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Old scent or longlasting – fragranced fabric softener – Blacklisted

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When you got asthma you have to take care of your home cleaning regularly to keep the indoor air fresh and healthy. So to better my health and liking my home I today cleaned the windows and took down the curtains to wash them. I took out a pair of curtains from the cabinet I have not used for years. And then I literally mean years, meaning before 2007. Before 2007 I cleaned all my laundry with universal washing agents and fabric softeners.

Those curtains have been in my cabinet since approximately 2004 when I last used them and then washed them in Omo Color and strong perfumed fabric softener. Today I took them out of the cabinet and put my nose to them. It still smelled a lot of perfume. One could really smell it.

So now I got two options. 1) wash it again and hope it goes away 2) try to do not care and hope I do not get sick from it.

Those who merchandise perfumed washing agents and fabric softeners advertise with the stong long-lasting smell. And ok, they hold what they promise, and more so, and the producers of the products would probably like to use this as an argument for selling their products. But the content of the stuff they sell are not good for either nature or people’s health.

Behind the Label: Comfort Fabric Softener

“Soft towels, fluffy fleeces and synthetic fabrics don’t cling. What’s not to like? Well, try skin irritation,” pulmonary problems, “increased flammability and environmental pollution, for starters. It seems the average bottle of fabric softener has a dark side.

INGREDIENTS: 5% cationic surfactants, perfume, butylphenyl methylpropional, hexyl cinnamal, alpha-isomethyl ionone, benzisothiazolinone, sorbic acid, benzoic acis, benzyl alcohol

The problem is that fabric softeners can be harmful to both the people who use them and the marine life that ends up swimming in them. Most fabric softeners are emulsions of water and cationic surfactants, which can cause skin irritation.

Fabric softening surfactants can be derived from animals, plants or minerals, as in the case of newer types, silicone-based formulations. There is little difference between the chemicals used in fabric softeners and those used in hair conditioners. Whatever they are based on, all fabric softeners work in pretty much the same way, by depositing these surfactants onto the fabric to make it feel softer, reduce static cling, and impart a fresh fragrance. Liquid formulations added to washing machines during the rinse cycle are by far the most popular choice, though you can also buy fabric-softening sheets for use in the dryer. The latter releases a special resin that deposits a waxy coating on the clothes to make them feel softer.” And all this you inhale when using it because of the exhaust.

“Because the mechanics of fabric softening don’t vary from brand to brand, manufacturers have turned to perfume to distinguish their products from one another- indeed, many believe fragrance is a key factor in increasing sales.

The regular off-gassing of perfume chemicals from fabric softeners can be a significant trigger for asthma and other breathing problems. In the US, chemically sensitive individuals complain that, even after several washes, they cannot get the smell of fabric softeners out of their washing machines and dryers.

Studies have also shown that liquid fabric softeners can make fabrics more flammable.”

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