Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

Subliminal fragrance marketing – ban it!

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Subliminal fragrance marketing – Ban it!

Subliminal stimuli (/sʌbˈlɪmɨnəl/; literally “below threshold”), contrary to supraliminal stimuli or “above threshold”, are any sensory stimuli below an individual’s threshold for conscious perception. A recent review of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies shows that subliminal stimuli activate specific regions of the brain despite participants being unaware. Visual stimuli may be quickly flashed before an individual can process them, or flashed and then masked, thereby interrupting the processing. Audio stimuli may be played below audible volumes or masked by other stimuli. Or scent may be used.

Subliminal fragrance marketing is used to lure the customer to unaware want to shop and stay in the store. For example bread fragrance is puched out from machines in the bread area of the store to make the customer believe it is newly baked bread. Or

Subliminal marketing is forbidden in many countries and should be forbidden in all countries. Still subliminal fragrance marketing is used.

On top of it subliminal fragrance marketing cause disease in sensitive people. With symptoms as obstruction of the airways, migraine, hurting eyes and runny nose and eyes, nausea, and more, and it make the area this is used inaccessible to the sensitive person.

Imagine being in need to shop for whatever you need, stay at a hotel, visit toilets, restaurants, shopping malls or other areas and it makes you so sick you cannot enter. And if you dare to enter anyway because you have to, you are sick for several days after. This is the truth for many.

Human Rights forbid shutting people out due to handicap.

Please share. Make people aware. Ban fragrance marketing!


Fact source: Wikipedia

Author: Annelie

I like canoeing, photographing, friends, movies, food, humor, and going on trips. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty, violence, nastyness, and people not caring for others. I do not drink much, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. I love friends who are kind to me and stick with me. If you want to give me a gift, the best gift is to stop smoking and stop using fragranced products. Then you give me health and that dear friend, is the best gift a person can get. It is a gift of love. I got asthma and I am hearing disabled.

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