Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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When people embarrass themselves

Now and then when discussion is on the internet on articles many fragrancers can not stand the thought of being told to please not use fragrance. This is often responded by


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Make a statement!


Sensitive? Or do You have a sensitive friend or loved one?

If You want, You can have this photo on a shirt or some other item. Make a statement!

Click Your way in here:

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May MCS Awarness month

May is the MCS awarness month. To raise awarnes for a illness making sensitive People ill all around the world.

Make this day a day when you join in and do not use fragrance products. Go to the store and find scent free alternatives and you will be amazed. Make this day a day for all sensitive out there having MCS, ASTHMA and other lung diseases and ALLERGY, and make the world a place where it is possible to go out without getting ill from the fumes of perfume.

Thank You!

MCSawarness day may 30

Source: Lisa Billö

I support this. What is good for those with MCS is good for us having asthma.

/ Annelie

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Do not announce you are coming

You want others to like you, but when you reek you make people avoid you! On top of it you make a lot of people sick from your fragrance!

Share if you agree, and want to make people listen!


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Aftershave, skin and lungs

Do you use aftershave? Aftershave like any other fragrance hold a lot of non allergy and non sensitive friendly chemicals, that is also bad to inhale. Aftershave is also harsh to your skin, it is much better to use a fragrance free lotion. … When you use fragrance you do this to make a good impression on others. But did you know that about 20 – 25 % of those around you are sensitive and get sick from your use of fragrance? All of those you risk want to avoid you. You push away from you. You might not know this but aftershave is one of the most common reasons for people with lung diseases to get problem breathing. Do you really want to be the reason for others illness? Aftershave can cause breathing problems, headaches, migraine, dizzyness, rashes, and many other symtomes. Take care of your skin, and also prevent others from becoming sick from your presence!
Share if you agree, and want to make people listen!
aftershave and lotions


Quing and fragrance

When you stand in line, do you know who stand beside you being sensitive to fragrances? Being allergic, asthmatic or having any other lung disease and being sensitive in other ways can be disabeling. When you que and have no problem a sensitive person have to leave the place due to your fragrance, and then they can not do what they aimed to do while you can. Go Fragrance Free!


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Invading fragrance

Fragrance you wear is something not asked for by others…


Some may think it is a awful photo. Yes, it is. It is not fun that the moose died, and not the person in the car either. Look to the combination of the word invade and the photo.  People who crash in to other peoples lives with their unwanted fragrance and make people rush to the hospital in ambulance for emergency treatment is a rather harsch reality too. Fragrance is a common cause of asthma attacks, and brutal ones too. Some people do not survive for example an asthma attack, just as people sometimes do not survive a crash with a moose. It is the harsh reality and that is the point with this photo.

I am sorry if you find this photo disturbing, but life and reality is sometimes disturbing.

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Nut, fur and fragrance

People tend to treat different sensitvities differently. It seams Ok to be gentle, understanding and caring when it comes to food allergy, fur allergy and other such allergies, but when you start to talk fragrance people get  a strange look on their face. It is like when someone start to talk smoke bans with smokers, they do not seam to think perfume can be a cause of illness and also they stand up stating their right to use it. As I use to say to a friend who smokes that is very anti to alcohol, but think that it should be ok to smoke. He thinks it do not harm anyone, not as bad as alcohol does anyway. I say

” – If I sit beside you having a beer with my dinner when we eat together, it does not make you ill from it. But if you smoke beside me it makes me and others there ill.”

He still protests and claim it is a violation on his freedom and right to choose for himself. Many smokers are like this.

Then we have those who aka LOVE FRAGRANCE! If you tell them their fragrance is hurtful to your and other sensitive people’s health and that they should not use it, and if it comes to turms on a fragrance ban and protecting peoples health they turn red on you. They also feel it is their right to use fragrance, and they get offended and get sad, feeling like the smokers that it is a violation on their freedom and right to choose for themselves.

What about the freedom and right for those sensitive to be and stay healthy?

The big wonder is that it seam like it is all Ok! by people to care about those who are sensitive to food, animals, dust, grass and so on, all of what does not go on them personal. As long as they do not have to make a offering to prevent another person from getting sick it is alright to be allergic and sensitive, and then they are more than willing to help and care.




Make people think and care. Share!

* This article was made after a long period of time of discussing with other sensitive online, it is a widely spread problem to those sensitive this attitude among people. This article springs out of collected knowledge.