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Genes and smoking – Research

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New research: Specific gene makes you a heavy smoker

“Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen and Herlev Hospital has for the first time demonstrated that there is a direct link between smoking and a significantly increased mortality.

The researchers followed 55,568 people. These include 38,823 smokers who were followed for 10 years. The scientific study also documents that genes play a crucial role in whether one who smokes ends up as a heavy smoker. Smoking gene has no bearing on whether you start smoking, or even if one stops again. But if you smoke, one gene make you smoke more. Those with the gene variant inherited from both parents smoke 20 percent more than those without the gene variant specific. Evidence suggests that it may be genetically predisposed to heavy smoking. Smokers who carry a particular genetic mutation that is at a higher tobacco consumption and are more affected by smoking, for example, by having a higher content of nicotine in the blood.

The result is clear: Smoking causes premature death and heavy smokers have 75 percent increased risk of death compared to peers who have never smoked.”

The results, based on the Copenhagen City Heart / Herlev study, published in the scientific journal International Journal of Epidemiology.

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