Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

Summer 2013

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Lovely summer vacation 2013

Tradition on this blog bids a few photos from the vacation. I sit looking through the photos from summer of 2013 and enjoy it all over again. It was one of the best summer vacations I have ever had. I had bought a used small  camping wagon. Nothing expensive, just a roof over my head and also replaced my old car With a 2004 model. Travel went first to Sweden to see two old friends of mine. I ended up travelling Sweden, Finland, Northern Norway. I went to Vadsø, Hamningberg, North Cape, Bird Safari at Gjesvær, Whale Safari at Andenes and much more. :)


One of the Things when I og to Sweden is the longing for Swedish Food.


First I went to Vevlingestrands Camping in Bollnäs. This is a camping ovned by the local Church. Here one get a taste of Sweden, nice location, a small Beach, a really nice cafe’ decorated by the Church youth Club. The ladies at the desk was really nice and good service and cake was amazing. The tables were decorated With pages of an old Bible.  Nice touch. :)


Next stop was to see my friend in Segersta.


On the road I decided to go and visit my friend for 30 years I had not seen for a very long time. Next stop Alby. It was exciting going there again to see her. So long time no see.  The village was really changed, hard to recognize it was the same village. I also walked past People I met as a teenager and I did not see it was them. That was really embarrasing. When my friend told me who it was I felt really ashamed. But they were so unlike themselves from when they were younger. (Sorry folks!)


Now just drive North to get into Finland. I saw this on the way. Giant Cheese Slicers and amazing wooden carving. A master piece! A wooden car, Indian on a horse, air plane, animals and a tank.


So next Finland


The land of the thousand lakes.

This was my first time in Northern Finland. I have been across the border once for many years ago but never this long. I had my hopes up for being able to paddle my canoe since Finland is known for it’s many lakes, but unfortunately I was followed by Heavy rain so the canoe had to rest on the top of the roof functioning as a umbrella for the car.


The grey rainy weather kind of followed me but I had really a lot to see anyway. Among other Things I found a small cafe’ and shop in the middle of no where and I found what I had been looking for a long time. Wooden butter knifes and “kåsa” a wooden cup With my name burnt in  the Wood. I also bought one for my friend back home. :) (Stiff prices though.)


Finally I came to the North and the Sami port.


Further on I found a gold digger museum. The Sami have also been gold diggers. Hard work, and simple living quarters. Imagine working and living in those huts during the Finnish Winter With snow and Cold  – 40 C.


I took many hundreds of photos, I can only show some here.

Moving on North, one is truly in Same (Sapmi)  land.



Now to the great North of Norway. It is wast, it is beutiful, it is dramatic land scape and weather can be both lovely and really bad. I am crossing the border on E45 over Tana river.


Next goal is to get to Vadsø to meed my friends Irene and Aage. :)


They had some buisness to attend to they had to do during the day so I went to Vardø and then to Hamningberg. That is as far North-East you can get by car on the mainland. First I went to Kiby and Nøttery and there I met the same guy I saw photographing  at Nesseby Church. I thought I’d say hello. We went photographing together. Lots of birds. :)


At the top there were a lot to see.



And ended up in Vardø after some hours.  The best to see in this town was the fortress, rest looked like crap.


More from Vardø fortress…


Going to Hamningberg


Going to Hamningberg through Båtsfjord


More from Hamningberg and going back…


I found a old war fortress on the way back.


I missed dinner, I was a bad guest. I desided to stay a day longer since I really wanted to see them. The day after I started on the drive to Nordkapp. But I stopped at Høyholmen in Tana Delta Nature Reserve overnight.


On tour and very happy!




Passing Lakselv on the way to Nordkapp…




Smørfjord is known for the Fishing Sami. There I met a Sami that had been around. When I started talking to him he right away guessed where I am from! Even the right city! Not bad!




And then finally Honningsvåg and Nordkapp!


Honningsvåg was bigger than I thought it would be, and parking was not easy to find, specially not With a camping trailer. So I went fast in and fast out.



I had high hopes for North Cape Plateau (Nordkapp) since I have heard so much about it. But I must say I feel the trip there were more than the actual visit to the North Cape plateau. It was expensive, Money dominated, windy and Cold. A big turist industry. Id kind of killed the feeling of nautre experience.



Well, lets go look…



Following day was much better weather. I left and drove first to the much more interesting Skarsvåg. Skarsvåg is the most North village in Norway. Here lives Sami, and here the rein deer walk in the streets of the city center. Here is also the famous Church Gate (Kirkeporten) naturally carved out by nature.


From here I went to Gjesvær. I found a bird safari there. Much more interesting than this commersialized over priced stone hill of North Cape Plateau. Bird Safari at Gjesvær is a treat. Thousands of birds and even seals. I have only taken some photos to publish here, I have so many.



I had already seen lots of eagles and all the other birds, thousands of them, but the ealges were to far away to get a good photo. Just a little later I got such a good shot!



So starting on the Journey home. And it was a long way. Picked some good ones.


And then I looked at the map and found whale safari at Andenes. But before that I went hunting for the sun rise. I wanted to take a good photo of the beutiful sunise but I ended up wasting a lot of time since there was so many Mountains shadowing the sun, and no way went to the other side. So I went to Andenes. I learned when I got there that if I had reached the last tour that day I would have been able to see killer whales hunting on a sperm whale. Oh, I was angry at myself for hunting the sun and wasting time. :/ But next day I was my turn whale safari. :)



And now the whales! Today we saw a sperm whale. :)



Just some treats now. :)


In total 7000 km in 4 weeks. :) I rarely used a camping. Visited friends, made New friends and I had the best time ever!



Author: Annelie

I like canoeing, photographing, friends, movies, food, humor, and going on trips. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty, violence, nastyness, and people not caring for others. I do not drink much, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. I love friends who are kind to me and stick with me. If you want to give me a gift, the best gift is to stop smoking and stop using fragranced products. Then you give me health and that dear friend, is the best gift a person can get. It is a gift of love. I got asthma and I am hearing disabled.

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