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How School Dress Codes Shame Girls and Perpetuate Rape Culture

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I agree it is very narrow minded. I am a bus driver and meet a lot of people every day. I will tell you a story that shows it is not only very narrow minded, but also really naive.

Everyone normally agree to that every person in life is responsible for their own actions and if you commit crime you can be punished for it. If you steal something you take something and get punished for doing so. Stealing is taking something without the owners permission. But when a man gets distracted or even rape, read take a woman’s body without permission, it is all the suddon people blaming the person of the stolen body, read the rape victim who is told they have a responsibility to not get raped.

Is being dressed a crime?

Men are responsible for their own thoughts and actions, those who disagree and think women have responsibility for mens thougts and actions, puts men on the same level as children who we must protect from doing the wrong things, teach how to think, pick up after a.s.o. Men who want to be looked upon as adults should take responsibility for their own actions and thoughts – If you are tempted look away. Do something else.

Or do all men have a disorder – read not all right in their mind – that they are not able to act like fully responsible adults since women have to do this for them? Women are just as little responsible for mens thoughts and actons as the owner of bike who gets his /hers bike or any other item stolen. Women are not something men are entitled to.

Only female dress codes are also naive:

Men like to walk the town in summer in just shorts and sandals, as a bus driver I sit close to people getting on the bus. The notion that women should dress in a special way to not distract men or getting raped is way out of line. Not only because it is victim blaiming and projecting of responsibility on another person than the person responsible for their own actions and thoughts, but it is also in all naive. Well, I sit about 30 cm (0.984251969 feet (1113⁄16 inches)) from people standing before me in the bus. Back to the males who enter the bus only wearing shorts and sandals. Well there I sit with my eyes just in hight with mens chests and if they are tall even lower, and they are almost naked. The naive in this is the notion that women can not be distracted. I get shy and do not know where to look. But I take responsibility for my thougts and actions (not that I am a person who rape but anyway) and put my concentration on the ticket machine. I am a responsible adult and do not blame others. But of course they could at least wear a tank top, t-shirt or a shirt, that would be the nice and polite thing to do.

I think that women who are at least dressed are ok, at least they are dressed what is more than one often can say about men who walk around almost naked. Women do not walk around town or school without clothes, and even if they did, it is not allowed to herrass or rape them regardless. You do not see women rape half-naked men in the streets do you?

And on top of it all, science have stated many years ago that rape is not about sex, rape is about violence and power against defenceless persons. They do it because they can. You can get raped even if you are dressed in a 2 meter long potato sack.

If you are a man, do show that you are a resposible person, do not be that person who need a mommy to think for you. You alone are responsible for your thoughts and actions.


Some of our most powerful and lasting ideas about the world around us are learned at school. Hard work pays off. Success comes from working together. Girls’ bodies are dangerous and harassment is inevitable.

This might sound inflammatory, but it is not an exaggeration. It is the overriding message being sent to thousands of students around the world by sexist school dress codes and the way in which they are enforced.

In the past month alone a Canadian teen says she was given detention for wearing a full length maxi dress because it violated her school dress code by showing her shoulders and back and a UK school announced plans to ban skirts altogether.

These are just the most recent cases in an ever-growing list that has seen shoulders and knees become a battleground, leggings and yoga pants banned and girls in some cases reportedly told to flap their arms…

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