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Tested: Jane Iredale Lash Conditioner – Whitelisted

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I talked with Fedora Minerals Makeup representative about their mascara I find a little thin when adding it to the lashes. They suggested I should use a lash conditioner the first layer, and then add mascara, this will thicken the lashes and make them appear better they said. And during this talk on Facebook they were kind enough to promise to send me one for free so I could try it. Really nice of them. :-)

By accident they sent me Jane Iredale instead of Fedora. Same manufacturer. This little accident gave me something new to write about. :-)

A lash conditioner is like a primer you add to the lashes before adding mascara. It is supposed to protect the lashes and thicken and stiffen them before adding mascara. It make the first layer of mascara better visible faster. One can also wear it as a care product at night for conditioning the lashes while sleeping, Fedora Minerals told me.

It came by post



Look like this






I used Jane Iredale Lash Conditioner and Fedora Minerals water resistant Mascara.


About smell. It do have a scent, even though not from perfume. It smells a bit like wet weat or bred dow. I did not have any asthma reaction to it.

Note! Always check ingredients before you buy. It is possible at Environmental Working Group EWG Skin Deep.

IreIredale Mineral Cosmetics, Ltd.
28 Church St
Great Barrington, MA 01230, USA 

About the test
This is a pure inhale test of the products. I test the products on my self. This is a real life asthma product suitability test done at home in real life settings. I am my own guinea pig. Whitelisted products should be safe for you to use, while blacklisted are not safe. But as with all sensitivities some are more sensitive than others, always try new products with care. Make the first time trying it gently, if you got a skin condition try it on a small area, and washing agents on a hidden area or a cloth you can afford to waste.

My lungs are very picky when it comes to hygiene products, beauty products, hair products, washing and cleaning products and so on. Products not meeting the standards of no asthma reaction are blacklisted.

Please, buy such items whitelisted as gifts for friends and family. They are designed and made for a better personal health and are more environmentally beneficial than the fragranced ones. Use them yourself, care about your fellow-man. Do not make other people sick with your fragrance presence.

I was not paid to try this product out.

If you try this product your self, please leave a comment in the commentary field below.

Thank you



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