Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Merry Christmas shut out

Happy Holidays?

Fresh-Air-For-All-Guests-Christmas It is this time of year when all families gather together and salubrate the holidays together, first Christmas and then New Years.

Invitations are sent and everyone is expected to come on the invitation like the host want it.

I am visiting in different asthma and allergy, and sensitivity fora online and read page up and page down about relatives inviting their kids, cousins, grandkids, siblings and other relatives to the holidays and everyone want to come, just they can not.

And why?

Family can sometimes be even worse than other friends in life, it seems like they are deaf to life and others needs. They want to be presentable and they want to make a cozy holidays for all and make a happy party – on their terms.

I then wonder why they are not listening to what their family and friends tell them about their asthma and allergies, that they can not be around cats, dogs, birds,, tobacco smoke, vaping, fragrance, air fresheners, incense, scented candles, and can not eat a range of different things. Many allergies are even airborne so if any of the things they are allergic to is there they get sick from breathing.

I read about families who invite to holidays and parties and demand to have the gathering at their home even though they know and have been told many times their friends or family members are sick from their animals, fragrance products, tobacco smoke (second and third hand), vaping and some food, fragrance, aftershave and other things. They are told all year-long and every year at Christmas and New Years that the family member is sick from these things, still it is like the host behave like they are thick in the head. Either they have a hearing problem, or it must be they are either thick in their head and do not grasp for a moment what is the problem, or they just do not care.

But actually it should not have to be explained in detail what happens in the body when a person is exposed to allergens and irritants, it should be enough they are told the person get sick from it, and when told – Could you please come to our place instead? And could you please come fragrance free, smoke free, fur free, and bring no food or what ever the allergy and asthma is against? They should do that without hesitating, all for the cause and best for the person we all love who has allergies and asthma.

Every year it is the same thing, and every year I wonder what is wrong with these people? They say they love their family and friends, but still they seem to not care and go on hurting them.

In the end the person having asthma and allergies end up having a Christmas and New Years being sick, really sick, being on medication and having a bad health. All because some people do not listen.

It should be easy. They could just listen and do as asked of them for the greater good and good health of someone they claim to like and love, and someone they claim they care for.

If you claim these things, that you love and care for a person, please step up and show for real that it is true by showing it with your actions.

Caring about your loved ones should be more important than where and how you salubrate your Christmas and New Years.

Or your loved ones end up sitting alone at the Holidays, or getting really ill just because you do not care.

Read about asthma and allergy by looking through the menu, and links. Also read about testimonials, Go fragrance Free archives, and all the other knowledge. Take your time and be a better family and friend.

Please, let it be a Happy, including and Healthy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone.


/ Annelie

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Why do we need fresh air?

I was talking to a person I know very well today that have not been taken care of their asthma lately and had a violent asthma attack yesterday. Too few understand how dangerous this is, that goes both for them who are sick in asthma and those around who have not.

Why do we need fresh air?

About 20 % of inhabitants in society have asthma, and more are getting it from year to year.

When a person having asthma is exposed to allergens and irritants and stuff that the lungs is ill from MUCUS is formed in the lungs and clogs the airways. In addition to the mucus clogging the bronchies (airways in the lungs) cramp due to muscles around the airway cramping making the already mucus filled airways even tighter. This is what makes it hard to breathe. It is also important to note oneself that even insensitive and uncaring behaviour that cause emotional stress to a person having asthma can cause the same Health issue.

This is what happens if a person having asthma is subjected to airborn allergens and irritants, or eating something they get sick from, and it worsen by the hour they are subjected to it.

If the person do not get treatment this is what happen:

1 The asthma attack is sneaking on the person making it hard to breathe until he /she get too little oxygen and ultimately die from it.

2 Have a acute asthma attack that is very violent, with violent coughing, violent breathing problems, muscle cramps and ace, it is easy to spot and in the long run just as deadly. Often you can not stand up straight because you cough so violently.

3 A combination of the two above.

4 Anaphylactic shock. Death comes quickly.

So before you say “take a pill” and “let me smoke and fragrance in Peace”, give us fresh air. That is what we need!

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It pays off blogging

It pays off blogging about asthma. After my last blog entry Day 2 – 3 unmedicated days I got mail from people who read it that struggle with the same problems when frying food and BBQ. I got questions about the mask, where to buy it and they showed happiness that I brought the subject up. One of them said, he was very glad I brought it up and that he too will buy a mask so that he can fry food and BBQ. He had not been able to do that for a long time, many years actually. And no wonder, fumes from frying and BBQ is like toxic to asthma, one get ill instantly.

It really do feel good that my blogging helps others. That is also mainly why I blog, and to let others who do not have asthma know how it is like to live with asthma.

Do you have problems with breathing when you fry and BBQ? This mask will remove all your problems:
3M 37077 respiratory half mask

(Link added June 2011. If you visit this blog entry at a later time and the link stop working then it may be because the product is not sold and a newer version of it is produced. If so then got to the main page of respiratory masks to find the newer version. )


My asthma no-no list

Smoke from fire

Is there only one thing making people asthmatic? No. Lots of things can make a person have an outbreak of asthma. My asthma no-no list is long. When I tell people I got asthma it is very common to hear: Oh, pollen, animals and such? And often I hear that people often think there are only on kind of asthma, that it is only one kind of things one get asthmatic from. Many also seem to think it is only some kind of allergy, and that is not true. Asthma can be triggered by an allergy or even other stuff called irritants that make an asthma attack. Asthma is a disease of the lungs.

Me, I am not asthmatic to pollen, animals, food, or anything like the most common things most people get to hear about. But for me it works like this with pollen: It is not pollen itself I am asthmatic to, but if it gets to much pollen in the air I can react to the fact that the air is un-clean.

People with asthma also react to chemicals, smoke of different sorts and different kinds of pollution of the air both indoors and outdoors. All chemicals and chemical filled products emit fumes into the air that is to be regarded as pollution of the air. Therefore products people use on their person emitting scent is also to be regarded as air pollution. This also goes for products sticking to their person, clothes, room, tools and other things after use.
To take a light example: If a person with asthma can not use a schampo or other product themselves, this person is sick from the products scent / odor on you too.

My asthma no – no list is:

Fragranced products and as following:

  • acetone
  • after shave
  • air freshener
  • ammonia
  • anything on a spray bottle
  • a used ashtray
  • fumes from fresh asphalt
  • barns – not the barn itself but the air inside the barn
  • car cleaning agents
  • chlorine – both for cleaning and swimmingpool
  • chock and bad treatment
  • cleaning agents heated up – fumes get airborne – f.ex in kitchen when cleaning oven, stove, pots and pans
  • cold weather and physical activity
  • colds
  • cologne
  • conditioner
  • cookery fumes
  • degreaser solvents
  • deodorant (specially but not limited to spray deodorant)
  • diesel
  • diesel fumes
  • disinfectants
  • dissolvents
  • dust
  • enamel
  • exhaust
  • fabric softener
  •         fire extinguisher
  •         fire smoke
  • fog and cold weather
  • frying fumes
  • fumes from brand new fernitures
  • fumes from frying chilli pepper
  • gasoline
  • gasoline fumes
  • glass fiber, gelcoat, hardener and glue – f.eks making of boats
  • glue
  • grease/fat – for example pouring hot water in a greasy pan cleaning it even if the pan is cold
  • grease/fat – for lubrication
  • grief and hard personal psychological stress
  • hair bleach
  • hair dye
  • hair permanent liquid fumes
  • hairspray
  • very hot and dry weather
  • incense
  • lacquer
  • methylated spirits (rødsprit)
  • mold – even on a person
  • mosquito spray
  • mosquito poison
  • Nitrogen-  Freezing Treatment with liquid nitrogen
  • bug poison
  • pesticides
  • poison
  • nail polish
  • nail polish remover
  • oil
  • oil fumes
  • oven cleaner
  • paint fumes
  • perfume, fragrance and scents – in products, anywhere in the environment and
  • pipe- and plumbing cleanser like Plumbo (natriumhydroxide)
  • plastic – fluid or burning
  • psychological stress, like grief, mistreatment, a.s
  • road dust
  • scented candles
  • shampoo
  • shower cream
  • smog
  • smoke from fire
  • smoke from BBQ
  • smoke from candles put out
  • soap
  • spray paint
  • stress – stress, laughter, strong emotions, negative emotional stress.
  • tobacco smoke
  • tobacco scent
  • fumes from fresh tobacco
  • tobacco smokers breath
  • tobacco smokers fumes from  hair, skin and clothes a.s
  • tunnels – well not the tunnels itself but the exhaust, smog, road dust and lack of clean air and oxygen inside the tunnel.
  • un-clean air in general – when it gets too much
  • closed up spaces with bad air – closed warm/hot rooms
  • A room filled with people –  the fumes from them, and lack of fresh air in the room.
  • varnish
  • washing powder
  • fabric softener
  • washing liquid
  • washing up liquid
  • washing up powder
  • washing up dishes
  • washing up machine – fumes from opening the machine after use
  • wc cleaner
  • wc blocks
  • welding fumes
  • wet and cold weather
  • wet, cold weather and physical activity
  • weather changes
  • window and glass cleaner
  • fumes from commonly used hygiene products
  • fumes from ironing new fabric treated with chemicals
  • … and so on

Now you may think.. How on earth does she keep her self, clothes and the house clean? Well, I have to buy brands suitable for me. I can not use other perfume, color and chemical filled added brands you normally find in the shop without getting sick.

This list will be updated.

Unfortunately getting asthma put a limitation on what kind of jobs I can take. And I am not an A4 woman, I like to work with jobs not so commen for women.

Asthma no no – work
Jobs impossible for me to work with..

  • Auto repairist – to much oil, diesel, benzen, and fumes
  • Service job including people using fragrance, and use of fragrance
  • Kitchen – cookery fumes
  • Cook – cookery fumes
  • factory that produces any product containing any chemicals
  • fragrance shop – chemical fumes
  • Hamburger bar – cooking and frying fumes
  • Petrol station – petrol and chemical fumes.
  • chemical factory – chemical fumes
  • factory – dust, fibers and chems in the air
  • Cleaning – cleaning chemical fumes and fragrance fumes.
  • Cleaning agents – same as for cleaning
  • Warehouse – cause of all the dust there
  • Garage – se autorepair
  • Vehicle wash – solvents, degreaser, cleaning chemical fumes and fragrance fumes
  • Hair dresser – cleaning, chemical fumes and fragrance fumes
  • Gasolin/Diesel/Oil/Chem transportation/delivery – chemical fumes
  • Dish washer cleaning chemical fumes and fragrance fumes
  • Waitress – waiting tables – cause of people smoking at outdoors cafe/restaurant tables, and also heavily perfumed people.
  • Taxi driver: I can not sit in a small car, a small closed in space with people wearing perfume and smokers. In a car passengers sit all to close to the driver.
  • Truck driver:  I am not sure this profession would work for me since so many truck drivers  smoke in the trucks, and if I have to share a truck with a smoker that would not work.
  • Drivers school teacher: I can not sit in an small enclosed space with people wearing perfume, hairspray, smoke chemicals and other chemicals added to themselves. And it is a problem demanding every student to come showered in Neutral asthma and allergy associations approved products.
  • Ashpalt worker – asphalt fumes
  • Fire fighter – fire smoke
  • Pool life guard – chlorine
  • Professional swimmer –  chlorine
  • Welder – welding fumes
  • Fashion shop worker: due to that in such shops they most often also sell perfume, costmetics and hairstyling products, and modern clothes often holds chemical dusts.
  • Colonial shop: I can not handle/be around washing agents, and chemicals.
  • Cosmetics shop – same as for fragrance shop
  • Construction worker – a lot of dust I am afraid
  • Warehouse: Fork truck driver: Warehouses often got very much dust in them, and i get breathing problems in such environment.  I used to work with this, can not go back to it.
  • Bus driver : I have some problem with this job too, because of perfumed and smoking passengers. I have to say no to jobs where I have to drive perfumed people, like some siteseeing where people come showered with perfume to look nice to others. It is a pity they do not see fragrance make a barrier between them and others.
  • … adding more later

I have been working as a bus driver for a long time, and it works, but it is actually not the really best for me since I risk meetng a lot of people using perfume and smoke. And then I get sick. But since 2010 I have changed location working now in the country side and there are less fragrance and smokers people so it is a better environment for me.

But what should be the best job for my asthma? I like driving busses, it is fun, only sometimes my asthma disagree. Luckily not so often anymore.

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Frying vs. Asthma..

(30. august 2008) Today I wanted lamb shops for dinner. I started frying them in the frying pan. After just half a minute I got trouble breathing. I can not even make myself dinner anymore without getting sick. It has happened many times now since I got my illness. I had to take my meds, both Ventoline and Symbicort Turbohaler 160/4,5, and go outside to take some fresh air to bread better again. I have opened the windows in my apartment but still I feel the bad air from the frying. Will take some time before I get all well.

It is not fair. Life sucks sometimes.
An everyday problem, but I just wanted to tell about it. Not many think of this when they think of asthma..
/ Annelie
30. august 2008 19:58