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Saudi women driving movement

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I have translated the article:

“Claiming women destroys the ovaries to drive
A Saudi minister asks women put reason ahead of emotions and warns them not to break the prohibition to drive yourself.

Should we believe the conservative minister Sheikh Saleh al – Lohaidan in Saudi Arabia’s top Mullah Counsil , the women driving may end ut damaged and really bad.

He claims it is known that female drivers destroy their ovaries and risk having children with clinical injuries, writes Reuters.

Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive themselves. A group of activists has launched a new campaign to challenge this ban. They encourage all Saudi women to get behind the wheel and drive yourself 26 October.

The campaign has been divided in style and has received support from several of the most famous female activists.

Mean female drivers have children with injuries
Sheikh Saleh al – Lohaidan , which is one of the 21 members of the country’s top Mullah counsil , looks therefore have to warn women that they risk destroying their sexual organs and ability to make healthy children if they defy the driving ban.

In an interview published Friday he asks women ” put reason before their hearts and feelings ,” according to Reuters.

– If a woman driving a car without it being extremely necessary, it can have negative physical consequences. Medical studies have shown that it automatically affects the ovaries and allows the pelvis is pushed upward , according to al – Lohaidan.

– That ‘s why the women who drive regularly have children with different clinical injuries, he claims.

He refers not to some case studies .

” Putting the Kingdom of embarrassment ”
It is not clear whether the other members of the priestly council parts al – Lohaidans vision.

It is not the first time he takes strongly against reform or measures designed to enhance Saudi women’s freedom. King Abdullah dismissed him as head of a legal counsel in 2009.

In documents leaked by Wikileaks, U.S. diplomats described al – Lohaidan as one that is known to prevent reforms.

They also think his ” ill-considered statements have put the kingdom in embarrassment more than once .”

Was sentenced to lashes for driving
There is no formal law that prevents Saudi women from driving. It is only a religious ruling issued by a religious leader when the car was introduced many decades ago .

If women will go places, they must be driven by either a hired driver or an employee, or by a male family member.

This has been challenged several times. A couple of years ago, a woman sentenced to ten lashes for driving the car herself, according to Amnesty International.

It happened two days after King Abdullag had granted women the right to vote in the country.”

As a woman professional driver with many femaile collueges driving heavy buses and having many perfectly healthy children I must say: Have he / them smoken their own socks? And if it will ruin the female ovaries to drive a car, what do they then mean will happen if they drive a bus??? Even more ruined? Then it would be as bad sitting in the passenger seat since it is sitting, so then maybe it is ruining the ovaries if they sit at all? Maybe a total sitting ban would do it? Women not allowed to sit on chairs, in sofas, on the floor, demand them to stand all life! Talk about men over there making make a public laughing stock out of themselves. And then all the other rubbish one read from women living over there. Are the men there even educated?


Saudiwoman's Weblog

Every accusation imaginable has been thrown at Saudi women who spoke up for their right to drive their own cars. Sheikhs and ultra conservatives have created this intricate conspiracy theory on how this whole demand is a well-planned Iranian/Shia plight to bring down the government by corrupting it’s women. Others have claimed that it is a Western conspiracy because somehow the Christian/Jewish West know deep down that Islam is the right path but they need to corrupt Muslim women through using their own women as an example. According to their logic, somehow women driving cars will lead to the fall of Islam. Confusing, I know, but nevertheless quite emotional and effective when presented in a religious context of salvation and preserving our faith and morals in an evil world. Another issue that they have is a “gotcha” argument where they say if women really wanted to drive for the good…

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