Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Flood in Sykkylven Norway


It have been raining heavily for two days now, and tomorrow it is expected 60 mm in one day. I was in Sykkylven today, and I took some photographs. This is the most flood I have seen here ever.

Rivers are hugh. Continue reading

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Full moon

Full moon – Big in media

Last night I was out to see the full moon everyone was talking about so much. In media they said it would be HUGH in big letters. I must say the full moon last night was much overrated, I have seen MUCH bigger before, but sadly I did not take a photo. I was at work that day I saw the biggest moon I have ever seen, and as I am a person who put great honor in doing a good job and not mess with private stuff while working I did not take a photo. But man do I regret it.

Well last night (or rather early this morning) I was out photographing the moon. I tried some different ways to adjust the light, shutter and so on and this is the result. Continue reading


Trollstigen / Troll Path Norway 2014

The fail shopping trip

I got a gift card from a friend this summer for clothes at UNO.  So when I got home I decided to go to UNO Åndalsnes to see what I could find. Actually UNO is not really my cup of tea but when one get a gift card for 800 NOK I just had to see what to find. There were ads for some sandals. I rarely find anything that fit my taste there, only once I found a dress so I though that maybe they have at least one item I would like.

I went there and drove a really long way, it was approximately 100 km. When I came to the store the lady in the store refused to accept the gift card because it was bought at UNO Bergen. She was afraid that she would lose her money. The gift card was in order but she said I had to go to Bergen to UNO Bergen to use it. That is over 600 km and I have to cross two county borders to get there!

I was really disappointed and left the store. Since it was not far from Trollstigen (Troll Path) I though, why not take a tour there. And I took many photographs. Continue reading


Summer holiday 2014

Summer holiday

This year we have had the best summer for over 14 years. Temperatures up to + 30 C or more and sun all day long, at least most days. I was going south this year. Last year I was north and went all the way to the North Cape, so this year I aimed to visit Lindesnes the most south of Norway. Actually plan was to go camping with a friend one week this summer, but she moved to Germany so I altered the plans.

First day I had a really bad rain, storm and thunder. Here at Strynefjell. When I was to sleep that night I actually was scared the camping trailer would tilt. Of course it didn’t but I was scared. I could have driven further that day but the wind came from behind the mountains and if I was going down the other side the wind would have been even worse. So better safe than sorry. I thought to myself: “- Is this going to be another rainy summer?” But it would become better, much better. Like sun tan better. :) Continue reading

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Summer 2013

Lovely summer vacation 2013

Tradition on this blog bids a few photos from the vacation. I sit looking through the photos from summer of 2013 and enjoy it all over again. It was one of the best summer vacations I have ever had. I had bought a used small  camping wagon. Nothing expensive, just a roof over my head and also replaced my old car With a 2004 model. Travel went first to Sweden to see two old friends of mine. I ended up travelling Sweden, Finland, Northern Norway. I went to Vadsø, Hamningberg, North Cape, Bird Safari at Gjesvær, Whale Safari at Andenes and much more. :) Continue reading

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Camping and Asthma

Vacation, Wildlife, fresh air, a lot of Things to see, friends to visit, and many days off from work. Last year I bought a camping wagon. Nothing very fancy, it is old but in rather good condition. Camping life should be gold for someone  having asthma, and many times and situations it is. I have been  rarely ill this vacation. I have been travelliing alone, camping and enjoying the free days doing whatever I want.

It have been wonderful, and I have had a great Health most of the time. Unfortunately when you are camping it is not possible to always Control the ennvironment you are in. And now I come to the issue for this blog entry.

Going camping in a trailer and going many Places you come and meet many People and Places. You are out of Your safe environment where you can predict the risks.

I have been to restaurants and diners and have eaten wonderful meals, but then I have had been forced to use the ladies room after. Going different Places there are different toilets and surroundings. After the meal, feeling content and happy, I go to the WC like most People need to.

Well in there, in the need we all know so well, I feel the scent spreading in the toilet room and look up the wall under the ceiling and there is the fragrance pump mounted on the wall or any other fragrance giver to the air. As any other person I need to do my buisness but often have to choose between doing my arrend or have an asthma attack. That ladies and gentlement is a crap alternative to choose from. Do it in Your pants or get sick?

Well you see the Picture.

The smell hell – the fragrance pollution of the air. I think it should be fordidden With such fragrancers in Public rooms, or is the Public room only for those without asthma?

During a camping holiday you also encounters camping sites. You pay for the camping spot with electricity and get Access to shower, Kitchen, washing clothes, emptying Your camper toilet, a.s. I do not always use camping sites, but when I do I often encounter the problem using the fellow rooms: shower, kitchen, washing room and possible tv-room if there is one. And why? Well, it is because I can not use or be subjected to any fragranced products, fragrance candles, insence and such without getting breathing problems. At a camping there are other People. Not that I mind Meeting others, that is Nice, but they use fragrance, non true hypoallergenic products safe for asthma, and their fumes are spread in the shower, WC room, kitchen, washing room and so on. People showering in the fragrance products washing their hair and body in it, washing their clothes, drying them in a dryer, washing up the dishes in Products threatening to asthma, and styling their hair With “poisoning” hairstyling Products, and also the camping putting fragranced candles, airfresheners, and fragrance soap for all  to use. All of it gassing off in the air we all shall be able to Breathe. Result is that I who have also paid for being able to be there have to run out of there and inhale asthma medicine. Their fumes force me away.

And also in WC room there are WC Blocks perfuming the air, and hand soap fragranced and impossible for me to use.

I wish from all who have a camping, restaurant, diner, petrol station and so on letting customers come or camp With them:

PLEASE! Have fragrance and color free asthma and allergy friendly Products for use for all at Your buisness or camping. Please, let People buy fragrance free washing powder and softener, have fragrance free washing up Liquid and have schampo, conditioner and shower cream installed. Include it in the price. And cut the airfresheners and fragrance pumps, it is air pollution. It would be som much easier for all of us. Think of that there are 300 million People having asthma in the world and many of them visit Your buisness or camping.

You do want the best for ALL Your customers, don’t you?

Thank you

/ Annelie

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Vacation 2013

Hi, I am back! Have you missed me? I have been on an amazing travel though Sweden, Finland and the North of Norway. I have visited friends, been walking in the Mountains, sunbathing, swimming, I have seen a lot of Places, I have been on bird safari, and whale safari. And I have even spotted several of fun signs along the roads. I have driven about 7200 km and I have taken over 3000 photographs.

It will take a while to put everything together, but I have in mind to publish some small golden moments from the Journey. The very best views.

How are you today?

/ Annelie

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Atlanterhavsvegen and Farstadstranda Norway

Today I went on a little trip with a  friend.  Yesterday I suggested we would go to Farstadstranda where I have been before and remember as a really nice place. I recalled the approximate place and way to drive there. I started driving on recall, but later I got unsure of the way. So since we had driven a long time we went to Atlanterhavsvegen instead.

Atlanterhavsvegen is a Atlantic Road built between islands across the sea. We stopped at a nice little cove.


I was badly sun burnt so I had to hide under layers of clothes. “Ali Baba” on tour… ;) LOL

I spotted the two masts on a mountain peak and remembered the sands was about. So on the way back I drove that direction and we found Farstadstranda.


It was really hard and cold wind at Farstadstranda so it was  good I did not find it on the first try. It was much better sitting by the cove at Atlanterhavsvegen protected from the wind by the cliffs. But Farstadstranden is really nice, and a nice summer day it is fantastic!

/ Annelie

More from Atlanterhavsvegen and Dolphins at Atlanterhavsvegen

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Grodås and Stryn Norway

I went on a little car trip with a friend this Sunday 5 of May 2013. We drove to Grodås in Hornindal and walked the dog along a road that was taken by the hurricane in December 2011.


After some fresh air and a walk we went to Stryn and drove the Panorama Road. I was a bit disapointed about this road because there were so much trees that was in the way of the panorama view. There were only one place they had cut the vegetation down so one could see the fjord and the mountains. But we got a look at it.


At 5 PM it was about time to start on the drive home. We drove through Ørsta and got this nice view on the way there.


Have a Nice Sunday!

/ Annelie

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Nedsætra Sykkylven Norway

Yesterday I went on a little short car trip. It was nice and suprisingly much snow at Nedsætra.

Paid 30 krona for the toll road.


Winter road.


Animal gathering spot


Snowy mountains and 4×4 driving.


It was to much snow to drive all the way to the end, the car started to slide in the tractor tracks and I did not want to get stuck.



Old cabin




Frozen river


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Summer holiday / Urlaub / Ferie / Semester or what ever name :)

I have had a wonderful summer vacation in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway this year.  I have been to four contries in two weeks, and my car has been good to me, it gave me no troubles at all. My big blue went on like a clock work.

Back home before we went on the road I had changed dieselfilter and air filter on my car on my own, I also filled oil and cooling liquid and wind chield wash. I went to the wheel shop and changed to new tires because the old ones were so bad. Driving got so much better with new tires. We went on the 31 of June and drove through half of Norway and all the way to Munkedal in Sweden the first day and stayed at Håby Rasta Motell for the night. A nice motel with an old classic Tyrol look, it was clean and tidy and also got a really good breakfast buffe’, and good beds too. And I had my first real Swedish breakfast in two years. Jammi!

Håby Rasta in Munkedal along E6 Sweden.

Then we drove to Helsingborg and took the ferry to Helsingør in Denmark.

Ferry from Helsingborg Sweden to Helsingør Denmark

 We stopped at Tuelsø Nord Monarch in Denmark and ate some sandwiches (Smørebrød’s) and there I also saw a funny car, and that one is a must share. :) Monarch showed to be a good quality diner.

Danish Smørebrød and the funny car from NL.

 Denmark’s countryside is way different from Norway. Ok, I knew that from before, but I had never actually seen much of Denmark for real.

Denmarks countryside is way different than Norway. - The highest top in Denmark is Møllehøj, Jylland 170,86 meters above sea level (source: v. Dansk Geodata Institutt) - and Norway's highest mountain is 2469 meters above sea level. (Wikipedia)

 One day when we sat outside the house it started to blow a strong and hard wind, I asked the lady of the house: – When it storms here it must storm very badly, you got no mountains to protect you from the wind? Yes, she said.
It blows really hard here. Just imagin the storm coming from the sea and the highest sand hill is 171 meters… Where to hide? You need a firm grip of your hat then.

Rinkenæs in Denmark where we lived is close to the Danish – German border so we went shopping in Flensburg in Germany. A nice little town but in Norwegian measures it is big.

went reduced price shopping and I got to know C&A shops, and you know, I love it! They got nice and good looking clothes even for women older and bigger than 15 years! In my city back home in Norway it is hard for a woman at 45 with a top and behind bigger than a tooth pick to find nice and hot clothes. Even under wear is hard to find in the right size. But in Flensburg I found all kinds of clothes and even the leather jacket I have been wanting for 10 years! I went in a shop on random and there it was. Just the kind of leather jacket I have been looking for such a long time, and in my size and the jacket sleeves were just the right length too! That was almost not to believe, too good to be true, but it was true. It took me two seconds to decied to buy it. We actually went to Flengsburg twice ;) We parked in Karstadt and to get to the parking level I drove the car in an elevator and we went by the elevator to the garage floor. Imagin that!

Flensburg Germany

 Another day we went to Gråsten in Denmark, it was a nice little town. First time I went there on my own, my company did not want to go so I went alone. And the next day we went together. Gråsten is a nice little town and it got a castle too. I wanted to photograph the castle but I was not allowed by the guards. The Queen had decided to go for vacation to the castle just the same day I wanted to go there. The guard harshly said HALT!!! and showed me off. So I only got a few photos of the building from a far. Maybe I should have nocked on her door and told her I am a relative to of a pruss nobel in direct blood line, maybe then I would have been allowed to take a photo? Probably not but it bugged me I was not allowed to even take a photo from the gate. It is a public historical site and even marked on the map as such. I did not even nessecarily had to enter the garden but only take a photo of the castle through the gates, I am not even interested in the Royal family or any Royal family for that matter, they are no better or more important than me, they are ordinary people who only got a different job. I am only interested in the arcitecture. Maybe I should get guards to prohibit people from photograph my home? HALT!!!! I was really disapointed. I got a bit sad actually. I had looked forward to it so much and then I was forbidden. I only got to see the roof and the flag. :(
Second day I and my friend had a lovely dinner at Den gamle Kro. Food was as lovely as it looks like at the photo, but the danish beer is not so nice I think. I got a Danish light non-alcohol beer and it did not taste like beer at all. The building the restaurant Den gamle Kro is located in is built in 1747. 

Gråsten Denmark and Gråsten Castle


 We were also at Illerstrand in Denmark and visited the Museum of brick fabrication called Cathrinesminde Tegelværksmuseum. A very old brick production site where they used to make bricks by hand. The workers lived in houses on the site. They dug the clay out of the ground and from the upper layer they got yellow clay and from the lower layers they got red and other colors of bricks. If they mixed the different sorts of clay they got other colors too. The workers home on the pictures is from the 1920’s.


Cathrinesminde Brick production Museum at Illerstrand in Denmark.

In Denmark they eat a lot of goose and duck and they are famous for their goose. In Skodsbøl we passed a goose farm.

Goose farm in Skodsbøl in Denmark

After 5 days in Denmark we went to Bremen in Germany over the weekend to visit some friends and relatives of my friend. One of them I have met before more than once, others I had only heard of or seen on facebook. I parked the car at Flensburg Hauptbahnhof and we took the train to Bremen. While we sat there waiting for the train to departure a rabbit came jumping and eating in the morning rain. The train was old and the seats very uncomfortable. I thought that: – And we are gonna sit here for over three hours? My behind will hurt!

Departure from Flensburg Hauptbahnhof Germany

Before we had come half way to Bremen and had our coffee and sandwishes my behind really hurt. The shairs look comfortable but they were really not. The springs in the seats were hard and the lining thin and it was like sitting on a plank or a wooden shair without a pillow. One could expect better from a train in Germany in 2011.

First day we went for a walk in the city. We visited the city square and the market.

Bremen Germany

 And at evening we all had dinner at a Greek restaurant in another part of town.

Day after we had breakfast at a cafe’ and later my friend went with another friend shopping and I went with her daughter who I know from before to Bremen old town called Schnoor. Ha ha, that name is unfortunate in Swedish. It sound like “snor” in Swedish and means boogers in Swedish. LOL

Schnoor was beautiful, and there were no traffic so it was calm accept for all the tourists.

Schnoor Bremen GermanyIn Bremen the four musicians are an important part of the towns history and legends. Those are the animals that plays and sings for success and life in Bremen. Schnoor Bremen Germany

 Now my feet started to hurt and I also had an urge for a boat siteseeing, so I spent a ticket on my friend and we went by ship on the river. While waiting for departure I bought us an ice cream.

Siteseeing on the river in Bremen Germany.

Nice trip on the river and then we went for a walk in Bürgerpark. It is a hugh park where people who live in Bremen go for walking, running, cycling, and other recreation. There are a small zoo and there I also found a canal where they rented out boats, so I rented one and my friend learned how to row. :)

Bürgerpark Bremen Germany

It was a really nice park, very lovely. But if I can choose I rather have real natural nature, the wild, because ther you have the real thing and one can also spot wild animals.

So time to return to Denmark.

Bremen -> Flensburg

We also went to Schleswig-Holstein for a day on a visit, and there we all went to IKEA to shop. Ok, I am Swedish, and IKEA is Swedish and there are IKEA in Sweden. We got IKEA in Norway too and I buy a dresser in Germany? Yes, I did. :) At home I got 5-6 hours of driving to the closest IKEA store, and here I were just a short drive from it. So I bought the dresser I could not buy the last time I was in IKEA in Trondheim one year ago. They were sold out and now I finally got one in Germany. Man do I have a international dresser! :)

But we were not finished there. :)

A consert in Rinkenæs public Park in Denmark with The Noodles.

The Noodles concert in Rinkenæs Denmark

So off to Sweden. We left Denmark. It had been a wonderful time there. The hosts were really nice and friendly, but still it was a blessing to be able to leave, and only because of all the smoking indoors. It was so bad that I had to walk around them in the hallways and rooms to avoid the smoke. I could not sit together with them but had to sit alone either outdoors, in the kitchen or in my room, and that became really boring, tiredsome, lonesome and depressing after a while. I actually sat alone in the garden one evening crying because I could not be together in the livingroom with the others. I heard them talking and laughing and I could not join them, and all only because of cigarette smoke. And the last day there my body had gotten to much smoke and I got a bad asthma attack in the car while my friend watched. I had to stop the car to medicate, that bad it was. I Inhaled 3 Symbicort Turbuhaler 160/4,5 and then got some fresh air. After a while it got better and we continued the trip that day.

But after being subjected to a lot of smoke for more than a week my body had enough, and I had enough of it too. So the thought of leaving for Sweden and the road again I welcomed greately.

Øresund Bridge from Denmark to Sweden and then entering Skåne.

We drove E22 that was in a horrible condition. There were road work going on everywhere and some parts were even growl road.

At Norje Sweden (yes you read right Norje, but not Norge (Norway) Norje is a small place in Sweden) there were a horrible traffic accident. One car lay upside down in the ditch and another one was towed from the ditch. I always wish people would be more careful. Ugh!

Traffic accident at Norje in Sweden at the 10 August 2011

After have tried to forget the horrible view of the traffic accident and driving for some hours it was time to find a place to stay for the night. We found Galtsjöns Wärdshus. Outside it was all beautiful

Galtsjöns Wärdshus in Ronneby Sweden

It looked beautiful and we wanted to check in. We entered the lobby. Note the Motell sign on the outer wall by the road, and then se the sign in the lobby…
No one were there to welcome us and help us, and no sign telling us how to get help either. After a while a man came that gave the impression of not knowing his left from his right that told us to go to the restaurant and get help from the kitchen! I felt this was not a good start. At the same time I also remembered the sign on the outer wall saying MOTEL, and the poster on the wall indoors that said HOTEL. Hotels and motels got a totally different standard. Do they not know what they are? They obviously did not care so much about their costumers…

Galtsjöns Wärdshus in Ronneby Sweden

 The price for a singel room was ok, and we were both hungry and tired and from the looks of it when we entered the restaurant it looked ok at first glance. We got two rooms and then we wanted to eat. My friend wanted Swedish meatballs but even if it was on the menu it was sold out, and I ordered for pancaces. My friend left the restaurant since she did not get what she wanted, and I started to look for a table. All diner was empty for people and there were NO clean table in the whole restaurant to be found. I had to find the less dirty table and then wipe it clean with my hand. Disapointed i sat there waiting for my food.

The tables maybe look clean at the photo but I can assure you they are not. Every single table got hughes of crumbles on them and if I had taken a close up photo of it you would have seen the nightmare.

My pancaces were good and while eating it i only hoped I would not get sick from them. Looking at the dining room one could only wonder how the kitchen would look like?

Time to find the room…

It was in the basement, and the door there were locked, so we had to carry all of our luggage up the stairs again and outside, down another stairs and then enter a pin-code to the security keyboard to get in. My friend had room number 26, and I had numer 27, one of the last rooms in the corridor.

Galtsjöns Wärdshus in Ronneby Sweden

I started to look around and the first thing i noticed was that the bed were badly made and everything wrinkled and stretched in east and west. That in addition to what I noticed in the lobby and the restaurant made my check even more. And I found dust all over everything, a stained sofa and bench, a dirty floor, dirty windows and dead flies at the window.

Galtsjöns Pigsty in Ronneby Sweden

If you tink this is bad, then you should have seen my friends room, it was even worse! She had big dust bunnies at the floor in addition to what you have already seen, and the bed were only 75 cm wide, and the coffee cup was dirty!

Morning after we were to have breakfast, and that was not included in the room. We had to pay extra for food after have been forced to sleep in this pigsty. And there were not much to choose from either, to call it a buffe’ is a laughing stock. And then we also spotted the carriages and the floors. Both the floor in the restaurant and the lobby was covered with dust, sand and dirt.

Galtsjöns pigsty in Ronneby Sweden

Since I was the one who know Swedish the best of us I complained. And I complained loudly. It ended with we got half our money back. And then the girl behind the counter asked us: I hope you will consider to come back?

Both of us said: – NO!!!!

So what is my point about Galtsjöns pigstye? Ehh, sorry Wärdshus, hotell or motell it was? Do not use your hard earned money on it, drive pass it and find something else, a nice place with a good cleaning staff. No one will ever have to remind me of not going there again. Some things you remember for the good parts, and some things you remember for the bad parts…

Were there any good parts with the pigsty? If any i would have been this:

Swallow birds. swallow (n.) migratory bird (family Hirundinidae), O.E. swealwe, from P.Gmc. *swalwon (cf. O.S., O.N., O.Fris., Swed. svala, Dan. svale, M.Du. zwalewe, Du. zwaluw, O.H.G. swalawa, Ger. Schwalbe), from PIE *swol-wi- (cf. Rus. solowej, Slovak slavik, Pol. slowik "nightinggale"). The etymological sense is disputed. Popularly regarded as a harbinger of summer; swallows building nests on or near a house is considered good luck. (Source: )

Happy to get out of there we drove the E22 and took a turn to Hallagårdens Elk Park located 23 km south-west of Kalmar in Småland – – and looked at elk, deer and other animals.

Hallandsgården Elk park

My friend and I are both  so old that we were children when the first Emil in Lönneberga movie and book were published. I were there in Lönneberga as a child, at least that was what my father once told me, but I do not remember it so I thought why not go there and check out the place since we passed it anyway. That would be fun to see all the stuff in the movie. And we went on to Vimmerby in Småland. On the way there we passed this resting space with the Road deparment Trafikverket in Sweden. Trafikverket has put this workout equipment here so anyone who want can workout after a long drive. I tried it and it actually was a good workout.

Trafikverket has put this workout equipment here so you can workout after a long drive. I tried it and it actually was a good workout. Made me feel better. Should be more of this all over the world.

Vimmerby is the home of Astrid Lindgren, the author of Emil in Lönneberga, Pippi Longstocking and many other caracters.

Going to Vimmerby

We checked in at Björkbacken Hotel that was a family hotel with a very good standard. It was also clean and cosy and had a very special caracter about it.

After the last nights nightmare of a pigsty this was like coming to heaven. The hotel was clean and fresh, the room was very nice and there were also staff there to great us welcome and help us get a room. Breakfast was included and the diningroom was clean and the buffe’ was really good. I give them 10 points :)

Björkbacken Hotell in Vimmerby, Småland, Sweden

Truly I can really recommend Björkbacken Hotell. :)

After checking in, checking out the town was a must. It so happened that it is a classic Swedish little town in older style. Very nice. And I even remembered a view when looking at it. I do not know if it is from the movie or if it was from the time I were there with my parents.

Vimmerby town in Småland Sweden

After a good nights sleep we went off to the site where they shot the movie Emil in Lönneberga at his home Katthult. The place Katthult in the movie is not located in Lönneberga. As I recall the movie’s Katthult was choosen because it suited better the story and the location in the script.

We visited the location for the filming of the movies Emil in Lönneberga. This is not in the real place of Katthult but the Katthult filming location in the movies. Really nice, it looked just as in the movies and there is also a little shop where you can buy a souvenier, Emil and Ida clothes or Swedish blueberry lemonade.

In Vimmerby one can go to the Astrid Lindgrens World Park, but I wanted the real thing. I wanted to go to the real Lönneberga, Mariannelund, Hultsfred a.s.o.

Lönneberga, Mariannelund, Hultsfred - The real places.

Now off to Norway again.

We passed Kisa and stoppe in this small lovely town to eat. I had a Swedish meatball sandwish, and In the shop I also found a old style traditional soft caramel lollypop and I could not resist it. Maybe I should have resisted it, because when I sat there eating it, when I took it out of my mouth half of my tooth were stuck to it! Oh, NO! The plomb in my tooth got loose and I had to put it in my hand bag. (Hm… LOL)

Kisa Sweden

This road from the E20 and E18 i have driven so many times that I have not taken any photos. I know it by heart. In Kristinehamn I experienced a lovely sunset.

Kristinehamn Sweden

But when we came to Kalstad I wanted to show my friend Alsters Herrgård located 8 km south of Karlstad. I have been there before so I wanted my friend to see it too.

Gustaf Fröding, Alsters Herrgård, Karlstad, Sweden.

The very best Hostal I know of is located in Hamar in Norway. I have been a regular satisfied guest there for many years.

Hamar Hostal International Norway

Have you ever passed through Kongsvinger on your way to Sweden or Norway? Don’t just pass through, take a turn in to city centre and then over the bridge. There you find Kongsvinger Fortress. It is located with an overlook view over the fjord and Kongsvinger. You get a spectacular view.

Kongsvinger Fortress Norway

I just wanted to share some views.

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Fausa & Orreneset, Sykkylven Norway

I had the same shift today as I had yesterday, but today it was raining hard and were very foggy so I did not want to canoe at all. So instead I went for a little drive in hope of end up in a new place and also maybe find a new lake to canoe in. Road went up in the mountains and the expectations were high. In the mountains I expect to find wilderness, but here I found almost nothing but cabins and in between them I could spot some nature. There were cabins all around the lake with private roads, and no way to get to the water. But some time later I found a small growl road leading to the water, only available spot. This mountain was like coming to the suburbs. disappointing. : (

But I took some nice shots anyway. I just avoided all the houses in the photos. Two first photos is from Riksheim in Sykkylven, and the rest from Fausa and Orreneset.

Even though there are both horses and cows here it is not as rural and wild as expected on a mountain. It was actually a downer. All too many houses.

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Fetvatnet Sykkylven Norway

I got a good job. I like my job. And this summer I got so much break at one of the shifts I drive that I can even go canoeing in my break! Wow and thumbs up! And you know what? When I got a break that is longer than one hour, I get one hour pay extra because of inconvenience for “waiting time” until I can start on and finish part two of the shift. Today when I had done first part of my shift at 0830 I had one hour break and then waiting time til 1510 (in total 7 hours), so I went canoeing straight away, and had one hour pay while canoeing. Great! : )

And you know what? The lakes name is Fetvatnet and that is actually a bit funny if you think of it. Fet = Fat , vatnet = water/lake. So what we get is Fat lake. Is the lake fat?

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A sleeping bag and a pillow

A sleeping bag and a pillow should be standard equipment in any car while driving in the countryside both winter and summer. If you are a long way from civilisation and you get trouble with your car of any kind you will need the  pillow and the sleeping bag to get rest and keep warm. This is specially important when you drive in the winter, and even more so if you drive in the mountains. If you get snowed in it might take a long time to get help. If you run out of petrol you will soon find yourself freezing in your car pretty soon. And leaving your car in a blizzard is a bad idea. Having your sleeping bag and pillow, warm clothes with you along with some hot drink on a thermos may save your life.

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Heimste Hjertedalsvatnet and river in Stranda, Norway

Today I went canoe paddling on the river and Heimste Hjertedalsvatnet (lake) in Stranda. I drove to the river and parked and then I went down stream. Entered a lake I did not know were there. Just WOW! I love when such happens. When I do such things I reclaim the feeling I had also as a little girl, when I was going by a small boat throught the lakes and the canals at hour family’s summer house. Going by boat like this has been an interest of mine all my life. I get exited just as I did when I was a young girl. I love it!!

I had an urge to paddle even longer down stream, but since it was a long time since I went canoeing my but started to hurt, and i had to paddle upstream to get back to the car so I did not. After paddling the river I had a sandwich and coffee before I went to  Hellesylt. Plan was to go from Hellesylt to Geiranger to get photos from the sunset at Dalsnibba mountain, but the last ferry had left.

River was all from some centimeter deep to 2 meter deep or more. Water in the river may not look as wild. It do look calm, but there were more stream in it than it looks like, and some parts more than others. In one river bend I almost did not make it through, water was so fast in that bend I stould still at one point and really had to use all my power paddling to get past. But I did make it. : )

I would have liked to go all the way down to the fast parts and then go back. But to paddle upstreams all that way and in even faster parts of the river is not an option. And to carry the canoe and packing all the way back to the car is a bit to much for me. Canoe is only 18 kg and I can carry that on my head, but I had left the back pack in the car and only had plastic bags with me. The river is very long, and to carry both bags and the canoe all alone, well that is rather much..

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Sunrise over Skodje Norway

Early mornings are the best. That is when you get so see the wildlife, foxes, deers, birds, fish jumping in the sea, and the sunrise. This monday I went to work with the ferry at 0320 in the morning. The fjord was still and the dark night turned to morning.

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This is one of the best things about being a bus driver (except from driving the big bus) all the things you get to see. You maybe drive the same route mostly, but the scenery of the nature changes with the seasons and the weather and time of day. When you sleep, I get to see this.

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Atlantic Road Averøy Norway

Today I went to Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsvegen) at Averøy in Norway with my friend. I thought she should be able to see the dolphins as well, like I did last weekend, but unfortunately they were gone. We sat there for a few hours hoping they would show up, but they never came.

But it was a nice day, and nice weather and I got some pretty good shots.

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Wild dolphins at Atlanterhavsvegen Norway

Yesterday I went by car over Kristiansund through Atlantic tunnel to Atlantic road at Averøy.

Going there the ferry left at Vestnes with a huge line of cars left on the docks, even though there were room for more cars. I was one of them who would not have had to wait if they had taken us onboard, and that bugged me. But I think it maybe had something to do with they had two big gasoline trailers onboard. There are some rules for security issues regarding that. Any way, I had to wait for 30 minutes to get onboard. And the line behind me was LONG!

Waiting… waiting… waiting…

Then finally I was able to get on board (video). While onboard, stopped the engine and waiting for departure a tractor came driving having an old Opel on the trailer. It probably had been standing declining in the forest for a long time. It had its own eco system. : )

Well onboard this guy came onboard with his cargo. The old Opel almost got its own Eco system. :)

I got off the ferry (video) and drove through Molde to Kristiansund. Drove by the lovely Norwegian countryside (video) and then I went over Kristiansund through Atlantic tunnel to Averøy and drove the Atlantic road (video).

And there they were. The dolphins, and they were as lovely as they are on tv. And I was so blessed I could see them in the wild. : )

Wild dolphines at Averøy

I also shot a video of the dolphins.

I am thinking of going there next weekend too and see if they are still there. Then I will bring my canoe, wet suit, goggles and snorkel and take some under water pictures.

(Remaining videos I will add later.)

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Sykkylven – A foggy day

Last Wednesday (8 June) is was really foggy in Sykkylven  (yes, I was there again). Some people wake up in the morning looking out the window and thinking… Ugh! Fog… Cold… Ugh! But I find foggy days beautiful too. Just look at this! : )

How is it possible to not love a foggy day?

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Cozy cat

This is one of the nicest and cuddliest cats I know. A really nice little creature. Pretty cool too. : )

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And no, I am not allergic to cats. They are as cute and natural as can be, they do not come in a cannister, tube or spray – they are not chemical.