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#FIFA punish #Suárez for biting

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9 games and 4 Month

I am actually not much of a soccer fan, I only watch it sporadically a shorter time. But what I am all into is NO VIOLANCE.

This player from Uruguay bit another player. That is way out of line. And he did not only do it once, but he have actually done it at least twice to different players. It is a habit.

Well even if it was not a habit and he had only done it once it is totally unacceptable. Biting is a violent act and it is abuse.

I was myself bitten once by my mother. Rare thing is that I was actually watching soccer, I was sad and wanted some time alone. It was not so much the game as I wanted some peace alone. Time to heal. And when mom got in the room telling me a lot of stuff, I just wanted to be left alone for a while. My mom have a problem with not getting what she wants at once, and she do not respond well to NO, at least not from her kids.

I did tell her “– NO!, I want to be left alone for a while. ” I really did not have the strength to go and to talk to her there and then.

Then she clicked, absolutely clicked, she went on me and I ran to my room to hide and closed the door. She went in my room anyway and jumped me.  She pinned me to the bed with her arms and legs holding me down. I tried to fight her off and got one arm free and I tried to get lose by pushing her away, then she bit my arm and twisted while biting. I still have a scarring after that bite on my left arm. It is over 20 years ago it happened and I still got scarring from it. It have gotten a bit whiter now but it is still there. That and other wounds from this day I had to treat at the hospital.  She actually did more than biting, like trying to strangle me, but this is about the biting.

He have been locked out of playing two times before, 2010 biting PSV’s Otman Bakkal, and 2013 for biting Chelseas Branislav Ivanovic, and according to British Daily Star (29 June 2014):

“Luis Suarez has bitten EIGHT people on the pitch. Football’s governing body FIFA probed another five alleged attacks by the shamed football star. Insiders claimed the bites were hushed up and records from his first club, Nacional, have mysteriously disappeared.”

Biting is totally unacceptable. I totally agree with FIFA expelling Suárez from any contact with playing or sports and soccer for 4 monts.

Shame on you Suárez!

And people supporting this player Suárez is way out of line too. He abused a person, he should be punished. Actually it is a abuse that should be reported to the police. He is lucky they did not.

“And he has the support of the Left in Latin American politics, where many believe the punishment against Suárez is an attack from the rich world and an attempt to thwart the Uruguay – and Latin American team – attempts to reach a final.

– They see only the mistakes committed by Latinos, said the powerful Venezuelan politician Diosdado Cabello, who along with President Mujica and Diego Maradona has lashed out against the treatment of Suárez.

Óscar Tabarez believes Suárez undeserved has become a scapegoat.” ABC Nyheter

It is ridiculous, he committed violence against a human being.  He should use the time thinking of his bad behaviour and abusive aggression ways, and be glad he was not reported to the police for abuse and banned for life.

And I do not believe he fell. I have watched the videos and he is bending his upper body down before falling. I believe this was a calculated act, and theater after so clear himself.

If you Suárez are so fond of biting and think it is such a good idea, go buy a dogs bone. Surely you can afford it. That is no respect man!

/ Annelie

Source: ABC NyheterTV2 Sport, British Daily Star


30 June 2014 ABC Nyheter And now he finally admits biting. First lying, and then admitting. How to trust the guy?


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