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Swedish – Norwegian unionflag on Norway Constituion day!

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By mistake the unionflag went up the flag pole!

Hoisted the Union flag on the 17th May

It was not intended that the Union flag should be hoisted on Malmplassen in Røros on Constitution day 17 May.


Har svenske agenter infiltrert 17- maikomiteen på Røros ? Det lurte enkelte på i dag. (Foto: MORTEN AASHEIM)

About the Union Label

  • Union brand was introduced by royal decree in Norwegian-Swedish Council 20 June 1844.
  • The brand was positioned closest to the flag pole in the corner of the Swedish or Norwegian flag.
  • Union Award was nicknamed “herring salad” because it resembled the popular course as it was customary to decorate with colorful fields, for example, eggs, beets and vegetables.
  • The mark consisted of the combined Swedish and Norwegian flag colors in diagonal split form, the Swedish left and right side, the Norwegian top and bottom.
  • In 1898 it was decided that the Norwegian state flag with the union label should be used on the state’s civilian buildings and ships.
  • Union brand was still used on naval ships until 9 June 1905.
  • union flag from 1844 to 1899.

Source: Wikipedia and

Now I really regret I did not go to Røros as I thought I would do this day. I actually looked at the weather forecast and found it would be really nice summer weather in Røros, but I was not all finished cleaning and mending the camping wagon for the summer so I skipped it. I have wanted to see the union flag for so long and now I missed it!!


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