Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Word play is humor. At the humor pages I collect all city names, traffic signs, names and words that get funny in any way when translating them in to another language. Personally I am not for talking trash or using a nasty or rude language. That is not my cup of tea. Some words and translations at this site may as well get a little nasty, but that is the happening of Languages translated. That is also what make it fun. The buisness of humor is to entertain. The humor pages at this site is strictly for fun, and the names and places mentioned at the humor pages here are in no way scientificly explained. The translations can get really funny sometimes.

Asthma pages

I have made this blog on asthma and sensitivities to inform so that you can learn. My blog is not my whining wall of my illness. It can maybe at times for someone be perceived as complaining, it is not meant to be, but the reality is it is not always a Sunday walk in the park to have it either. This is an information base from which you can learn what it really is to have asthma, either you have it yourself or someone you know is affected and you feel you need to understand that person. The aim is to give you the information you do not find on Your doctors wall or other places. The other part of the aim with this site is to inform the Public on the effects of use of fragrance and tobacco, and how it affect the Health of thousands, and how you as an individual can change that.

I am not a doctor. Here at my site I write about experiences having asthma, allergy and sensitivities, and collected knowledge throughout the years. Point is to make you get new knowledge that you learn from regardless if you have asthma or not, and if you have asthma, allergy and sensitivities it may inspire you to get better help from your own doctor. Always ask your doctor for advice about medicin.

I have not always had asthma and I did really not know anything about it before i got it despite I had heard about it, like most people who do not have it. I lived for many years having no such issues, but was injured in my profession as a cleaner and maintainer of heavy vehicles in 2007 at the age of 41. Since then I have personally experienced in first hand to go through medical care and contacts with physicians without receiving any information about asthma, what I have in store, what it means to have asthma and how asthma affects ones life. They seamed really uninterested in their job actually. It was more like: – Here you have a subscription for medicines, and go home. I have heard many others telling about such experiences. Doctors often forget to inform, maybe some even do not have enough knowledge about it and do not care to search for it, and also they often fail to check whether asthma is work related and whether there should be an injury report. That is by me a really badly done job. Asthma is a disease you can die from, and the doctors do not inform about it and send you home with a note and medicines. What is that? Do not they understand that it is really scary when you find yourself unable to breathe properly and do not know what is happening in Your body? When your lips turn blue and you fight to get air?

When they on top of it do not check if it is maybe work related it get even worse.  Work injuries give you a lot of benefits and if you do not get this researched and stated then you lose Your rights. That was the case with me, my asthma is a work injury, but I myself had to make the injury report happen, the doctor did nothing without me pushing for it. The doctor showed NO interest. The question that should be asked when a person get the diagnoses asthma is: – What is your occupation? Is it a work injury? What can the patient expect in having asthma? It should be inquired and shown interest from the doctor’s side. It is THEIR job.

Information must be given there and then by the doctor before you go home, the patient should be referred to asthma education. What to expect, what happens when an asthma attack occur, how does it all work? How to avoid it?

Having asthma and getting an asthma attack without this important knowledge is a scary experience, it is a heavy burden to bear alone when you are struck by it.

Everything I know about asthma today, I have learned the hard way by experiencing it, and through reading what little there was to find online about it. All i found was really mainstream and gave me nothing. It is the one and the whole reason I started blogging about asthma, there was not enough information. Before I got asthma was also my blog filled with holiday pictures only, and other cozy content as on most blogs. But I felt that there is missing information about what asthma really is, how it affects and how it feels like to have asthma. What is the possibilities to get better? There was little to find about the living truth on asthma. At fact sites about asthma you normally only find short dry scientific facts, they do not tell what to expect, and also sometimes leave out important facts. Things need to know, and good to know. What it is, what is feels like, is it just like a Cold or can it be dangerous and scary? Can it hurt you? What can a person having asthma expect? Am I way out there if I think asthma is scary?  If the medicine do not help, what help is there? Is there more help to get? What to do, and so on. The is the aim of my blogging, to  answer that.

I hope you find it useful.

Have a nice day and please be back soon!


This blog was started on 16 May 2010. I started with transferring some blog-posts from my former blog with and since then I have made new postings. I have been blogging about asthma since 2007.