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Men and perfume allergy

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At we can read about increased allergies with men and it is caused by perfumed deodorants.


Men can not tolerate deodorant

Men  is catching up with women when it comes to fragrance allergy, Danish research shows facts.

Many Danish men smell probably better today than just 50 years ago. But they are also gaining in favor of women when it comes to development of fragrance allergy.

New Danish research from the Center for Dermato-Venerology and Allergy Center at the University shows that among patients with fragrance allergy, had 25 percent deodorants that cause. And more than twice as many men as women were registered in this group.

– For the first time we’ve seen discussed in an international scientific article that more men than women have fragrance allergies and the cause is due to deodorants, “says Ewa Daniel has Asthma and Allergy Danish expert in risk assessment of products for the skin to Asthma and Allergy Denmark estimates that 200,000 Danes have perfume allergies.

Penetrates the skin
She believes the new figures are a consequence of recent years’ focus on the fact that men must look good and smell nice.

– The young men spend use hair wax and scent every day and often many different brands together, but they do not know that for example wax sit in your hair all day and works its way into the skin. Just as lotions and perfumes. A good idea is to wash it out in the evening, she said.

Without clothes
Perfume allergy occurs mostly in your armpit, and have you first got it, the disease is a companion for life.

– Perfume allergy occurs most often under the arms because the skin is more delicate and there is a humid environment. So we advise the young people to use unscented deodorant, before damage is done, “says Ewa Daniel.

The biggest culprits among the fragrances were mainly found in the test mixture, called fragrance mix II and substance hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde.

The research is published in the article “Heisterberg et al, deodorant er Leading Cause of allergic contact dermatitis two fragrance ingredients, Contact Dermatitis, May 2011”.

End Qoute.

Source: Tuesday 31.5.11 – By Julia Schmiegelow,



Just as I said in Cancer cause supported by perfume the skin is the biggest organ of the body, it is sensitive and takes in whatever you put on it. And what it takes in is transported to the other organs in the body by the blood.

It is nice that men like to be fresh, but that does not mean they have to use perfumed products. You get as clean with perfume free products as with perfumed products. Most important is to take a shower everyday.

And that men who have started to use perfume more and more last years is an increasing group getting allergies against perfume I think says it all. Perfume is not good for the human being, it should not be used everyday.

And that if you get perfume allergy it sticks with you for life I can sign. I also got asthma and allergies and got it from cleaning products at work. Most of them held stong chemicals and were heavily perfumed. Now I can not come closer than some meter with a person using perfume without I get sick from it. How sick I get often depends on how much perfume the person have on, and what perfume the person is using. This is because some perfumes I react to more than others, even though I react to all. And I will never get free from the allergy and asthma.

At Asthma and allergy Denmark website there is a link to Vidensenter for Allergi (“knowledge centr for allergies) it is mentioned that if one get excema from perfume one can spray it on the clothes. I can not do that either. I get very ill from breathing it in. I can not use it myself, and I  also get sick from others using it. And you NEVER get cured from it.

People should take better care. Trust me you do not want asthma and allergy. It sucks and distrupt your life.

Read more about perfume allergy Asthma and Allergy Denmark’s website.


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