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Asthma and sex

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Some people experience having an asthma attack while having sex. This happens mostly because of the exercise that sex is, but also the excitement that sex is and give can make you or your partner have an asthma attack. If the person have anxiety having sex that can also cause problems. Just as negative stress can cause problems with asthma, positive stimuli also can give the same outcome. Because sex can be an intense emotional experience, sex can lead to a significant production of stimuli that trigger an immune system response through production of mast cells and basophils.  This is known as sexercise induced asthma. Sexercised induced asthma and exercise induced asthma is not the same thing. The exercise itself may cause an attack and is not due to the emotional excitement. excercise induced asthma is more like when you go for a hard walk, or run, and you get asthma from that. What happens is that your airways get hyper from the exercise and the bronchi cramps, you start to cough and some even experiences very hard asthma. If the asthmatic person is sensitive to perfume and the partner use perfume and/or are a smoker that could make it worse.

Many people probably do not think about asthma and sex together until one affects the other. Sex is an important part of many of our lives and asthma has the potential to significantly impact it. Does asthma affect your sex life? What do you do about it?

If this happens you should talk to your doctor about it. Yes, it may feel a little embarrassing to talk about it but that is exactly what you should do. If you do not your doctor can not help you.

I just talked to a woman some days ago that had those problems, and I gave her the advise to tell her doctor. She thought it was embarrassing, but I told her that it is absolutely such things she should tell her doctor. After much problems and a visit to the emergency room, she got acute medicine, and also finally subscribed better and stronger medicine.

It is very important that you tell your doctor about all such episodes that give you problems with your asthma. If your doctor do not get the whole picture he or she can not give you the right medicine and the right dose. And the right medicine and right dose of medicine is extremely important to be able to live an as asthma problem free life as possible.

Some asthmatics may experience symptoms at the beginning of intimate contact that prevents completion of sex, while others may experience asthma symptoms 4 to 6 hours after sex.

If you know you have this problem during sex, it could be a good thing to take medicines before the act to prevent bad episodes, or at least help making them less bad. If you get problems from your asthma while having sex it can also be a sign that your asthma is poorly controlled and you need more treatment.

Related topics to asthma and sex:

  • More commonly occurring with females is to be allergic to the partners seminal fluid, that can cause allergic reactions from mild to severe, and asthma attack. This is however very rare. This allergy was recognized by the Dutch gyneacologist Specken in 1958. If you get symptoms having sex without condom, and when you do use condom have no allergy or asthma attacks this can be what causes it.
  • Condom use – Latex allergy or allergy to lubricant used on condoms or with condoms can cause allergic reactions and asthma attack. Known as condom induced asthma.

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