Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

About me

My name is Annelie Molin and I was born in Sweden in 1966.  I got no children and have never been married.

My family tree goes back many hundred years. The branches reach from builders, farmers, barber-surgeons, doctors, priests, teachers, military, nobles, painters, colorists, clerks, self-made people and many others. I have done some family research, it is far from done and not all is published. I think it is very important to know about ones history, it help grow your identity.

I am born in a middle class family where my granddad and most of my aunts and uncles were self-made businessmen with their own employees, and my granny a school teacher. My father built our family home on his own with help from brothers and friends. My father had his own company (actually several during the years) and was his own boss and had his own employes. Mom worked as a secretary.

I am one of three sisters. I still got one sister living. She lives in Sweden. Since my older sister died at birth I became the oldest of us. Even though she died at birth I think it is important to remember her, she is still my sister.

When I was a small girl my family had a summer house in Öregrund in Sweden. It was a small house, not so smart, but a small cottage. There we were all summer, sunbathing, swimming, fishing and going by boat. I also got a small boat that I used to go out with together with my cousins and friends, fishing or just driving around. I knew the waters like my own pocket. In winter time we went skiing and skating. The summers were the best in my childhood, those give me nice memories.

I loved going to school. In Sweden those days we started in first class at 7 years old. And I was really good at school. I actually found my old grades, and I had a 4 in Swedish. In those days a 4 was next from the best grade one could get. A 5 was the best.

In 1973 I became sick and got hearing impaired on my right ear caused by Haemophilus influenzae leading to Meningitis. Among other things I had over 40,0 C (104,0 F) fever, I was very sick. I lost a great deal of hearing on my right ear. For me to hear on the right side there must be 90 decibel loud  sound (20 decibel is for normal hearing). So I only have to use a hearing aid on my right ear, and got normal hearing on my left ear. I got a  little facial paralysis aslo on the right side, so I can not flirt with my right eye. I also do not have any recollection of my childhood before I got sick, it is all gone. But I can live with all that. I feel lucky that I survived.  I feel lucky because Meningitis can either do more damage or one can even die from it in worst case.

Me 1975

Already as  young girl I was fascinated over discovering things and going new places. I used to go by boat through the narrow channels and pipes under the roads just to see where I ended up, bi-cycled long distances, swimming, liked music and listen to the grownups talk about important things, reading and movies. I got my first camera early and got hooked instantly. I mostly played with trains, cars and played with the boys outdoors, dolls and such was of no interest to me. Maybe no wonder I like driving so much?

At 12 years old, a young girl, I had to start take a lot of responsiblity for the family home, and the older I got the more I had to do. It happened when my parents divorced. Absolutey all the house work became my duty at 14 years old. I had to learn early and the hard way how to take care of a household. It was also my task to take care of my sister at many times. Mom worked and went out with friends, and dad was buissy elsewhere.

As I said I have never been married. Well, I have been asked, but I did not feel it was the right thing to do, so I said no. It was the honest thing to do. I think getting married is a hugh step and that is something to take really seriously. It has to be a person where the feelings are in place for and a person it all works with. And one should be able to stand out eachothers bad ways and habits. It is very easy to live with the good habits, it is the bad habits that in the long run may become a problem. Ok, people can try to change. Some make it, but no one is able to transform.
Both must be able to talk about everything together in a nice way, and both has to be loving and understanding to eachother. Being able to communicate about everything is important. I can’t stand someone keeping all to themselves. It is give and recieve. Plus it takes two to tango, it must go both ways. I think a relationship should be equal. I could not stand to have a man who “shouts for food” or anything like that. It must go both ways and be a co-work. I am nobody’s maid, I also appreciate things being done for me, I too like to be taken care of.  If one share a life one share everything else too. It should be this way having any kind of love relationship. It takes two to tango.

Sex is a private thing only shared with a special someone, I do not do one night stands like many other people do. I do not put up easily.

Most important is to have a good life together. Because that is what having friends and a love is all about. This goes for all kinds of relationships. I do not like people walking all over others. Co-op, talking and listening is the word.

Schooling is plenty. Business economics in Sweden, computing, html programming, Sales and customer service, English, Swedish and Norwegian language I know very well and my German i learned in school I only remember little from, business communication, FM radio communication, first aid, among other things.

Driving certificates. Car, car and trailer, minibus, large bus, construction equipment, fork truck.

bus driver

Job. Currently I work as bus driver (the busses I drive is 19000 kg or more). I have  worked in a bus wash with maintainance, cleaning and filling, in warehouses driving fork trucks, and driver of construction equipment vehicles, in offices with orders, salary, invoices, front desk, customer service and switchboard. A long time ago I worked with food in shops, and I also used to work as a cleaning lady in offices and industry for a period of time in my late teens.

I like the small things. It does not have to be so grand I value the beaty in everyday things. Even the small things are grand. Photographing, canoeing, skiing, bi-cycling, trips, travel, walking with friends, the kind smile and thought from a friend, watching movies – it is never to early to watch a movie, but maybe to late if I fall asleep, some motorsport and cars, exploring new places, and learning new things, a nice meal in good company. :)

I like science, news, technique, exploring, nature and wild, documentaries and such and subscribe to such and enjoy watching it too.

Me 2006

I got an adventurousness strike in me, that way I can be a bit daring. I like to go new places, drive in nature, and paddle new sites just to see where I come, and I very much like to try new things. If I get the opportunity I most likely join flying a helicopter, go balloon travelling, walk the glaciers, walk the mountains, bi-cycle in the mountains, go cave exploring, diving and such.

I appreciate the small things in both life and my friends. Having fun, small tokens of appreciation, kindness and love.

I am kind and I am a rather tolerant person, I do not get easily angry, I cool it to not make mistakes. It often take a long time to aggravate me. And I do not judge people instantly. I rather use my mind than run people down, talk it through. I am forgiving. But when someone have done me wrong that usually take some interest from the person who has done me wrong to be forgiven. But I also got limits, and I do not like anyone to push it. I can actually get just as angry as it takes long time to make me angry. And if you do not want to lose me, you surely do not want to push it. Those who think I am a sissy with no opinions, think again. I make up my mind, sometimes silently, sometimes outspoken. If I leave, it is usually for good. So show some respect please.

It takes two to tango, and that goes for everything in life.

If something is not so good, I like to be creative and improve what is wrong in a constructive way.

I like to have a tidy house and everything in its own place. And my home I like to have a surtant standard and class. I like a fine home without a lot of small things. Elegant and clean lines. I love flowers though, and buy flowers to match curtains and such. When a home or any other place is dirty and untidy I feel uncomfortable and I do not enjoy being there.

I strongly dislike slander. I think one should talk positive about other people, it is the nice way of being to others. Slander is often hurtful and very often slander is also not true. Slander tends often either be exaggerated or in worst case not even true at all. I prefer to talk nicely about others.

I have no regard for crude and harsh manners. I have a tidy language, and I am not the kind of person to “fart among people” and tell sex jokes. I do not have a nasty way about me. I do not drink, I have never used drugs, and I do not party a lot. It is enough with a drink with the dinner sometimes. I rather like to do nice things before using. I am not a rude, untidy, nasty person, and I do not like being around such people being like that either. Being well-behaved is very important to me.

I like my friends to be sober, open and honest, polite, talkable, nice and caring, with some humor. And a big plus are if they do not smoke, use perfume, don’t swear, and are nice and tidy. It is a good thing if they share my interests. A interesting conversation livens up life.

I am not violent. I rather give a hug than anything. I have experienced violence and abuse against me long-term, and I would never like to cause that on anyone myself. Being a nice and loving person is very important.

Frights. That somone I really love would die, bungy jump, diving from tall cliffs, free fall.

Death. I am not afraid of dying. Dying itself is not dangerous. I have already nearly died once cause of violence against me. So death itself does not scare me, only the way to die, if it is a violent or painful way to die when the day comes. I would rather fall asleep in my bed when I get old, and before I get to sick to take care of myself.

Dislikes. Lies, rudeness, uncaring, people not able to be trusted, making fun of others, having fun / clapping on on others mistakes and bad luck, drinking, drugs, smoking, tobacco in general, unfairness, people bossing around other people, raw unfine talking and behaviour.


Actually I do not only dislike tobacco use, I am asthmatic and get sick from it and that goes for perfume, aftershave, other fragrance and chemical products too. What more I get asthma sick from is hairspray, spray deo, perfumed products, chemicals, most washing agents, solvents, scented candles, airfresheners, incense, fire smoke, BBQ smoke, among other things. So never give me perfume and scented products. To one of my allergies belongs nickel allergy, so I can not use any kind of trinkets. It has to be at least pure nickel free silver. And actually I love juwelery, flowers, movies and music, why not a evening out or travel in fresh air. : )

Pets. I like animals a lot, and play with them when I can, but I think they should be outdoors. I had a dog once that I loved. She was a headstrong one and very loving. She treated everyone nicely and were kind to children even if they got ruff. But it is so much work with having a pet, and the cleaning gets excessive, and with my asthma (even though I am not allergic to animals) I can not have animals because they drag dust in to the house. Dust is not good for asthma. So I wish not to have any pets.

I prefer nice, honest, kind, talkable and loving people. I wish for a healthy, steady, prosperous, happy life filled with friends and love. I wish not to have any energy thiefs in my life to come. I have had to many of them before.


Thanks for visiting me.

/ Annelie