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Open letter to Canada

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Today I wrote an open letter to Canada Prime Minister Harper after reading a website that was both interesting and upsetting to me. In Canada they have no good laws and regulations on what the manufacturer must put on the lable of perfume, toiletry and body products.

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

I’m worried, because many of the personal care products my family uses every day list parfum or fragrance as an ingredient. And I know that these generic terms can represent a cocktail of chemicals that can trigger allergies, asthma, migraines, and other health problems. I myself have both allergies and asthma. A person with asthma get very ill from perfume in general, but some are worse than other sorts. This however does not mean that the sorts that is less worse is any good, we do get sick from them anyway, just not as bad as from the worse. A person with asthma is really actually sick in the lungs as well as the immunity to damaging content for the asthatic person. Asthma is not only an allergy and an itch, it is an illness of the lungs. When an asthmatic person get an asthma attack it is damage to the lungs, and the person can not breathe properly. If an ongoing atshma attack continues for to long it can also cause dissyness, putting the asthmatic person in an unconsious state and it also can give to little oxygen to the rest of the organs in the body. In the long run that can give damage to the rest of the body.

I believe I have a right to know the ingredients in fragrance mixtures so I can avoid toxic chemicals in my bath and other body and cosmetic products.

Surely your lack of rules stating what is in perfume, cosmetics, toiletry products and body prodycts and lack of rules avoiding toxic ingredeiendts is bad for your economy. In all about 25 % of the population around the world got allergies and asthma an none of those is likely to buy any of the products in this section. That means less income in tax revenue a long with less commerse. We need to know what is in the products we buy. Even us tourists coming to you fine country.

I’m trying to do my part as a consumer to choose safer products. Please help me make informed decisions by ensuring all of the ingredients are disclosed.

I urge you to close the labeling loophole in Canada’s Cosmetic Regulations, and require cosmetic companies to disclose the full list of fragrance ingredients in their products – for my health, and the health of my friends, family, neighbours, all Canadians, and the environment.

Many people that not yet got asthma and allergies carry the likelyness to develope it. Asthma and allergies are in very many cases hereditary and that they have noe yet developed it does not mean they will never get asthma and allergies, they have just not yet gotten it. And all the stuff in toiletry and body products that is not listed on the products, and all the stuff that is bad to the health may make the resting illness to break out. And when the asthma and allergies do break out then the person having it will never gett ok again. Asthma and allergies is a long term life long illness.

I hope you see the severity in this.

Thank you for your help.

Annelie Molin

There were a campaign going on and I thought I should help them in their mission to get better consumer information on such products.

You can help too:

Just scroll down the page and fill in you city and coutry before you add any personal text to the letter. This is because when you add your country then the page will refresh and you have to write it all over again.


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