Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Asthma plus a cold

Since I have not had asthma all my life I am blessed with before and after knowledge.

I remember when I had a cold before asthma, it was not always a easy thing but man I wouldn’t have complained one moment if I knew what those having asthma go through.

Well, now I have the after knowledge too. I know now what it is like to have a cold and asthma.

I have always hated taking medicine,  it is a nag and a bother. But since 2007 I have been forced to take medicine due  to having asthma,  I do not like the feeling suffocating on my own lungs. What does this have anything to do with having a cold then? Asthma is a disease of the airways to begin with so everyone having asthma have a underlying airway issue, and then we all get that cold on top of it all.

You know when you feel your nose is clogged and you cough and think you have a fever, such times a person having asthma got it at least 5 times worse.

So, do I say this to complain and feel sorry for myself? No, I have become friends with the thought many years ago, but I sometimes think back on the days when I was asthma free and how easy all who have only a cold have it. If you only knew how lucky you are.

Be happy for the small nose spray, headache pill to bring your fever down, cough medicine and your paper to clean your nose with.


It could actually be worse.

And when you smoke and fragrance around us in addition, yes what can I say?

Please, don’t.


Sick make sick – by Annelie Molin

A little something to think about.

Are you one of those who “on kind of spite” go to work, take public communication aso even if you are so sick you should really stay in bed?

Have you ever thought of who you may infect with your nasty bug?

Like in my case the day before yesterday. I got asthma – an illness of the lungs – and I drive the bus. In steps a woman so sick she sounded like me having a real bad respiratory day staying home from work. And I do not infect anyone having asthma. She is nice this lady, I usually talk with her, and I was told she got a bad bronchitis that is a bad state in the lower air ways – actually forstate to pneumonia. And I got mad. Here we are a lot of people taking the bus, and in my case I got lung problems even not having a cold. And when I get a cold I because of the asthma get problems worse than others having the same cold. All with asthma got this problem, even those with other kinds of lung illnesses, and people take no regard what so ever to think about others they may infect.

It is rather egoistic.

I have been on sick leave for two weeks due to asthma with bad sounds from the lungs and was very happy to be able to go back to work. I have been working for a week, but after she entered the bus in that state I am about to get sick again, and now with a bad cold, breathing difficulties, and coughing. In hope to be able to stay at work avoiding sick leave I now have to use tremendous a lot of medication.

Please, think of others. If you are sick and infectious stay home.

People with lung illnesses do not need your bug. If you get sick and feel bad, know that a person with a lung illness get it double bad than yourself when getting what bug you get.

Have a nice day.