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@MikeBuchanan11 leader of Justice for Men and Boys

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Mike Buchanan, leader of Justice for Men and Boys

I just read: ‘Feminists hate men’: Meet Mike Buchanan, the leader of Britain’s new Justice for Men and Boys party 

” Buchanan believes that men are perceived as having no value beyond financial. “We have no worth beyond our value to others,” he said, “whereas women are born with worth, they grow up knowing they’re valuable. Women don’t get this, that men just have no worth as human beings except in how they support women and children.”

Well here is patriarchy for you created through generations of patriarchy.  In the beginning women were not allowed to work when married, vote, own, inherit, study, speak in public, talk and be in politics and so on and men had every and all rights to this. Patriarchy traditions that the male should be the provider and ruler of society. Traditions inherited through generations until women got sick of it and started to work for getting those rights and fight against it. This is Feminism and feminists. It just makes me wonder if Mr Buchanan has a bad feeling of lack of self-worth and want to tag it on women? If he really want not to be the provider then he should really become a feminist since feminists want to be self-sufficient, stong and capable, and not have to rely on men financially all the time. Feminists want to be active in politics, share views and participate in society. This do not make us hate men, we like men but we want the freedom to not live under dogma, and have the same possibilities, rights and so on as men. To be valued by our personal worth and not by our looks and sex.

“Buchanan quit the Tory party in 2009, after David Cameron announced support for all-women parliamentary candidate shortlists and has applied himself to promoting anti-feminism, and has written three books on the topic. As well as saying that feminism is “vile”, Buchanan and his party also believe that “fatherhood is being systematically removed from society” which means “taxpayers are subsidising sperm banks for single women and lesbians”.”

Surely there are enough to go around for both men and women to find a partner of the opposite sex and to raise a family. I do not think neither women or lesbians are looking for and working for matriarchy and terminating men. It should be free of choise to marry.

Buchanan says ” We also take issue with governments continuing to spend large amounts of taxpayers’ money ‘encouraging’girls and young women into STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) subjects and careers. These subjects were historically the routes to careers for many young men, yet the government is spending £30 million ‘encouraging’ women into engineering careers, although women have for decades expressed little interest in engineering as a career choice.” and Party leader Mike Buchanan, a former Conservative party consultant told The Independent:

“If you look at it from a gynocentric” (refers to a dominant or exclusive focus on women in theory or practice; or to the advocacy of this) “perspective, [you say] that all our concern must be for women and girls, to the absolute exclusion of men and boys, they can go home – literally if they want to – [we’re] pointing out that women are not these divine creatures.”

Feminism is not out to seek to rule out the participation of men in society, and it is not giving women and girls more rights than men and boys. Feminism is giving women the same rights, opportunities and obligations as men, and the other way around.

For taking the part of loosing the children in a divorce for example (since this is part of the article), custody should be 50/50 unnless there are heavily waying reasons that either parent is not suitable. Parents (both men and women) should also remember that the kids are not your property, they are their own persons and should be respected as such. If you as parents have a problem with each other it is nothing that should affect the children. Children are not your tools to self fulfilment.

If we take a promenade down history lane and look back on facts in society firstly women were not allowed to education and certainly not higher education,  those having these privileges were men. Women started the feminist movement to change this, thereby the name Feminism. The boys club did not want woman working in higher standard jobs as engineers, doctors and so on. Back, way back men even saw women as less capable to such jobs, and women were not accepted. Being unwanted many women have felt discouraged to take educations with the boys club, this have then colored the tradition of choosing education,  therefore women are suggested to try to take education as engineers, doctors and such. The boys club are also famous for seeking colleges among friends in the boys club and woman have had a hard time to get in the club. This is discouraging.

About domestic violence and rape Buchanan claims that women batter men as much as men batters women. Statistically and reportedly it is not true. Yes men are battered and raped too, but not as often as women are raped and battered. Though I do think there should be places to go for men who are battered. The problem with women being in a situation where they have been and often still are in an economically dependency of the man they end up being in even another grip that is the lack of means to flee. Not only because they are weak, but because they have no money. Like this the story have been way back and that is why there are so many options for women to flee and hide in safe housing. Historically the need for women to have safe housing have made the amount of the safe housing grow. No one says men are not battered and no one says men can not be raped, at least I do no mean that, and I actually agree there should be safe housing for battered men too. But you do not need to be anti-feminist to say that.

Buchanan says “It should be obvious to the reader that the flip side of ‘advancing the careers of women’ must be ‘holding back the careers of men’.”

That is ridiculous, I am actually sitting here laughing my head off. What a comedian!  There is surely room for both men and women to work in society.

Before one opens ones mouth to speak one must know what it is about and know ones history.

Buchanan says “Feminists hate men” Now this is a plain lie. I do not hate men, being a feminist is not hating men. Being feminist is working for equal rights, opportunities BETWEEN the sexes. That both men and women should have equal rights.

If you are anti-feminist, you are for a fact against women’s rights. And then you are at the same time cutting your own limits and rights since women are as a fact 50 % of the population if not more, and when you cut in the possibilities of the women you are back to being the soul provider and the money bag. You say that you do not like to be the money bag, so why not be a feminist then?

Men who say they have to little rights when it comes to caring and fatherhood should salubrate feminism since when women have the right and possibility to work and be equal then men have the opportunity to be at home being a father if he wants. When women work to get their rights to work, and childcare the side effect of this is often that men get more rights to do the same as women had as a soul right to before.

Instead of hating feminism you should actually work with feminists to get what you want for men. Feminism is for equality between the sexes.



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