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Asthma due to Alpha-1-antitrypsin (Alfa1) deficiency

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Not many have heard of asthma with Alpha-1 antirypsin deficiency, and neither had I until today.

I just today came in contact with a woman that got a special kind of non-responsive asthma due to a Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency. She is as me asthmatic to chemicals, smoke, perfume, fragrances, cold a.s.o but her asthma is due to a special and rarely known of Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency and she is one of those who can die from her asthma when she get exposed to stuff the get sick from. I myself got what we call a normal asthma. A person who got an Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency get in addition to asthma attacks and sensitivites also  have a continiously repeatedly inflammations in the lungs and those who got this die young.

Since Alpha 1 Antirypsin deficiency is rarely know I’d like to write a litte about it here.

What is Alpha1 deficiency?
The protein Alpha-1-antitrypsin, usually occurs in the blood. It is formed by the liver. This protects the lung structure and pronounced deficiency can happen destruction of lung tissue, so you get a bronchitis like disease – emphysema with gradually increasing shortness of breath, and shortened lifespan.

Please visit Norway

Read the Danish site about this. Use a translater if you do not read Danish.

Please, learn more about this and visit her Norwegian site. Here she write openly about how it is to have the Alpha-1-antitrypsin (Alfa1) deficiency. Please, use a translater if you do not read Norwegian.

Please visit:


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One thought on “Asthma due to Alpha-1-antitrypsin (Alfa1) deficiency

  1. Thank you for caring and sharing! For all who share lives can be saved and the public become more educated on this.
    I take the liberty of sharing this as well:


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