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Air poisoning #Tork #AMFI #luftoppfrisker #scentmarketing #airfreshener


Så gikk jeg jo da på do igjen (det må man i bland), det var i går, denne gangen på kjøpesenteret. Jeg så den først ikke da den har samme fargen som veggen, men tenkte det var vaskemiddel eller noe slik jeg kjente lukten av. AMFI forurenser luften og gjør den utjenlig for astmatikere. Jeg ble selvfølgelig dårlig, og mine medisiner ligger i bilen på jobben da jeg tok bussen hit, alt jeg har er en liten inhalator. Det som skjet er at man inhalerer de kjemikaliene fra pumpen og så blir lungene betente, kramper og tette, og jeg får ikke luft. Jeg håper bare at det ikke blir like galet som sist. Jeg gikk til senterkontoret og klaget. Jeg må ta medisin ofte de nærmeste timer for å holde lungene friske.

Jeg måtte inhalere astmamedisin i store mengder lenge etterpå. Heldigvis satt denne på veggen hvor man vasker hendene og ikke inne i toalettbåsen slik at jeg var eksponert kortere stund enn sist, jeg tror derfor jeg slipper å være sjuk i tre uker denne gangen. Likevel, dette klarer jeg meg fint uten, jeg vil ikke bli utsatt for slik, man må kunne gå på toalettet og andre steder uten å bli sjuk. Å bruke slike innretninger er uakseptabelt.

Dette er Tork sitt produkt. 😠👎

/ Annelie

In English

Air pollution

So I went to the bathroom again (one actually have to), it was yesterday, this time at the mall. I did not spot it at first because it has the same color as the wall, but thought it was detergent or something I smelled. AMFI pollute the air and are making it unfit for asthmatics. I of course got sick from it, and my medication bag was in the car at work when I took the bus here, all I have is a small inhaler. What happens is inhaling the chemicals from the pump makes the lungs inflamed, cramps and tight and I do not get air. I just hope it will not be as bad as last time. I went to the center office and complained. I need to take medicine often in the coming hours to keep your lungs healthy or it will come back and worsen.

I had to inhale asthma medicine in large quantities long afterwards. Luckily this time around it was on the wall where you wash your hands and not inside the toilet stall so I was exposed shorter time than the last, I think therefore I do not have to be sick for three weeks this time. Nevertheless, this I do not need, I do not benefit from being exposed to such, one must be able to go to the toilet and other places without getting sick. Using such devices is unacceptable.

This is Tork’s product. 😠👎

/ Annelie


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Website Accessibility

New Accessibility Law for websites

From 1. July 2014 New a Law for accessibility is live for all websites on internet. It goes for all, both Public Government, businesses, and private sites. It should be designed With WCAG 2.0.

I have always thought this is an important thing being accessible to all, even those With poor eyesight. Sadly not all web themes on WordPress fulfill those rules coming, and the old  theme I used really did not. It have been bothering me for a long time, so this night I sat many hours trying to find a theme as Close to the recommendations in the Law as possible. I ended up With the Yoko Theme.

Some of the rules in WCAG 2.0 is

  • Text must be easy to read dark on light background.
  • Links must be blue and underlined.
  • Easy to find, use and see menu
  • Easy to find the way around the site without risk for getting lost.
  • A and AAA meaning possibility to larger the text.
  • Avoid a lot of Things that can be confusing for an eye not able to see so good, no disturbing design.
  • Images and photos should have a text describing the image.
  • Keyboard access
  • Contact form sheets must be easy to use, visible and maneuverable.
  • It is also important to know that some colors are bad and some are worse for People With bad eyesight, and some combinations are worse than others. A white background With easy to read black text and font is to prefer.

Listen to more of this (English)
Read (Engish)
Read (Norwegian)

I have written to and asked them to make the accessibility better on WordPress. I hope it will happen soon. I have also  asked to get a function that allow me to fold the posts at the FrontPage. As you know I have rather long posts and it would be more presentable to have them folded. Easier to view and get a overlook, and ability to give the Reader an option to “Read more…”.

I hope you are more satisfied With my new Yoko Theme and would be happy to  hear what you think.

Thank you