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Hair dye – Hårfarging – Hårfärgning

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I have used Nutrisse Garnier for many years. But the last years i have gotten a sore sculp, itchy and painful sculp about 48-70 hours after adding it to my hair. It itches and is sore and painful and felt like a burning sensation. So some weeks ago I decided to stop using it. Last week I cut my hair short to make take less time to grow out and to get rid of the colored hair in less time. A long hair would take over half a year to let the dyed hair grow away. It is ugly with two coloured hair so I simply cut it short. And now today I read this article about Nutrisse Garnier hair dye about a woman with some of my pains, but she got it even worse. It is a horror story. And one can read that most hair dye got chemical PPD in it, ingredient in many hair dyes, para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is a common allergen. In Norway and EU (2011) is PPD allowed up to 6% of PPD in hair dye. And thinking of that I also had itches, pain and a burning sensation in my sculp and then reading this story makes it even more scary. I am glad I took the decision weeks ago to stop dyeing my hair.

Dyeing your hair can actually kill you!

Mother hospitalised for three days after an allergic reaction to hair dye that almost killed her. Daily Mail
“She felt some slight itching and the head was a bit uncomfortable. But then it just started getting worse and worse. There was yellow pus oozing from her scalp and it had the most horrific smell of burning flesh. She knew straightaway that was from the dye but at that point didn’t panic, and just took some anti-histamines and put some
Sudocrem on the hairline, where it was starting to blister. After some hours lady required urgent medical attention. Both eyes swelled up and the skin at the side
of the earlobes was really swollen and itchy. She was sent home with some anti-histamines and told to keep an eye on it. That night, she awoke in a panic to find her whole face was swollen and her cheeks had puffed out to double their size. She returned to the hospital only to be told to keep taking her medication, but just three hours later she went back to the hospital with a racing heartbeart and shortness of breath and was immediately
admitted. Her heart rate was at 180 bpm – around the same rate as a heart attack – and she couldn’t breathe. Her eyelids had swelled completely shut and she couldn’t see. She got treated at the emergency unit. She spent three days in hospital.”

Read more:

Another girl, 17 years old from Scottland, actually died after have dyed her hair. What brand was used is not mentioned in the news article.

The Scottish Sun – “The young girl collapsed in agony just minutes after colouring her  hair. She began vomiting and was gripped by fits so violent she had to be held  down,  then given CPR as her friend dialled 999. Paramedics who raced to the scene in Airdrie and battled in vain to save her — but  she died in hospital soon after.

Read more:

Hair dye ingredient linked to coma and death
“Eyes swollen shut. Faces puffed to twice their normal size. A sudden collapse followed by a coma. Even a death.

Startling cases of suspected allergic reactions to hair dye springing up in the U.K. have raised serious concerns about the safety of the product, particularly the use of a known allergen.”

“According to the Daily Mail, doctors say that even if Ms. McCabe survives, the 38-year-old mother of two will almost certainly suffer permanent brain damage. ”

Read the whole story:–hair-dye-ingredient-linked-to-coma-death

I made a change

I stopped coloing my hair, but I thought of safer ways to do it. I got reactions to hair dye when I got skincontact with it and breathed it in. I thought I wold try do to brown high-lights instead.


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