Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Fragrance Free intime zone

Your sex should be Fragrance Free!

PicBadge-No-FragranceAlready in the 1980’s we learned that fragrance have nothting to do in Your private parts! Fragrance was already back then known to be be the cause of rashes, eczema, allergies, infection and more. It was all over in the biggest newspapers and Magazines. And now in 2014 we know by Research that fragrance holds Chemicals that is also hormone disrupters, it damage sperm, is cause of cancer, Chemicals is transported from the mom to the unborn child and it impact the Health of the child, in addition to the old knowledge. Still when one browse the shelfs in the stores today one find almost nothing but fragrance Products for intime use.

  • Fragrance soap for Your sex
  • Fragrance shower soap / cream / gel
  • tampons containing fragrance
  • sanitary pads containing fragrance
  • fragrance in underwear fabric (or any fabric at all)
  • Products used for sex, like sex toys, underwear, lubricants and more
  • hair removal Products (shaving foam, wax, and such)
  • after shave
  • skin lotion

Are You lured by marketing powers?

In the intimate parts of the body there is a lot of sweat glands and the importance of good genital hygiene. Wash With a soap that is well suited for Your genitals. If you use strong soaps and soaps with perfume it can actually disrupt the natural balance of the region and there may be more odor.” by a Health care worker at

This is really knowledge since many, many years. Do not be lured by the markerting of fragrance Products for You.

To all of You Readers. Do not use Fragrance in Your private parts (rather not at all)! All of You who produce such Products should care about Your customers and cut it out! And if You have a store,  do not sell the Products holding fragrance!

Take a stand! CARE! Take a stand for Health!

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#Evaluation of #IndoorAir

“No evaluation of indoor air quality and its impact on health can be complete without considering the effects of the widespread of fragrance in multiple products used on a daily basis in homes, workspaces, and other public places. The ubiquitous exposure to poorly studied fragrance chemicals has resulted in escalating voluntary and involuntary exposures to unknown substances which contrary to public assumption, have not been evaluated by regulatory agencies for safety to the general public, children, the elderly, and other sensitive populations. Exposure starts before birth from fragrance chemicals in mothers’ bodies (1) and continues with ingestion of mother’s milk. (2) Products for infants and children are scented often with materials known to cause allergies (3) and persist in body tissues. Children and infants are also exposed to every scented product used in the household. An infant held close is breathing in fragrance from clothes washed in highly scented detergents and laundry products, perfumes and colognes, shampoo, and other scented products used by the caregiver transferring to the child’s skin, hair, and clothes. Exposure continues throughout life. Users of scented products are often not aware of the continued presence of the products they use and are rarely aware of the intensity of the scents.” Continue reading

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Pharmacy in Stockholm reported

Fragrance Products pollutes the air

Medical Newspaper Dagens Medicin reports: A woman (not me) in Sweden experienced the same issue as me and reported the Pharmacy  in the Chain of Apoteket AB in Stockholm to Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) complaint on People trying Products perfumed and polluting the air.

According to the complaint the pharmacy is selling a lot of fragranced and scented Products located in the entrence of the pharmacy. People stand there and test the Products and the Chemicals and content of the Product gasses of to the air an pollute the indoor air so the woman get sick.

I totally agree With her. It is about time we get Equality and Availability Access on Equal terms.  Well done to stand up for herself and tell them NO! I am all on her side. I have experienced the same thing myself here in Norway.

Is the air for everyone?

Norway “According to the Norwegian public reports,” NOU 2005: 8 of equality and accessibility. Legal protection against discrimination on grounds of disability. Defined disability as “Fuksjonshemming occurs when there is a gap between the individual’s abilities and design or function in surroundings / environment / buildings.” “

Sensitivity to the environment is protected by law. When triggered sensitivity to pollution in the environment an individual become sick. The ability to be in the environment is therefore limited.

Discrimination and Accessibility From New Year 2009 in Norway it is illegal to discriminate against persons with disabilities in all areas of society. The new law of 2009 gives the right to access everywhere in society.

17.02.2009 Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud: The freedom to function in society should be equal for everyone.

“Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud enforces anti-discrimination and Accessibility Act (dtl), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. The Act also has provisions on universal design, see § 9, and individual arrangements, see § 12 Several of the problems with asthma, allergies and sensitivities can raise questions for dtl. “Equality and Diskrimineringsomdudet LDO

pharmacy, apotek, allergy, allergi, sensitivity, asthma, astma, fragrance, perfume, parfyme, parfym

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Allergies, Asthma and hearingloss

Being a Phonak user I am interested in their posts. And today I found their post on Facebook linking to We’re all Ears on “Types of hearing loss“.

In this article I found:

“Possible causes of conductive hearing loss include:

  • Blockages of the ear canal by impacted earwax (cerumen) or other foreign objects
  • Ear infection
  • Fluid in the middle ear from a cold or the flu
  • Swimmer’s Ear
  • ‘Glue Ear’ (middle ear infection, often seen in children)
  • Allergies
  • Perforated eardrum, from a bad middle ear infection or an accident
  • Benign tumours
  • Otosclerosis – a hereditary condition where the bone grows around the tiny bones in the middle ear
  • A malformation of the outer ear, ear canal or middle ear
  • Partial or complete closure of the ear Canal”

in the list of causes. I am pretty amazed, I did not know allergy could cause this. Since I am interested in both issues I Googled it.

I found The Allergy, Asthma and Sinuse Center talking about “Allergies and the Ear“.

“When people think of allergy problems, what comes to mind most often are the classic symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.  Many people don’t realize that the ears can be affected by allergies, too. Allergies primarily affect the middle ear.  the middle ear has a drainage tube or pressure release valve called the eustachian (you-STAY-shun) tube.  If this tube is clogged with mucus or its opening is blocked by allergy swelling, then pressure and fluid can build up in the middle ear leading to hearing loss.”

Readin on ZocDoc Answers:

“Yes, the inflammation and extra mucous that allergies cause in your airway are enough to cause fluid to back up in your eustachian tube, which of course leads from the back of your throat all the way to your inner ear. When you have this eustachian tube dysfunction, your hearing will sound muffle, and you just wish that your ears would “pop.””

At St. Vincent Medical Center about “Allergies & AutoImmune Inner Ear Disease“:

“Allergy is the term used to describe an over-reaction of the body to a substance that is normally harmless to most people. This substance is called an allergen, and one can be exposed to it in several ways. It may be breathed into the respiratory system, eaten, or touched by the skin to cause symptoms. Often, people inherit a tendency to develop allergies.

SYMPTOMS OF ALLERGY A stuffy nose, runny nose, polyps (growths) in the nose, itching and puffy eyes, frequent sore throats, asthma, skin rashes, and behavioral problems such as hyperactivity in children may be symptoms of allergy. Symptoms may occur in almost all systems of the body, including ears.

Allergy and the Ears Outer Ear symptoms that may be attributed to allergy include chronic itching or frequent infections of the ear canal. Middle Ear symptoms may include repeated ear infections and long-standing fluid behind the eardrum are often due to allergy. Both of these are more common in children. Inner Ear symptoms attributed to allergy may include dizziness, ear fullness and pressure, tinnitus or head noise, and sensorineural (nerve) hearing loss ? especially food allergy. Meniere?s disease in one or both ears may sometimes be aggravated by allergies.”

Clearly if you are allergic and have asthma and you start hearing badly sometimes don’t be afraid. You are not insane. :)


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Deadly ill from AXE – Brandon Silk –

“Brandon Silk a 15-year-old boy comes within minutes of death after exposure to AXE body spray.

Because of his condition, Brandon Silk can no longer attend Bethlehem’s Freedom High School, even after the district asked people to limit their use of the spray.

Doctors have told the family Axe deodorant body spray is causing the allergic reaction, but the company is saying nothing.

In the span of nine days, Brandon Silk’s throat closed up three times and he was rushed to the hospital.

“I started feeling like my throat close up and then hives breaking out on my arm,” said Brandon Silk

This day, according to the school nurse, he almost died.

“She checked it and she said my throat was so swollen you couldn’t even fit a straw down my throat,” added Silk.”

Time is over due for and long time ready for a fragrance ban where the Public have Access. I know of a girl in Norway (I know her mother and father pesonally) who struggle With the same issue and can not og to School due to others fragrances. It is too bad. Totally unacceptable.


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So dangerous is your detergent

So dangerous is your detergent

Your soap can cause allergies .

“Over half of the laundry products Asthma and Allergy Denmark tested for BT, contain substances that can cause allergies. Every time you wash your clothes clean, you risk that the perfumes, dyes and preservatives sits in your blouses, pants and linens, which can give you or your child allergies. It is a big problem faced by many is not enough attention to explaining technical director of the Asthma and Allergy Denmark. – If you for example. both wear clothes washed in scented detergent and sleap in perfume washed linens so your skin is exposed to allergens 24 hours a day, and it’s certainly not good if you want to avoid allergies or irritation,Asthma and Allergy Denmark says. You are allergic to a substance by come into contact with it. Fragrances for example. penetrate the skin and activate certain cells of the immune system. You may not notice anything at first contact. However, the more your skin is exposed to allergens , the greater the risk for allergies. The allergy can occur suddenly , even if you wash your clothes in the same product for years. Do you also use problematic creams, cosmetics and cleaning products , the risk is even greater. In many people and producers (un)consciousness is fragrance equal to that something is clean. But perfumes are without function in the solution in addition to smell and cause allergies, says the Asthma and Allergy Denmark and tells that also dyes, optical brighteners / bleach and some preservatives can be problematic in relation to allergy. Asthma and Allergy Denmark explains that it is not enough to go for eco-labels as such.  Swan-labeled detergents may well contain perfume and certain dyes.

Asthma and Allergy Denmark recommends that you stay away from products in the test has been a sour smiley, in order to avoid allergies.”

The test was performed in collaboration with the Asthma and Allergy Denmark

Source and read more:

Finally someone With authority say the same as I do!

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Critically allergic – Brianie Copeland –


Today I read this article about Brianie who suffer from multiple allergies and asthma. It is not a easy life. Read and learn.

Brianie have multiple allergies to among other things like dust, all animals, manmade fibres, grass, pollen and even strong light. Her condition is often made worse by coming into contact with items that most of us handle each day, including cleaning products, strong light and even heat from the radiator, and will never be able to wear make-up or such products. She also have multiple Food allergies. She is unable to lead a normal life due to her allergies.

As a result, she has severe ezecma, dermatitis, arthritis and asthma.

She says: ‘The nutrients from my skin are gone and my immune system is broken, so while other peoples bodies fight off colds in a couple of days mine takes a couple of weeks.”

As a result, the teenager is virtually a prisoner in her own home as exposure to the outside world leaves her with blistered skin and painful rashes.

Source and read the Whole story at

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To request freedom from perfume among the people …

(Scroll Down for English)  I wonder if those had served food to those who have food allergies, or if it would be rude to ask for food you can tolerate?

Å be om parfymefrihet blandt mennesker…

Om noen ber et menneske om å være parfymefri blir dem gjerne såret og tar det som en krenkelse. Dem tar det personlig. Og litt for mange har ikke forståelse for at parfyme kan gjøre andre sjuke, og forresten i lengden også dem selv. Det er ikke den som blir sjuk av noe som skal tåle at andre skal bruke noe. Dette er kun fiksfakserier for å holde høflighet i hevd, det blir sett på som uhøflig å be noen om å ikke dufte. Er det i tillegg en gjest det gjelder da er det bare enda mere sensitivt, og du blir skikkelig uglesett om du krever duftfrihet. Men det er langt mere utrivelig av den som dufter, gjesten eller medmennesker generelt, folk i yrkesstillinger å gjøre andre sjuke. Jeg undrer om dem hadde servert mat til deg som er matallergikere som gjør deg sjuk, eller om det ville vært uhøflig å be om mat du tåler?

In English

To request freedom from perfume among the people …

If someone asks a person to be fragrance they are likely to hurt their feelings and they take it as an offense. Those People are taking it personally. And too many do not understand that perfume can make others sick, and incidentally in length also themselves. It is not the one who is sick of something that should endure for others to use something. This is only whistles to keep civility alive, it is seen as rude to ask someone not to use it. If it is a guest that comes when there are only even more sensitive, and you are really frowned upon if you require freedom from scent. But it is far more unpleasant by the scented person, guest or fellow human beings in general, people in professional positions to make others sick. I wonder if those had served Food you get sick from to those who have food allergies, or if it would be rude to ask for food you can tolerate?

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Allergic to a World Full of Cats? – Linda Sepp and

Cat allergy vs. MCS. As always Linda Sepp and her friends nail it. And I must say, You do not have to have MCS to have to endure this, the only thing you need is asthma. Read it and get some understanding for the problem. Please, click the link to Linda Sepp site and read the whole story.

Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution

Warning: This post contains many photos of cats.

What follows is something I thought was a great response by Kristine Kruszelnicki  to someone who trivialized her MCS and compared it to his cat allergy

(shared with her permission, and with many photos of cats added by me):

View original post 1,565 more words

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Sick from scented products – Annelie

I had a small article in the Allers Magazine, a woman Magazine. Please, scroll Down for English translation.


Jeg har til nå aldri nektet noen å reise, det betyr ikke at jeg ikke har slitt, men jeg har forsøkt å løse det på annen måte: åpent vindu hele året uansett vær, holde pusten når noen har noe på seg som jeg blir dårlig av og billettere lynraskt slik at de kan sette seg, og ta medisiner. Det er en lite heldig situasjon og mange synes kanskje at jeg ikke burde jobbe. Men jeg nekter å være ufør, jeg nekter å gi opp.  En annen jobb kunne være like ille fordi der er parfymerte mennesker overalt i samfunnet, og alle som tar bussen kommer på butikker og på kontor. Jobb i støvete lokaler går heller ikke. Det er lett å mene ting om ting man ikke vet noe om, og det er mange steder som ikke er egnet å arbeide når man har det slik som meg, jeg må bare gjøre det beste jeg kan av situasjonen.

Many become sick from scented products and fragrance.

Sick by fragrance and scent

“I am a bus driver and I get sick from all kinds of use of fragrance and scented Products, and Chemicals. If someone comes in the bus using fragrance or aftershave I have to open all doors and Windows to air it out, and then take medicines.  If the odor is strong enough it happens I can not help the customer. Someone says “It is only to change line of occupation!” but it actually have not mening at all what I do for a living since fragrance are all over in the world. Everywhere in society there are People who have to SCREAM their precense using fragrance and Chemical Products. There is something wrong going around when People have to become sick from others vanity.
Another thing again is the scenting of indoor air. Scent is added to the air by scented cleaning and washing agents, scented candles, inscense, a.s. often used in shops, malls, restaurants and so on. Imagine you want to go out With friends, and you arrive to a Place where everyone else but you can enter. A restaurant visit can be ruined by scented air, and scented air at the toilets. Since the air is scented you can not use the room or the toilet. And at a road trip you can not use the bathroom at the gasoline station since there is mounted a fragrance pump or other scent Device in the toilet room.  To get ill from this is not a joke.
Today there are both unscented Products for clothes and fabrics, house and buildings, body and hair, so why not use it?
I will give you some fresh numbers from WHO. The numbers show that 30 million People in Europe struggle With asthma! That is something for you to think about before you add fragrance to Your person and by doing this destroys the environment for all of those who are sensitive.”

Until now I have never refused anyone to travel, it does not mean I have not suffered, but I have tried to solve it in another way: the window open all year round whatever the weather, hold my breath when someone has anything on themselves that I get sick from and sell tickets like in lightning speed so they can leave and take a seat, and take lots of medication. It’s an unfortunate situation and many may think that I should not work. But I refuse to be home on disability, I refuse to give up. Another job could be as bad because there are perfumed people everywhere in society, and anyone who takes the bus arrives at stores and offices. Jobs in dusty space is not possible. It is easy to believe things about things you know nothing about and there are many places that are not likely to work when you have it like me, I just do the best you can.

Have a Nice day! Go Fragrance Free!

/ Annelie

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Masced against scent – Katarina Persson and Ritva Pyykkönen – Haparandabladet

Read in Haparandabladet:

“HAPARANDA SWEDEN: The many scents that are all around us – and that we put on ourselves, becomes the moment pure terror for people with hidden disability fragrance hypersensitivity.

– Being oversensitive is not visible – but we hope to increase knowledge and awareness of others, says Katarina Persson and Ritva Pyykkönen, both teachers in Haparanda, to Haparandabladet.

A visit to the store can suddenly end up with swollen throat, itchy eyes flowing – and in the worst cases, difficulty breathing. Now, at Christmas, it is not easier. – It is horrible and absolutely crazy that there be perfume in almost all products.”

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Severe allergy, food, people and busses – Eidissen –

Read on today

“The family Eidissen all suffer from asthma, eczema and severe allergies – against including eggs, fish, nuts, strawberries, latex and insect stings. Five of the six family members go with epinephrine syringes Epipen and Jext – in case they go into allergic shock.

Hard to take a bus

All the children have allergies, asthma and eczema, from mild to very severe. Also bearing animals and perfume creates problems for four children family. We must get off the bus and enters into a dog. The same applies to fish. Once there was a kid who had a hot fish cake onto the bus. Then we had the right away. Breathing problems we have may even be life threatening, says mum Marit Eidissen.

Bus tours are rare and must be prepared.”

If all bus Companies were strikt on not allowing Food on the busses, no fragrance, no animals and cleaned all busses fragrance free we would have come a long way in making Public transportation available to most People.

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A wish for Advent with Fresh air – MD Aage Hegge Hansen

“Asthma and Allergy Association has been pushing for fresher air in our surroundings. At the National Convention in 2010 was unanimously adopted as the main goal of the organization in the period 2010 to 2019 to “remove smoke, perfume and fragrant irritants from public places .”

In particular, the synthetic fragrances that are dangerous. There is added synthetic fragrances in increasing amounts to more and more products, from washing powder to the car wash at Statoil, and concierge air in hotels, and is gradually a major threat to public health.

Fragrance industry has so far managed to prevent information about the health hazards in arriving , so the tobacco industry for many years managed to prevent research into the smoke damage.

Anyway it’s already proven a link between toxic gases (VOCs) in modern fragrance mixtures and the development of allergies, eczema and asthma, and it will probably get more – much more.

VOC gases , which are marketed under different names as for an example perfume , fragrance and aroma, causing inflammation of the nose, with congestion, insomnia and depression to follow.

Moreover weakened sense of smell, and saliva production is reduced.

It is suspected that such also contribute in behaviour changes that leads to bad eating habits.

For many children this is the reality they grow up in.  They have had perfume in bed clothes since they were born, and does not know anything else. They do not understand why they have allergies, eczema and asthma, or why they are so hard to stay slim. Because so many people use them, probably for example Omo and Comfort the two most selling products on the Norwegian market, which provide most Health issues overall.

My call in Advent is therefore all parents to throw out all hygiene products containing synthetic fragrance, so we save children and adults for the intense smell of toxic chemicals.

In order for the air to keep its freshest possible, it is good if we also also to steer clear of incense , candles and essential oils , and preferably refrain from the Crhristmas cigar.

Then maybe smell get so that you can recognize the smell of Christmas that really matter, and lasting value in memory : The smell of natural skin or unscented hair. The smell of wet wool. The smell of ribs and sauerkraut – and the smell of spices .

With this, I wish readers a fresh Advent and Christmas time !”

MD Aage Hegge Hansen

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Allergy to rosin, perfume, mold, sensitivity two fragrance and tobacco – Doris –

At Doris tells us about her eczema she lived With for years since she was 18 years old, and from the doctors were prescribed lotions and Hydrocortisone. Her Eczema got worse and worse, and many years later they made a allergy test on her. They found out that she was allergic to rosin, neomycin, bensocain och hydrocortisone.

Rosin is made from trees like pine and is used in a varaity of products like pine soap, detergents, soap, shampoo, paper, glue, mascara, paired talk gaskets in dentistry, rubber, latex, staple, patches, colored pencils, inks, labels, floor and furniture polish, chewing gum, gelatine, some varieties of ice cream, modeling clay, wax, waxes, paints / varnishes, putties, stove polish, flycatcher, perfume and much more.

Think of it, substances put in products you use on Your body that is highly alllergenic.

She tells us that newspapers, especially newly printed, can not be too close as they will give her trouble breathing. Perfume and cigarette smoke gives her more difficult to breathe. Since she is also mold allergy, which means that she knows instantly if there is mold in a local, and have difficulty breathing and his eyes begin to itch and drain. To have this allergy means she, besides struggling to avoid subjects also had endured ridicule. And she says

“- Did I choose, I would of course not wanted to have this allergy and asthma. Yes, there are some who would choose this or any other allergy at all?”

Allergy to rosin, perfume, mold, sensitivity two fragrance and tobacco – Doris –

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MCS’s have less blood flow to the brain


Like for patients having fibromyalgia, MCS patients  have altered Cerebral blood flow.

“A lower baseline flow of blood to the brain is common. When these patients are exposed to perfumes and petrochemicals, they develop further decreases in blood flow to the brain.

MCS is an acquired and progressive neurological disease induced by exposure to chemical and fragrance products.

MCS is often misinterpreted as or compared to asthma and allergies, which generally cause only temporary inconvenience and can be treated and reversed with antihistamines. In most cases, neither asthma nor allergies impacts the ability to live a relatively normal life.

However, people with MCS suffer progressive and cumulative harm, cognitive impairment, brain changes, and end organ damage with exposure to even small amounts of the seemingly innocuous chemical and fragrance substances in the air.

Those with chronic symptoms show long-term reduced blood flow to the brain and reduced ability of the brain to take up a tracer substance. This indicates a neurotoxic metabolic abnormality consistent with toxic environmental exposures to pesticides and other chemicals.”

Fibromyalgia Sweden

IE-Resource and MCS America

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Want perfume free busses – Hansen –

Mrs Hansen is lung operated and get severe breathing problems from taking the bus due to passengers using perfume.

After a complaint the bus Company of Telemark in Norway is thinking of asking the passengers to cut Down on perfume use.

Source and

My comment is that that is surtainly true it can be a big problem With passengers using perfume, but bus Companies should also consider using fragrance free cleaning.

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Make a statement!


Sensitive? Or do You have a sensitive friend or loved one?

If You want, You can have this photo on a shirt or some other item. Make a statement!

Click Your way in here:

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Ta utfordringen!

Twitter @ Petter Stordalen: Du påpeker at du har minsket bruken av kjemikalier med 40 % i artikkel i VG, men samtidlig så er du med på å øke kjemikaliebruken i vestibulene på hotellene ved å forurense inneluften med kjemikalier som sprøytes ut i luften med fragrance marketing. Dette er meget unødvendig bruk av kjemikalier som ødelegger inneluften for alle som er sensitive og har lungesjukdomer. Jeg utfordrer deg å gå foran og nekte å bruke det tullet som gir så store pustevansker for alle oss som er lungessjuke og allergiske.  Du kan ikke skryte på deg å minske kjemikaliebruken med 40 % og så øke den igjen ved å forurense luften inne. Slik som jeg ser det så går vinninga opp i spinninga. Og jeg synes også du skal kutte all parfymebruk på dine hoteller. Parfymer og fargestoffer i såper, kroppspleie, hårpleie og vask, vaskemidler og tøymykner, og rengjøringsmedler, og slike luftparfymering i alle former er unødvendige kjemikalier i bruke. Parfyme og farge gjør ikke rent, det er unødige tilsatser for å lure kunden å kjøpe, som et glansbilde.

Denne utfordringen gir jeg også til @Svanemerket som ikke heller dere har tatt den fult ut.


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We should throw cleaning spray bottle

(Scroll Down for English)

Vi bør kaste rengjøringssprayflasken


Kaste alle sprayflasker og rengjør med såpe, klut og vann.

I dag leste jeg noe på nett i NRK Telemark at forskere og legestanden har komt fram til at man ikke bør bruke rengjøringsmedler på sprayflaske. Dette er noe jeg har advart mot i 6 år. Men det er jo meget godt at de endelig har komt fram til den samme konklusjonen som jeg gjorde etter å ha blitt astmatisk som yrkesskade i 2007. I jobben brukte jeg hyppig forskjellige medler på sprayflaske og annen aerosol form.

I artikkelen kan vi lese:

“Vaskemidler på spray gir astma hos renholdere. Nå skal det undersøkes om også vaskingen hjemme kan gi astma og lungeskader.

Mens proffe renholdere bevisst unngår spray, er bruken økende hjemme hos folk.

– Vi tynner vel sjeldent ut. Vi bruker det vi kan få kjøpt og vi sprayer mer og mer. Dermed puster vi inn mer av disse midlene, sier prosjektleder Anne Kristin M. Fell ved Sykehuset Telemark.

– Vi bør kaste den sprayflasken og heller bruke en klut, sier hun.

Astma vil bli den tredje største dødsårsaken om få år. Nå vil sykehuset finne ut hvor utsatt folk er hjemme.”

De holder på med en stor undersøkelse i Telemark for å finne ut av hva som årsaker astma hos folk, og de har nå funnit ut at sprayflasken er farlig.

Og igjen, jeg er helt enig, akkurat som jeg har ment i 6 år nå. Kutt ut sprayflasken og gå parfymefri folkens!

(NB! Dette er ikke knyttet til et spesielt rengjøringsmerke, men gjelder alle rengjøringsmedler på sprayflaske. )

Kilde: Nrk Telemark

In English

We should throw cleaning spray bottle


Throw away all spray bottles and clean using a cloth, soap and water.

Today I read something online in Norwegian NRK Telemark that scientists and the medical profession made ​​concessions to the conclusion that one should not use cleaning agents on a the spray bottle. This is something I have warned about for 6 years now! But it’s very good that they have finally come up to the same conclusion I did after becoming asthmatic as occupational injuries in 2007. In my job, I frequently used different Cleaners on spray bottle and other aerosol form.

In the article we read:

“Washing the spray and asthma in cleaners. Should now be examined whether also washing at home can cause asthma and lung damage.

While pro cleaners deliberately avoids spray, its use increasing in people.

– We thinner rarely out. We use what we can buy and we spray more and more. Thus we breathe in more of these funds, says project manager Anne Kristin M. Fell at Telemark Hospital.

– We should throw the spray bottle and either use a cloth, she said.

Asthma will be the third leading cause of death in a few years. Now the hospital will determine how vulnerable people are at home. “

They’re on a major study in Telemark to find out what causes asthma in people, and they have now found out the spray bottle is dangerous.

And again, I completely agree. As I have for 6 years. Cut out the spray bottle and go fragrance free guys!

(Note! This is not Attached to any specific brand, but all cleaning using a spray bottle.)

Source: Nrk Telemark

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Fastfood increases risk for asthma, rhinitis and eczema

(Scroll down for English)

Astma Allergi Danmark 08.05.2013. Nytt om Astma Forskning 

Hurtigmat øker risikoen for alvorlig astma, rhinitis og eksem

Det kommer ikke som noen noen nyhet for de fleste at hurtigmat er usunt, men at det kan øke risikoen for astma, rhinitis og eksem er kanskje en nyhet for de fleste?

En stor internasjonal studie fra The University of Auckland (The to ledende forfattere, Professor Innes Asher og Philippa Ellwood) viser at det er en økt risiko for alvorlige astma, eksem og høysnue symptomer (rhinitis) hos barn og ungdom som spiser hurtigmat tre eller flere ganger i uken. Spiser du derimot frukt tre eller flere ganger i uka kan beskytte mot alvorlig astma.

Studien konkluderer med at dersom den observerte korrelasjonen er funnet å være pålitelig, slik at resultatene har stor betydning for folkehelsen på grunn av et økende forbruk av hurtigmat (fastfood) globalt.

Der blev innsamlet data på mere end 319.000 tenåringer (13-14 årsalderen) fra 107 sentere i 51 land, og mere enn 181.000 barn (6-7 år) fra 64 sentre i 31 land. Undersøkelsen spurte om deltakernes inntak av kjøtt, fisk, frukt og grønnsaker, belgfrukter, korn, brød og pasta, ris, smør, margarin, nøtter, poteter, melk, egg og gatekjøkkenmat / burgere.

“Etter å ha tatt hensyn til forhold som skulle påvirke resultatene, viste analysen at hurtigmat var den eneste av  mat som gjorde utslag og påviste de samme resultatene på tvers av begge aldersgruppene, slo forfatterne fast at “slike konsistente resultater legger noen vekt på mulig årsakssammenheng av forholdet “.”

Tre eller flere ukentlige hurtigmatmåltider var blant annet knyttet til en 39 prosent økning i risikoen for alvorlig astma blant tenåringer og en 27 prosent økning i risiko blant barn. Forfatterne viser i rapporten at forklaringen kan være at hurtigmat inneholder høye nivåer av mettede fettsyrer og transfettsyrer, mens frukten er rik på antioksidanter.

Nyheter fra forskningen er hentet fra Astma Allergi Danmark

Les artikkelen på  The University of Auckland: Fast food linked to asthma and eczema

Dette er godt nytt for alle som vil ha en bedre helse. Dette leste jeg om på en engelsk side for en måned siden. Det er mange år siden jeg sluttet å spise hamburgere og slik mat. Jeg besluttet meg for på 1990 tallet å ikke spise så masse hurtigmat, hamburgere og slik. Nå blir det kanskje en eller to slike måltider i året. Ofte synes jeg ikke hamburgere er så veldig delikate heller. Det er få kiosker som er gode til å lage gode hamburgere. McDonalds og slike kjeder for eksempel lager uattraktiv mat og jeg har ikke spist på McDonalds på veldig mange år. Jeg går heller på en kafe eller restaurant og tar meg et ordentlig måltid.

 In English

Asthma Allergy Denmark 05.08.2013. News about Asthma Research

Fastfood increases the risk for severe asthma, rhinitis and eczema

It it does not come as any news to most people that fastfood is unhealthy, but that it can increase the risk of asthma, rhinitis and eczema may be news for most people?

A large international study from The University of Auckland (The two principal authors, Professor Innes Asher and Philippa Ellwood) shows that there is an increased risk of severe asthma, eczema and hay fever symptoms (rhinitis) in children and adolescents who eat fast food three or more times a week. Do you eat fruit, however three or more times a week may protect against severe asthma.

The study concludes that if the observed correlation is found to be reliable, so the results are of great importance to public health due to the increasing consumption of fast food globally.

There was collected data on more end 319,000 teenagers (13-14 years old) from 107 centers in 51 countries and more than 181,000 children (6-7 years) from 64 centers in 31 countries. The survey asked about participants’ intake of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, legumes, cereals, bread and pasta, rice, butter, margarine, nuts, potatoes, milk, eggs and junk food / burgers.

Three or more weekly fast food meals was partly due to a 39 percent increase in the risk of severe asthma among teens and a 27 percent increase in risk among children.

“After taking account of factors likely to influence results, the analysis showed that fast food was the only food type to show the same associations across both age groups, prompting the authors to suggest that “such consistency adds some weight to the possible causality of the relationship”.”

The authors of the report shows that the explanation could be that fast food contains high levels of saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids, while the fruit is rich in antioxidants.

News from research provided by Asthma Allergy Denmark

Read the story at  The University of Auckland: Fast food linked to asthma and eczema

This is good news for all who want a better health. This I read about on an English page about a month ago. It is many years since I stopped eating hamburgers and such food. I decided on that in the 1990s not to eat so lots of fast food, hamburgers and such. Now it’s maybe one or two such meals a year. Often I do not think hamburgers are so very delicate food either. There are few fast Food stores that are good at making good tasty hamburgers. McDonalds and such chains make unattractive food and I have not eaten at McDonalds for very many years. I rather go to a cafe or restaurant and have a proper meal.

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NEWS! Scented shops are dangerous for employees and customers health

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NYHETER! Duftende butikker er farlig for ansatte og kunder helse

Butikker bruker i økende grad parfyme å lokke kunder, så kalt scent marketing, eller duftmarkedsføring på norsk.

Fagforeninger i Danmark følger saken med Abercrombie & Fitch med interesse. En jobb i en butikk eller masse besøk til visse butikker kan gi ansatte og kunder allergi og pustevansker. Myndigheter, eksperter og organisasjoner, frykter dette fordi bruken av den såkalte duftmarkedsføring har økt de siste tre årene. Det Danske Arbeidstilsynet vil ikke kommentere konkrete saker, men administrerende tilsynssjef Anne Therese Schultz-Petersen sier at Arbeidstilsynet har startet arbeidet med dette problemet. “Vi har vært klar over problemene med duftmarkedsføring en lengre tid, og fokuserer på det. Vi reagerer spesielt hvis det er allergener, som åpenbart ikke er bra for de ansatte å være i,” sier hun, og viser til at det kan være allergifremkallende stoffer i parfymer,  som sprøytes ut i butikkene.” Samlet sett er det unødvendig eksponering for arbeidere ved brukav parfyme med slike stoffer,” sier Anne Therese Schultz-Petersen. Mange dufter kan føre til allergier.

Den amerikanske kleskjeden Abercrombie & Fitch er kjent for sin utstrakte bruk av parfyme i butikker over hele verden som beskrevet på tirsdag, det Danske Arbeidstilsynet har det siste året forsøkt å få motekjeden å beskytte de ansatte mot de store mengdene parfyme som brukes i  butikkene. Parfymen inneholder allergenen citronellol.

Fagforeningen for butikksansatte i Danmark følger tilfellet Abercrombie & Fitch med interesse.
“Abercrombie & Fitch er det første selskapet jeg har hørt om som har fått kjennelse og pålegg fra Arbeidstilsynet om designerduft i arbeidsmiljøforhold. Vi vil følge opp det, når saken er avgjort,” sier sikkerhetskonsulent i HK Handel Birte Haugaard. Hun får flere og flere henvendelser fra medlemmer om bruk av parfyme på arbeidsplassen.” Dette er et stort arbeidsmiljøproblem våre medlemmer ikke bør utsettes for. Det er også et problem for kundene, men de kan la være å gå inn der,” sier hun.

Jeanne Duus Johansen, som leder Danske Videnscenter for Allergi, advarer om at de mange luktene kan forårsake allergi. “I utgangspunktet kan du utvikle allergi hvis du har en daglig kontakt med parfyme inneholder allergifremkallende stoffer. Mange opplever også andre symptomer når de utsettes for dufter gjennom luften, for eksempel: Ubehag og kvalme. Hvis du har astma, kan du også reagere på luftveiene og får problemer å puste på grunn av svært sterk lukt,” sier hun.

Økning i ‘duftfeller’
Ifølge rapporten «Vekst gjennom opplevelser 2011 ‘ har det vært en stor økning i bruk av duft markedsføring. I 2008 sa 34 prosent av danske selskaper som de brukte dufter og musikk i sin markedsføring. I 2011 var dette tallet steget til 47 prosent – og 75 prosent av selskapene at de kanskje vil bruke det om tre til fem år.

“Vi er ikke veldig glad for at vi blir ledet inn i her duft feller. – Lise Nørgaard, Astma og Allergi Danmark “

Dette problemet er kjent og anerkjent av Astma og Allergi Danmark, som har blitt kontaktet av en rekke borgere som klager om bruk av parfyme. Foreningen er bekymret for utviklingen:

“Vi er ikke veldig glad for at vi blir ledet inn de duftfeller. Vi finner at det er en stor gruppe på ca 1 millioner dansker med astma eller høysnue, som er sannsynlig å ha astmaanfall. Og så har vi en liten gruppe som er fratatt sine sosiale liv fordi de har duft følsomhet,” sier kommunikasjonsdirektør Lise Nørgaard, som er overrasket over at der ikke er noen regulering på dette området.

Tunge dufter kan forårsake hodepine
Forbrukerrådet går et skritt videre og krever et forbud mot bruk av parfyme i butikkene for å få til kunder med astma og allergi. På arbeidsgiverorganisasjonen Dansk Chamber of Commerce inviterer butikkene å bruke dufter klokt.»Tunge dufter kan forårsake hodepine og gjøre de ansatte syke. Selv om du har en spesiell konsept med dufter, må du ta det i betraktning. ”

Sitat slutt

Artikkelen er blitt oversatt til norsk for å forenkle for de som snakker norsk å lese artikkelen.

Jeg synes duftmarkedsføring skal forbys av helsegrunner. Om alle begynner å bruke dette i butikker og andre steder, hvor skal da vi som har astma og sensitivitet handle, bo på hotell, jobbe osv? Dette er et mareritt! Vi må alle puste, og hva vi trenger er frisk luft fri fra luftforurensning!

Du har krav på ren luft og et godt arbeidsmiljø. Arbeidstilsynet vil ha tips om parfymering av inneluft. Tips Arbeidstilsynet
Send tips til Arbeidstilsynet

Kilde: Les hele artikkelen i Danske avisa Politiken:


In English

NEWS! Scented shops are dangerous for employees and customers health

Shops are increasingly using perfume to lure customers. Unions follows the case of Abercrombie & Fitch with interest.

A job in a shop or plenty of visits to certain shops could give staff and customers allergy and breathing difficulties.

Authorities, experts and organizations, fear this because the use of the so-called scent marketing has increased in the last three years.

The Danish Working Environment Authority will not comment on specific cases, but chief Anne Therese Schultz-Petersen says that Labour Inspection Authority has started working with this problem.

“We have been aware of the case of scent marketing for some time and focus on it. We respond especially if there are allergens, which obviously is not good for the employees to be in, “she says, citing that there may be allergenic substances in perfumes, spraying out in stores.

“Overall, it is unnecessary exposure to workers when using perfume with such substances,” said Anne Therese Schultz-Petersen.

Many fragrances can cause allergies The U.S. clothing chain Abercrombie & Fitch is known for its extensive use of perfume in stores worldwide as described on Tuesday, the Danish Labour Inspection Authority the last year trying to get the fashion chain to protect employees from the large quantities of perfume used in the stores. The perfume contains the allergen citronellol.

The shop workers union movement follows the the case of Abercrombie & Fitch
“Abercrombie & Fitch is the first company I’ve heard of that has gotten a injunction from Labour Inspection Authority about designer scent workplace exposure. We will follow up on it, once the case is settled,” said safety consultant in HK Trade Birte Haugaard. She gets more and more inquiries from members about the use of perfume in the workplace.

It’s a great working environment problem that our members should not be exposed to. It is also a problem for customers, but they may after all not to go in there,” she says.

Jeanne Duus Johansen, who heads the Centre for Allergy, warns that the many scents can cause allergies.

“Basically you can develop allergies if you have a daily contact with perfume containing allergenic substances. Many people also experience other symptoms when exposed to fragrances through the air, for example. discomfort and nausea. If you have asthma, you can also react in the airways due to very strong smell,” she says.

Increase in ‘scent traps’ According to the report ‘Growth through Experiences 2011’ there has been a large increase in the use of scent marketing.

In 2008, said 34 per cent of Danish companies that they used scents and music in their marketing. In 2011 the figure had risen to 47 percent – and 75 percent of the companies that they maybe will use it in three to five years.

“We are not very happy that we are led into the here scent traps. Lise Nørgaard, Asthma and Allergy Denmark”

This problem is known and recognized by Asthma and Allergy Denmark, which recently have been contacted by a number of citizens who complain about the use of perfume. The association is concerned about the development:

“We are not very happy that we are led into the here scent traps. We find that there is a large group of approximately 1 million Danes with asthma or hay fever, which is likely to have asthma attacks. And then we have a small group who are deprived of their social lives because they have scent sensitivity,” said communications Lise Nørgaard, who is surprised that there is no regulation in this area.

Heavy scents can cause headaches
Consumer Council goes a step further and calls for a ban on the use of perfume in stores for the sake of customers with asthma and allergies.

At the employers’ organization Danish Chamber of Commerce invites the shops to use scents wisely.

“Heavy scents can cause headaches and make employees sick. Even if you have a particular concept with scents, you have to take it into consideration.”

End Qoute

Article is translated to make it easier to English speaking visitors to read it.

I think scent marketing should be prohibited for health reasons. If everyone starts to use it in shops and other places, how shall we who have asthma and sensitivity go shopping, stay in hotels, work etc? This is a nightmare! We all need to breathe, and what we need to breathe is fresh air unpolluted!

Source: The whole article in Danish in the paper Politiken:

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Situations where perfume becomes a problem

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Mitt vitnemål

Jeg vil her beskrive situasjoner der parfyme og godlukt ellers blir et problem. Dette gjør jeg for å informere alle som tror det er ufarlig med parfyme, det er ikke sånn at jeg forteller dette fordi jeg synes så synd på meg selv, eller syter i media, jeg gjør det som sagt for å opplyse deg. Jeg er ikke alene om å ha det slik som dette, vi er mange som har det samme problemet, ca 20-30% får symtomer av parfyme, jeg tar bare meg selv som et eksempel for å få deg å forstå hva som skjer.

De som kjenner meg vet at jeg er bussjåfør og har astma diagnostisert i 2007. Jeg har aldri røykt og har aldri hatt astma før dette året. Jeg fikk min astma i jobben i en bussvask, det er en arbeidsskade. Her ble jeg eksportert for rengjøringsmedler og parfyme, og kolleger som røyket inne. Jeg er bare en blant tusenvis av andre som er følsomme for parfyme og relaterte produkter.

Siden jeg ble astmatisk ble jeg sensitiv mot blant annet parfymer i alle former, også parfymerte produkter og også alle typer fargede produkter, tobakk, røykelse m.v.

Så hva er egentlig astma?
Veldig mange tror det vet hva astma er, men de ferreste vet egentlig hva det egentlig er og hva som skjer i lungene. Ta en titt på videoen:

Da jeg inhalerer noe av dette jeg ikke tåler da protesterer lungene mine ved at luftveiene kallet bronkiene i lungene blir fylt med slim, og musklene rundt bronkiene kramper slik at mine luftveier i lungene blir tette og jeg har vanskelig for å puste. Det har blitt en hemming fordi det gjør meg ute av stand til å gå og være der dette er.

Lungs with asthma - a fresh left bronchiole - easy to breathe through, and to the right a sick bronchiole - not so easy to breathe through.

Lungs with asthma – a fresh left bronchiole – easy to breathe through, and to the right a sick bronchiole – not so easy to breathe through.

De fleste bruker duft i noen form for å gjøre et godt inntrykk på andre mennesker, både på seg selv, klær og ved rengjøring. Parfyme er en blanding av kjemikalier, kalle det coctail om du vil. I møte med meg og mange andre blir de som bruker parfyme et helseproblem. De som bruker parfyme blir en trussel mot selve helsen vår. Dette gjør at vi trekker oss unna dem. De oppnår det stikk motsatte og i tillegg gjør de oss sjuke.

Her er noen eksempler fra tidligere insidenter


Jeg kjørte buss opp i fjellet, tok ombord noen elever og kjørte ned igjen. Ved botten av veien er det på tide å la andre studenter ombord som kommer fra en korresponderende buss. Første 5 personer gikk bra, så kom det ombord en gutt med etterbarberingsvann på seg. Den stank fra langt unna. Jeg har hatt noen gode uker siste ukene, men da han kom som parfymebombe ombord bussen da var de gode tidene borte. Jeg begynte å hoste da luftveiene tettet seg og ble smalere, og det stoppet ikke opp. Det søkte seg bare dypere ned i lungene. Jeg tok medisin, men jeg fortsatte hoste og var tungpustet og det ble bare verre. Eimen låg i bussen. Heldigvis skulle jeg ha pause rett etterpå, så jeg parkerte bussen med alle dørrer og vindu åpne i det kalde været. Jeg måtte lufte ut bussen, det stank av hans barbervann i hele bussen. Han ville sannsynligvis gjøre seg fin for andre, istedet ble han et helseproblem.

Her er noen flere eksempler

Noen bruker parfyme, andre har ikke sprayet parfyme på seg, men bruker dufttilsatte vaskeprodukter for sine klær. Parfymerte produkter lukter også, og de inneholder de samme stoffene som vanlig parfyme, pluss flere andre stoffer. Andre bruker dufttilsatte hårprodukter og hårspray. Jeg blir sjuk av det også på likt med ren parfyme. De fleste tenker ikke på at andre også bruker parfymerte produkter, det virker som om de tror i hvert sitt hjørne av verden at det bare er de selv som gjør det. Samlet blir det mye. I hverdagen møter jeg hele tiden folk som bruker parfyme av noe slag. Det er overalt.

Astma er fælt.Etter frokost er det å enten gå på jobb eller en fridag, og ut av huset. Nå er det på tide å møte resten av verden, og omgås med mennesker og alle deres vaner. I løpet av en arbeidsdag sitter jeg bak rattet i en buss – et rom – og møter mange mennesker, og de fleste av dem bruker parfyme, og svært mange av dem røyker. Det samles mange mennesker i en buss. I forhold til det så er det ikke forskjell på en buss og et vanlig rom i et hus.

De går inn i bussen uvitende om at jeg har astma. De lukter av parfyme, noen har dusjet i den samme morgenen. Noen bruker gammel parfyme, det kan du lukte fra duften av det. Klærne lukter av parfyme fra vaskemidler, tøymykner, deodoranter, og slikt. Parfyme i sin reneste form, parfyme, barbervann, cologne og andre parfymerte produkter er også hyppig brukt. Sterke hårsprayer, hår wax og gel, deodoranter, kroppsspray, parfymert sjampo, balsam, såpe og dusjcreme osv. Lukten treffer nesen min, og det dufter ofte godt. Det gasser av seg og brer om seg i luften. Lungene reagerer momentant med å bli tette og jeg får astmaanfall. I tillegg, en røyker kastet sigaretten utenfor bussen og går smilende inn døren mens han blåser røyken ut inne i bussen, og noen blåser røyken i ansiktet mitt. Siden jeg trenger oksygen som alle andre, så må jeg også  puste akkurat som alle andre. Den parfymen eller røyken som nettopp rørte nesen min er nå på vei ned i lungene mine. Nå skjer det, jeg kjenner en raspende følelse i lungene mine, jeg hører og kjenner surkling fra lungene, så får jeg tung pust. Det blir vanskeligere å puste, og da kjenner jeg at lungene mine strammer seg sammen og låser seg i en stram posisjon. Jeg begynner å hoste. Hoste er kroppens måte å jobbe hardere for å få luft, og ved å hoste for å få mer luft må jeg også inhalere mer av andre personers parfyme eller røyk som er i lufta, og da får jeg enda mer vanskelig å puste, og jeg hoster hardere og hardere. Det blir en ond sirkel. Kunden spør gjerne om det er virus? De er redd det smitter. Jeg må få frisk luft, derfor åpner jeg sidevinduet. Jeg kjenner den friske luften som kommer inn, og snur hodet litt vekk fra kunden for å begrense noe av den parfymen og røyken fra å få direkte tilgang til lungene mine. Jeg prøver å få i meg frisk luft utenfra ned i mine luftveier, og hvis det ikke hjelper holder jeg pusten for å unngå å få kundenes parfyme og røyk i lungene mine. Så selger jeg billetten og gir kunden vekselen så fort som mulig.

Ei dame kommer ombord bussen og vil ha billett til byen. Håret hennes er stivt som pinneved, hardt sprayet med hårspray. Noe billig sterkt som stinker lang vei. I det hun går inn bussens dørr så kjenner jeg lungene mine knyter seg i brystkassa.

En ny mandag, en ny uke på jobb. Folk går inn i bussen med sin parfyme og røyk. Jeg selger billetter som forrige uke, og uken før, og uken før det… Jeg fortsetter å bli sjuk av andre sin parfyme og røyk. De lener seg mot meg for å kunne snakke i all støyen i bussen, og igjen og igjen røykeres sin pust utløser min astma, en dose parfyme, noen andre kjemikalier i noen produkter de bruker starter en betennelses reaksjon i lungene og kramper i musklene. Det er det som er astma, og igjen og igjen blir jeg sjuk.

Parfyme, barbervann osv på kolleger m.fl

Kolleger er også mennesker og bruker parfyme og parfymerte produkter. For eksempel har jeg vært bort i at kollegaer med masse barbervann på seg har vært i et rom. Da jeg kommer inn i rommet kjenner jeg lukten av barbervannet og sekunden etterpå så knyter seg lungene og jeg får hoste og pustevansker og må fly rommet. Jeg må gjøre ærendet en annen dag.

En annen opplevelse var når jeg skulle ta over ruta etter en annen sjåfør. Vi skulle ha avløsning på skiftet. Han skulle gå av, og jeg skulle gå på. Vedkommende hadde barbervann på seg og jeg måtte åpne alle dørrer og vinduer for å lufte ut før jeg kunne kjøre videre. Igjen tettet lungene seg.

På pauserommet og i lokaler på jobb skal alle kunne trives. Der er røykfritt, men det er lov å bruke parfyme fordi der er ingen lov mot parfymebruk. Kolleger med barbervann og parfymer på seg. Rommet fylles av duft. Lungene knyter seg, luftveiene blir tett, omtrent som når du tråkker på en slange. Luften kan vanskelig passere. Jeg får astmaanfall og må fly ut på trappene, ta medisin. Ibland kan jeg ikke gå inn igjen.

Det er koselig å gå og handle og ikke mindst behøver man i bland noe nytt. Turen til butikken kan være en utfordring.

Jeg går til kjøpesenteret for å handle. Jeg spatserer inn i en motebutikk og tenker på å kjøpe en genser. Jeg gleder meg til å finne noe. Jeg går rundt i butikken og finner det jeg leter etter. Gla og fornøyd søker jeg håpefult etter kassan og finner den. Like ved siden av den er parfymeavdelingen plassert, egentlig på begge sidene, og foran kassan. Kassan er omkrinset av parfymeprodukter. Folk står der og prøver parfyme på seg, de sprayer parfyme på sig og i luften fra flaskene. Det sprer seg i luften og jeg kan kjenne lukten fra langt borte. Kasserer er bare noen skritt unna. Noen skritt fra at den genseren jeg vil ha blir min. Jeg ser på genseren min, og deretter på parfymestanden og så på kassan dit jeg må gå for å få genseren med meg hjem. Jeg vet at hvis jeg går til kassan da vil jeg bli sjuk. Da vil lungene ta kvelertak på meg. Med et trist sukk legger jeg den genseren tilbake på hyllen hvor jeg fant den, og forlater butikken. Ingen genser til meg, og alt på grunn av parfyme. :'(

Etter jobb må jeg gå på handletur. Jeg trenger litt mat og noen vaskeprodukter, rengjøringsmidler og hygieneprodukter. Jeg tar en handlevogn, og rusler ned til hyllene. Tar min juice, brød, margarin, melk, middag, frukt og grønnsaker. Så langt går alt bra. Nå er det på tide å gå inn blandt hyllene for å kjøpe vaske- og rengjøringsmidler. Her er mye å velge mellom, alle slags merker og de fleste av dem er fulle av parfyme, farge og andre kjemikalier. Og midt i iblandt det finner jeg de produktene jeg kan bruke uten å bli sjuk. De som ikke innholder nettopp parfyme og fargestoffer. Problemet er bare at de er plassert blandt alle de produktene jeg blir sjuk av, og for å kjøpe dem må jeg stå midt opp i alle kjemikalier fra de andre produktene jeg bli sjuk av. Selv om de er i sine pakker er konsentrasjonen av parfymer og kjemikalier i luften så sterk jeg at bli sjuk likevel. Det siver ut av pakningene. Noen pakker lekker også. Lungene mine strammer og jeg blir sjuk igjen. Hvorfor kan de ikke ha en spesiell hylle på egen hånd for disse astmavennlige produktene? Jeg blir sint, og jeg tenker at jeg har jeg bedt dem så mange ganger! Noen ganger har jeg bokstavelig talt måttet løpe inn i gangen og ta tak i produktet jeg ønsker og så løpe fort ut igjen for å bli så lite eksponert som mulig. Jeg føler meg som en idiot når jeg gjør det. Jeg ser meg rundt for å se om noen så meg gjøre det? Hva ville de tenke? Samme skjer når jeg må kjøpe dusjsåpe, såpe, sjampo, balsam, tannkrem, hudkrem, deo osv. Alle står plassert i midten av alle merkene jeg blir sjuk av, og jeg må gå gjennom eimen i fare å bli sjuk bare for å kjøpe det jeg ikke blir sjuk av. Kan jeg få spørre… Hvor idiotisk er det?

Astma reagerer på stoffer 0,02 ppm i luften.

Jeg dro til et kontor dagen etter et digert astmaanfall. Jeg gikk gjennom inngangsdørren. I første etasje er det forskjellige butikker og en kafé. Da jeg kom i inngangsdøren kjente jeg en svak aroma fra et duftlys eller muligens røkelse. Jeg måtte passere for å komme dit jeg skulle, der er bare en vei. Jeg følte lungene mine bli irritert igjen og jeg ble sint, for bare noen få timer siden hadde jeg et kraftig astmaanfall og var på sjukehuset på natta og jeg måtte bruke mye penger på behandling for å bli bedre. Jeg var sliten og lungene mine var slitne og kjentes svake. På grunn av parfymeringen av luften måtte jeg løpe til heisen mens jeg holdt pusten for å komme ut av entreen. Jeg følte lungene mine tette seg, men heldigvis, heissen åpnet seg og jeg kunne finne min redning i et litet lukket rom uten duft og parfyme. Der luktet det kun av sandstøv fra gulvet heldigvis.
På vei ut fra kontoret igjen måtte jeg gå gjennom det samme shoppingområdet igjen, og nå begynte lungene mine å demonstrere på ordentlig. Jeg måtte løpe ut av senteret for å få frisk luft og ta medisin for å bryte ned astmaattakken.

Fragrance branding, eller duftmarkedsføring som det kalles på norsk

Duftmarkedsføring (signaturdoft, fragrance marketing, scent marketing) er parfymering av inneluft i lokaler der offentligheten har adgang. Det gjørs før att lure kundene å kjøpe mere og bli lengre i lokalet. Det er for eksempel men ikke utelukkende populært hos butikker, kjøpesenter, hoteller, konferanserom, restauranter, toaletter og slike anlegg med flere. Det blir bare fler og fler som bruker signaturdofter. Slik gjør stedet ubrukelig for astmatikere og andre sensitive. Det skjer titt når jeg skal på offentlig toalett eller på f.eks. en bensinstasjon eller kro at jeg ikke kan gå på do pga av duftpumper eller andre parfymeprodukter montert derinne. Det er kjipt å måtte velge mellom å gå på do og å få astmaanfall, men det er virkeligheten de ferreste som bruker slik i sine lokaler tenker på. Det gjelder forresten også duftlys, airfreshener og doblokker. Det er bedre å gjøre rent oftere med parfymefrie produkter, og lufte ut.


En tur på apoteket kan også bety utfordringer. Spesielt i juletid er det mye salg av diverse parfymerte varer og røykelse. Jeg opplevde sist jul å ikke kunne være inne i apoteket fordi der var så sterke parfyme og røykelse i luften. Jeg gikk inn i apoteket for å få medisin for å holde meg frisk fra astma, og måtte flykte apoteket på grunn av det som gjør meg sjuk. Jeg hadde en kraftig astmaattakk inne i apoteket og måtte forlate resepten med apotekeren og løpe ut av apotekets lokaler. Jeg ble for sjuk for å være der. Jeg måtte stå utenfor i gaten, og jeg måtte rope til henne gjennom døren hva jeg trengte og fortelle henne å levere medisinen utenfor på gaten der jeg var ventet. Jeg kunne ikke gå inn. Bli sjuk, tvunget ut på gaten på grunn av det, og en følelse av å ha blitt forvist, ydmykelse og sjukdom, pluss alle stirrer på meg. Jeg kunne ikke gå på apoteket i hele desember og halve januar. Et sted jeg må gå for å få medisinene mine.

I kaffebaren der sitter jeg blant mange mennesker. Mange har kledd seg fine for å møte venner. Hyggelig. Trist ved det er at de også kler seg opp i parfyme, hårspray osv. Jeg drikker min kaffe. Føler infeksjonen i lungene snike seg på meg igjen på grunn av parfymen. Hvis jeg blir meget plaget da kommer jeg til å bli meget dårlig, og da må jeg reise herfra også.

Å møte venner som ikke helt har forstått hvor ille det kan være å ha astma i deres parfymerte miljøer kan være en utfordring. Samtidlig som man vil si rett ut – Fytt i… hva du stinker! Så vill man ikke såre sine venner og tar den pene versjonen. Bl.a har jeg en venninne, en kjempedame, jeg liker henne masse og vi har det koselig sammen. Dessverre er en av hennes største interesser nettopp parfyme, og hun bruker gjerne sterke og ofte parfyme. Hun røyker også litt. Når vi treffes og hun har parfymert seg eller røyker da må jeg gå 2-3 meter unna henne for å ikke bli sjuk. Jeg vil ikke ødelegge stemningen så jeg går et stykke unna henne. Det er min løsning for at hun ikke skal bli lei seg. Jeg tror ikke hun helt forstår hvordan astma rammer når det skjer. Det er blitt litt bedre, nå vet hun at hun ikke må ha det på i bilen. Jeg håper hun slutter med det helt. Det er litt kjedelig å bli sjuk av en klem når man møtes. Man kjenner duften før man ser henne ibland, og det er litt synd fordi hun er en så hyggelig dame.

På besøk hjemme hos andre kan man få erfare følgende.

Vedkommende vasker klær i parfymerte vaskemedler og tøymyknere og tromler klærne. Gassene fra tørketrommelen sprer om seg og jeg kan ikke være der. Vask av tøy i parfymerte produkter og tørking av tøy i tørketrommel gir meget brutale og akutte astmaanfaller. Det er så ille at jeg må bare ut derfra. Duftlys som brennes sprer sakte om seg, og det blir mer og mer av gassene og røyken i rommet, og opplevelsen av å få astmaanfall av duftlys er omtrent som om du suger oksygenet ut av rommet. Det er en smygende kvelende opplevelse og til slutt må jeg ut av rommet og kanskje ut av huset. Å gå inn igjen er ikke et alternativ.

Luftfreshere er poulært også i private hjem. Her får jeg en blanding av det som skjer ved klesvask, tørketromling og duftlys.

Å hjelpe til med oppvasken kan være en prøvelse det også, fordi hva står ofte på benken? Jo parfymert oppvaskmedel! Er i grunn rart det må være slik, parfyme har ingen rengjøringsevne, det sprer bare om seg en eim av kjemikalier som jeg og mange andre blir sjuke av. Det blir like rent uten parfyme.

Sove borte hos andre kan også by på problemer. De fleste vasker sengetøyet sitt i parfymerte vaskemedler og tøymykner. Da det har tørket får jeg ikke så umiddelbare akutte reaksjoner, men mere slike som bygger seg opp over tid. Mange elver små, blir til en stor elv etterhvert. Å sove er jo noe som tar tid, man ligger lenge i parfymeeimen, så om morgenen etter, eller etter noen dager hos andre kan pusten bli tung og lungene tette.

Sover jeg over hos andre og ikke har mine egne parfymefrie og fargefrie såpe, dusjkrem, sjampo, balsam, hudkrem, deo osv med meg da kan jeg ikke dusje. Jeg må enten bare dusje i vann uten å bruke såpe og slik, eller vente til jeg kommer hjem. Hvis jeg vasker meg i parfymerte såper i dusjen da får jeg astmaanfall.

Rengjøringsmedler hjemme hos andrem bedrifter,  og overalt ellers byr på samme utfordringen. Det er veldig vanlig at folk bruker parfymerte og kjemikaliefylte rengjøringsmedler på sprayflaske for eksempel, og ditto andre rengjøringsmedler for gulv, benker osv. Alt dette gjør meg sjuk. Ja, du begynner kanskje endelig å se hvordan det kan være å  leve med dette?

Kvelden kommer og jeg får en telefon. En venn spør om jeg ønsker å gå på restaurant? Jeg blir veldig glad og sier –  Ja, jeg henter deg om en halvtime! :) Jeg parkerer utenfor og venter på ham. Når han entrer bilen smiler jeg og sier – Hei! og i samme sekund jeg får et astmaanfall. Han glemte at jeg har astma og hadde sprayet etterbarberingsvann over hele seg. Den aftershaven var mye og så sterk, og duften fylte hele bilen, dvs parfymekjemikaliene spredde seg i hele bilen. Jeg måtte åpne alle vinduene samtidig som jeg hostet stygt da lungene prøver å få luft, og tok min medisin. Men medisinen hjalp ikke, det var ikke nok. Lungene tok kvelertak på meg. Jeg medisinerte mye for å holde anfallene nede. Jeg fikk det ikke å gå bort, jeg klarte bare å  få det å bli litt mindre ille. Det var kaldt ute og vi kjørte med vinduene åpne. Min venn frøs, men jeg kunne ikke lukke vinduene, fordi hvis jeg gjorde jeg ville bli veldig sjuk, det var ille nå men ville i så fall bli enda verre. Hvis jeg lukket vinduene ville jeg ha måttet stoppe og gå ut av bilen selv. Jeg måtte ha frisk luft. Jeg kan ikke sitte i en bil der er parfyme hverken duftgran, doftblokk, eller på personer, og det var en 15 minutters kjøretur til restauranten. Jeg måtte ha vinduene åpne, men selv med vinduene åpne ble jeg meget syk selv om det gjorde det bittelitt bedre. Eneste andre alternativet ville vært å la ham ut av bilen og la ham gå hjem. Det opplevde jeg ville vært uvennlig. På restauranten var jeg sjuk hele kvelden. Det etterbarberingsvannet nådde meg over hele bordet, og min helse var avvist hele kvelden. Jeg prøvde å medisinere, det hjalp litt, men det var egentlig aldri slutt på elendigheten. Det var i grunn like ille fra start til slutt. Det var også mulig å høre det på snakkingen min. Røsten ble hes og svak. Min pust gjorde at stemmen min hørtes rar ut og skurrende. Det er et vanlig symptom på astma fordi du må ha god luftstrømming i luftvieene for å kunne snakke. Etter en stund måtte jeg besøke dametoalettet. Både for å komme til toalettet, for å få et avbrekk fra parfymen ved bordet og også for å ta medisinen min. Tok min Symbicort Turbuhaler medisin, min Ventoline var ikke sterk nok å bekjempe anfallet så jeg måtte prøve noe, og jeg trengte å skylle munnen min. Det må man etter å ha tatt den medisinen. Jeg gikk inn til dametoalettet og en vegg av parfyme i form av vaskemidler og luftoppfrisker møtte meg. Jeg bare tok medisin, og for å skylle munnen min måtte jeg på do, og nå fikk jeg igjen pusteproblemer på grunn av rengjøringsmidler og luftoppfrisker. :( Fra asken igjen i ilden. Jeg renset munnen, og deretter raskt ut igjen, tilbake til bordet og all parfyme. Fortsatt sjuk. Enda en slutten av en dag kom. Igjen tok jeg mine medisiner før natten. Falt i søvn. Jeg hadde det ikke bra i det hele tatt.

Fest betyr å kle seg pent, og da kler seg folk også opp i parfymekjemikalier. Å sitte mange i et rom uansett situasjon og der er parfyme gir dårlig inneluft og astmaanfaller. Jeg har bl.a. opplevd det både i pauserommet på jobb, i bussen, hjemme hos folk, i kø på butikken og i festlige sammenhenger.


Tidlig om morgenen, jeg skulle jobbe. Det var en frisk og klar dag med frisk luft. Jeg ruslet mot bilen stående på parkeringsplassen. Så hørte jeg raske steg i grusen bak meg. Det var min nabo som var sent ute på veg til jobben. Hun var i hastverk for å nå bussen. Jeg sa den er snart reist og at jeg kunne gi henne lift. Jeg kjører forbi sykehuset hvor du arbeider, sa jeg. Hun ble veldig glad. Vi satte oss inn i bilen. I samme sekund hun lukket døren kjente jeg duften av parfymen hennes. Lungene mine reagerte umiddelbart på det. Plutselig angret jeg min godhet å tilby å gi henne skyss. Men nå hadde hun sikkert misset bussen og jeg kunne ikke spørre henne om å gå ut av bilen. Jeg åpnet vinduene uten å fortelle henne at jeg ble sjuk, og tok noe medisin. Jeg holdt stille om det. Jeg ville ikke fornærme henne. Men jeg tror dessverre jeg vil tenke to ganger før jeg gir henne en tur igjen. Hvis så må hun gå vaske av seg parfymen. Det suger å bli sjuk bare fordi man er snill.

Kjærlighet er godt når det fungerer og helsen er god.

Noen ganger tenker jeg på å finne en kjæreste. Noen ganger føler jeg det ville være fint å ha noen. Men da har jeg problemet med astmaen min. Jeg kan ikke ha en mann som bruker tobakk, jeg ville bli sjuk av bare pusten hans og kysset, og det som sitter i klær, hår, hud osv fordi røyken sitter der også etterpå. Det er ikke bare røyken som er et problem. I tillegg så er det å kysse en røyker virkelig som å slikke et askebeger, det smaker veldig ille. Og så må han ikke bruke parfyme og parfymerte produkter, og om han bruker parfyme og parfyerte produkter må han slutte med det, fordi jeg blir jo sjuk av det. Slik kan være vanskelig å få til. Veldig mange aksepterer ikke å måtte forandre på sine vaner og liker. Så nå er sikkert godt over halvparten av den mannlige befolkningen ute av bildet. Så hva er igjen da alle de er sortert ut? På toppen av det etter å ha sortert alle “giftige” kandidater ut, må jeg finne noen som matcher meg blant dem. Og hvor å finne ham? For en vidunderlig verden det ville være uten parfyme og røyk. Dager med mulighet til kjærlighet. Dager uten sykdom! Og kanskje til og med dager uten medisin? Vel, medisin må jeg nok ha likevel, men i hvert fall dager med ikke så mye medisiner og færre astmaanfall. Hver gang jeg blir sjuk i astma må jeg medisinere mere. Jeg får astmaattakker ofte om jeg blir eksponert, og da bruker jeg mye medisiner. Hvis jeg utsettes for mindre kjemikalier, allergener og irritanter da får jeg mer sjeldent astmaattakker, jeg er mindre sjuk og bruker mindre medisin.

Jeg snakket litt om det å gå på toalettet.

Det å gå på do er gjerne noe de fleste tar for gitt at det går bra, men slik er ikke tilfelle for en sensitiv person. Å gå på do kan være en utfordring som ikke går på det som de fleste skulle reagere på, nemlig et skittent toalett. Ok, vi som er sensitive liker ikke heller skitne toaletter, og akkurat slik som ikke sensitive så snur jeg også i døra om der er uspiselig.  Men i tillegg til dette kan parfymerte, fargesatte, antiseptiske, sterke rengjøringsmedler, luftoppfriskere, duftblokker, duftlys, røykelse, duftpumper osv gjøre toalettet til en utilgjengelig sone. Når slik er brukt på toalettet blir det som en barriære, en vegg som ikke går å gå gjennom. Du kan gjerne sammenligne det med rullestolbrukere og trapper. Lungene tetter, det surkler, jeg hoster, kan ikke puste jeg må løpe fra stedet. Da står jeg der og får ikke gå på do pga parfyme. Det er ikke greit.

Å ta en tur på fergen, butikken, kjøpesentra, ta ut en nyvasket buss på jobb, eller ta bussen til butikken, offentlige kontorer osv kan også by på utfordringer og sjukdom. På fergen og alle andre steder vasker de som alle andre gjør, og selvfølgelig er det bra at det blir rent, men de er ikke bevisste på astma og allergi. Her bruker de kun slik parfymert og masse kjemi som jeg og alle andre sensitive mot dette blir sjuk av.  Det er møkkavær ute, jeg har enten ikke bilen med meg, eller det er så kalde ute at det er uholdbart å sitte i bilen på turen over. Jeg beslutter meg for å gå til salongen. Renholderen er der og bruker både rengjøring på sprayflaske og andre ting, alt er sterkt og parfymert. Jeg kjenner lungene reagerer og jeg må snu i dørren og gå ut i kulda og været igjen. Lukket ute av parfyme og sterke kjemi. Dette skjer også i jobb, som bussjåfør så tar jeg ofte ferge i jobben. Det skjer også andre steder der slike medler blir brukt.

En episode jeg husker meget godt var like før jul et år og jeg skulle kjøpe poteter til julmaten. Jeg kom til butikken og gikk inn dørren. Jeg kjente det luktet vaskemiddel og de holdt på å vaske hele gulvet. Men jeg kom ikke lenger enn innafor grindene ved kassene før jeg fikk et alvorlig astmaanfall, det formelig stank i hele butikken av det vaskemiddelet som var så sterkt at det luktet sterkt som avfetting omtrent. Jeg prøvde medisinere med astmamedisin i håp om at det skulle gå over, men det gjorde det ikke, jeg kjente det bygget opp til et skikkelig ille og akutt anfall så jeg måtte gå ut av butikken. Jeg kunne ikke være der. Kassadamen som jeg bruker snakke med hørte mitt astmaanfall og ble opprørt. – Reagerer du så ille? sa hun. Ja, jeg kan ikke være her, sa jeg. Så gikk jeg ut.

Hva man bruker for å vaske lokalene er veldig viktig for kundene.

Men jeg trengte potetene mine så jeg måtte jo bare handle, og så tidlig er det bare en butikk åpen. Så jeg gikk ut i bilen og hentet vernemasken min som jeg bruker i jobben, tok den på og fullførte handleturen. Men det er både uholdbart, uakkseptabelt og pinlig å måtte gå med en slik maske på seg fordi butikken blir vasket, men jeg har ikke noe valg når de bruker så kjemikaliefylte vaskemidler.

Å passere forbi en butikk med åpen planløsning ut mot sentret, dvs åpne dørrer eller ingen dørrer, gjør at parfyme og parfyme fra parfymerte produkter, også essensielle oljer, sprer seg i luften og forårsaker astmaanfaller.

Å stå i kø

Å stå i kø byr også på sjukdom. Foran meg og bak og i bland ved siden av meg står folk med parfyme på seg, deo, kroppsspray, hårprodukter, vaskemedler, tøymyknere osv. I bland må jeg holde noe for nese og munn, og i verste fall må jeg gå og får ikke kjøpt eller gjort det jeg skal.

Det er viktig å være ren når man treffer sensitive personer, også ukjente, det er viktig å være parfymefri. En meget skitten person  som ikke har vasket seg på noen dager er like ille som en person som bruker parfyme. Begge deler gir astmaanfaller.

Noen ganger kan jeg ikke sove så godt, og noen ganger våkner jeg også på grunn av astman. Jeg har erfaringer av å våkne opp av astmaanfall. Mine lunger kvelte meg, og jeg våknet. Lungene strammet, jeg fikk ikke luft. Det var skremmende. Måtte skynde på kjøkkenet for å ta medisiner. Da kjente jeg meg ikke så tøff, jeg var redd.

Jeg har ryddet mitt hjem for parfymerte vaskeprodukter, parfymerte rengjøringsprodukter og hygieneprodukter for å hjelpe min helse. Jeg kjøper parfymefritt. Hjemme er det en parfyme- og røykfri sone. I hvert fall her blir jeg ikke sjuk av røyk og parfyme. Vel, det er så lenge de besøkende som kommer hit ikke bruker parfyme og røyk også om de må røyke ute, det er det med Third hand smoke. Både mitt hjem og min bil er en parfyme- og røykfri sone. Det er som en sensitiv facebokkvenninne sa: Du er velkommen til meg, men husk at da du er parfymert da er du min sjukdom, og da du er parfymefri da er du min helse. Velkommen!

De fleste tror at hvis man er “allergisk eller noe” da er det bare å ta medisin, og deretter er problemet løst. Det er ikke det rette svaret. De medisinene hjelper, men de kurerer ikke sykdommen, det tar bare bort noe av plagene. Det som skjer er istedet at når man fortsetter å bli utsatt for det man er allergisk og sensitiv mot, at symtomene ligger og ulmer hele tiden. Det går ikke bort. Man tar medisin for å trykke det ned, men da man fortsatt blir utsatt for allergenene og irritantene hele tiden da fyrer det opp under astman igjen og igjen og igjen. Det blir som en dampkjele som prøver å løfte et stempel, mens man trykker stempelet ned fra overfra. Dampkokeren som prøver å løfte stempelet er astman som reagerer på allergener og irritanter som f.eks parfyme, og trykket nedover er medisinene, og slik fortsetter det helt til man fjerner alle allergener og irritanter, da forsvinner trykket.  Reell hjelp er kun i å fjerne ting som gjør en allergisk, astmatisk, sensitiv person sjuk. Og hva som gjør det verre er at hvis man må medisinere, fordi man blir sjuk av all denne eksterne eksponeringen – alle ting man blir sjuk av hele dagen andre steder enn hjemme – er at en må bruke så veldig mye medisin at man får skumle bivirkninger fra medisinene som for eksempel skjelvinger, hjertetklapping, og press på kroppens funksjoner når man ikke kan unngå eksponeringen. Det er virkelig en stor kamp å ha i tillegg til pusteproblemer. Det ville virkelig hjelpe hvis det ikke var røyk og parfyme i verden, fordi så mange bruker det daglig overalt, selv over hele verden. Hvor man enn går så er det der. Det er vanskelig for meg å tømme resten av verden for parfyme og tobakksrøyk og andre forferdelige kjemikalier som blir brukt av forfengelighet slik at jeg og andre kan få det bedre. Dette må du gjøre for meg, du som bruker det.

Nå blir jo dette meget tett med informasjon, og selvfølgelig gjør jeg andre ting innimellom også der jeg ikke har det slik som dette. Men det er gjerne der er mindre folk og folk som bryr seg om min helse der jeg har det bra. Men det jeg har skrivit her beskriver litt av det man må gjennomgå i en parfymert verden.

Det virker lett for folk å bry seg om de som har fødevareallergi, pelsallergi, pollenallergi, kvalsteralergi osv, men når det gjelder parfyme da blir de fleste irritert.


Parfyme, røykelse osv sprer seg fritt i luften som alle skal puste, akkurat som røyk gjør. Vi som ikke tåler parfyme må også puste, vi trenger ren luft.

Jeg ønsker meg en bred informasjonskampanje i tv og media om slik som dette jeg har fortalt om her, og jeg ønsker at det blir forbudt med bruk av parfyme, etterbarberingsvann, cologne, eau de toilette, inkludert essensielle oljer og bruk av alle sorter parfymerte produkter, fragrance marketing, doftpumper, s.k. luftoppfriskere der offentigheten har adgang og/eller kan komme inn, i tillegg også alle arbeidsplasser, også ansatte. Krav om ikke bruk av parfyme og parfymerte produkter og slik i offentlig transport både for ansatte, passasjerer og ved rengjøring. Både ansatte og kunder er sensitive. Ansatte må kunne arbeide uten å bli sjuke, og kunder må kunne benytte seg av bedrifter, kontorer osv uten å bli sjuke. I grunn ønsker jeg et forbud mot å tilsette parfyme i noen produkter i det hele tatt. Da kunne jeg og alle andre i min situasjon være frisk i flere situasjoner. Leve symtomfrie. Vi kunne treffe alle mennesker, gå overalt uten å bli sjuke.  Og jeg er slettest ikke allene om dette.  Det burde ikke være nødvendig å måtte bli sjuk pga andres forfenglighet og jåleri. Hva er viktigst? Helse eller jåleri?

Hva om det var du?

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Beskrivelse av en astmaattakk NB! Notere deg før du leser denne linken at jeg har ikke allergi mot hud, katt, pollen osv slik at dette kan utelukkes.

Likestillings og Diskrimineringsombudet om astma, allergi, sensitivitet og parfyme

Parfyme en luftforurensning – eller Passiv parfyme

The sensitivity trap

In English

I will here describe situations where perfume and sweet-smelling otherwise become a problem.

Those who know me know that I am a bus driver and have asthma diagnosed in 2007. I have never smoked and have never had asthma before this year. I got my asthma at work in a bus wash, it is an occupational injury. I am just one among millions of others who are sensitive to perfumes and related products.

Since I became asthmatic, I becine sensitive to among other things, perfumes in all types including scented products and also all kinds of colored products, tobacco, incense, etc. When I inhale any of this my lungs protest by the airways in the lungs become filled with mucus and the muscles around the bronchial spasms so my airways in the lungs become clogged and I have difficulty breathing. There has become an inhibition because it makes me unable to walk and be everywhere.

Lungs with asthma - a fresh left bronchiole - easy to breathe through, and to the right a sick bronchiole - not so easy to breathe through.

Lungs with asthma – a fresh leftover bronchiole – easy to breathe through, and to the right a sick bronchiole – not so easy to breathe through.Lungs with asthma – a fresh leftover bronchiole – easy to breathe through, and to the right a sick bronchiole – not so easy to breathe through.

Most people use fragrance in any form to make a good impression on other people. In a meeting with me and many others they become a health problem. Those who use perfume becomes a threat to the  very health of ours. This means that we pull ourselves away from them. They achieve the exact opposite and in addition they make us sick.

Here are some examples from the past incident


I drove the bus up the mountain and took on board some students and then drove back down again. At the end of the road by the way, it’s time to let other students on board coming from a corresponding bus. The first 5 people went well, then boarded a guy with a lot of aftershave on him. The stench cane from far away. I’ve had some good weeks past few weeks, but when he came as a perfume bomb aboard the bus and then there were good times gone… I started to cough when the airways clogged and narrowed, and it did not stop. It sought only deeper into the lungs. I took medicine but I kept coughing and was short of breath and it only got worse. Luckily I was going on break right afterwards, so I parked the bus with all doors and window open in the cold weather. I had to air out the bus, the stench of his after shave water in the bus had to go. He had probably perfumed himself to make him fine for others, instead he became a health problem.

Here are some more examples

Some use perfume, others have not sprayed perfume on themselves, but use scent added products for washing their clothes. Perfumed products smell too, and they contain the same ingredients as the regular perfume, plus several other substances. Others use scented hair products and hair spray. I get sick from that just as I get from perfume. Most people do not think that others are using scented products, it seems as if they believe in their corner of the world that are the only one doing it. Overall it is a lot. In everyday I meet people all the time who use perfume of any kind. It’s everywhere.

Asthma is bad.

Astma er fælt.“After breakfast it’s either going to work or a day off, and out of the house. Now is the time to meet the rest of the world and interact with people and all their habits. During a working day I sit behind the stearing wheel of a bus and meet many people, and most of them use perfume, and many of them smoke. They go into the bus unaware that I have asthma. They smell of perfume, some have showered in it the same morning. Some use old perfume that you can sense from the smell of it. Clothes smell of perfume from detergents, fabric softeners, deodorants and such. Perfume in its purest form, aftershave, cologne and other scented products are also frequently used. Strong hair spray, deodorants, body spray, etc. The smell hit my nose and it often smells good. A smoker throw their cigarette right outside the bus door and enter the door smiling while blowing smoke out inside the bus, and someone blows smoke in my face. Since I need oxygen like all others, I must also breathe just like everyone else. The scent and smoke that just touched my nose is now moving down my Airways and into my lungs. This is it, I know a rasping sensation in my lungs, I hear and know crackles from the lungs, so I get breathless. It’s getting harder to breathe, and then I know that my lungs tighten up and locks in a tight position. I start to cough. Coughing is the body’s way to work harder to get air, and by coughing to get more air, I must also inhale more of other people’s perfume or smoke in the air, and then I get even more difficult to breathe, and I cough harder and harder. It becomes a vicious circle. customers ask about it is virus? They are afraid it infects. I must get fresh air, so I open the side window. I feel the fresh air coming in, and I turn my head slightly away from the customer to limit some of the perfume and the smoke from getting direct access to my lungs. I’m trying to get fresh air from outsider into my airway, and if it does not help I hold my breath to avoid getting customers perfume and smoke in my lungs.’ll sell the ticket and provide customer the changes as soon as possible. ”

A woman walks on board the bus and want to have a ticket to the city. Her hair is stiff like smithereens, hard sprayed with hairspray. Something inexpensive that stinks strongly from far away. As she enters the bus door, I feel my lungs protest and close in the chest.

“A new Monday, a new week at work. People go into the bus with their perfume and smoke. I sell tickets last week and the week before and the week before that … I continue to get sick from second hand perfume and smoke. They leane toward me to talk in all the noise of the bus, and again and again their smokers breath triggers my asthma, a dose of perfume, some other chemicals in some products they use, and again and again I get sick. ”

Perfume, shaving water etc on colleagues

Colleagues are also human beings and using perfumes and scented products. For example, I have been experiencing that collueges  with lots of aftershave have been in a room. When I then enter the room, I know the smell of shaving water, and seconds afterwards it travels to my lungs and I get cough and breathing difficulties and must escape room. I had to do the errand another day.

Another experience was when I was going to take over the route by another driver. We were going to do a driver shift, and I was to take over his bus. The person had aftershave on him and I had to open all doors and windows to air out before I could drive on. Again clogged lungs themselves.

In the break room, all should be able to thrive. There is smoke free, but it is allowed to use perfume because there is no law against using perfume. Colleagues wearubg aftershavie and perfumes. The room is filled with fragrance. Lungs tie up, the airways become tight, much like when you step fill Your lungs with cotton. The air can difficult pass. I get asthma attacks and have to escape out on the stairs, take the medicine and ventilate the room.

It’s nice to go shopping and not least find something new. The trip to the store can be a challenge.

“I go to the mall to shop. I walk into a fashion shop and thinking of buying a sweater. I can not wait to find something, I am so exited. I walk around the store and find what I’m looking for. Happy searching I hopefully look for the cashier and find it. Just nearby to it is the perfume department located, really on both sides, and in front of it. The Cashier is circumference of perfume products. People stand there and try perfume on themselves, they spray perfume from bottles. It spreads in the air and I can smell from far away. Cashier are just steps away. I look at my sweater, and then the perfume stand and so on the cashier where I need to go to get the sweater with me. I know that if I go to the cashier when I will be sick. With a sad sigh I put the sweater back on the shelf where I found it, and leave the store. No sweater for me, and all because of perfume. : ‘(”

“After work I have to go shopping. I need some food and some cleaning products, detergents and hygiene products. I take a cart and stroll down to the shelves. Taking my juice, bread, margarine, milk, dinner, fruits and vegetables. So far everything goes good. now is the time to enter among the shelves to buy detergents. There is a lot to choose from, all kinds of brands and most of them are full of fragrance, color and chemicals. And right in the midst that I find the products I can use without getting sick. problem is that they are placed among all the products I get sick from, and to buy them, I must stand up in the middle of all the chemicals from the other products I get sick from . Though they are in their packages, the concentration of perfumes and chemicals in the air is so strong that I get sick anyway. My lungs tighten and I get sick again. Why can not they have a special shelf on their own for these products? I feel angry, and I think that I have I asked them so many times! Sometimes I literally had to run into the hallway to grab the product I want and then run quickly back out to be as little exposed as possible. I feel me like an idiot when I do it. I look around to see if anyone saw me do it? What would they think? Same happens when I have to buy shower gel, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body lotion, deodorant, etc. All is located in the middle of all the brands I get sick from, and I have to go through the shelfs at risk getting sick just buying what I do not get sick from. Could I ask … How stupid is that? ”

Asthma react to substances 0.02 ppm.

“I went to a office the day after an asthma attack. I went through the entrence door. On the first floor there are various shops and a cafe. When I came in the front door I felt a faint aroma of a scented candle or possibly incense. I had to pass, there is only one way in. I felt my lungs get irritated again and I was angry, for just a few hours ago, I had a strong asthma attack and was in hospital at night and I had to spend a lot of money on treatment to get better. I was tired and my lungs were tired and felt weak. Due perfumes in the air, I had to run to the elevator while I held my breath to get out of the hall. I felt my lungs clog, but fortunately, the elevator opened and I could find my rescue in a small closed room without fragrance and perfume. There smelled only of dirt from the floor thankfully.
On the way out of the office again, I had to go through the same shopping area again, and now my lungs began to demonstrate for real. I had to run out of the mall to get fresh air and take medicine to break down the asthma attack.

Fragrance branding, or scent marketing

Scent Marketing is the fragrance of the indoor air in offices and other localities where the public has access. It is made to lure customers to buy more. For example, but not exclusively popular with shops, shopping centers, hotels, conference rooms, and such facilities and more. To make it useless for asthmatics and other sensitive.


A trip pharmacist can also mean challenges. Especially at Christmas time is a lot sale of various goods and perfumed incense. I encountered last Christmas not to be able to og inside the pharmacy because there was so strong perfumes and incense in the air. The air is filled with what I get sick from. I went into the pharmacy to get medicine to keep me fresh from asthma, and had to flee the pharmacy because of what makes me sick. I had a powerful astma attack inside the pharmacy and had to leave the prescription with the pharmacist and run out of the pharmacy premises. I had to stand outside in the street, and I had to shout to her through the door what I needed and telling her to deliver it outside where I was waiting. I could not enter. Be sick, forced out on the street because of it, and a feeling of being banished, humiliation and disease, plus all staring at me. I could not go to the drugstore for all of December and half of January. A place I must go to get my medication.

“In the coffee shop where I sit among many people. Lots’re dressed nice to meet friends. Pleasant. Sad thing about it is that they dress up in perfume, hair spray, etc. I drink my coffee. Sensor infection in the lungs sneak up on me because of the fragrance. If I get very bothered when is going to be very bad, and then I have to leave here too. ”

To meet friends who do not quite understand how bad it can be to have asthma in their perfumed environments can be a challenge. While will say straight out – Oh my… what stinks! Since I do not want to hurt their feelings I take the pretty version. I have a friend, an awesome lady, I like her a lot and we have a great time together. Unfortunately, one of her biggest interests are… just right perfume, and she uses often harsh and often perfume. She smokes a little too. When we meet and she has scented and smoke I have to go 2-3 meter away from her to not become sick. I will not spoil the mood so I go a distance from her. This is my solution for that she will not be upset. I do not think she fully understands how asthma affects when it happens. It’s been a little better, now she knows that she must not wear it in the car. I hope she ends up With being the hero. It’s a bit sad to be sick of a hug when you meet. You know the smell before you see her sometimes, and it is a pity because she is such a nice lady.

On a visit at home of others one can also create experiences

The person washing clothes in scented detergents and fabric softeners and dry tumbling clothes. The gases from the dryer spread about and I could not be there. Asthma attack of washing and drying clothes are very brutal and acute asthma attacks. Scented candles burned slowly spreading about and the experience of getting asthma attacks of scented candles is to me as if you slowly suck the oxygen out of the room. It is a creeping suffocating experience and finally I have to escape the room and maybe out of the house.

Air fresheners are also popular in private homes. Here I get a mixture of what is happening when exposed to the laundry, tumble dryer and scented candles.

To help with the dishes can be an ordeal too, because what is often on the bench? The scented dishwashing fellow! It is strange it must be so, perfume has no cleaning ability, it spreads only about a whiff of chemicals that I and many others get sick from.

Sleep over at others can also pose problems. Most people wash their sheets in scented detergents and fabric softener. When it is dry I do not get that immediate acute reactions, but more so that builds up over time. And sleeping is something that takes time, so the morning after, or after a few days in others may be breathing heavy and clog the lungs.

When I sleep over at others and not have my own soap, shower cream, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant etc with me I can not shower. I have either just showering in water without using soap and such, or wait until I get home. If I wash myself in scented soaps in the shower I get  asthma attack.

Cleaning agents at the home of others offering the same challenge. It is very common that people use perfumed and chemical-filled cleaning products on spray bottle for example, and ditto cleaning products for floors, benches, etc. All this makes me sick. Yes, you may begin to finally see how it can be to live with this?

“The evening comes and I get a call. A friend asks if I want to go to a restaurant? I am very happy and say yes, I’ll pick you up in half an hour :) I park outside and wait for him. When he enters the car smiling and I say – Hey!, and in the same second I get an asthma attack. He forgot that I have asthma and had sprayed aftershave all over them. The scent was so strong, and the fragrance filled the whole car. I had to open all the windows while I coughed ugly as the lungs try to get air, and took my medicine. But the medicine did not help, it was not enough. Lungs strangling me. I medicated a lot to keep the attacks down. It was cold outside and we drove with the windows open. My Friend froze but I could not close the windows, because if I did I would be very ill, it was bad now but would then be even worse. If I closed the windows I would have had to stop and exit the vehicle myself. I must have fresh air. I can not sit in a car where the perfume and it was a 15 minute drive to the restaurant. I had to have the windows open, but even with the windows open, I was very sick even if it made it a tiny bit better. Only second option would be to let him out of the car and let him walk home. It felt I’d been unkind. At the restaurant, I was sick all night. The aftershave reached me across the table, and my health was rejected throughout the evening. I tried to medicate, it helped a little, but it was never really an end to the misery. It was as bad from start to finish. It was also possible to hear it on my voice talking, voice was hoarse and weak. My breath made my voice sounded strange and jarring. After a while, I had to visit the ladies room. Both to go to the toilet, to get a break from the perfume at the table and also to take my medicine. Took my Symbicort medicine, my Ventoline was not strong enough to combat attack so I had to try something and I needed to rinse my mouth after. I went into the ladies room and a wall of perfume in the form of cleaning products and  airfresheners met me. I just took the medicine, and rinse my mouth, I had to og to the bathroom and now I was left breathing problems because of cleaners and airfreshener. : ( From the ashes left in the fire. I cleaned my mouth, and then quickly out again, back to the table and all the perfume. still sick. Yet another end of a day came. Again I took my medication before night. Fell asleep. I was not good at all. ”

Attached to the means to dress nicely, and then dressed people also into perfume chemicals. To sit a lot in a room whatever the situation and there is perfume and poor indoor air result in asthma attacks. I have experienced it both in the break room at work, on the bus, in people’s homes, in line at the store and at festive occasions among other situations.


“Early in the morning, I was going to work. It was a fresh, clear day with fresh air. I walked towards the car standing in the parking lot. So I heard quick steps on the gravel behind me. It was my neighbor who was running late on her way to work . She was in haste to reach the bus. I said it’s almost gone and I could give her a lift. I drive past the hospital where you work, I said. She was very happy., we sat in the car. During the same second she closed the door, I felt the scent of her perfume. My lungs reacted immediately to it. Suddenly I regretted my goodness to offer to give her a ride. But now, she surely had missed the bus and I could not ask her to step out of the car. I opened windows without telling her I was sick and took some medicine. I kept quiet about it. I would not insult her. But I think unfortunately I will think twice before I give her a ride again. If so, she must go wash of the fragrance off her. It sucks to be sick just because you are kind. ”

Love is great when it works and your health is good.

“Sometimes I think about finding a man. Sometimes I feel it would be nice to have someone. But then, I have problem with my asthma. I can not have a man who uses tobacco, I would be sick from his breath and kisses. And he must not use perfumes and perfumed products, and if he is using perfume and fragranced products, he must give it up, because I get the sick from it too. Such may be difficult to achieve. A lot of people do not accept the need to change their habits and likes. So now certainly well over half the population are out of the picture. So what is left when all is sorted out? On top of that after sorting all the “toxic” candidates out, I have to find some meeting me among them. And where to find him? For a wonderful world it would be without perfume and smoke. Days with the ability to love. Days without sickness! And maybe even days without medicine? Well, I think I must have medicine anyway, but at least days with not so much medication and fever asthma attacks. Whenever I get sick in asthma I must medicate even more. I get asthma attacks often, so I use a lot of drugs. If I’m exposed to less chemicals and irritants then get I more rareøy get sick, I’m less sick and use less medicine. ”

I talked about it to go to the toilet.

Going to the bathroom is something most people take for granted that things are going well, but such is not the case for a sensitive person. To go to the bathroom can be a challenge but not due to what most would react, namely a dirty toilet. Ok, we who are sensitive also dislike dirty toilets, and just as not sensitive so I also turn in the door if it is nasty. But in addition to this, scented, color sat, antiseptic, strong cleaning agents, air fresher, scent blocks, scented candles, incense etc make the toilet to an inaccessible corner. When so used the toilet get a barrier, a wall that is not able to og through. You may want to compare it with wheelchairs and stairs. The lungs clog, the rattling, I cough, I have to run from it. As I stand there and is not able to go to the bathroom because of the perfume.

Taking a ride on the ferry, store, shopping centers, take out a freshly washed bus at work, or take the bus to the store, government offices etc may also pose challenges and disease. On the ferry and everywhere else they wash like everyone else does, and of course it is good that it is clean, but they are not aware of asthma and allergy. Here they use only scented and lots of chemistry that I get sick of. It is a bad weather out, I have either not the car with me, and it’s so cold out there that it is untenable to sit in the car on the ride over if I have it with me. I decide myself to go to the salon. The cleaning staff is there and use the cleaning spray bottle and other things, everything is strong and perfumed. I know the lungs react and I have to turn in the door and go out in the cold and the bad weather again. Locked out by perfumes and harsh chemicals. This also happens at work as a bus driver since I often take the ferry in the job. It also happens in other places where such cleaning agents are used.

One episode I remember very well was just before Christmas and I was buying potatoes for my Christmas dinner. I came to the store and went in the door. I smelled the cleaning Product as they were washing the floor. I got no further than within the gates before I had a severe asthma attack, it literally stank the whole store of the strong cleaning Product they used that was so strong it smelled strongly like degreasing about. I tried to medicate with asthma medicine in hope that it would pass, but it did not, I knew it built up to a real bad and acute attack so I had to walk out of the store. I could not be there. Cashier lady that I use to talk to heard my asthma attack and was upset. – Do you react so bad? she said. Yes, I can not be here, ‘I said. So I went out.

What you use to clean the premises are very important for customers.

But I needed my potatoes so I just had to act, and so early there is only one shop open. So I went out to the car and retrieved my protection mask that I use at work, put it on and completed shopping. But it is embarrassing to have to wear such a mask because the store is cleaned, I knew the others who were there looked at me. But I have no choice when they use as fragranced and chemical filled cleaners.

To pass through a shop with open plan onto the center, ie open door to the halls, make that perfume and fragrance from scented products, including essential oils, spreads in the air and causing asthma attacks.

To queue

To queue also offers disease. In front of me and behind and among beside me stand people wearing perfume, deodorant, body spray, hair products, vaskemedler, fabric softeners, etc. I have to keep something over the nose and mouth, and in the worst case I have to go and can not buy or have what I should.

It is important to be neutral when you meet sensitive people, also unknown, it is important to be fragrance free. A very dirty person who has not washed in a few days is as bad as a person who uses perfume. Both provide asthma attacks.

Sometimes I can not sleep so well, and sometimes I wake up too because of Asthma. I have experienced waking up by asthma attack. My lungs choked me, and I woke up. The lungs tightened, it did not air. It was scary. Had to rush to the kitchen to take medication.

I have cleaned my home for scented washing products, perfumed cleaning products and hygiene products to help my health. I buy perfume free. The home is a perfume and smoke free zone. At least here I do not get sick from smoke and perfume. Well, that is as long as the visitors who come here do not use perfume and smoke even if they must smoke outside, it is with Third hand smoke. Both my home and my car is a perfume and smoke free zone.

Most people think that if someone is “allergic or something” then it’s just taking medicine, then the problem is solved. It’s not the right answer. The medication helps, but they do not cure the disease, it just takes away some of the problems. What happens is instead that when one continues to be subjected to what one is allergic and sensitive to, the symtoms is smoldering constantly. It does not go away. You take medicine to push it down, but then you still are exposed to allergens and irritants all the time when firing it up under asthman again and again and again. It is like a steam boiler that is trying to lift a piston, while pushing the piston down from the tick. Steamer trying to lift the piston is Astman that react to allergens and irritants such as perfume, and pressed down the drugs, and so on until you remove all allergens and irritants. Real help is only to remove things that make an allergic, asthmatic, sensitive person ill. And what makes it worse is that if you have to medicate because they are sick of all this external exposure – all the things one gets sick all day long from so many sources elsewhere than at home, that one must use very much medicine that you get side effects from the medications tremors, heart clapping, and pressure on the body functions when you can not avoid it. It really is a great game to have in addition to breathing problems. It would really help if there was smoke and perfume in the world, because so many people use it everyday everywhere, even all over the world. Wherever it goes it’s there. It’s hard for me to clear the world of perfume and tobacco smoke and other horrible chemicals so I can get it better. You must do this to me, you who use it.

Now, this is the very dense with information, and of course I do other stuff in between too where I do not have it like this. But I have skrivit here describe some of the things you have to undergo a perfumed world.

It seems easy for people to care about those who have maternity care allergy, skin allergy, pollen allergy, kvalsteralergi etc, but when it comes to perfume when they are most annoyed.


Perfume, incense etc spreads in the air that everyone must breathe, just like smoking does. Us who can not tolerate perfume must also breathe, we need clean air to breathe.

I want a broad information campaign in television and media about like that I have talked about here, and I wish that it will be forbidden the use of perfume, aftershave, cologne and use of all kinds of scented products, including essential oils, where the public has These and / or may enter, in addition also all workplaces, whether employees. Requirements for the use of perfumes and perfumed products and to public transport for employees, passengers and the cleaning. Both employees and customers are sensitive. Employees must be able to work without getting sick, and customers must be able to benefit businesses, offices etc without getting sick. The reason I want a ban on adding fragrance to any products at all. Then I could and everyone else in my situation to be healthy in several situations. We could take all the people without getting sick of them. And I struggled test not allene about this. There should be no need to have to be sick because others Faafeng and affectation. What is most important? Health or affectation?

What if it were you?


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A community diagnosis of symptoms – by MD Aage Hegge Hansen

A community diagnosis of symptoms

MD Aage Hegge Hansen “As the first Norwegian doctor publicly (including on NRK) declared battle against perfume pollution, I have via the web come in contact with patients all over the world.

My contacts have strengthened me in theory that it is the fragrance of hygiene products that are hazardous to health, hygiene is not in itself, as some here at home has believed.

When the fourth of Norwegian adolescents with asthma, it is in reality a national disaster. This gives asthma including increased risk of fatal COPD later in life. But modern asthma therapy is so effective that patient and doctor can easily forget disease is so dangerous degree and that the best treatment is still trying to find the reasons for getting rid of asthma. Unfortunately, few people seem to be interested in it.

It is not many years ago since smokers could freely wide in all arenas. People with sensitive lungs could protest as much as they wanted, the smoke was a legal product that was lit where you found it for good. This is no longer, the health argument has trumped all other arguments, and now tobacco is rolled back using the law. It will thus soon become marginalized as a public health problem.

Now the perfume used is the main challenge, something most people are able to recognize at the individual level. If person A on the job stinks so strongly of perfume, that person B gets sick from it and are not able to be there anymore – it is then that B must quit his job, or is it A, which must begin to meet up with odor-free clothes? I would think that B’s claim of fresh air should be considered more legitimate than A’s desire to use perfume, in unlimited quantity, anywhere and anytime.

Perfume emissions primarily from clothing, hair and skin of the user, but also sits in the house and car interiors, which one gets secondary degassing up to months and years. The gases are causing a number of “conditions” as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), Building Related Illness (BRI) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). Primary and secondary perfume degassing has become so dominant  cause of disease, and gives such a typical view on the matter, depending on the degree of exposure and time exposed, it may be appropriate to define a separate syndrome; Perfume Related Illness (PRI).

Regardless, perfume and tobacco smoke two sides of the same contamination issue, and perfume use is so extensive now in 2011, that the whole body of society may be said to be sick and perfume damaged, in addition to that they are already and still tobacco damaged. The difference is that while damages to health du to tobacco is under consideration, with the Tobacco Act as medicine, no perfume injuries is taken up for discussion even in the responsible departments and organisations.
With the honorable exception of Asthma and Allergy Association, which at the congress in 2010 adopted a policy of smoke-and Fragrance-free public space. It is the only sensible from a public health perspective.” MD Aage Hegge Hansen, Norway

Read the original article in Norwegian

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Nut, fur and fragrance

People tend to treat different sensitvities differently. It seams Ok to be gentle, understanding and caring when it comes to food allergy, fur allergy and other such allergies, but when you start to talk fragrance people get  a strange look on their face. It is like when someone start to talk smoke bans with smokers, they do not seam to think perfume can be a cause of illness and also they stand up stating their right to use it. As I use to say to a friend who smokes that is very anti to alcohol, but think that it should be ok to smoke. He thinks it do not harm anyone, not as bad as alcohol does anyway. I say

” – If I sit beside you having a beer with my dinner when we eat together, it does not make you ill from it. But if you smoke beside me it makes me and others there ill.”

He still protests and claim it is a violation on his freedom and right to choose for himself. Many smokers are like this.

Then we have those who aka LOVE FRAGRANCE! If you tell them their fragrance is hurtful to your and other sensitive people’s health and that they should not use it, and if it comes to turms on a fragrance ban and protecting peoples health they turn red on you. They also feel it is their right to use fragrance, and they get offended and get sad, feeling like the smokers that it is a violation on their freedom and right to choose for themselves.

What about the freedom and right for those sensitive to be and stay healthy?

The big wonder is that it seam like it is all Ok! by people to care about those who are sensitive to food, animals, dust, grass and so on, all of what does not go on them personal. As long as they do not have to make a offering to prevent another person from getting sick it is alright to be allergic and sensitive, and then they are more than willing to help and care.




Make people think and care. Share!

* This article was made after a long period of time of discussing with other sensitive online, it is a widely spread problem to those sensitive this attitude among people. This article springs out of collected knowledge.

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Rhinitis – What is?

Rhinitis – What is?

There are two types of rhinitis: allergic rhinitis and non-allergic rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is caused by allergens. Allergy symptoms are the result of a chain reaction that starts in the immune system.  The antibodies travel to cells that release histamine and other chemicals, causing an allergic reaction with symptoms such as sneezing, stuffiness, a runny nose, itching and post-nasal drip. People with allergic rhinitis are also prone to itchy, watery eyes (from allergic conjunctivitis), and they may be more sensitive to irritants such as smoke, perfume or cold, dry air. Rhinitis can contribute to other problems such as asthma, sinus or ear conditions, or trouble sleeping.

Diagnosis of Allergic Rhinitis  An allergist/immunologist, will take a detailed health history, perform a physical exam and test you for allergies. Skin tests show the results within 20 minutes. Possible treatment plan: Steps to manage your symptoms include avoiding the allergens you are allergic to, medications or allergy immunotherapy (allergy shots).

Non-Allergic Rhinitis

Many people with rhinitis symptoms do not have allergies. If you have non-allergic rhinitis, avoiding allergens is unnecessary and won’t help your symptoms.

Non-allergic rhinitis usually begins in adults and causes year-round symptoms, especially a runny nose and nasal stuffiness. Strong odors, pollution, weather changes, smoke and other irritants may cause symptoms of non-allergic rhinitis. Non-allergic rhinitis symptoms can also develop as side effects of medications, including some blood pressure medicines, oral contraceptives or medications used for erectile dysfunction. Another type of non-allergic rhinitis is caused by nasal decongestant sprays such as oxymetazoline, when used for long periods of time. This type of medication-induced rhinitis is called rhinitis medicamentosa.

Treatment of Non-Allergic Rhinitis Oral antihistamines and anti-leukotriene drugs generally do not benefit non-allergic rhinitis. However, treatment options include nasal corticosteroid sprays and nasal antihistamine sprays. Ipratropium nasal spray can relieve a runny nose and decongestant pills can be used as needed to relieve nasal stuffiness.


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Allergy – What is?

Allergy is caused by allergens. These are substances which are usually harmless, but can cause allergic reactions in certain people.

Allergy symptoms are the result of a chain reaction that starts in the immune system. Your immune system controls how your body defends itself. For instance, if you have an allergy to pollen, your immune system identifies pollen as an invader or allergen. Your immune system overreacts by producing antibodies called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). These antibodies travel to cells that release histamine and other chemicals, causing an allergic reaction with symptoms.


Allergy can cause Rhinitis and Asthma among other things.


At the Pharmacy – perfume – by Annelie Molin

I had used up my box of 2 ml Ventoline asthma medicine and needed more. To get this one must go to the pharmacy. It is totally life necessary.


Usually it is manageable, it works for me.

Now Christmas is coming up and the gift shelfs are stacked with products. Even at the pharmacy. But they stack it with perfumed products, and inscense. The air gets filled with what I become sick from. I went into the pharmacy to get medicine to stay healthy from asthma, and had to flee the pharmacy due to what make me ill. I had an asthma attack inside the pharmacy and had to leave the subscription with the pharmacist and run out of there. I had to stand outside in the street, and I had to shout to her through the door what I needed and tell her to deliver it outside where I was waiting. I could not enter. Becoming ill, forced out because of it, and a feeling of being banished, humiliation and illness, pluss everyone staring at me.

This is absolutely intolerable.

One must be able to go to the pharmacy and get ones medicine without getting sick from it. A pharmacy is firsthand for those who are sick and needs their medicine, not for the healthy. Those who want perfume and fragranced products can and should buy that with the perfumery.

On top of it if we take an even closer look at this, it even locks me out from buying perfume free lotion, bandages if I would be in need of it, or what ever you need from a pharmacy, and the pharmacy is the place one can buy perfume free make up. So now I am locked out from getting my subscribtion medicine, lotion, make up a.s.o.

The pharmacy should be available to everyone. It is the place to get life saving medicine.

I am so angry it makes my blood boil.

Enough is enough!

/ Annelie

Update: 10 March 2014:
Medical Newspaper Dagens Medicin reports: A woman (not me) in Sweden experienced the same issue as me and reported the Pharmacy  in the Chain of Apoteket AB in Stockholm to Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) complaint on People trying Products perfumed and polluting the air.

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Products location in shops vs asthma and allergy

Hvordan produkter blir plassert i en butikk kan ha stor betydning for tilgjengligheten til både produkter og butikken.

En person med astma, allergi og sensitivitet kan bli stengt ute fra en butikk med dårlig produktplassering.

Se denne videoen for å lære mere om dette:

Viktig info til alle butikker

Video på

(I am sorry this video is in Swedish only)

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Wash laundry and laundry rooms – by Annelie Molin

(Scroll down for English)

Har man ikke problem med parfymer og kjemikalier selv kan det være vanskelig å forstå hvordan parfymerte vaskemidler kan være til problemer for sensitive.

I private hjem og andre steder blir det ofte brukt parfymerte vaskemedler og tøymyknere når man vasker tøy. Mange oppfatter det som en nytelse med duft, noe de ofte også tror er naturlige dufter. Dessverre innholder dufter som idag blir tilsatt vaskemedler er bare en stor coctail med kjemikalier i en blandning som lager en duft. Noen velger parfymerte vaskemedler i ukunnskap, eller pga økonomiske årsaker da de i villrede tror de mer helsefremmende vaskemedlene er dyrere.

For å ta et eksempel på en av situasjonene jeg selv har opplevd skal jeg fortelle om en gang jeg var på besøk hos en venn.

Jeg banket på dørra. Allerede i gangen utenfor dørra kjente jeg vaskemedelduften men visste ikke hva sort det var. Ikke at det har så stor betydning hva merke det er da det er parfymert, fordi parfymert er parfymert og jeg visste problemen ville melde seg. Jeg stod der og gruet meg.  Jeg ble sluppet inn, og kom inn i gangen og skulle henge av meg jakken. Duften av vaskemedlet og tøymyknere fra tørketrommelen var så sterk av det stakk i nesen, og sekundene etterpå så snørte seg lungene mine sammen og jeg begynte å hoste momentant og veldig hardt. Jeg fikk ikke pust. Jeg måtte fly stedet og løpe inn på stua med både klær og sko på, med håndvesken i hånden. Og dørråpningen til gangen måtte dekkes til og vinduene på stua åpnes. Derpå måtte medisinen fram. Krampene i lungene var meget kraftge.

Det er slitsomt å ha det slik. Det er slitsomt å måtte melde fra før man kommer på besøk og ikke kunne komme spontant. Det er slitsomt å måtte bli alvorlig sjuk i lungene fordi andre, også venner, på død og pine må bruke parfymerte produkter.

Bruker du parfymerte produkter? Tenk på at der er folk omkring deg som har besvær av det. Det er ikke et spørsmål om hvis der er folk som sliter med det, fordi 20-25 % av Norges borgere har noen form for astma og allergi og ofte sliter disse også med sensitivitet mot parfyme og sterke dufter. Noen er lungesjuke og disse får alvorlige symtomer med lunge- og pusteproblemer, andre får eksem, kløe, svie i øyner, hodepine, migrene osv. Ikke alle tør å si noe om det fordi de er redd å være uhøflige og støte seg med sine venner.

Også etter at de er brukt i maskinene så gir tøyet fra seg gasser. Det du oppfatter som duft, er i grunn kjemikaliene som gasser av seg i luften og spres til alle omkring som må puste det inn. Det sitter også i stoffet slik at de med kontaktallergi risikerer å få eksem, kløe osv.

Meldingen her er at om du har venner, eller har besøk av folk som er sensitive, eller i det hele tatt har lokaler der folk av alle sorter oppholder seg, ta da og kutt ut de parfymerte produktene. Velg mennesket og vennene før duften. Da er du en god venn og et godt medmenneske.

In English

If you have no problem with perfumes and chemicals, it may be difficult to understand how scented detergents could be a problem for the sensitive.

In private homes and other locations are often used perfumed deturgenst and fabric softeners when washing clothes and other fabrics. Many consider it a pleasure to use scent, something they often think are natural fragrances. Unfortunately contain today’s fragrances that are added to detergents just a huge cocktail of chemicals in a mixture that creates a fragrance. Some choose perfumed detergents in misguidence, or because of economic reasons as they puzzled think the more healthy is more expensive.

To take an example of one of the situations I have experienced, I’ll tell about a time I was visiting a friend.

I knocked at the Door. Already in the hallway outside door knew I could smell the fragrance but did not know what brand it was. Not that it’s so important what brand it is as it is scented, because perfumed are perfume whatever brand and I knew the problem would arise. I stood there and dreaded. I was let in, and came into the hallway and ws about to hang off my jacket. The scent of the detergent and fabric softeners from the dryer was so strong, it stinged in his nose, and seconds later my lungs tightened up and I began coughing instantaneous and very hard. I had to flee it and run into the living room with clothes and shoes with the handbag in hand. And the door the time had to be covered and the windows in the living room opened to give me fresh air. Thereupon I had medicate hard. Cramps in my lungs were very powerful. Not everyone say anythning about it, since they are afraid to be rude and make enemies with their friends.

It is difficult to accept this. It is tiring to have to notify before arriving for a visit and could not come spontaneously. It is tiring to have to be seriously ill in the lungs because others, also friends, must use perfumed products.

Do you use scented products? Consider that there are people around you who have symptoms of it. It is not a question of if there are people who struggle with it, because 20-25% of Norway’s citizens have some form of asthma and allergy and often these also struggling with sensitivity to perfumes and strong scents. Some are lung sickness and these are serious symptoms with lung and breathing problems, others get eczema, itching, burning in the eyes, headache, migraine, etc.

Even after they are used in the machines the fabric gives away the gases and fumes from the scent. What you perceive as the fragrance is due to chemicals gases in the air and spread to all around who have to breathe it. It is forced on all. It also sits on the fabric so that those with contact allergy might get dermatitis, itching etc.

The message here is that if you have friends or have visits from people who are sensitive, or was at all premises where people of any sort is present, then take and cut out the scented products. Select man before the fragrance. Then you are a good pal and a good fellow human being.