Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Spray tan is harmful –

“Spraytan can be hazardousScientists warn: Frequent use increases the risk of lung cancer.

Many people use spraytanning in Norway, probably because of cancer risks associated with tanning. Now it turns out that the way to get the color nor is completely harmless.

U.S. scientists warn of increased risk of lung cancer due to spraytanning.

Lynn Goldman, dean of the School of Public Health and Health Services at George Washington University in Washington DC, says she is very concerned about the potential lung cancer risk.

Harmful breathing

The main active ingredient in self-tanning creams are dihydroxiaceton (DHA ), a sugar that is also part of human metabolism. It is precisely this drug is dangerous to inhale.

– The lungs have a large surface, as this drug enters the cells and is taken up into the blood stream, said lung specialist Rey Panettieri at the Perelman School of Medicine in Pennsylvanial.

DHA can damage the DNA material of the body. It can cause cancer and serious lung disease, as well as aggravate asthma and other respiratory problems.”


I HAVE TO NOTE YOU THIS. I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS MYSELF. I HAVE NEVER USED SPRAYTAN. I ONLY TAKE THE WORD FOR IT. Reason I have not used it is I am not interested in such, and also it is not a possibility for me to even try it since it is airborn and one have to inhale it. Logic says it is bad news, so I have never tried. According to the article I am right.
On top of it, it do not look very natural. I believe natural is best.


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Scent light and airfresheners can give you cancer

Scent light can give you cancer

Think twice the next time you light a scented candle or spray some forest scent in your (smoky) lounge .

For me Scent lights have the effect on my breathing like you suck the air out of the room. If I sit in a room where is lid scent lights my lungs Closes up and I slowly suffocate. In addition to this effect you have maybe never thought of one can read With the newspaper Aftonbladet and EU that:

“Fragrance may be toxic.

Many air fresheners contain carcinogens.

cozy – but dangerous Scent Candles spreads pleasant smell but they can cause cancer. 

The EU consumer body BEUC who have tested 76 air fresheners , ie light , sprays and others with more or less fragrant products designed to make the air more pleasant to breathe – or simply hide an odor.

And many of the products tested were found to contain a variety of known toxins , BEUC writes in a press release.

Here are some of the toxins they found :

 Acetaldehyde . A carcinogen . Causes nausea and vomiting. The threshold value is set to 45 milligrams per cubic meter of air .

 formaldehyde. The carcinogen formaldehyde is highly irritating to mucous membranes and may cause hypersensitivity reactions. The products tested emitted more than WHO’s recommended limit of 10 grams per cubic meter.

 Styrén . Is the damage to the central nervous system, damage is usually described as a solvent damage.

 benzene. Is highly carcinogenic and its use in gasoline , paints, lacquers and solvents have been limited . In chronic exposure to benzene can give bone marrow damage and leukemia. The threshold value is 1.5 milligrams per cubic meter of air .

The preparations were also a number of other known allergens . Now requires BEUC to fragrance products shall bear warnings in case they contain hazardous substances.”

Read the Swedish article at

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Ultimately useless – KIWI Blacklisted

Went to Kiwi again. For a sensitive person Ultimately useless – Blacklisted. And why? Because after having tried to talk to them for Three years (at the shops, to head Office, e-mail, and at KIWI Facebook page) and trying to make them understand that sensitive People need to shower and Wash their hair too, they still lack interrest in meeting the customer needs. That is really bad customer service.


They have too little of Whitelisted Products.

I have made my mind up to not shop there anymore. And I urge all sensitive People to put their Money where they like to give the customer what they need. And that is not at KIWI folks.

Their own brand it as bad there is, it is filled with strong perfume, Chemicals all over the Place. It is called First Price. Actually the name KIWI signals something healthy, and their green colour also, but they is not as healthy as they want us to believe they are.

Both KIWI and their own brand First Price should change name to PRICE FIRST since the reason why they refuse to sell a full asthma and allergy friendly Product line is that they think it is to expensive having it in store. They say they are a low price store Chain and can not sell it. Folks this is nonsens. Why? Becuase a bottle of Neutral Shower gel cost only 29,90 Norwegian krona at Spar and other shops.



/ Annelie


The scent mania makes ill personell

Airport smelled too good – staff sick

They had installed designer fragrance in the Tax Free area at Landvetter airport in December 2012 and it became too strong. Several of the staff got sick. Now the case is reported to the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

They installed four scent machines inside the duty-free shop. The machines went on maximum power and a risk assessment was not made.

After several of the staff had problems with dry eyes, nasal congestion, and nosebleeds hit Swedish Labour Inspection Authority alarm. Two of them were forced to take asthma medications.

Now, the employer must arrange health track and also arrange for odor source either be removed or the ventilation is enhanced.


I must say it is madness to install such scent puffing machines. It makes the area unavailable to those who already have asthma, allergy and sensitivity, and it also makes those not sensitive become ill. If someone have ones developed asthma in adult age it is for life. Those People here are maybe forced to change occupation now after the employer have gone over the limit of what their bodies can stand.

I myself can not enter a perfume store at all. And even less a store using fragrance marketing. A store with both perfume and scent marketing together is like hell ten times.

We are designed to Breathe air not fragrance.

Read more on reactions in a perfume store

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Sun Dishwasher machine cleaner – Blacklisted

Dishwasher cleaning is a must once in a while, else the dishwasher machine looses its cleaning effect. Here it seam one have no option but using such health damaging products. I have never found a alternative product. So I am forced to use Sun Dishwasher cleaner. And this product suck big-time in matter of health.


And looking at the ingredient list to the right it is stuffed with chemicals the asthma and allergy association, and the scientists warn is allergy, asthma and sensitivity triggers.

Looking at the warning label it warn about eating it, and contact with the eyes, and not suitable for children. It should also have a warning label about inhaling the gasses from it.

It get a big angry face. It should be able to clean the dishwasher without becoming sick from it.

I wish there where a better product.

I think I have to take my heavy duty medicine now.

About the test
This is a pure inhale test of the products. I test the products on my self. This is a real life asthma product suitability test done at home in real life settings. I am my own guinea pig. Whitelisted products should be safe for you to use, while blacklisted are not safe. But as with all sensitivities some are more sensitive than others, always try new products with care. Make the first time trying it gently, if you got a skin condition try it on a small area, and washing agents on a hidden area or a cloth you can afford to waste.

My lungs are very picky when it comes to hygiene products, beauty products, hair products, washing and cleaning products and so on. Products not meeting the standards of no asthma reaction are blacklisted.

Please, buy such items whitelisted as gifts for friends and family. They are designed and made for a better personal health and are more environmentally beneficial than the fragranced ones. Use them yourself, care about your fellow-man. Do not make other people sick with your fragrance presence.

I was not paid to try this product out.

If you try this product your self, please leave a comment in the commentary field below.

Thank you


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Fedora Lipgloss – Blacklisted

I like the Fedora make up line, fragrance free and nice colors, however Fedora Lipgloss is fragranced. I find it strange that a make up line designed to be hypoallergenic, allergy, skin and sensitive friendly add fragrance to their lipgloss. It is blacklisted.


And lipgloss you wear right under your nose, right under your airways, not very lung friendly.

What more is that when using it and drinking from a cup or a mug it is not easy to wash it away, not even using washing up liquid and a brush. I wonder what it does to the stomach and ingestion? I was drinking coffee from a cup with a plastic lid, tried to wash up several times but the cup and lid is still stained with some glittery gue.

About the test
I test the products on my self. This is a real life asthma product suitability test done at home in real life settings. I am my own guinea pig. Whitelisted products should be safe for you to use. But as with all sensitivities some are more sensitive than others, always try new products with care. Make the first time trying it on a small area or cloth you can afford to waste.

Please, buy such items whitelisted as gifts for friends and family. They are designed and made for a better personal health and are more environmentally beneficial than the fragrances ones.

My lungs are very picky when it comes to hygiene products, beauty products, hair produccts, washing and cleaning products and so on. Products not meeting the standards of no asthma reaction are blacklisted.

I was not paid to try this product out.

If you try this product your self, please leave a comment in the commentary field below.

Thank you


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Fedora Facial Moisture Spray makeup – Blacklisted

Fedora products are usually put on my Whitelist but Fedora Facial Moisture Spray I tried and got asthma problems from, and therefore it is blacklisted. It is a pity since the Fedora make up line is else very good and perfume free.


Fedora Facial Moisture Spray is not recommended and is blacklisted.

About the test
I test the products on my self. This is a real life asthma product suitability test done at home in real life settings. I am my own guinea pig. Whitelisted products should be safe for you to use. But as with all sensitivities some are more sensitive than others, always try new products with care. Make the first time trying it on a small area or cloth you can afford to waste.

Please, buy such items whitelisted as gifts for friends and family. They are designed and made for a better personal health and are more environmentally beneficial than the fragrances ones.

My lungs are very picky when it comes to hygiene products, beauty products, hair produccts, washing and cleaning products and so on. Products not meeting the standards of no asthma reaction are blacklisted.

I was not paid to try this product out.

If you try this product your self, please leave a comment in the commentary field below.

Thank you


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Softlan Pure & Clear fabric softener – Blacklisted

This is with a heavy heart I have to announce that Softlan Pure & Clear fabric softner has to go on the blacklist.

This test has been done off medicines. This means I am highly sensitive and not protected by any preventive or else medicines.

I did not have a very big reaction, but the reaction was there.

I opened the bottle. First I experienced the cap was a bit hard to open and that is negative to those with weak hands. And when I opened the bottle it blow from itself air like it had yeasted in the bottle. Having my nose over the bottle I started to cough. The same thing happened when I reopened the bottle one hour later to check it again. Both times, even though the first time was stronger scented, I felt a scent of some kind similar to those in other Softlan products just not specific or strong. It made me wonder if they use the same tapping system as with the other products and it therefore is contaminated? Or have they still chosen bad content?

Softlan Pure & Clear Fabric Softener gave a lung reaction. Therefore with a heavy heart Blacklisted.

Softlan Pure & Clear Fabric Softener gave a lung reaction. Therefore with a heavy heart Blacklisted.

Ok, the scent is very, very little but to a sensitive person it is too much. Either it is a chemical or scent that make it, I asked them to looke at it.

This product is labeled with the Asthma and Allergy Associations in Scandinavia. Therefor one should think it would stand up to the expected standards, but it do not. They still have a way to go with this Softlan Pure & Clear product. They need to find out what startle the lungs.

Even though it is labeled with the Asthma and Allergy Associations in Scandinavia, this is a real life, real live test with a real asthmatic (myself) and the product did not hold.

So until futher notice I do not recommend this product.

I would therefore rather recommend you to use Neutral Fabric Softener that works all fine. Also see Corporate site Or Blenda Sensitive also are a good product.

Thank you Karin Pedersen with Colgate-Palmolive Norway AS for giving me the opportunity to test Softlan Pure & Clear product before it comes to market on the 1 Februar 2013.

If you try the product out, leave a comment in the commentary field below. What is your opinion about health issues with this product?

/ Annelie

I test the products on my self. This is a real life test done at home in real life settings. I am my own guinea pig. This test I have done off medication. I have not taken any medicine in advance of the test. This mean I have not had any protection from allergy and asthma.

My lungs are very picky when it comes to cleaning products and softeners.

I was not paid to try this product out.

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Jontec Dagligrent Taski – Blacklisted

This floor cleaning product is really nasty. It is heavily perfumed and filled with color. When they clean with this I get sick and must leave the site. Neither perfume or color do any cleaning, it is un-necessary use of chemicals. It only pollute the environment and the air we breathe.


This is a product of Norwegian Lilleborg.

Avoid this product. It is hereby blacklisted.

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Old scent or longlasting – fragranced fabric softener – Blacklisted

When you got asthma you have to take care of your home cleaning regularly to keep the indoor air fresh and healthy. So to better my health and liking my home I today cleaned the windows and took down the curtains to wash them. I took out a pair of curtains from the cabinet I have not used for years. And then I literally mean years, meaning before 2007. Before 2007 I cleaned all my laundry with universal washing agents and fabric softeners.

Those curtains have been in my cabinet since approximately 2004 when I last used them and then washed them in Omo Color and strong perfumed fabric softener. Today I took them out of the cabinet and put my nose to them. It still smelled a lot of perfume. One could really smell it.

So now I got two options. 1) wash it again and hope it goes away 2) try to do not care and hope I do not get sick from it.

Those who merchandise perfumed washing agents and fabric softeners advertise with the stong long-lasting smell. And ok, they hold what they promise, and more so, and the producers of the products would probably like to use this as an argument for selling their products. But the content of the stuff they sell are not good for either nature or people’s health.

Behind the Label: Comfort Fabric Softener

“Soft towels, fluffy fleeces and synthetic fabrics don’t cling. What’s not to like? Well, try skin irritation,” pulmonary problems, “increased flammability and environmental pollution, for starters. It seems the average bottle of fabric softener has a dark side.

INGREDIENTS: 5% cationic surfactants, perfume, butylphenyl methylpropional, hexyl cinnamal, alpha-isomethyl ionone, benzisothiazolinone, sorbic acid, benzoic acis, benzyl alcohol

The problem is that fabric softeners can be harmful to both the people who use them and the marine life that ends up swimming in them. Most fabric softeners are emulsions of water and cationic surfactants, which can cause skin irritation.

Fabric softening surfactants can be derived from animals, plants or minerals, as in the case of newer types, silicone-based formulations. There is little difference between the chemicals used in fabric softeners and those used in hair conditioners. Whatever they are based on, all fabric softeners work in pretty much the same way, by depositing these surfactants onto the fabric to make it feel softer, reduce static cling, and impart a fresh fragrance. Liquid formulations added to washing machines during the rinse cycle are by far the most popular choice, though you can also buy fabric-softening sheets for use in the dryer. The latter releases a special resin that deposits a waxy coating on the clothes to make them feel softer.” And all this you inhale when using it because of the exhaust.

“Because the mechanics of fabric softening don’t vary from brand to brand, manufacturers have turned to perfume to distinguish their products from one another- indeed, many believe fragrance is a key factor in increasing sales.

The regular off-gassing of perfume chemicals from fabric softeners can be a significant trigger for asthma and other breathing problems. In the US, chemically sensitive individuals complain that, even after several washes, they cannot get the smell of fabric softeners out of their washing machines and dryers.

Studies have also shown that liquid fabric softeners can make fabrics more flammable.”

Source: The Read the whole story at


“The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it. ” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

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KIWI store – not a fruit – by Annelie Molin

15 November 2012 In Norway we got a chain of stores – KIWI, and so far they are one of the worst when it comes to not have allergy friendly products to offer their customers. It is a real disappointment browsing their shelfs, and their own brand is one of the worst. Here I can only find two things on the shelf I can use, deodorant and hand soap. There is nothing for my hair and nothing for my shower here. All the rest on these shelfs I get sick from. It sucks. :(

KIWI – not a fruit – not very non-chemical.

Even though I have continuously asked them to have more of the allergy friendly stuff in store the fail to listen. I shop here every day I need something, and I feel totally disregarded. :(

Thumbs down for KIWI!

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Logona tagescreme Bio-Zaubernuss – Blacklisted

I got a test sample of this product when I ordered some other stuff and decided to try it out. Those who produce Biological products want us to believe they are fool-proof.

I tried Logona Tagescreme Bio-Zaubernuss and got an asthma attack from it. Therefore it ends on the black list. It is not asthma friendly.

Logona Tagescreme Bio-Zaubernuss is blacklisted.

Ingredients list for this product is:
Purified Water, Organic Alcohol *, soybean oil *, jojoba oil *, pfl. Glycerin, sorbitan, fatty alcohols, triglycerides, Laurylsäureester, sesame oil *, sweet almond oil *, sugar esters, xanthan gum, corn starch, passion flower oil, Magnesiumaluminimsilikat, Black Cohosh Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Chamomile Extract, Green Tea Extract, Rosemary Extract, Melissa Extract *, mallow extract *, salvia extract *, vitamin – C palmitate, lecithin, vitamin E, palm kernel fatty acid ester blend of essential oils, essential oil ingredients Ingredients (INCI): Aqua (Water), Alcohol, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil *, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil *, Glycerin, Sorbitan Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Cocoglycerides, isoamyl laurate, Sesamum indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil *, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil *, Sucrose Palmitate, Xanthan Gum, Distarch phosphates, Passiflora incarnata Seed Oil, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Cimicifuga racemosa Root Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract *, Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract *, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Rosmarinus Offincinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract *, Salvia officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Lecithin, Tocopherol, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides Citrate, Parfum (Essential Oils), Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Citral, Citronellol * from organic farming.

It is good they try do do organic cosmetics. However the Logona products holds perfume and also other chemicals that is bad for the environment, for example Limonene.

I did get an instant reaction to this product, and therefore I do not like it.


Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. — Marsha Norman

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Natural Basics Moisturizing Foot Cream – Blacklisted

Don’t believe everything you read. Even if it says natural it might contain perfume. Like the Natural Basics Moisturizing Hand Cream – Blacklisted the Foot Cream also contain perfume. Even this product gave me an asthma attack. And to say that Natural Basics products from Elle Basics AS in Oslo is allergenic tested, dont buy the crap! It holds perfume! It would never get a sertificate from the Asthma and Allergy Association, that is for sure.

Natural Basics Moisturizing Foot Cream - Blacklisted

If you got sensitivites, asthma and allergy, what is your experiences with the content of this product?


Natural Basics Moisturizing Hand Cream – Blacklisted

Natural basics products claims to be Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically tested. And a day before I was at the shop to find a gift for my friend who we suspect got an contact allergy to perfume. I myself also needed a hand cream and a foot cream and bought one for myself too hoping the text on the front garantueed for an allergenic free product. But even I who have become rather experienced through the years got lured. When I came home I tested the products and got an asthma attack. Then I read the product content list even more closely than I had done in the shop, and found non the less than perfume listed! There were also lots of other stuff, and also lavender to give scent. Lavender products I have used before without success. It is good the product is parabene free, but it is really not allergy friendly. Dont lie to people! This product would never get a serificate by the Asthma and Allergy Association. This one ends in the trash bin. Don’t buy this one.

Natural Basics Moisturizing Hand Cream is Blacklisted

Do you have any comments on this product? If you are sensitive, allergic, or asthmatic, what is your experience on the contents of this product?

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Loreal Paris Elnett Satin Hair Spray – Blacklisted

This one is a really nasty piece. It is really impossible to use and also give asthma attacks when someone using it comes near. That is all I can say about it except for it smells horrible too. Loreal Paris Elnett Satin Hair Spray is a really bad asthma bomb. Big thumbs down!

Loreal Paris Elnett Satin Hair Spray – Blacklisted

On the 8 of 10 2012 this article was published from the Norwegian television channel TV2 and the show TV2 Helps You. This show is an investigating show helping consumers. In the article is stated the Loreal Paris Elnett Satin Spray is filled with the highly allergy developing fragrance Evernia Prunastri.

Facts on Evernia Prunastri:

“Oakmoss lichen” Evernia Prunastri This species is harvested commercially in south-central Europe, and then sent to France where it is used in the manufacture of fine perfumes. The lichen acts as a fixative for other scents, and also adds a subtle herbal fragrance of its own. The lichen has a distinct and complex odor and can be described as woody, sharp and slightly sweet. It is used in perfumes and essential oils for aromatherapy. This Evernia Prunastri is known to cause allergy.

Read the Norwegian TV2 Hjelper deg article on Elnett and Evernia Prunastri. If you do not know Norwegian use a translator.

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Loreal Studio Go Create Hair Spray – Blacklisted

Even if one is asthmatic one sometimes like to be able to get those small hairs to be in place in the hair do, and for a long time I went searching for a hairspray for this purpouse. I tried this one a long time ago but it was a disapointment. Loreal Studio Go Create Hair Spray – Blacklisted

Loreal Studio Go Create Hair Spray - Blacklisted

All rights reserved. No download/use allowed.

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Zalo washing up liquid – Blacklisted

Zalo is a washing up liquid you can buy in about any grocery store in Norway. Remarcably this product is not among the worst I have tried. It is perfumed but it do not give me the big reaction using it. Still I do get some troubles from it, even though small, so it ends on the blacklist. If I would give it any plus it is this: If I can not find any really asthma friendly washing up liquid there and then I need a bottle, and I have to choose between Zalo and any other fragranced washing up liquid my choise falls on Zalo. But I do not recommend it. It is more like if I have to choose between to bad products, I choose the less bad.

Zalo washing up liquid blacklisted.

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Real Purity Haarspray – Blacklisted

This is kind of painful for me to have to put this one on the blacklist since it says on the bottle that it is free from alcohol, fragrance, color, and synthetic preservations, and it is stated it only hold natural ingredients. It do have a scent, even though maybe not from perfume. It smells kind of like crops blended with something.

Sadly I had a rather bad asthma reaction to it even though I had taken medicine before I used it. On top of it, it do not work good in the hair. In wet hair it make the hair feel like sticky, dry and wet horse hair, stiff and gluey, and used on dry hair it makes the hair heavy. It is a sticky substance that stick to everything around you including yourself, one get a sensation of getting spray glue sprayed on the skin, and it gave me asthma outbreak. So this product I can not recommend if you got asthma. However if you are not asthmatic and only got contact allergies this maybe is the thing for you. If you only got contact allergies you can try if you think it works in your hair. It did not work for me. Good thing is that since it is all natural ingredients, I can safely throw it in the trash bin without being afraid to harm the environment.

Real Purity Haarspray Blacklisted

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Nail polish – Neglelakk – Nagellack – Safe or unsafe?

The contents in nail polish are not stated on the bottle. It very often contains dangerous chemicals and there is no warning label on the bottles (2011). Very many kinds of nail polish contains Toluene. Toluene is a substance that is forbidden to use in glue, and for example spray paint, but you find it in nail polish with no warning label on it.

“(2011) Authority think it is in place across that nail polish will be equipped with a warning. In 25 European countries will be marked, “Keep away from children. Use only by adults. ” According to an EU-note from the government to the European Food Safety Authority argued that “not only young children but also teenagers should avoid exposure of Toluene of nail polish use.” The audit shows that many young people as young as 12-years old, use nail polish.”

“When the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority in 2006 forbade toluene in glue and spray paint, they wrote that toluene “has the ability to go into the fatty tissue of organisms. It can be absorbed through inhalation or through skin. Toluene is come into the body, will largely be saved and go into the nervous system of fat and fatty tissue. The daily exposure to toluene, the substance will accumulate in the body … Toluene is toxic to reproduction, and infants can be affected in the lactation period. ” Toluene is also used as a solvent in varnishes and paints, and can also be sniffed. It provides a sensation fo being high by inhalation.”

Authorities mean that by demanding the producers of nailpolish to put a warning lable on their nail polish products in 25 languages it will be both costly and much work and also will be cause of an increase of sales in nail polish so that the produsers will remove the chemical Toluene from nail polish.

About Toluene:

More about Toluene:

What is Toluene and how is it used? Toluene is an organic liquid with a sweet, benzene-like odor. The largest chemical use for toluene is to make benzene and urethane. The list of trade names given below may help you find out whether you are using this chemical at home or work.

Trade Names and Synonyms:
Antisal 1A

What are the Health Effects?

Short-term: EPA has found toluene to potentially cause the following health
effects when people are exposed to it at levels above the MCL for relatively
short periods of time: minor nervous system disorders such as fatigue, nausea,
weakness, confusion.

Long-term: Toluene has the potential to cause the following effects from a
lifetime exposure at levels above the MCL: more pronounced nervous disorders
such as spasms, tremors, impairment of speech, hearing, vision, memory,
coordination; liver and kidney damage.
Source and read more:

Possible effects on offspring:
American scientist have made test to proof the damage of Toluene. Toluene can have effect on your offspring. It will affect the offspring’s birth weight and skeleton a.s.

Source and Read more : (Norwegian)

Me I got nail polish at home as any other woman, even though I use it very rarely. I have always been like that, even before I got asthma. I mostly use it at festive occations. My reaction though to this information above is that why do they not forbid the use of Toluene in nail polish all together? It is forbidden to use in glue and spray paint, so why not prohibit to add it to womens nail polish? If a woman breathe it in it can go through the mothers milk to the baby’s body and damage it, so why is it allowed? Some women actually use nail polish every day, and that is exposure.

On top of it it is really not good for asthma. It holds so many solvents and strong chemicals that those times I use it I feel the problems breathing coming.


Body spray – Lynx – Axe – Blacklisted

A 12 year old boy died from have used Lynx (in Scandinavia called Axe) body spray/spray deodorant. He died from heart cardiac arrythmia from using the Lynx/Axe spray. It is stated on the bottle in small printing that it should only be used in good ventilated areas. A closed in bathroom is actually not the place to use it. And then I make the question:

– If it is as dangerous that one must put a warning lable on it, just as with paint spray boxes, glue, solvents a.s, then why on earth is is leagal to sell such product that one know for sure will be used in a small bathroom?

It should be banned. On top of it many are allergic and sensitive to perfumed and sprayed products. Personally I get asthma attacks from body spray.

Read more:

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Scent marketing and branding Design scents and fragrances

Nose is one of the firms among others that sell designer scents to others to use in environments and such for use as scent marketing and branding. On can read at their website (translation in English further down):

“Specialister inom certifierad doftmarknadsföring och atmosfärdoft
Dofter styr en stor del av vårt känsloliv, där du t ex med hjälp av olika dofter kan förändra människors värderingar om upplevelser och förstärka andra sinnesintryck. Det kan t ex gälla en första kontakt med en butik eller vid ingången till ett hotell eller köpcentrum. Nose AB har i tio år arbetad inom området upplevelsedesign, där doften är mediet och våra tekniklösningar verktygen. Företaget har genom sitt nätverk Air Aroma, världens största utvecklare av dofter idag 1.000-tals certifierade doftformulas för användning i offentlig miljö, och ett tiotal tekniska diffuserlösningar för allt från hem- till professionell systemmiljö. “


“Specialists in certified fragrance marketing and atmospheric scent
Fragrances controls a large part of our emotional life, where you for example by using different scents can change people’s values ​​about experiences and reinforce other sensory input. It can for instance apply a first contact with a shop or at the entrance to a hotel or mall. Nose AB has for ten years worked in the field of experience design, where the scent is the media and our technology solutions tools. The company has through its network Air Aroma, the world’s largest developer of fragrances currently 1000 Century doftformulas certified for use in public spaces, and a dozen technical diffuserlösningar for everything from home to professional systems environment.”

How fantastic it sounds it is still every allergic, asthmatic and sensitive persons nightmare. If you are a company, association or other that is thinking of using such scent, think of that you exclude thousands of possible customers from your buisness by using it. People that get sick from scent and perfume / fragrance will aviod  the environment you create and your buisness that they get sick from, and that means they will not use your buisness for doing buisness or buy your products or services. You will actually lose customers and money.

For example if I would enter such environment and got sick, I would never enter there again.

I think all buisnesses should rather go for the scent free policy, because then you get customers from both the non-sensitive and the sensitive persons. That means bigger sale.

Also the extended use of perfume and scent is making more and more people sick in allergies, asthma, ecsema, MCS and other sensitivites. Also people being sick from COPD get sick from perfumes. By using such products it is likely that you also cause your customer health pain.

Think and care. Scent does not only control and bring emosions and memories, it also control and damage the health of thousands.

Pls do not use such products.

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Norwegian (use Google Translate to read)

On top of this I also question if the use of such products is legal in at least Sweden and Norway? Because in Sweden and Norway we got laws that forbid to exclude groups from accessing areas because of their handicaps. And scent is excluding people with sensitivites to access scented areas.

The Equality and Anti-discrimination Commissioner (LDO)

The Equality and Anti Discrimination Commissioner (LDO) enforces the Anti-Discrimination and Accessibility Act (DTL), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. The law also has provisions on universal design, see § 9, and individual arrangements, see § 12.

“There is no doubt that shopping malls and individual stores in a mall, single stores, hotels and so on is to be regarded as” private activities aimed at the general public “which basically is committed to ensuring universal design for Discrimination and Accessibility Act § 9 Allergy is regarded as a disability that is protected by Anti-Discrimination and Accessibility Act.” by LDO.

I have notified the LDO about this.

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NOPA Neutral Allrengöring Bra miljöval – Blacklisted

Many manufacturers claim that a Good Environment mark on their products are good enough. So does also NOPA say about their “All purposes cleaner” by branding it “Bra miljöval” meaning Good for the environment.

This bottle of all purposes cleaner got a long history and I actually bought some time before I moved to Norway in the end of year 2000. It was stored in a moving box for many years and I forgot about it. This one I bought many years before I got my asthma in 2007. I found it 11 years later. I took it out of the box and thought since it says “good environment choise” on it, it should be ok for me to use. Right? Wrong! It got a strong smell of perfume and other things, and when I tried to use it I got an asthma attack. This only proves that a product branded “good environment choise” is not the same as allergy, asthma and sensitivity friendly choise. This one goes on the blacklist. By me a product that want to be environmentally friendly should also be friendly to the allergic, asthmatic and sensitive people. Because those people got an internal alarm against bad mixtures of chemicals.

Nopa Neutral Allrengöring Bra Miljöval goes on the blacklist.

Nopa Neutral All purposes cleaner blacklisted.

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Garnier Nutrisse Creme Hair color – Blacklisted

Garnier Nutrisse Creme permanent hair color both give me asthma attacks when using it, and I also get rashes, pain, itches in my scalp.

Garnier Nutrisse Creme permanent hair color is blacklisted.

Gives both asthma attack, rashes, itches and pain - Blacklisted.

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Sactif glass Lilleborg – Blacklisted

Sadly I have to put even one more product on the blacklist. Last product I used for cleaning windows, mirrors and such is Sactif from Lilleborg. Such products are commonly used by companies and in the public room. This product gave me bad asthma problems. I used a protective mask while adding and using it and I even had both doors and windows open, but the chemical filled scented fumes from the product stayed so long in the environmet that I got sick even after used it. So this product defenetly goes on the blacklist.

Sactif on the blacklist

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Unik Skurekrem Sitron – Blacklisted

Unik Skurekrem Sitron is a lemon perfumed scrub cream for use in kitchen and bathroom. It contains a lot of perfume and color and other chemicals. It is even worse than Jif Skurekrem Sitron. It is not suitable to people with asthma.

Unik Skurekrem Sitron is blacklisted.

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Softlan Outdoor fresh – Blacklisted

Softlan Outdoor fresh is a fabric softener. It used to be my favorite before I got my occupational asthma. Now it is poison to my health. It got both a very high content of color and perfume. It is not good for asthmatics.

Softlan Outdoor fresh is blacklisted.