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NAAF and Freedom of speach

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Norway Asthma and allergy Association, NAAF, has it own view on freedom of speach and democracy.

NAAF have worked with a hotel Scandic Hotel Gardermoen in Oslo, Norway to make the indoor environment good for allergic, asthmatic, sensitive and other people who need special attention to be able to stay at a hotel. They post a link to the article to their Facebook pages and put there a comment and bless the hotell for a prise they are going to recieve for Design, Innovation and Accessability among other things. NAAF brags about the hotel and say it is allergy friendly.

Well, ok, it is good that the materials used to renovate in the hotel is allergy friendly. But to make a hotel all allergy friendly it is a MUST that it is used allergy friendly soaps, washing agents, and the staff should also be non-fragranced. On top of it that should go for the whole hotel, all areas. Else the air is polluted anyway.

Now members of NAAF that NAAF is supposed to work for comment on the article to add their own experiences from staying at the hotell Scandic Hotel Gardemoen in Oslo as an information to NAAF. Among other things they comment on is that the hotel uses perfumed soaps and washing agents, and that there are an ashtray and smoking in front of the entrence to the hotel. They got sick from the visit at the hotel and noted that in their comments.

This NAAF did not like, the comments content, and therefor they deleted the comments from those members and users of the hotel. (Not my comments but other peoples comments.) Later they sent an e-mail to one of the person’s who commented. I asked to be able to read it, and I was allowed. There I read In the letter they told those person’s they did not like the comments because it was negative to the hotel!

To the story goes that those members and some more have hadded links to NAAF discussion board as a further information. Linkes goes to sites that tell about documented research on the danger with use of perfume, and the damages perfume does to the environment, animals and people. This NAAF did not like and said there is no proof. NAAF denies forreign research even though there are med’s and professors that has done the research. It is like NAAF have to invent the wheel twice, no other knowledge than their own is good enough. And again NAAF itself say that perfume is bad for asthmatic, allergic and sensitive people, while they at the same time decline the research done on the subject.

NAAF also said that if their members were so interested in working against perfume in the public room they could create their own organization to make that happen, NAAF said they were not interested in working for that isssue. This they said in spite of they say on their own website that perfume and fragrance is in fact a problem for asthmatic, allergic and sensitive people.  It is scandalous. NAAF is the organisation that is supposed to work for those having asthma, allergies and sensitivities. Their job is also to spread information about what make people sick in asthma, allergies and sensitivites. And on top of it they get money from the state to do so.

NAAF  has also said in the media that it is too little known for the general public that perfume and fragrance is hurting the allergic, asthmatic and sensitive persons around, and that it therefor is not possible to work against perfume in the public room. NAAF have even so said in the media that “time is there to get a perfume free public room”, they want the fragranced products away from the public room, but in the mails to this member they say they are not interested in working for the issue. NAAF also have said in the media that it is good that the accessability act has come so that those allergic, asthmatic and sensitive people can get use of it, but they are not interested in making a law that supports the accessability act – the ban of perfume. And LDO says that without furhter laws against use of perfume that support the accessability act they can not use the accessability act in the public room. So we who need use of the accessability act end up in a circle where we have a law that support us but can not help us, and NAAF who is the organisation that should help us is not interested.

Again, it is NAAF who is supposed to inform the public, so by me they have no excuse. If the public is to little informed, then it is NAAF that in fact have not done their job properfly.

And if you are frisky enough to tell them the trouth your comments get deleted. It does not look good for NAAF that the members tell otherwise.

This is NAAF strategy to the freedom of speach and the democratic rights of their members who want to add a light for NAAF so that they get informed about the reality of the hotel.

In the letter one could also read that the perfume was not a big issue to NAAF and that is even though one can read at their website that perfume is a health issue to asthmatic, allergic and sensitive people.

By me, I press UNLIKE.

I have now sent a letter to NAAF and asked to cancel my membership to the organisation, and I have only stayed at their pages at Facebook so that I can comment on what is stupid.

This is a scandalous organisation, I got really provoced. The comments added by the authors where both well grounded by their own experiences from staying at the hotel, they had to shorten the stay because they got ill fro staying there, and they were very well-mannered written also. No nasty langugage and well behaved.

Later on NAAF  admitted that the hotel in fact got perfumed soaps in the rooms that was aimed for the allergic, asthmatic and sensitive guests. By me, that sucks.

NAAF like publicity on their own behalf, but they censor their members real experiences. They are supposed to work for the members and their needs, but they care about the hotels reputation more.



I actually got copy of the letters. Yes, there were more than one. But to protect the person’s the letter was aimed at I will not publish it.


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