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Theft from the bus drivers bag

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There is a saying that “money stolen from a buisness, no poor suffer from”.

A bus driver is personally responsible for all money from the ticket sale until it is delivered to the bank.

I made a count of the content in my bag yesterday. There are a minus of 2000 krona. I have not taken those myself, and now because someone have had long fingers when I turned my back to the bag (maybe helping someone), I will have to cover the company’s loss from my own salary.

It is not kind to steal from a bus driver. Without witnesses or video proof, we have to pay the loss from our salary.

Shame on you who stole the money! :'(

And shame on everyone who steals from bus drivers.


Author: Annelie

I like canoeing, photographing, friends, movies, food, humor, and going on trips. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty, violence, nastyness, and people not caring for others. I do not drink much, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. I love friends who are kind to me and stick with me. If you want to give me a gift, the best gift is to stop smoking and stop using fragranced products. Then you give me health and that dear friend, is the best gift a person can get. It is a gift of love. I got asthma and I am hearing disabled.

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