum in chlorine-containing water. – The relative risk is as much as nine times higher in children with high IgE concentration, even where the parents do not have a asmatisk history, told one of the other behind the study, Alfred Bernhard.

– We would recommend that the outdoor pool should not be adding too much chlorine, especially if young children use them, said Nick Milde.

An Italian study also presented at the lung Congress in Stockholm, shows that the chance of developing asthma is also twice as great for children involved in competitive swimming – compared with the normal population.

A group of Italian researchers from the University followed 30 adolescents who engaged in competitive swimming. The average age was 14 years, and none had previously been diagnosed with asthma. The athletes were measured sensibility to allergens and bronchial hyper-reactions, which are predictors for the onset of asthma.

High concentrations
The results show a clear increased risk of developing asthma for young athletes engaged in competitive swimming. 73 percent of them were sensitive to allergens in the air, which is twice as much as the general population. Over half of the athletes had bronchial hyper-reactions.

– We believe that repeated exposures to high concentrations of chlorine are not lucky enough to respiratory tract. It can increase the sensibility of the allergen, help to develop bronchial hyper-reactions and contribute to the development of asthma, the researchers said Vito Brusasco and Giovanni Rossi when they presented the study in Stockholm.

Recommends swimming anyway
– Although we know that chlorine is not very good in relation to asthma is swimming one of the best activities for asthmatics. There, they perform more interval training and not so many long sessions, “said the general practitioner and head of the General Medical Association’s reference group for asthma and COPD, Svein Hoegh Henrichsen.

– Patients who are not sensitive to chlorine, is therefore recommended to practice swimming, “he said.

Theme Exhibit: General Doctor, Medicine Today 25/07

Source (Article published in whole since I needed to translate it.):



I have not tried going to the local Swimming pool after I gotten my asthma. I am actually a bit afraid that I will get asthma troubles from it since I am asthmatic to chemicals. But I like swimming so I think maybe I will try anyway. And if it does not work, that is just another thing I can not do. I’ll only wait and see and try it later.


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