Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

Addiction or brainwash?

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Addiction or brainwash?

I just read The Addictive Power of Toxic Perfumes and Cologne where the writer tells about an episode where a woman sprayed perfume in a shop despite he told her his wife who was there get sick from it, and he talks about the woman being selfish and addictive to fragrance.

“Several years ago my wife and I were visiting a town in the mountains of western Maine. We were looking at a few books on the rack in the town’s historic pharmacy. Just across the aisle was a perfume display with a large row of testers. As we were looking at the books, another couple walked by us and I heard the woman suddenly exclaim, “Oh! There’s my favorite perfume – I think I will have some.” Since she was standing right next to my wife who has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), my wife instantly responded, “Please don’t spray that, I am highly allergic and it will make me sick.” The woman looked at my wife and then looked at the bottle. A second later the bottle was in her hand and she gave herself a strong dose of perfume and then walked in front of my wife leaving a cloud of fumes behind her. To say the least, I was angry. How could someone be so selfish?” Health Impact News

Further they say:

“My wife has been struggling to avoid being exposed to perfume, cologne, and the fragrances of laundry products and air fresheners for over fifteen years. Because of her Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), my wife and I have asked many people to please not use perfume or cologne when they know that they will be spending time with us. Whether it is in our home, in a church meeting, or other type of gathering, the answer we receive to such requests is almost always “NO.” People usually get quite offended when such a request is made. Sometimes people will say they will honor the request, but then they often forget to keep their promise. Sometimes we have made gentle reminders to encourage them to help us, but it is amazingly difficult for perfume addicted people to stop using perfume or cologne when they start their day or to avoid reapplying perfume later in the day. Even greater hostility may be evoked when a request is made to please consider using unscented laundry detergent or to stop using dryer sheets, which are some of the most toxic fragrance products. Even if we tell people that our suggestions will make them healthier and save money, they still have no interest in hearing what we have to say about the toxic qualities of fragrance products.

It is quite fascinating to watch the power of addiction. People may have great compassion for homeless cats and dogs, may be very supportive of all kinds of community charity projects, and may be loving parents and grandparents, however, when it comes to the effect of fragrance products on the health of other people, they seem to have very little compassion. They might give you the shirt off their back, but don’t get between them and their perfume or dryer sheets. It really is no different from any other addiction. Cigarettes, alcohol, and sugar all exercise the same power to control behavior and to repel anyone who might dare to interfere with their being satisfied by their drug of choice, which in this case is fragrance.A person who is addicted, whether it is to alcohol, drugs, food, pornography, or perfume, will not allow anyone else’s need to interfere with their need to keep using a certain substance. This may not be conscious, since most perfume users probably don’t suspect that they are addicted. In their mind, they just love perfume and cologne, and they can’t imagine how other people could dislike what they love or even be made sick by what makes them feel good.” Health Impact News


“In addition to the physically addictive aspects of fragrances, they are also emotionally addictive. This is due to the olfactory pathway in the brain through which sensations of smell enter the subconscious part of the brain.” Health Impact News

“The marketing of perfumes, cologne, aftershave, and other scented body care products is based on sex and the power to control others. In other words, people are subtly promised that they will be more sexually attractive or sexually desirable. It is further suggested that people can be invincible and they can get whatever they want — that is — if they wear a certain fragrance. Health Impact News

About the pheromones and the promises of sex. We are like the animals and we are attracted to the right person through among other things the natural scent of the other person, both men and women. But if I were you I would refrain from both fragrance and essential oils (more about that in the video below) and only shower in fragrance free personal hygiene products and use a fragrance free deodorant. Humans are constructed like the animals, we produce pheromones that is a boost regarded to sex, and hiding it will have negative consequences. (source Dr Akilah El)


I urge you to read  The Addictive Power of Toxic Perfumes and Cologne before you read on.

I do not think for a minute it’s addictive to use perfume and I do not believe that it is the reason why the woman sprayed perfume defiance that she was told not to do so due to his wife’s sensitivity. It is more about personality and this woman simply did not care. It’s her way to meet others, she got no knowledge of it and she’s short-minded, selfish and cares only of her.

A person having asthma reacts to allergens and irritants in the air as low as 0,02 PPM.


I used perfumes before I was asthmatic in 2007, not as extensively but it was in all my products, in everything from laundry products, cleaning to personal care products, deodorant, makeup and styling, and a slight spray on the neck. It was not so I had to spray me every day because I “had to have my fix” of scent, I used it sometimes and let it be for long periods of time. I did not get withdrawal because I did not get my spray of scent or scented products. I used what I was brought up to use, and what was available to style myself after what was fashionable at the time. I did not ask questions to if this was ok, or if it did hurt anyone since no one told me it was bad, hold bad content or in any way the society told me it was bad. But back then I would probably have had a hard time understanding how it could affect someone and in what way it could be harmful since I had not lived it myself. The old saying “- You need to walk a mile in someone’s shoes to fully understand…” is very true. It’s more that people are trained that fragrance is as it should be, that is what is ok and accepted and that everyone accepts it WHATEVER HAPPENS! It is a form of brainwashing of and by society that everything that does not smell anything or smells bad is to be dirty. It is common in advertisement to be told “The smell of clean…” when talking about fragrance washing and cleaning, and “The fragrance of a house is part of the decor.” when talking about interior design. It’s brainwashing, aka training of the whole society that things must smell fragrance to be clean and bling-bling. But fresh clean air what does it smell? Clean water what does it smell? I smell NOTHING! Fresh and clean air and water does not smell flowers before you add a flower or fragrance to it. If you stand on a mountain top and there are no flowers around it won’t smell other than fresh air, and it smell nothing, just air!

That people use fragrance is because they are trained to do so by society, history, marketing and attitudes, they enjoy it almost as some like the taste of chocolate or a good dinner, and enjoying something one gladly uses it again. If it is hurting you, you will not try it again.

In the article it says

“Fragrances are Emotionally Addictive” Health Impact News

Maybe it can be in a way addictive that people feel pleasure when they feel a scent they like, just as they feel pleasure when the eat things they like, but it will not make them addictive in that sense of the word. Take for example what people eat. People allergic to food also get the same treatment as us who are allergic, asthmatic and have other lung diseases, or MCS and get sick from fragrance use. People invite to dinner and then forget, do not care, or it is cultural reasons to why the menu at the dinner is not altered so the sensitive person can take part and eat the dinner without getting sick. One good example is Chistmas dinner, when people expect one kind of food and it makes them into selfish bastards that do not care about health and they do not care to change the content of the food so a family member or a friend do not get sick from the dinner. These people are not addictive to Christmas dinner, they are just following the tradition and they are not willing to change it to suit someones health because then it is not traditional Christmas food anymore. Using other ingredients changes the taste of the food and therefore they think the Christmas feel is damaged. Ergo they skip caring instead. (read Merry Christmas shut out)

It is the same way with fragrance. They use it because they like the feeling they get from it, and they make it their own personal mark, a bit of themselves, the fragrance becomes a part of them, and when you complaint that someone should not smell they take it personal because they feel you complaint about how they smell. They are uneducated about the problematic issues with fragrances, and they are brainwashed it is ok all over the society. How can anyone complaint about something that is fully accepted in society? they are in their believes.

Ergo they use it anyway.


For us the “flavors it hurts” with perfume, just like the food hurts the food allergic, for the others non sensitive it’s a good. They can not for a second understand that some might be sick from it, and therefore they fail to accept that others may become ill, and therefore they do not believe them in it is for real and important. They also have a superstition on medication that; “Take a pill and everything will be all right!” It have been said before many times and as long as society have that way of thinking it will never be alright since medicine for asthma and allergy is only constructed to take away peaks of illness not to make you immune to the things your body can not tolerate.  Only way to not get sick is to refrain from being exposed.


It was not before I got sick in asthma myself that I fully understood what harm it can do to the health. Now I do not use fragrance products at all, I had no withdrawal and not problem stop using it since I now got the inside knowledge and understanding of what harm it does. Actually, when I stopped using it I felt better than I have ever done before. It was not only the asthma and the breathing issues that went away. All those chemicals is a burden to the body. The body is not constructed to handle all this burden, it is constructed to breathe, eat, feel, and do its needs. I realized that all those chemicals made a strain to my body, I could literally feel when the body stopped having to work to handle all the stuff I put my body through using all the fragrance products. I felt freed. My only regret is that why had no one told me about this before?


People, you must only take our word for it and listen. You do not want to get this illness that is asthma, allergy and sensitivity to understand what it is about. It is actually pretty awful to have, I promise you that it s nothing you want, not being able to breathe without being at risk of getting sick from others use of fragrance.


You just have to respect what you are told about it. You just have to be fragrance free, and actually it is not being dirty even if you are told so. Fresh air does not smell of perfume, it smell of nothing, and it is lovely. Haven’t you ever stood outside a spring, summer’s, fall or a winter’s day and inhaled the fresh air and felt it is lovely? That is exactly what we want to do. Inhale fresh air without getting sick.

/ Annelie

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I like canoeing, photographing, friends, movies, food, humor, and going on trips. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty, violence, nastyness, and people not caring for others. I do not drink much, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. I love friends who are kind to me and stick with me. If you want to give me a gift, the best gift is to stop smoking and stop using fragranced products. Then you give me health and that dear friend, is the best gift a person can get. It is a gift of love. I got asthma and I am hearing disabled.

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