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Ikke bruk Geni slektsforsker nettsted

Jeg vil advare mot slektsforsker site. Jeg laget en konto for mange år siden og la opp min slekt helt tilbake til 1600-tallet på min mors side og litt på min fars side så langt jeg har klart å finne informasjon. Jeg brukte private bilder fra mitt fotoalbum, jeg søkte i register og databaser for å få tak i informasjon og noe fikk jeg av en slektning. Jeg brukte meget tid, utrulig meget tid på å lage til dette slektstreet. Så var jeg offline en periode og gjorde ingenting, da jeg kom tilbake igjen og skulle logge meg på da kom jeg meg ikke inn. Da jeg gjorde søk på min slekt på Geni fant jeg fort ut at en Simon Andreas Schönbeck på en eller annen måte hadde tatt kontroll over hele greia og nå sto hele kontoen og slektstre med alle mine bilder i hans navn. Jeg oppdaget senere at der var en funksjon for å ta over kontoer som har vært inaktive lenge, og jeg antar at denne Simon har brukt det for å ta over min konto. Jeg ble ikke spurt. Min konto ble tatt, jeg er ikke død, jeg var bare offline en stund, på hva måte forsvarer Geni en slik handling? Man må jo gjøre andre ting i livet også, og om man har åpnet en konto et sted da forventer man jo at det er ens egen konto så lenge man vil ha det og til man velger å lukke det selv. For å i det hele tatt kunne ta kontakt med Geni måtte jeg lage en helt ny konto. Jeg kontaktet Geni flere ganger men fikk ikke svar fra dem, nå sendte jeg melding til “Bug Report” og fikk svar, et meget ille svar. Jeg brukte mange timer på å lage til det slektstreet med riktig informasjon, jeg hadde vært på databaser og søkt og skrivit opp og nå vil ikke Geni gi hele kontoen tilbake, maks at de vil gi meg delt tilgang med Simon Andreas Schönbeck om jeg kan samarbeide med ham. Fytt i rakkarn for et møkkasted. Ikke bruk Geni! Les bildene nedenfor så får du se hvordan de behandler kundene sine.
#Geni #meninger #slektsforsking #konto

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Stolen account and family tree

ANNELIE Elisabeth Molin
suggested this on Apr 22, 10:58 AM

“I signed up for an account many years ago and I added all my relatives and made a hugh effort  to do a good job and I added photos of my relatives from my personal family album. I went offline for a while and did not log on and when I came back this Simon Andreas Schönbeck had stolen my account. I am so mad I am about to explode. I want my family tree account back. I can prove it is my family tree since I have all the original paper copy photos, he have none.

another that has made himself moderator of my account is Knut Stangenberg together with Simon Andreas Schönbeck.

I demand to get my family tree for Molin and Schönbeck back in my name, and I demand to get it NOW! What kind of site is it that allow such of handling? I just went offline a while and when I come back all of my information is in another persons name. Give it back to med PROMPTLY!


My grandma Olga for example photo is her old ID photo. I have the original.

All of these persons in this family tree I HAVE BUILDT and I DEMAND to get it back.

I have written to you before about this issue and you have not even answered my messages. I am not happy my account, my information and my photos that is my property are stolen. Fix this NOW!”


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Geni Curator Team, Curator

“Annelie, I can easily connect you back into that tree where you’ll have access.  But let’s talk about what you’ll get and if that will be sufficient, because you’re making a lot of demands here.  If I merge you in, you’ll have full access to your family tree within the family group (4th cousins and closer) and likely beyond with ancestors.  You can add profiles, pictures, update profiles, merge, etc.  But, Geni is a collaborative tree – there is no “my tree” on Geni.  It’s a shared tree.  Now, maybe Simon added some of these profiles (he added your profile for instance in 2008, before you joined) or maybe, for others, they were transferred to him when you left Geni, which can happen (we want someone that can be responsive to other users).  Different people can add the same profiles and the duplicates get merged into one tree.  So maybe he created a tree and you created a tree and they were merged into a single tree, where he became manager because you left.  Whatever the situation, I don’t want to place you into a nice collaborative family tree if you’re going to start beating everyone up for “stealing” your tree and your photos and demanding it all back.  So put your demands aside, as I don’t have to fix anything.

If you want access and can work collaboratively, that I can grant.  If you want to own it, then I’ll abstain from assisting.”

My reply: ANNELIE Elisabeth Molin

“I was not added in 2008 by him, I added myself, then somehow he overtook my whole account, I tried to log in but was not allowed. Why I do not know. Then I had to  create a whole new account to even be able to access to contact you. I added some near relatives to the new account but I lack will to continue sine I have already added my whole ancestry back to the 1600’s at the Schönbeck side of the family when Simon Andreas Schönbeck stole my tree. It is not ok to claim another persons account without their knowledge and asking me if it is ok. I am related in direct line down by my mom and my grandmother.

Since I lost my work completely I think you should give it back. I do not deserve this treatment after had done so much work helping to add to your site. Add me.”


In English

Do not use Geni Genealogical website

I warn strongly against Genealogical site. I created an account for many years ago and added my family dating back to the 1600s on my mother’s side and some on my father’s side so far I have managed to find information. I used private photos from my photo album, I searched local  registry and databases (not Geni) to obtain information and something I received from a relative. I spent much time, incredibly much time creating this family tree. So I was offline for a period and did nothing, when I came back again and would sign me in when I got not enter. When I did search my genealogy on Geni I found out quickly that Simon Andreas Schönbeck somehow had taken control of the whole thing and now stood the entire account and tree with all my pictures in his name. I later noticed that there was a function for taking over the accounts that have been inactive long, and I suppose this Simon have used it to take over my account. I was not asked. My account was taken, I’m not dead, I was only offline for a while, how does Geni defend such an act? One has to do other things in life too, and if you have opened an account somewhere then one expect it is one’s own account as long as you want it and choose to close it oneself. To at all be able to contact Geni I had to create an entirely new account. I spent many hours creating the family tree with the right information, I had been on databases and searched and written down on paper and added to Geni, and now will not Geni give full account back, max that they will give me shared access with Simon Andreas Schönbeck if I can work with him. This suck, Geni suck, what for a totally bad site. Do not use Geni! Read the full story above and learn how they treat their customers.



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