Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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When you fragrance, Ida get ill –

I collect testimonials from people who become ill from fragrance use. I do this because I want to make it visible that it is a bigger problem than people might think. The reason I blog about this is to spead information. Ida is a 12 year old girl who become ill from fragrance use. Read Ida’s story (I qoute):

When you are using perfume, Ida becomes ill

“-I get very ill when I sit next to someone with perfume or hairspray. The very worst spot Ida (12) may reside, are tax-free at the airport. – I get sick and get headache, says Ida to Side2. Continue reading

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Critically allergic – Brianie Copeland –


Today I read this article about Brianie who suffer from multiple allergies and asthma. It is not a easy life. Read and learn.

Brianie have multiple allergies to among other things like dust, all animals, manmade fibres, grass, pollen and even strong light. Her condition is often made worse by coming into contact with items that most of us handle each day, including cleaning products, strong light and even heat from the radiator, and will never be able to wear make-up or such products. She also have multiple Food allergies. She is unable to lead a normal life due to her allergies.

As a result, she has severe ezecma, dermatitis, arthritis and asthma.

She says: ‘The nutrients from my skin are gone and my immune system is broken, so while other peoples bodies fight off colds in a couple of days mine takes a couple of weeks.”

As a result, the teenager is virtually a prisoner in her own home as exposure to the outside world leaves her with blistered skin and painful rashes.

Source and read the Whole story at

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Allergy to rosin, perfume, mold, sensitivity two fragrance and tobacco – Doris –

At Doris tells us about her eczema she lived With for years since she was 18 years old, and from the doctors were prescribed lotions and Hydrocortisone. Her Eczema got worse and worse, and many years later they made a allergy test on her. They found out that she was allergic to rosin, neomycin, bensocain och hydrocortisone.

Rosin is made from trees like pine and is used in a varaity of products like pine soap, detergents, soap, shampoo, paper, glue, mascara, paired talk gaskets in dentistry, rubber, latex, staple, patches, colored pencils, inks, labels, floor and furniture polish, chewing gum, gelatine, some varieties of ice cream, modeling clay, wax, waxes, paints / varnishes, putties, stove polish, flycatcher, perfume and much more.

Think of it, substances put in products you use on Your body that is highly alllergenic.

She tells us that newspapers, especially newly printed, can not be too close as they will give her trouble breathing. Perfume and cigarette smoke gives her more difficult to breathe. Since she is also mold allergy, which means that she knows instantly if there is mold in a local, and have difficulty breathing and his eyes begin to itch and drain. To have this allergy means she, besides struggling to avoid subjects also had endured ridicule. And she says

“- Did I choose, I would of course not wanted to have this allergy and asthma. Yes, there are some who would choose this or any other allergy at all?”

Allergy to rosin, perfume, mold, sensitivity two fragrance and tobacco – Doris –

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Fastfood increases risk for asthma, rhinitis and eczema

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Astma Allergi Danmark 08.05.2013. Nytt om Astma Forskning 

Hurtigmat øker risikoen for alvorlig astma, rhinitis og eksem

Det kommer ikke som noen noen nyhet for de fleste at hurtigmat er usunt, men at det kan øke risikoen for astma, rhinitis og eksem er kanskje en nyhet for de fleste?

En stor internasjonal studie fra The University of Auckland (The to ledende forfattere, Professor Innes Asher og Philippa Ellwood) viser at det er en økt risiko for alvorlige astma, eksem og høysnue symptomer (rhinitis) hos barn og ungdom som spiser hurtigmat tre eller flere ganger i uken. Spiser du derimot frukt tre eller flere ganger i uka kan beskytte mot alvorlig astma.

Studien konkluderer med at dersom den observerte korrelasjonen er funnet å være pålitelig, slik at resultatene har stor betydning for folkehelsen på grunn av et økende forbruk av hurtigmat (fastfood) globalt.

Der blev innsamlet data på mere end 319.000 tenåringer (13-14 årsalderen) fra 107 sentere i 51 land, og mere enn 181.000 barn (6-7 år) fra 64 sentre i 31 land. Undersøkelsen spurte om deltakernes inntak av kjøtt, fisk, frukt og grønnsaker, belgfrukter, korn, brød og pasta, ris, smør, margarin, nøtter, poteter, melk, egg og gatekjøkkenmat / burgere.

“Etter å ha tatt hensyn til forhold som skulle påvirke resultatene, viste analysen at hurtigmat var den eneste av  mat som gjorde utslag og påviste de samme resultatene på tvers av begge aldersgruppene, slo forfatterne fast at “slike konsistente resultater legger noen vekt på mulig årsakssammenheng av forholdet “.”

Tre eller flere ukentlige hurtigmatmåltider var blant annet knyttet til en 39 prosent økning i risikoen for alvorlig astma blant tenåringer og en 27 prosent økning i risiko blant barn. Forfatterne viser i rapporten at forklaringen kan være at hurtigmat inneholder høye nivåer av mettede fettsyrer og transfettsyrer, mens frukten er rik på antioksidanter.

Nyheter fra forskningen er hentet fra Astma Allergi Danmark

Les artikkelen på  The University of Auckland: Fast food linked to asthma and eczema

Dette er godt nytt for alle som vil ha en bedre helse. Dette leste jeg om på en engelsk side for en måned siden. Det er mange år siden jeg sluttet å spise hamburgere og slik mat. Jeg besluttet meg for på 1990 tallet å ikke spise så masse hurtigmat, hamburgere og slik. Nå blir det kanskje en eller to slike måltider i året. Ofte synes jeg ikke hamburgere er så veldig delikate heller. Det er få kiosker som er gode til å lage gode hamburgere. McDonalds og slike kjeder for eksempel lager uattraktiv mat og jeg har ikke spist på McDonalds på veldig mange år. Jeg går heller på en kafe eller restaurant og tar meg et ordentlig måltid.

 In English

Asthma Allergy Denmark 05.08.2013. News about Asthma Research

Fastfood increases the risk for severe asthma, rhinitis and eczema

It it does not come as any news to most people that fastfood is unhealthy, but that it can increase the risk of asthma, rhinitis and eczema may be news for most people?

A large international study from The University of Auckland (The two principal authors, Professor Innes Asher and Philippa Ellwood) shows that there is an increased risk of severe asthma, eczema and hay fever symptoms (rhinitis) in children and adolescents who eat fast food three or more times a week. Do you eat fruit, however three or more times a week may protect against severe asthma.

The study concludes that if the observed correlation is found to be reliable, so the results are of great importance to public health due to the increasing consumption of fast food globally.

There was collected data on more end 319,000 teenagers (13-14 years old) from 107 centers in 51 countries and more than 181,000 children (6-7 years) from 64 centers in 31 countries. The survey asked about participants’ intake of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, legumes, cereals, bread and pasta, rice, butter, margarine, nuts, potatoes, milk, eggs and junk food / burgers.

Three or more weekly fast food meals was partly due to a 39 percent increase in the risk of severe asthma among teens and a 27 percent increase in risk among children.

“After taking account of factors likely to influence results, the analysis showed that fast food was the only food type to show the same associations across both age groups, prompting the authors to suggest that “such consistency adds some weight to the possible causality of the relationship”.”

The authors of the report shows that the explanation could be that fast food contains high levels of saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids, while the fruit is rich in antioxidants.

News from research provided by Asthma Allergy Denmark

Read the story at  The University of Auckland: Fast food linked to asthma and eczema

This is good news for all who want a better health. This I read about on an English page about a month ago. It is many years since I stopped eating hamburgers and such food. I decided on that in the 1990s not to eat so lots of fast food, hamburgers and such. Now it’s maybe one or two such meals a year. Often I do not think hamburgers are so very delicate food either. There are few fast Food stores that are good at making good tasty hamburgers. McDonalds and such chains make unattractive food and I have not eaten at McDonalds for very many years. I rather go to a cafe or restaurant and have a proper meal.