Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Will and knowledge succedes

“Tvil aldri på et en liten gruppe med bevisste og engasjerte borgere kan forandre verden. For til alle tider er det nettopp de som kan få det til.” Margaret Mead

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

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Designer brands?

I do not care for designer clothes and accessories. I do not buy clothes and other stuff because it has a special brand, made by a special designer, is expensive or is the latest fashion.

I buy what I like and enjoy, and what is good quality. I want to look nice and get value for the money I spend.

People only following latest fashion and brands and let themselves get indoctrinated by designers, advertising and related fortune digging (begging) by designers a.s, such also in magazines, and luring people with celebrity this and that, I feel are not independent.

They follow others direction like a herd of sheep’s following the orders by the shepard dog.

People judging other by the brands they use are superficial fools.

The person behind the facade is much more interesting and important.

It show lack of confidence chasing brands. A person with a need to show off in brands, and /or latest fashion looking like everybody else, show clearly they do not dare walk and make their own path.

It is not money or brands that make a person, it is what is inside.

Show strength, pick with your own mind, not what the shepard dog tell you to.

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Sokrates on rumors

(Scroll down for English)

Slik stopper du sladder, rykter og baksnakking….

I antikkens Hellas var Sokrates kjent for å sette kunnskap høyt. En dag traff en bekjent den store filosofen og sa: «Vet du hva jeg nettopp hørte om din venn?” …

“Vent litt,” svarte Sokrates. “Før du forteller meg noe, ønsker jeg at at du lar det passere gjennom en liten test. Den kalles trippel filter test.”

“Trippel filter?”

“Det stemmer,” fortsatte Sokrates. “Før du forteller meg noe om min venn, kan det være en god idé å ta et øyeblikk og filtrere det du skal si. Det er derfor jeg kaller det trippel filter test. Det første filteret er sannhet. Har du forsikret deg om at det du skal fortelle meg er sant? ”

“Nei,” sa mannen, “faktisk har jeg bare hørt om det.”

“Greit,” sa Sokrates. “Så du vet egentlig ikke om det er sant eller ikke. La oss nå prøve det andre filteret, filteret om godhet. Er det du er i ferd med å fortelle meg om min venn noe bra? ”

“Nei, tvert imot …”

“Så,” fortsatte Sokrates, du vil fortelle meg noe dårlig om ham, og du er ikke sikker på at det er sant. Du kan fremdeles bestå prøven, fordi det er ett filter igjen: filteret om nytten. Er det du vil fortelle meg om min venn til noen nytte for meg? ”

“Nei egentlig ikke …??”

“Vel,” konkluderte Sokrates, hvis det du vil fortelle meg hverken er sant eller godt eller enda til nyttig, hvorfor fortelle meg det i det hele tatt?”

Og hva er nytten?

Ok, om det er sant at nettopp Sokrates sa dette vet vi jo ikke (?), men det var no veldig smart sagt.  :)

In English

To stop gossip, rumor and slander ….

In ancient Greece, Socrates was reputed to put knowledge high. One day an acquaintance met the great philosopher and said, “You know what I just heard about your friend?” …

“Wait a minute,” Socrates replied. “Before telling me anything, I want you to let it pass through a little test. Called the triple filter test.”

“Triple filter?”

“That’s right,” Socrates continued. “Before telling me anything about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you say. Which is why I call it the triple filter test. The first filter is Truth. Have you made sure that there you to tell me is true? ”

“No,” the man said, “actually I just heard about it.”

“All right,” said Socrates. “So you do not really know if it’s true or not. Now let’s try the second filter, the filter of goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?”

“No, on the contrary …”

“So,” Socrates continued to tell me something bad about him, and you’re not sure it’s true. You may still pass the test, because there’s one filter left: the filter of usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my friend no use to me?”

“No not really …??”

“Well,” concluded Socrates, if you will tell me is neither true or good or even sometimes useful, why tell it to me at all? ”

And what use is it to me?

Ok, how true it is that Socrates said this we do not know (?) but surely it is really smart. :)

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You know others through themselves

Når man hører hva noen sier om andre bak ryggen,
da vet man hva de snakker om en selv da man går ut dørren.

/ Annelie

In English

When you hear what someone says about others behind their backs,
then you know what they are talking about you, when you go out the door.

/ Annelie

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Men and cry – man and cry

Real men do cry. Strong men dare to show they cry. Weak men hide it.

No person never cries. Only a person without feelings never cries, and such a person do not exist. It is rather such that a person who would never cry is something wrong with. It is not normal.

Do not be afraid.

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Love and be loved..

Min far brukte å si: “Man kan ikke bli elsked av alle, og man kan ikke elske alle.” Jeg har lagt til:

“Men man skal være snill med alle.” Det synes jeg er en god leveregel.

In English

My father used to say: “You can not be loved by everyone,  and one can not love everyone. ” I’ve added:

“But we should be kind to everyone.” I think this is a good maxim.

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Odentlige venner de kan man ha det gøy sammen med, og ibland blir man uenig, kanskje krangler litt og så blir man venner igjen. Er rare venner som bryter vennskap over uenigheter og ikke snakker sammen.

Jeg mener hvordan skal man kunne være venner et helt liv om man ikke snakker sammen? Det kommer jo før eller siden situasjoner som oppleves som problematiske, misforståelser osv, og snakker man da ikke om det så kan man jo aldri løse det heller. Så rare venner de som ikke snakker sammen, de er ikke mulig å være venner med lenge fordi om der blir problemer da kan man ikke løse de.

In English

Real friends they one can have fun with, and at times you maybe have disagrements, arguing perhaps a bit, and then you become friends again. Is weird friends who break friendships over disagreements and not talking.

I mean how can we be friends for a lifetime if you do not talk? It will sooner or later come situations perceived as problematic, misunderstandings, etc., and then if we do not talk about it, so no one can never solve it either. So weird friends who do not talk, they are not possible to be friends for a long time because if there are problems then you can not solve them.


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Those who believe a few pages on the internett tells all about a person, are badly mistaken. A person got to many layers for it to be able to put down on a page. I have for example gotten comments to my site, humor pages about the language there. There are words there I normally do not use. They end up there simply because they are translated, and it make me laugh, and I simply put it there in hope you laugh too. I do not walk the world around talking it. It is only put here, and not in my private life.

Those who think they know all about me, think again.

Humor is humor and the “buisness” of entertainment is to entertain.

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What is important?

Many people I have met in life struggle hard to fill their life with expensive stuff, bright and shining cars, boats, big houses expensive clothes a.s.o. to show a good surface.

I say, like my grandmother used to say.  – Do not walk in rags or tainted, worn clothes, have clothes with no holes in them, clean, look nice and most important of all be nice, honest, caring and trustworthy and people will love you.

Having the most fashionable expensive car, boat, home, gadgets, clothes a.s.o do not make you a better person. It do not necessarily show how much money you got either, mostly how many and big loans you got.

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Love working

I have been working since I was 15 years old. That was when I had my first summer job, I both worked and went to school. After graduation I started working the same year. I love working. It gives me a joy, and I love a good challenge, learning new stuff and develop myself. That is when working is on its best.



Today I read on facebook the word TOMBOY and it made me remember the times people have said that to me. The word tomboy it is a degrading word on a female that likes and know how to do anything more than baking, cooking, decorating, makup, clothes, knitting, embrodery and other hand crafting, babies and gardening. Tomboy – a word for a female that likes and manage to do things men by old traditions are the only ones suppose to do. Are there a law against liking cars, mechanics, science, manage to use tools, put a shelf together, use a saw a.s. only because a woman is female? Does that make a woman less a woman?

The word tomboy is simply rude. And when a person call me tomboy I get really offended. When they call me tomboy they at the same time tell me I am not female. They tell me I am less of a woman than those who do not know how to handle tools, do not like science, cars, and other stuff.

Am I less a female because I got knowlegde and skills some other women do not have? I am just as much a woman even though I like motorsport, I drive a big bus, I drive a 4×4 or construction equipment when possible, and I know how to handle a hammer and other tools too  in addition to the stuff women traditionally do. I sow, cook, bake, knit, make embrodery, take care of my home, I use makeup, like gardening, clothes a.s.o. Knowing more than the traditional inboxed female knowhows that would rather point in the direction that I got more brains and skills, and that and I am a cleaver and handy person rather than less of a woman.

I am a woman and I am proud to have many skills.  Also my father tought me to be independent and do things myself, for example I learned how to cable a lamp when I was only eight years old. Does that make me less a woman?

I hate when people call me a tomboy. Like I am less a woman than other women? I am not a tomboy. I am a woman. Tomboy is so offensive. It is hurtful, degrading, and it make my blood boil.


Sense for discretion

Sometimes I wonder why some people seem to think it is ok to use the public of others to break a trust and shout out what ever they feel like there and then just because they need it or feel like it. They got no brake, throwing everything out in front of other people. They use the public of others to use it as their personal sick bag letting everything out for everyone to hear and also know who is target and what.

I had such a friend. Her way is unstoppable. Any time she feel like it she spell her gut out in front of all and everything. She is totally blunt and got absolutely no sensitivity what so ever toward the other persons discretion and right to privacy. I have witnessed it myself before when she broke up with her ex. She walked the whole place around and spelled out to everyone everything. Like her private life was everyone’s full right.

She have done it before too, against me. I told her a secret, and she started commenting it loudly in front of a lot of people so they could hear it. This she has done several times. I hate this kind of behaviour in people. They are totally without discretion, they got none. They do not even think of how it feels like being subjected to such. They do not even think of how it feels to stand there and get ones private life or details spelled out in front of others.

And today she did it again. Thing is, we have fallen out of friendship a time ago. Today I sat there minding my own business when she came – and I talked to some people I know. I did not show her one second of interest. I did not even say anything. She did not like that and told me what she thought in front of a lot of people plus other personal details they got nothing to do with. I was angry with her before. This thing did not really help her situation even if she even care what I think. The river under the bridge has run empty and dried out. People behaving like this to me I do not like to have any contact with. They are not to be trusted with anything.

I have told her in plain letters. Next time you see me sit minding my own business you are to leave me alone.

Private matter is to be discussed in private. One do not comment, talk about, point out or discuss sensitive matters in public. It is so rude. I have cut all contact with people before because of such behaviour. I make absolutely no exception. My private life is mine, and I choose what I like others to hear and know, no one else.

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Those who truly love you

The person who want you, comes to you. The person who cares about you, take contact.. The person who misses you, think of you. The person wanting your best for you, give you advise, and also cares. And the person who burns for you, is always there for you. The person who really truly love you, never leave you. ♥ ♥ ♥

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No one is more than another person regardless of position in life. Everyone is no more than a cogwheel in the big machinery. Everything in life boils down to this. To gain a nice life with people one must remember this. Being a boss you are not more than your employer, you only got another kind of power and position. Being a friend or a lover you are no more than the person on the opposite side of your table. Everyone has to communicate, be attentive and caring to one another to gain a good and healthy environment to be, work and live in. To be able to go through life in a friendly and healthy way. When you shut someone out, you also shut yourself out at the same time. As soon as you try to rule someone, play games, or suppress someone you start on the path of loosing that person, because no one like to be put in a corner feeling less important and not cared for. This has been my motto all my life.

Believing you are more than anyone, and acting like it, misusing your power, only makes you an asshole.

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Defenition on friendship

Getting friends is a long-term work. Friends come to one self. Chasing them is no point. Friends one find where one least expect it. 

A real friend does not care if you do not have a huge expensive house, own the newest and most costly car, wear branded clothes, they love you for who you are. A good friend is also able to trust.

That also goes for getting and having a close loved one. That special love you have for the rest of your life. Should be both your best friend, love and your lover.

If one get a lot of money, wealth and a big classy house and you all the sudden get more friends. It tell more about the new friends than it say about you. You are still the same person. Sugar and gold attract flies.

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I believe in not talking trash about people, regardless what happens. Talking trash about people is bad. Who would ever would liked to be talked trash about? I find it not a nice way to be talking trash about other people. That however does not mean I do not have an opinion. I just do not tell everything I think to everyone. What good does it do if I go on in life talking bad about people? Only thing happens is that others think I am a person slandering. I do not like being such a person, and like this I have been all my life. Slandering is not me. Bad side is that some people think that one do not have an opinion because one do not say anything, some people even think that since I do not say anything about people it does not matter what they do. Well, that is wrong. I do have an opinion, and I do care, but I think it is up to others to behave and act in a good way regardless. People being bad for me I leave behind.

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Being human.. – or thick and thin..

I’m a handful, I’m strong willed, mild, forgiving, independent, a bit outspoken and I tell it like it is. I make mistakes, I am sometimes insecure, I am sometimes weak, a bit uncontrolled, and at times hard to handle, specially if you hurt me. But if you can’t handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.

Are you strong enough to be honest?

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Humor pages and Behaviour

People reading my blog and my humor pages may think I got a nasty humor  and way about myself, but there you are badly mistaken. I do not. I have no regard for crude and harsh manners among friends and in public. I have a tidy language and I do do not misbehave and fart amongst people. I do not tell sex jokes, actually I do not know any such jokes, I do not drink, do not use drugs and have never done so, and I do not party a lot. I am really not interested in such in any way. However it does not make me unable to laugh at different things.

At my humor pages you might find some nasty words and humor, but that is for entertainment only. Word and language humor. Something in one lanuguage can mean something totally different in another language, so bad it get crazy. It can also be traffic signs, in newspapers and such. if it makes me giggle I mostly publish it on my website.

Me I am not a rude, untidy, nasty person, and I do not like being around such people being like that either. Being well-behaved is very important to me. So anyone mistaking me for such a crude person du to my humor pages:

Being nasty is not me.

But please, do go giggle away!

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A dear

If one truly love somone, then one love the person. If a person has some beauty flaws does not matter as much. Everyone got one or more beauty flaws, so do I.

Dagens motto: Om man er gla i noen da er man gla i personen. Om en person har noen skjønnhetsfeil har ikke så stor betydning da. Alle har vi skjønnhetsfeil. Det har jeg også.

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My name

I know there are many of my friends that call me Anne or Ann, or something else. But I like to be called Annelie because that is my given name. I know you call me Anne or someting because you love me, but I get irritated over hearing it. What I like to hear is Annelie, because that is my name and the name my parents gave me. I am not angry, but asking you to use my given name. It is not to be difficult, I just like my given name better. 

Thank you.