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Mannitol test done


Today 17 of June 2011 at 1330 was the time for my Mannitol asthma test. Because I got my asthma from working in a bus wash in the period of 2005-2007 I am to be granted long term damage payment from the socail security department NAV in Norway, and therefore they have ordered and demanded that I will have to do this test. Before I worked in the bus wash I was as healthy as can be.

Plan was to be able to film the whole thing. I asked them to allow me to do that but the nurse did not approve. But I took some photos instead just to show the machine and so on.

During the last three days I have not been allowed to take any medicine at all. So I was totally unprotected to any of the stuff I get sick from. It has been a hazzle to not be able to take any medicine, and I have gotten ill several times since Tuesday. I have solved this problem to not get sick by trying to avoid people I know smoke and use perfume, and I have used a protective mask to prevent to breathe in fumes I get ill from.

When I came to the hospital I was a bit unsure of where to go. It was a long time since I was at the lung clinic and needed advise where to go, so I knocked at the reception desk window in the main entrance to get help. The lady opened the window smiling. That was nice. But in the same second she opened the window perfume flew out the window in my direction, and I got ill and had an asthma attack all the way from there to the lung clinic and even through waiting to get in and also when I got in. I had managed to stay away from perfume for three days, and when I get to the hospital I get sick from it! : (
I complainted at the lung clinic and got informed that they are not allowed to use perfume there. But they did anyway and I got sick. : (   And I could not take any medicine because if I did I could not take the test, and also then 3 days of struggle without medicines would have been pointless and useless. I could not take any medicine because the medicines would make that the result come out wrong. To take the test I had to be unmedicated.

Well, luckily I came in almost at time after only have been waiting a little while.

I talked to the nurse about the last test I did 3-4 years ago and we came to the conclusion that it was a Metacholin asthma test I took back then. The Metacholin was rather straight forward, even though rather painful and hard. At the Metacholin test I first made a PEF measure to check the before test values of my breathing capability. And after the PEF test I breathed in Metacholin, and after that I took a new PEF breathing measure to get the after value of my breathing capability. During the Metacholin test I got all closed up lungs and could no breathe.

This photo shows the healthy lung on the left side, and on the right side the resault to the lungs with different illnesses. On the upper right side you see some of what asthma do to the lungs, even though the imige do not show the total progress.

Today it was time to do the Mannitol asthma test of my lungs to state the long term damage. The Mannitol test is more complicated and more measurements are done.

Test equipment

First step of the Mannitol test is that I did a PEF measurement to get the before result of my breathing capability. After that I had to breathe in a gas from a hugh gas tank. I felt a small irritation in my lungs from that and started to cough. And after the gas I did another PEF measure.

Then it was time to do a surrogate test. I was to breathe in a surrogate to see the result of that. I even reacted a bit to the surrogate. And then another PEF measure.

After all that it was time for the real Mannitol test.

Here I am breating in the test machine. This is a staged photo because I had not possibilities to photograph while taking the acutal test since it was to painful to focus on photographing all together. But this is what it looks like.

The nurse put some Mannitol capsuls in a piece that I put in my mouth and then sucked down my lungs. The test in all is in 9 such Mannitol intakes and the dozes is increased each time. For each increased doze of Mannitol the asthma attack get more severe.

I felt a small reaction on the first try with only one capsule. Then took a PEF measure for the after result. Then she gave me a higher dose on the second try, and then a new PEF measure to see the difference to the first. On the third go she gave me two capsules with an even higher dose and I got all tight in my lungs, and after that a new PEF measure to see the effect on my lungs and breathing ability. Fourth go with the Mannitol and even another increased dose in two capsules and another PEF measure after to see the difference. When I came to the fifth and increased dose of  breathing in Mannitol it got really bad. It was really bad, I felt my lungs take a long pause and hold, and I could not breathe. After the fifth PEF measure the values was so bad that she said the rules obliged her to stop the test.

So what does that mean that I could not take all the nine Mannitol doses? It actually mean that my asthma is so bad that I could not take all the doses in the test. If my asthma would have ben less aggressive I would have been able to take all the nine doses of Mannitol. But with my asthma I could only take five doses.

The dark blue lines shows my lung function before the test. The green lines shows what measure would have been expected during the test  if I were a person without asthma. And the red lines shows my lung function after the fifth breathing in of Mannitol.

After I got the fifth dose of Mannitol it was very hard to breath,and breathing even stopped. Serious stuff.

In the photo above the dark blue lines shows my lung function before the test. The green lines shows what measure would have been expected during the test if I were a person without asthma. And the red lines shows my lung function after the fifth breathing in of Mannitol. It is a big difference. It was so bad she actually stopped the test. If she would have gone further it could be dangerous for me.

And now I will tell the naked plain truth about asthma. This happens every time I or another person with asthma is subjected to any of what we get sick from either it is perfume, tobacco smoke, dust, hairspray, exhaust, or whatever it might be. It happens exactly as it does in the test, only in the test another substance is used to start the attack.

When she finished the test I got medicine. Ventoline in an Optichamber. And that was lovely! First medicine in three (almost 4 days) and being able to breathe again after the test was a blessing in itself.

And then it was time for the talk with the doctor. It was an interview about what my experiences is with what I react to and get sick from, and such things. Then I was done.

The doctor will write his notes and inform the social health security department the results.

Now I am going to take som medicine and enjoy it. :)

ps. If you are about to have an Mannitol or Metacholin test done on you I have two things to say. Yes, it can be a bit stressful, dramatic and maybe even scary. But you get medicine after so you will get better. The hours and the day after you can be a bit sore in your air-ways and you might also be a bit more sensitive then else to irritants and allergens. So try to stay away from that and take your medicines. Just relax and follow the nurse’s/doctor’s instructions and you will be fine.


Author: Annelie

I like canoeing, photographing, friends, movies, food, humor, and going on trips. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty, violence, nastyness, and people not caring for others. I do not drink much, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. I love friends who are kind to me and stick with me. If you want to give me a gift, the best gift is to stop smoking and stop using fragranced products. Then you give me health and that dear friend, is the best gift a person can get. It is a gift of love. I got asthma and I am hearing disabled.

15 thoughts on “Mannitol test done

  1. Since I was to a lung specialist yesterday and we came to talk about this test, today I looked it up again to freshen up my memory. I can only conclude that my asthma is just as bad, but my daily living has gotten better since 2011, because change in medication to stronger and better medicine, and because I have learned to steer away from all what makes me sick like if it was the plague. And I have changed work place, I no longer work in the city and now I work in the country side. Air is better, less fragranced people, less smokers among most people. Though I have had a problem with smokers at the office, but after addressing the problem it has gotten better.

    We are constructed to breathe air, not chemical pollution.


  2. Ive tried to do one today and it was abondened after the first dose of the drug,lm not sure what all this means,so l await the docs ideas /thoughts.


    • Maybe if you have additional health issues it is a problem conducting the test.


      • not as far as lm aware ,they did the day before lung function,and it seems that my readings are very variable they can see that lm trying hard but my results are all over the place, like yesterday with the mannitol,before they gave me the drug,just going to see what they say ,


        • I have heard of people with really sensitive lungs and airways that could not do it. Have you checked for Alpha 1?


          • ive no idea im at the start of this journey,after having two years of chest infections,one after another,all l know is lm so tired all the time and my fitness has dropped so much could do 100 mile a day cycling events,and now just look at my bike :0(
            so any advice anyone can give lm listening


            • Sounds like how my life was in 2005-2012, when I was working in a bus Wash (until 2007) and was diagnosed With occupational asthma in 2007. I had to change jobs and started to drive bus in 2007. I think the name occupational asthma as it is stated in the Word of it: “reacting to substances at work” is wrong. Why? Asthma you have all year around 24/7, you do not get well just because you leave work. Such Chemicals in Products at work one find in the grocery store and weared by other People, so one is subjected to it all year everywhee.

              I too had infections in my Airways. My work environment was really bad, it was cold, no air-condition, much Chemicals and so on. I feel Your pain. I had it like that. I know.

              Once in 2007 I sat in the stairs of the bus I was cleaning having a hard time breathing, I sat there crying having no energy. PEF messure 250 (that is half of normal breathing). I was crying because I was so sick, tired from oxygen loss, loss of energy and had such a hard time breathing. Except for that I was happy. But my Health made me cry.

              After I got medicine for my asthma in 2007, I changed work, and it got better, but not all good. I still had problems. People wearing perfume, Third hand smoke, fragranced products, and the Company cleaning the busses With fragranced products.

              Later on in 2010 I of personal reasons changed work Place. I drive in a smaller community now, and I have also managed to make my employer use fragrance free Products for cleaning work areas and busses. I drive in the countryside where are fresh air, People less fragranced and less smokers, and perfume free cleaned environment. I have also gotten better medicine so now I have a better Health.

              I think there is hope for you. But you need to find what makes you ill and stay away from it. Clear out all at home that make you ill. Also I would recommend you to look for all test you can do to state Your illness. Sadly not all doctors are too good at this With asthma so I would like you to ask questions and urge the doctor, not only rely on him/her (lots to read on my site, that is what it is for).

              Take a asthma test (actually there are two kinds), and Alpha 1 Antirypsin test. Check for COPD or any other lung illnes, and cancer even. Not to frighten you but only to be sure it is not cancer. What is important when you check for asthma is that Your state can vary from day to day, and hour to hour even. Maybe that is why Your test comes out so different from time to time. Even if you are on medication for asthma you should know that even then you can have bad times experiencing the illness getting worse. What causes it? Allergens and irritants you are subjected to, Colds, infections and so on, and nature of asthma itself. Also know that asthma itself is a kind of infection but triggered by sensitivity. When you get a asthma reaction this happens: Your bronchi in your lungs get filled With mucus and the muscles around the bronchi cramps so that the airway in the lungs narrows. It is like when you stamp on a hose and no water can pass. That is why you get a hard time breathing. There are Three Things to Clear the diiculty of passing of air: avoid allergens and irritants, take Your medicin and maybe increase doses, eat and sleep healthy.

              Clear Your home for anything making you ill and replace them With what do not make you sick. This is a long time process. But generally you Clear out all fragrance and smoke to start With, including all Products having fragrance in the ingredient list.

              I have a friend who have Alpha 1 Anitrypsin defficiensy and that is a cause of severe asthma and COPD. But she says it is not commonly checked by doctors.

              If you have issues With Your lungs, eat healthy, sleep well and do walks. Try to be in clean air and avoid all fragranced Products and smoke.


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  4. Now it is Februar 2012, and still no reply from NAV. :((((


  5. Now it is 13 of November 2011 and I have still not gotten reply from NAV. This is really badly done of them. It is over 3 years since I sent the application as they told me to, and after several complaints from me during those years they finally ordered for the Mannitol test in 17. June 2011. Now it is 13 of November 2011 and they have still not done anything about it. It is 5 months since I took the test they ordered for. And thinking of that I got my astma diagnosed as a occupational asthma in septemtber 2007, this makes me really sad and angry. Are they even interested in their job? Do I matter so little in the world that I do not deserve more respect than that? I got sick from working and they do not care. : ((((((


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