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Frp Siv Jensen’s dress


I dag har jeg lest diverse toskete utsagn om kjolen til Siv Jensen. Nå snakker jeg kun kjolen, hvordan hun oppførte seg er ikke med i denne kommentaren. Uansett hva parti jeg liker eller ikke liker synes jeg denne debatten viser mere på intelligensnivået til dem som tar det opp. En kjole er kle og det hadde hun på. Hun hadde en kjole hun likte som i sann 90-tall stil. Hun likte den, hun turte være annerledes og hva vi mener om den var fin eller ikke har vi ikke noe med egentlig. Jeg har sett kommentarer fra folk i aviser som f.eks. hundepenis, dildokjole osv. For å ta første inntrykk av denne strømmen av kommentarer så viser det mere på tankegangen hos dem som uttaler det. Munnen snakker, det hodet tenker. I tillegg er det overfladisk. Om en mann kom med en dress i årets feil blåfarge ville ingen merke det, og var slipset stygt da ville ikke så mange si noe. I hvert fall ville det ikke bli så storm i et vannglass av det. Det er forskjellsbehandling og diskriminering. Har du noe å si på retorikk og politikk på en seriøs måte så si det. Men å legge ut sånn om kle er lavmål. Og om vi som er voksne oppfører oss slik, hvordan skal vi da kunne si til barna at du må ikke mobbe andre. Dessuten de som ikke kan se forskjell på en pikk og et lebestift må enten ta på brillan eller vaske tankene sine med såpe.

God aften.

In English

Today I read various silly statements about the dress Siv Jensen wore on election salubration night. Now I speak only the dress, how she behaved is not in this comment. No matter what party I like or do not like, I think this debate shows more on the intelligence of those who bring it up. A dress is a dress and she had one on. She had a dress she liked that in true 90s style. She liked it, she dared to be different and what we think of if it was nice or not we have actually to do with really. I’ve seen comments from people in newspapers such. dog penis, dildo dress etc. To take the first impression of this stream of comments so it shows more of the mindset of those who pronounce it. The mouth speaks, what the mind thinks. In addition, it is superficial. If a man came with a dress in this year’s mistakes blue nobody would notice it, and the tie was bad then it would not be so many say. In each case, it would not be such a storm in a glass of water. There is mindnessless and discrimination. Do you have something to say on rhetoric and politics in a serious way then say so, but posting like of the comments done on the dress is low. And if we who are adults behave so, how shall we be able to tell the children that you must not bully others. Moreover, those who can not tell the difference between a dick and a lipstick must either take on glasses or wash his thoughts with soap.

Good evening.


Author: Annelie

I like canoeing, photographing, friends, movies, food, humor, and going on trips. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty, violence, nastyness, and people not caring for others. I do not drink much, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. I love friends who are kind to me and stick with me. If you want to give me a gift, the best gift is to stop smoking and stop using fragranced products. Then you give me health and that dear friend, is the best gift a person can get. It is a gift of love. I got asthma and I am hearing disabled.

4 thoughts on “Frp Siv Jensen’s dress

  1. Apparently you replied without really reading my comment.
    1st, you wrote “And if people cannot see the different between a lipstick and a dildo they should see the doctor. Clearly it was no dildos or dogs penises on that dress.” I did tell you to google “lipstick-shaped dildos”.
    2nd, “And I rather look to a persons abilities than to Bling-bling. There are so many people properly dressed trying to be correct in that manner, and at the same time being violent, rapist, deceiveful, scamming, not to be trusted, and so on.” Nobody said clothes were more important than intelligence, competence, behaviour, morality, etc. I see the discussion on her clothes as distinct from any talk about Siv Jensen’s abilities- they are 2 distinct, separate topics, and the discussion on her dress is one on its own. You don’t see why one should drag clothes into a discussion on a politician, I don’t see why one should drag things such as personality and such into a discussion on taste and dressing code. Talking about her clothes doesn’t mean that people care about nothing but her clothes.
    Saying that appearance is not as important as personality and intelligence does not mean that appearance is not 1 bit important. Appearance does matter- when you meet a person the 1st time, can you see their personality? abilities? etc. Whether or not you like it, you see the appearance, clothes, hair, gestures, facial expressions, etc. And even if it’s misleading and we may change our minds later on, 1st impression does matter. One can’t disregard it altogether. “Clothes are everything” and “clothes mean absolutely nothing” are 2 extremes- why not go for moderation, why not go for something in between?
    But then, seeing your blind defence of those examples, I just think, why bother.


    • You clearly do not know me. I do care about clothes, but I do not think it is the most important in life. My grandma taught me to be dressed well, no trash or clothes warned with holes and such. I’m sitting in my garden with a dress on. And no it do not got pencils on it, lipsticks or any other wild pattern. It is black, go below the kne it have some tiny suddle lace stripes (not see through) and a suddle flounce at the buttom of the skirt.

      I do not care for googleing lipstick shaped dildos. It is not important in this case since it is really not what was on her dress. The association to dildos have to stand for the people saying it. I would not surprise me if there are such dildo, but reality is that there were no such on the dress. So really the whole saying it is dildos and dogs penises is rubbish.

      And there is a slight difference between rags and clothes. The dress was brand new. I did raise an eyebrow though, but then I thought to myself that, ok, she likes it. Good for her. What irritated me more was the ” – Morna Jens! ” that is kind of not suddle. She was making fun of his loss, and that is rude.

      It can actually say a lot about person just looking at them regardless of clothing. That is an ability one need to work on to get. It comes with experience. My point as I said is that you can meet the most over dressed fashionable person and get the impression it is a good person but finding it is not, and you can meet a person in what you name it “inappropriate clothing” finding it is the right person. Clothing is not everything. Meeting people it is a long time ago I let me be lured by that.

      In politics I rather have a person standing up for themselves, being themselves, and being honest and trustworthy, than a “appropriate” shady person. This I mean in general. I think it is to less of the trustworthy in politics. People acting something they are not. I do not mean one should go to work in joggers and training outfits, but normal clothing can not hurt.

      Being judgemental have never been a positive personality quality.

      By me, I think she was brave. She dared to be herself. Good for her.


  2. Your defence of the dress is, in my opinion, rather weak.
    I notice that some people have a laughable argument that everyone can wear whatever they want, as long as they feel comfortable, which sounds quite nice theoretically, but in reality we all know there are norms and standards. Do you think a guy should wear shorts to an interview? Do you think a girl should wear jeans to a formal party? Do you think teachers should wear transparent clothes in classroom? Do you think an actress should wear sport shoes to a film festival? Do you think a person should wear boots on the beach? etc. It is true that her choice of clothes has nothing to do with her abilities as a politician, but whether or not she’s a good politician is 1 thing, her dress is still horrendous, at least unsuitable for the circumstances and there is a clear distinction here, I don’t think that anybody that has commented on her dress confuses these 2 things with each other. Whether or not you like it, in life there is still a dividing line between what is appropriate and what isn’t. You may stubbornly reject it and call other conformists, but that attitude doesn’t make you a special, independent-minded person, only an anti-conformist (which has a negative sense, like those kids who keep saying “that’s so mainstream” and refuse to do things the majority do even if that means rejecting the right and good way).
    A dress is a dress? Dresses cannot be lumped together just because they belong to the same category of dresses. That dress of hers wasn’t appropriate, from the shape, the neckline and length to the pattern. Besides, you apparently don’t know about the existence of lipstick-shaped dildos, you can google.
    It should be added that my reaction to that dress is not discrimination, as I am female, and if a male politician wears something inappropriate, such as a pink suit, I would react the same way. Gender has nothing to do with it. Neither do I see it as bullying.
    This topic is not important, I’m aware it has been a while. But your post is so funny and ridiculous that I must write a comment here.


    • If you think I do not know of dressing codes, you are naive. I do know of the rules and I do respect it. I am not born in a barn. But my point is one should look more to the person than to superficial Bling-bling. I am no big protector of this person, she can be rather unpleasant in her way to behave at times. What I react to is the shallow discussions.
      If a man would like a pink suit, let him as long as he is properly dressed. See through clothes on a teacher? No to that, regardless of sex. If it is hot I see no reason why a man can not wear a pair of nice city shorts (knee long dress trousers), as long as it is nice looking clothes. Women are allowed skirts, so why not city shorts? Jeans to a formal dinner? No, but a pair of dress pants yes. Boots to the beach? Well, people are already doing so, since it depends on where in the world, and climate. And if people cannot see the different between a lipstick and a dildo they should see the doctor. Clearly it was no dildos or dogs penises on that dress. And I rather look to a persons abilities than to Bling-bling. There are so many people properly dressed trying to be correct in that manner, and at the same time being violent, rapist, deceiveful, scamming, not to be trusted, and so on. Luckily in many parts of the world people are bright enough to see that. It is 30 years ago since they started hiring down dressed young guys and girls to important positions for their minds.


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