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Tested: Cutrin Sensitivism Hair spray – Whitelisted


If I had a grey list it would end there. Cutrin Sensitivism Hair spray is absolutely scent free, and the spray is light and feels more like water when breathing it in. It is not sticky to the skin either. Hair spray is one of the hardest to make when it comes to asthma, since asthma is a lung illness and any asthmatic got very sensitive lungs and mucous membrane. First time trying it out I had a tiny little sensation in my lungs when inhaling it, but not so big that it was any big problem. This hair spray is as good as it get for an asthmatic person. I normally get heavy breathing problems from hair spray both sprayed on me and on other people wearing it, but not from this one. I recommend this one with one precausion. For the safety of it: Since all things you breathe in ends up in the lungs, and even this hair spray is made to hold your hair, it contains different stuff, it is “sticky” substance. It is sprayed and therefore aerosol. Asthma attacks can build up over time too, this happend to me after been using this hairspray and inhaling it for some weeks. I did not avoid to inhale it. I had a hugh asthma attack after a long while using it. So for the safety of it try to hold your breath while spraying, your lungs only need fresh air.

But this is not a bad hair spray!

This one still ends up on the white list. This is because this is the only hair spray I can have in my hair during the day without getting sick from the fumes. And it is the only hair spray added in others hair that I do not get sick from the strong fumes of the hair spray during the day. It got no scent. In dry condition after have sprayed it in the hair it do not irritate my lungs. Not the slightest.

Hold your breath while spraying, air out carefully, and enjoy the beautiful hair after.

This is a scent free hair spray. And I wish everyone would use this one instead of any other kind of hair spray, if you must use any at all. It would make any sensitive persons day so much easier. Some friends of mine who are even more sensitive than I am (and I am very sensitive) say they are sensitive to Cutrin Sensitivism even, but they do say Cutrin Sensitivism is way better than any other brand. And therefore they also recommend Cutrin Sensitivism, since it is much better than any other brand for us who get sick from perfumed and chem filled products.

So therefore I want to say:

– Well done Cutrin to have made such a good hair spray one do not immediately choke on!

Cutrin Sensitivism Hair Spray – Whitelisted

So if you are a hair dresser reading this. Please, think of those allergic, asthmatic and sensitive people around. Please, put Cutrin Sensitivism on the shelf in your store for us and anyone else to buy. Please, also use it on your customers. It is good both for your customers and for your own health. Many also want to buy perfume free products to show consideration to those sensitive around, and to not get sick themselves.

Cutrin Sensitivism web site:

About the test
This is a pure inhale test of the products. I test the products on my self. This is a real life asthma product suitability test done at home in real life settings. I am my own guinea pig. Whitelisted products should be safe for you to use. But as with all sensitivities some are more sensitive than others, always try new products with care. Make the first time trying it gently, if you got a skin condition try it on a small area, and washing agents on a hidden area or a cloth you can afford to waste.

My lungs are very picky when it comes to hygiene products, beauty products, hair products, washing and cleaning products and so on. Products not meeting the standards of no asthma reaction are blacklisted.

Please, buy such items whitelisted as gifts for friends and family. They are designed and made for a better personal health and are more environmentally beneficial than the fragrances ones. Use them yourself, care about your fellow-man. Do not make other people sick with your fragrance presence.

I was not paid to try this product out.

If you try this product your self, please leave a comment in the commentary field below.

Thank you



Author: Annelie

I like canoeing, photographing, friends, movies, food, humor, and going on trips. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty, violence, nastyness, and people not caring for others. I do not drink much, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. I love friends who are kind to me and stick with me. If you want to give me a gift, the best gift is to stop smoking and stop using fragranced products. Then you give me health and that dear friend, is the best gift a person can get. It is a gift of love. I got asthma and I am hearing disabled.

6 thoughts on “Tested: Cutrin Sensitivism Hair spray – Whitelisted

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  2. I wonder if I can buy that from Australia? I have family who use products that make me ill when I breathe them in.


    • I do not know. You can go to the site and send an email to ask.


      • Thanks I just did that. I hope they speak English because I couldn’t read anything on their site! :)


        • They surely do. Most educated Norwegians talk English. :) If they do not sell there you can go to It is a German friend of mine who runs the site. She got many smell free products.

          By the way. Cutrin Sensitivism is the name of the Cutrin products for us with sensitivism, it is spray, mousse, shaper wax, and schampo and conditioner in the same series. Cutrin Sensitivism is approved by the Finnish asthma and allergy association. I use it myself and god not problem having it in my hair. Other good products is a danish product sertified by the asthma and allergy association.


        • Did you get a reply?


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