Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

Nail polish – Neglelakk – Nagellack – Safe or unsafe?

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The contents in nail polish are not stated on the bottle. It very often contains dangerous chemicals and there is no warning label on the bottles (2011). Very many kinds of nail polish contains Toluene. Toluene is a substance that is forbidden to use in glue, and for example spray paint, but you find it in nail polish with no warning label on it.

“(2011) Authority think it is in place across that nail polish will be equipped with a warning. In 25 European countries will be marked, “Keep away from children. Use only by adults. ” According to an EU-note from the government to the European Food Safety Authority argued that “not only young children but also teenagers should avoid exposure of Toluene of nail polish use.” The audit shows that many young people as young as 12-years old, use nail polish.”

“When the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority in 2006 forbade toluene in glue and spray paint, they wrote that toluene “has the ability to go into the fatty tissue of organisms. It can be absorbed through inhalation or through skin. Toluene is come into the body, will largely be saved and go into the nervous system of fat and fatty tissue. The daily exposure to toluene, the substance will accumulate in the body … Toluene is toxic to reproduction, and infants can be affected in the lactation period. ” Toluene is also used as a solvent in varnishes and paints, and can also be sniffed. It provides a sensation fo being high by inhalation.”

Authorities mean that by demanding the producers of nailpolish to put a warning lable on their nail polish products in 25 languages it will be both costly and much work and also will be cause of an increase of sales in nail polish so that the produsers will remove the chemical Toluene from nail polish.

About Toluene:

More about Toluene:

What is Toluene and how is it used? Toluene is an organic liquid with a sweet, benzene-like odor. The largest chemical use for toluene is to make benzene and urethane. The list of trade names given below may help you find out whether you are using this chemical at home or work.

Trade Names and Synonyms:
Antisal 1A

What are the Health Effects?

Short-term: EPA has found toluene to potentially cause the following health
effects when people are exposed to it at levels above the MCL for relatively
short periods of time: minor nervous system disorders such as fatigue, nausea,
weakness, confusion.

Long-term: Toluene has the potential to cause the following effects from a
lifetime exposure at levels above the MCL: more pronounced nervous disorders
such as spasms, tremors, impairment of speech, hearing, vision, memory,
coordination; liver and kidney damage.
Source and read more:

Possible effects on offspring:
American scientist have made test to proof the damage of Toluene. Toluene can have effect on your offspring. It will affect the offspring’s birth weight and skeleton a.s.

Source and Read more : (Norwegian)

Me I got nail polish at home as any other woman, even though I use it very rarely. I have always been like that, even before I got asthma. I mostly use it at festive occations. My reaction though to this information above is that why do they not forbid the use of Toluene in nail polish all together? It is forbidden to use in glue and spray paint, so why not prohibit to add it to womens nail polish? If a woman breathe it in it can go through the mothers milk to the baby’s body and damage it, so why is it allowed? Some women actually use nail polish every day, and that is exposure.

On top of it it is really not good for asthma. It holds so many solvents and strong chemicals that those times I use it I feel the problems breathing coming.

Author: Annelie

I like canoeing, photographing, friends, movies, food, humor, and going on trips. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty, violence, nastyness, and people not caring for others. I do not drink much, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. I love friends who are kind to me and stick with me. If you want to give me a gift, the best gift is to stop smoking and stop using fragranced products. Then you give me health and that dear friend, is the best gift a person can get. It is a gift of love. I got asthma and I am hearing disabled.

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