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Getting a job in Scandinavia, UK or other countries from eastern Europe

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Getting a job in for example Norway, Sweden, Denmark and so on is not as easy as you might think and not as prosperous as most think. I think many hear of how good it is in for example Norway, Sweden, Denmark and so on, and yes it is good for them who live here and have a good job and a home. For all others it is not always so good.

Coming here not knowing the language you have not so easy to find a job, since most who own companies in for example Norway wants them who know Norwegian. Those who know English might have a chance but really not everyone in Norway know English. You might think everyone should know English but in my experiense many of the older Norwegians do not know English.

So what happens if you do not get a job? You probably end up in the streets to find a place to sleep. You have to find shelters to pay for or sleep out in the cold. And trust me Norwegian weather when it is cold is not a laughing matter. Cold, wet, damp, snow and hail, strong winds and so on. In Oslo for example they have to join a lottery over beds and only them who get a green ticket get a bed for the night. Read of Bed lottery (video)

The rumor is that for example Norway is such a good place to live and work, and you make such much money right? Well, there are people in Norway that actually uses the por to get a way with low salary to pay you. While others get paid 180 NOK per hour, you get paid 11 NOK per hour and sleep in garage not ment for human living. It happens even if it is forbidden. They are cheated on vacation money, salary and have por living conditions. People get used, and unfortunately it is not that uncommon.

I have read about all this in the news (you might have to use a translator to read all articles):

Forreign worker asked for salary and vacation money and got fired.

Did not pay the salary

Is paid 11 NOK to clean your car

Paid 19 NOK and cooks by a garbage container. Employee pays 2000 NOK to sleep on a sofa.

13 people living in a 2 bedroom apartment and storage rooms without windows in bunkbeds. Bad conditions and fire hazard. Employer lied to gov. and said they lived for free, while they employees paid 1300 NOK a month per person for one bed, only paid little in salary.

Workers from Romania worked with the building of 4G net for 7,50 NOK per hour.

20 people living in a office building. Against the law.

Workers from east of Europe paid 25 NOK per hour at construction area.

“On the specific cabin there were four employees that did not know what they got in wages because they would get it when they got home. They wrote only up how many hours they worked by day. We have since received documentation from the business where the basis of what we see, getting around 14 to 15 NOK hours in gross salary.”

“Utilisation of East European truckers in Western Europe, is a form of modern slavery. Social dumping with you in Western Europe is a disaster for us, said Ekaterina Earth Nova, leader of the Bulgarian Transport Workers Federation (FTTUB), when the project Organising Cross Border Drivers” was presented at a seminar in Sofia on Tuesday.” 

“57 percent of farmers responded that it is “acceptable” that migrant workers have lower wages than hired Norwegian labor.”

In the Government’s assessment is that social dumping of foreign workers both when exposed to violations of health, environmental and safety regulations, including regulations on working hours and requirements for housing standards, and / or when they are offered salaries and other benefits that are unacceptable low compared with what Norwegian workers normally earn or which are not in line with the general regulations where such terms. Social dumping is also unfortunate for other workers and businesses in Norway, because it can lead to unfair competition with unreasonable pressure on the rights and weakened recruitment to particularly vulnerable occupations and industries, and because legitimate businesses can lose contracts and customers to rogue actors. »” Norweigan Police Økokrim

English summary: Documentary from Denmark partially in English. Firms and agencies who “help” workers from eastern Europe getting jobs in Scandinavia with bad methods and letting to low salary, bad working conditions, dangerous working conditions, bad housing and so on. Workers coming not knowing the language well enough, not knowing the law in the country is more often victim of working accidents than others. Some feel insecure about stopping work not knowing the language and the rules when told because they are afraid to lose their job and then get hurt in accidents. Bad firms that do not send victims of work accidents with ambulance to hospitals, do not pay for damages from accidents. Firm who do not report accidents to the governements as they are obliged to do, hold slary from the workers, and do not help those who is victim of accidents. Firm maybe say they have a health insurance and it shows on your salary slip, but in the reality they take the money themselves. If you are hired by a forreign company and is victim of a work injury, and the firm do not have insurance, you may end up not getting help in your own country after the accident. Firms in the workers countries that rent out labours in other countries that dont pay salary, dont care for workers security and health and living, changes name of companies to get away from responsibility, and got adresses in empty offices. The whole system is based on getting out as much money out of workers as possible paying as less  wages as possible. One forreign agenscy company even got that far as kidnapping a camera man to press a complainting worker to say the journalist pressed him to tell tales about his employer. After being forced to sign a document saying the employer is not a bad employer the camera man was released to the journalist. This documentary tells the story of companies and agencies taking advantage of people in need. Paying very low salary to the worker, lower than is lawful, and the firm the worker work at who pays for the service of rceiving help from the worker pays a very high cost to the agency for having the worker working with them. The difference between for example salary for the worker 35 krona and what the hiring firm pays in invoice 500 krona, the difference goes to the agency. Companies pressing employees to not get their rights both by doing illegals threats and pressing them by lying and through the abiity to sue the workers on faulse grounds. About firms and agencys who forbid employers to join the workers union to get help to geth their rights and right wages, anf fire those who do, even though it is forbidden. About agencys who push their firms to bankruptsy to escape taxes, wages, claims and so on and then start up another right away over and over again.

“If Mihai had been employed directly in Kleven shipyard, such as the Norwegian, he had collective agreements and 30 to 40 cents more per hour. In KMC is the other rules. They have no collective agreement, no union, and they get minimum wage. It gives Mihai 12,000 less each month than the permanent employees in Kleven get.”

Social dumping – video in french and english subtitles.

Social dumping in the Transportation in Sweden
On the roads for months, sleeping in their vehicles, cooking on the parking lot on a field kitchen, low salary, some do not get paid, they have to pay for the diesel themselves, they steal diesel, they have to pay for reparations and fees from their own salary, and the transportation comapnies press down the prices to sell transportation of gods, pressing the salarys even more. And organized crime. Video in Swedish and parts in English.

It is all about social dumping, use of people, and it is called the modern slavery.

Salarys for forreign workers dumps salarys for the workers in their own countries.

“High foreign labor pushes Norwegian wages down. Wage growth in occupations with many immigrants are significantly poorer than the rest of the labor market. We have not been able to adjust up wages at 5-6 years, says master painter Jens Petter Lunde.”

Low wages for forreign workers give us who live in Scandinavia a bad standing economically.

I do not know about you but I said no to EU and open borders at election, I did not think it was a good idea.

To be updated.


Author: Annelie

I like canoeing, photographing, friends, movies, food, humor, and going on trips. I dislike rudeness, dishonesty, violence, nastyness, and people not caring for others. I do not drink much, I do not smoke and I do not do drugs. I love friends who are kind to me and stick with me. If you want to give me a gift, the best gift is to stop smoking and stop using fragranced products. Then you give me health and that dear friend, is the best gift a person can get. It is a gift of love. I got asthma and I am hearing disabled.

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