Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Tilgjengelighet er pålagt også for sensitive og allergikere

For personer med astma, allergi og sensitivitet er luftforurensninger som parfyme og luftparfymering et problem. Er luften forurenset kan personen ikke puste, får allergiske besvær , i verste tilfelle også anafylaktisk sjokk, uansett kan ikke oppholde seg i lokalet. Det er lett og koster ikke noe ekstra å tilrettelegge miljøet sånn at det blir tilgjengelig.

• Ikke installere og bruke luftparfymeringsprodukter i noen form.
• Vask med parfymefrie produkter
• Vask regelmessig
• Installere parfymefri håndsåpe
• Skru opp ventilasjonsanlegget for bedre utlufting og ventilasjon.
• Lufte også naturlig hvor det går an og hvor luften er ren og frisk ute.

Hvor allmennheten har adgang er det pålagt med tilgjengelighet:

Lov om likestilling og forbud mot diskriminering

§ 4.Ufravikelighet
Bestemmelsene i denne loven, og forskrifter gitt i medhold av loven, kan ikke fravikes ved avtale.

Kapittel 3 Universell utforming og individuell tilrettelegging

§ 17.Universell utforming
Offentlige og private virksomheter rettet mot allmennheten har plikt til universell utforming av virksomhetens alminnelige funksjoner.
Med universell utforming menes utforming eller tilrettelegging av hovedløsningen i de fysiske forholdene, inkludert informasjons- og kommunikasjonsteknologi (IKT), slik at virksomhetens alminnelige funksjoner kan benyttes av flest mulig, uavhengig av funksjonsnedsettelse.
Plikten gjelder ikke utforming eller tilrettelegging som innebærer en uforholdsmessig byrde for virksomheten. Ved vurderingen skal det særlig legges vekt på
a)effekten av å fjerne barrierer for personer med funksjonsnedsettelse
b)om virksomhetens alminnelige funksjoner er av offentlig art
c)kostnadene ved tilretteleggingen
d)virksomhetens ressurser
Plikten etter første ledd anses som oppfylt dersom virksomheten oppfyller krav til universell utforming i lov eller forskrift.

§ 19.Plikt til å arbeide aktivt for å fremme universell utforming
Offentlige virksomheter skal arbeide aktivt og målrettet for å fremme universell utforming innen virksomheten. Det samme gjelder for private virksomheter rettet mot allmennheten.

Brudd på Universell Utforming er forbudt§19

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Sensitive to fragrance – Angelica Holmberg –

Scent sensitive – Hyperreactive

Angelica’s story

Research suggests thatone-third of us feel any kind of discomfort due to strong scents. If you are an adult, you can change seats on the bus if you’re sitting next to someone with a strong scent on, but what does a child exposed to what can give an allergic reaction do?

Angelica was diagnosed with asthma as early as age two, but probably had it a lot longer than that. She has had effort asthma and reacted to animals. Scent sensitive, she has become only recently.

If you know a girl in high school age, so we know it’s often makeup and perfumes that apply. There are special series just for teenage girls, marketed aggressively towards the younger audience. Fragrances from Victoria’s Secret is on many of the younger girls’ wish list and teen idol Justin Bieber has already managed to launch three different perfume series.

Angelica is thirteen years old (2014) and going to high school and of course so are the girls even in her class interested in perfumes. But if Angelica is subjected to strong perfume smells, she gets hard to breathe and have to medicate. Or medicate, yes, she have to medicate all the time to keep their asthma under control, but a perfume can make sure she gets a severe attack that, at worst, ending with an ambulance ride to the hospital emergency room, telling her mother Jenny Holmberg.

We have informed the school about Angelica’s fragrance sensitization and asthma, and some have those responsible at the school listened and acted. It has banned the use of perfumes, but this has to do with strong forces. The marketing of perfumes is massive and what teenage girl does not want to smell good? – I’ve been to school and had with me material from the Asthma and Allergy Association, and to show how it works with asthma and fragrance intolerance. received testing to breathe through a straw and they all understands that it is not easy, says Jenny.

It usually works better in the middle of the semester when you ‘ve had time to inform of perfume ban. At the end of the semester and at the beginning of a new semester , it seems sometimes as if you ‘ve forgotten what was said about allergies. It needed just a student who is wearing perfume or have used any product that has been heavily perfumed. If any student has had on perfume so you speak with the student, it does not help that as we talk with the parents. Some additional levers have not been taken to. I heard about another school where there was a smell hypersensitive pupil who had become sprauyed with perfume as punishment for the school had sent home a student with perfume on it, says Jenny.

One can still say that the school is trying to help Angelica in many ways, they ‘ve looked over the school environment and ensured that the ventilation works well. There is also a plan for what to do if Angelica gets sick at school. Despite this, she medicate every day to be able to be in school, sometimes the medicines does not help and she must go home, sometimes we go and inhale at the health center, says Jenny.”

And really, this is just what it is like. Thank  you Jenny Homberg and Angelica for sharing Your story.

You who have followed my site for a while know I collect stories from real live experiences With this problem. Angelica’s story I found at:

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Nut, fur and fragrance

People tend to treat different sensitvities differently. It seams Ok to be gentle, understanding and caring when it comes to food allergy, fur allergy and other such allergies, but when you start to talk fragrance people get  a strange look on their face. It is like when someone start to talk smoke bans with smokers, they do not seam to think perfume can be a cause of illness and also they stand up stating their right to use it. As I use to say to a friend who smokes that is very anti to alcohol, but think that it should be ok to smoke. He thinks it do not harm anyone, not as bad as alcohol does anyway. I say

” – If I sit beside you having a beer with my dinner when we eat together, it does not make you ill from it. But if you smoke beside me it makes me and others there ill.”

He still protests and claim it is a violation on his freedom and right to choose for himself. Many smokers are like this.

Then we have those who aka LOVE FRAGRANCE! If you tell them their fragrance is hurtful to your and other sensitive people’s health and that they should not use it, and if it comes to turms on a fragrance ban and protecting peoples health they turn red on you. They also feel it is their right to use fragrance, and they get offended and get sad, feeling like the smokers that it is a violation on their freedom and right to choose for themselves.

What about the freedom and right for those sensitive to be and stay healthy?

The big wonder is that it seam like it is all Ok! by people to care about those who are sensitive to food, animals, dust, grass and so on, all of what does not go on them personal. As long as they do not have to make a offering to prevent another person from getting sick it is alright to be allergic and sensitive, and then they are more than willing to help and care.




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* This article was made after a long period of time of discussing with other sensitive online, it is a widely spread problem to those sensitive this attitude among people. This article springs out of collected knowledge.