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Gasses from luggage at Arlanda Airport made personell sick –

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Kjemikalier for parfyme gjorde flyplasspersonale syke

To ansatte på Arlanda Flyplass har hatt sykdomssymptomeretter å ha åpnet bagasje container fra Moskva. Nødetatene har transportert bort beholderen og deretter fant en skarp luktende væske. – Eieren skal ha sagt at han importerer ekstrakter av parfymer, sier Magnus Andersson på redningssentral i Stockholm fylke. Flyet fra Moskva landet på Arlanda ved 19 onsdag kveld. Når to ansatte på flyplassen åpnet bagasje container fra flyet, følte de en sterk lukt og deretter begynte å hoste. En av dem har selv fått en hodepine. Når bagagehanterarna åpnet denne beholderen kom en veldig sterk lukt, som gjorde det tilkalte brannvesenet. Bagagehanterarna har blitt pleiet av sykepleiere. – De pustet inn noe som luktet skarpt og så følte seg noen dårlige. Ambulansen har sett på dem, men de føler seg bedre nå, og har ikke blitt transportert til sykehuset, sier Magnus Andersson, chief operating officer i redningssentral i Stockholm fylke.

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Chemicals to fragrance made airport personell sick

Two employees at Arlanda Airport had disease symptoms after opening the luggage container from Moscow. Emergency services have transported away container and then found a sharp-smelling liquid. – The owner allegedly said that he imports extracts of perfumes, says Magnus Andersson rescue center in Stockholm county. The plane from Moscow landed at Arlanda at 19 Wednesday evening. When two employees at the airport opened the luggage container from the plane, they felt a strong odor and then began to cough. One of them even got a headache. When luggage crew opened container got a very strong odor, which made it summoned the fire department. luggage crew has been cared for by nurses. – They breathed in something that smelled sharply and then felt bad. The ambulance has seen them, but they feel better now and has not been transported to the hospital, says Magnus Andersson, chief operating officer of rescue center in Stockholm county.

Read the article in Aftonbladet


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