Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Internet discussion on fragrance

Here I add comments on fragrance online to show there are not few. From time to time comments surfe up and I aim to qoute them. This will be updated over time.


Bjarne Olsen says “I think fragrance should be forbidden. Many of the kids in child care are not able to say no when something gives them discomfort. At the bus, the train, the tube, one suffocate from fragrance.  Not to mention the cashier workers chewing gum.”



Ms. Marianne says:
“I want a ban against hairspray, chewing gum and fragrance. In this moment I am sitting on the bus and a lady is spraying her hair in hairspray, and the boy behind me must have bathed in his whole perfume bottle… and a ban would be a blessing. …”


“… What about banning fragrance and let it be obligated to shower… ”


“What about over use of fragrance?”


“I agree with Bjarne Olsen who says

‘Solveig R G So it is ok for you that people get difficulty breathing because you want to use the fragrance you like. About making remarks, it is you who talk to much. ‘

I am one of those who get breathing problems from fragrance people use, it goes also for hairspray,  bodyspray, aftershave and so on. It is so easy to judge others when you have not walked a mile in their shoes. Try suffocating on your own lungs because of fragrance Solveig R G and let’s see if you get it later.”




Bjarne says: “Solveig R So it is great for you that others get breathing problems and asthma attacks just because you want to use the perfume you whant. About making remarks on things, it is you being such a blabber mouth.”


Mrs Alena Jula says: “Oh yes, it would be wonderful having a fragrance ban in the public room. Damn how people stink from fragrance, and fragrance products like fabric softener, washing agents, deodorants, shampoo, lotion, it is no longer possible to avoid the chemical stench. Have people not heard there is fragrance free alternatives? ”

/ Annelie

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Answer to Jan-Erik Gaup at

I went to the blog of dr Aage Hegge Hansen and read even one more of his good words and conclusions. In the comment field I found some rather disturbing comments from a guy Jan-Erik Gaup. He claims that smoking is not harmful to the lungs and airways, and he also claims fragrance is nothing anyone can become ill from. And even more he claims that people who say they become ill from fragrance have psychological issues, he says the fault is within them and not something else. This man stands very ignorant in my point of view. The comment field was closed for further comments so I just wrote a blogging on the matter. Lets just say I wanted to teach him a lesson.

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They can just choose another transportation

Not welcome

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I dag leste jeg en kommentar på Tråden er

“Ikke bruk parfyme når du skal på bussen”

Der var en “Premotus” som startet en tråd om parfyme og allergi og astma på med kommentaren

“Ta hensyn til de som ikke tåler det.”

Noen særs usensitive kommentar som vitner på fullstendig ukyndighet og egoisme viste seg med sitt nærvær. Her er et eksempel:

SigSauer: De får velge andre transportmåter. Får være grenser for hvor mye andre skal tenke på dette.”

Her er helt tydelig et menneske som gir fullstendig blaffen i sine medmennesker.

Her er kunnskap om parfyme:

In English

Today I read a comment on Thread is

“Do not use perfume when you are on the bus”

There was a “Premotus” which started the thread about perfumes and allergy and asthma with commentary

Premotus “Pay attention to those who can not tolerate it.”

Some special usensitive comment as witnesses on complete ignorance and selfishness showed up with his presence. Here is an example:

“SigSauer: They can choose other modes of transport. Can be limits to how much others think about this.”

It is clearly a man who gives no regard to his fellow man.

Here is the knowledge on perfume:

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You can just stay at home…

On this menu I will expose some of the bad attitudes allergic and sensitive people meet from the rest of the world.

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På fant jeg denne egoistiske kommentaren.

‘AnonymBruker’, on 09 Jan 2011 – 02:13, sa:
“HURRA, nå har jeg funnet en plass jeg kan være! Røykeloven er jo vel og bra, men vær så snill og ikke bli overhysteriske! Tåler man ikke røyk, parfyme, dyr, skyllemidler eller annet som kan lukte ubehagelig, eller kan inneholde allergener….vel. da må man vel bare være hjemme da. ;)”

Det får meg å undre meg over hvordan et slikt menneske er skrudd sammen? Løper ho ned bevegelseshemmede og blinde i gaten også?

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at I found this egoistic comment:

‘Anonymous User’, Wed January 9, 2011 – 2:13 said:
“HOORAY, now I’ve found a place I can be! Tobacco Act is mmaybe all well but please do not be over hysterical! If they withstands not smoke, perfume, pets, fabric softeners or anything that may smell unpleasant, or may contain allergens …. well. then they must well just stay home then.;) ”

It makes me wonder if she is all well in her head? Does she rund down walking impaired and blind in the street too?


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An interesting conversation

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Internet discussion on fragrance and use

Today I had an interesting conversation with a perfumer. We can call her just Kari, I will not tell her whole name. It made me start a new thread here on my blog. I even gave it a own menu and tag. It is likely I will add more of this later on.

This conversation show some of the attitudes to us who have a problem with fragrance use. I answered her in my own way. Continue reading