Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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No more laundry detergent or smell

Research for better environment

“Tenants in Malmö Sweden now becomes the first in the world to test a technology that cleans clothes in cold water and no detergent. Laundry room installed in two high-rise residential Nydala in Malmo used by 70 tenants and has according to owner minimal environmental impact.
– No more buying laundry detergent and fabric softener and additionally wash machines with cold water. This is something that we are the first in the world to offer. It is clean and odor-free, says Magnus novel that is project manager at MKB. In the installed laundry room is a facility in a cabinet that filter the water and de-ionize it. When the deionized water come in contact with the fabrics in the washing machine breaking the ionic bond between the fibers and dirt.

MKB Fasighets AB has high hopes for the technology. Totally are washed six million washes in the property company laundries every year and to wash with cold water would give a very large energy savings. Detergent and fabric softener is no cost for the property, but also here the company sees many benefits as it would save the environment by creating less pollution, less packaging waste and less risk of allergies.
– We want to contribute to ecologically sustainable Malmö, says Magnus Röman. By testing this solution we hope to find one of the ways that can help us achieve our ambitious goals.

In the project, electricity consumption, water consumption and customer satisfaction will be measured during the six months that the company will then decide how to proceed.”

Read more here; (Swedish article):

I wish this works out, it would be dandy!


Parfymeallergi – din godlukt skader andre – Elin Wiese Engh – Nyhetsettermiddag NRK

Opplysning er en god ting 0:45:45 min inn i programmetParfymeallergi-P2-Nyhetsettermiddag

Effekten av ditt parfymebruk. 20% av befolkningen blir sjuk av din parfyme og parfymerte produkter. Har du med mennesker å gjøre da skal du være parfymefri sier NAAF. Lytte her:

“Det skal handle om følsomhet for lukt, for 20 % (ca 1 million personer) av oss er nemlig andres bruk av parfymer generende. For pleietrengende Elin Wiese Engh er problemet så stort at hun ikke kan få hjelp hjemme lenger. (dør åpnes) Vi er hjemme i leiligheten til Elin Wiese Engh i Stavanger, hun har slitasje i de fleste ledd i kroppen og aktive prolapser i ryggsøylen,  det gjør at hun lever med store smerter hele døgnet og er  sterkt hjelpetrengende. Jeg har det godt inni meg men kroppen har det forferdelig, kroppen har det jævlig for å si det sånn rett ut, forteller Elin Wiese Engh. Elin Wiese Engh har fått innvilget 35 timer i uken med brukerstyrt personlig assistanse av Stavanger Kommune, men det har hun måttet stoppe da pleierne som kom ikke tok hensyn til at hun blir dårlig av lukt og av parfyme. Elin forteller: Jeg får veldig kraftig hodepine som om jeg har migrene og blir veldig kvalme.


Skjermbilde av NRK Rogaland Facebook Les artikkelen klikke på bildet

Les også artikkel i NRK Rogaland—mener-helsetjenesten-ikke-tar-hensyn-1.13114691


Parfymer, deodoranter, shampo, og vaskemidler er produkter som kan avgi sterke lukter. Flere og flere nordmenn reagerer på dette og Norges Astma og Allergiforbund anslår at rundt 20%  (ca 1 million personer i 2016) av befolkningen opplever lukten som generende og for rundt en 0,5%  (ca 5000 personer i 2016) er problemet så stort at de ikke kan oppholde seg i det offentlige rom. NAAF forteller: De kan oppleve at de får kvalme, hodepine, noen føler det faktisk som en forgiftning. Det sier Hildur Østbø, regionssekretær i Stavanger i Norges Astma og Allergiforbund, NAAF. Helsearbeidere som jobber for Stavanger kommune har ikke forbud mot å bruke parfymerte produkter men kommunen prøver å ta hensyn og legge til rette for den enkelte bruker så godt det lar seg gjøre, det forteller direktør for Oppvekst og Levekår i Stavanger Kommune, Per Haar: – Jeg mener at i utgangspunktet så gjør vi veldig gode vurderinger i Stavanger på pasienter og brukere sine helseutfordringer på at vi tilpasser tjenesten i forhold til de behovene som den enkelte bruker har så mitt svar er at hovedbilde er at det fungerer veldig bra. NAAF forteller: – For de som jobber i helsevesenet bør det å bruke parfymefrie produkter være en selvfølge mener Norges Astma og Allergiforbund (NAAF), de som jobber i forhold til mennesker må ta dette på alvor og unngå å bruke parfymerte produkter. Elin Wiese Engh sier: – Jeg synes det er trist fordi jeg kan ikke da ta imot hjelp fra de i det hele tatt. Elin Wiese Engh er oppgitt over situasjonen, selv har hun prøvd å gi parfymefrie produkter til pleierne. Elin Wiese Engh sier: – … deodoranter har de fått, Blenda Sensitive vaskepulver har de fått fra meg, shampo har de fått av meg, tusen produkter de har  på apoteket, de har tatt imot det men det har ikke blitt bedre for det, sier Elin Wiese Engh mens hun ler litt beklemt og med gråt i røsten.” Reporter var Tomas Haldeland NRK

“de som jobber i forhold til mennesker må ta dette på alvor og unngå å bruke parfymerte produkter.”

Og jeg er meget enig. Det spiller ikke noen rolle vilken stilling du har, om du jobber i forhold til mennesker da skal du være parfymefri slik at du ikke gjør kundene og kollegaene sjuke, det gjelder i alle jobber.

/ Annelie

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Public consultation on the review of the #European #Disability Strategy 2010-2020 #EU #asthma #allergy to #fragrance #astma #parfyme #parfym

EU ask for Your opinion!

“There are approximately 80 million citizens with disabilities in the EU, who often face barriers that prevent them from fully participating in all aspects of life on an equal basis with others. In its commitment to eliminate these barriers and improve the life of people with disabilities, the EU became a party to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN Convention). Implementing the Convention is an ongoing process and it is a shared responsibility of the EU institutions and the Member States. The EU can only act within the powers conferred to it by the EU treaties. A first review of the EU’s implementation of the UN Convention, done by the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, recognized the progress achieved until now, but also provided some recommendations for the future.

At EU level, the UN Convention is implemented through the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020. This Strategy has identified eight main areas for action at EU level: Accessibility, Participation, Equality, Employment, Education and Training, Social Protection, Health and External Action. Having reached the halfway point in its implementation, the European Commission launches this public consultation in order to assess its impact and to ensure EU policy remains tailored to the needs and rights of persons with disabilities.

This questionnaire asks for your opinion on what has been achieved so far at EU level, your views on the challenges faced by all persons with disabilities and how the European Union should address them. We appreciate all replies from citizens, organisations, public authorities, businesses, academics and other stakeholders.

We will use the findings of this public consultation to assess the progress made under the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 and to identify gaps to be addressed at EU level to ensure the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in society.”

Completing the survey should take about 20 minutes.

Give #EU your opinion on your fragrance #availability issues, scream at the top of your lungs! Tell them about your issues in a fragrances world. Here is your possibility to inform them. (link in Swedish and English below)



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Disabled and managing

A inspiration and a thruth forward bringing experience

I today saw this video about a girl named Jen who dispite her disability broke though. She is a fantastic girl and a real inspiration for all with handicaps. But not all with handicaps are as lucky to be able to break through their handicap. People with lung diseases have a handicap. No, you say? Well, they have. The definition of a handicap is

Lung diseases such as asthma among other, allergies, and other sensitivities is a handicap. How so? A handicap is defined:

“According to the Norwegian public reports,” NOU 2005: 8 of equality and accessibility. Legal protection against discrimination on grounds of disability. Defined disability as “Disability occurs when there is a gap between the individual’s abilities and design or function in surroundings / environment / buildings.” “

So when the indoor air is polluted by fragrance, scent, chemicals and other pollutants the room is no longer accessable.

So why this comparation with the persons with disability moving? First I have to say I do NOT say it is a easy life having no legs, have problem walking or lacking any lim and being disabled that way, They can many times (even if not everyone) get around it using a chair, or other help and pure will.  I do see it can be a real problem having such disability. But for people with the disability lung disease is are handicaped in a way crusual for organs crusual for living. When you pollute the air we all shall breathe it makes the room unaccessable and we can not just jump around to get over it.

Some would say it is only to put on a mask. But there is a big problem with that. What if one need to eat, drink, or talk with someone? If you remove your mask you are not protected anymore.

This is a really truly ispiring girl and she is worth all the praise she can get, and I am glad for her that she found her sister and did so well in her sport.

I just want to put everything in perspective to make you see that even if some handicaps are relatively easy to overcome, not all are and sometimes you have to give to make it possible for others to join. Please go fragrane free, smoke free and vaping free so all with lung diseases and senstivities can jump too.

And if you get provoced by this, try to walk a mile in our shoes.

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I feel lucky, and symptom free

A improved life

Since some time ago I can finally feel happiness, I feel well, feel free to have a good day, being almost symptom free, and the best thing of all is I have had a good day for months. I have gone from having a PEF 250 (that is half lung ability to Breathe normally) in 2006 -2007 to almost having no symptoms at all toady in 2014. It have been  7 years of struggle finding out what Works, adjusting medicines, Learning what to avoid and adjusting my life to my asthma. The later is actually the sad part, having to skip doing stuff I used to be able to do.

So what have I done to make a better life for myself?

  1.  Cleared the home, my car and my camping trailer for Products containing fragrance and color
  2. Thrown out all fabric carpets.
  3. I bought a sofa I can dust.
  4. A clean kind of minimlalistic style at home.
  5. Avoid all situations where People are smoking and wearing perfume, and where using fragrance Products.
  6. Changed work Place and gotten my work Place adjusted to me.
  7. Adjusting my medicines and even got stronger medicines.

I work full time, I am  not sick or on sick leave more than anyone else – actually not much at all, and all of this together make my day so much better. Of course I have my problems to deal With in life like anyone else from time to time, but when it comes to my Health regarding asthma I have a much better life. And what was really important to make this possible was that my work Place is cleaned fragrance free. It made a hugh difference. Also I work in a area where there are not so many Bling customers. They are most of the Down to Earth People not bathing in fragrance and such before they leave home. Got to love them!

If there is a sad thing in all this, it would be the limitation it have to put on myself to keep it like this. I have to stay away from surroundings where fragrance is. It can put a limitation on whom to visit, where to go and somtimes where to travel.

Important to know is the biggest myth about asthma to know. Many believe that medicine fix all problems and one can do whatever one want. Asthma medicine do not mean you can take medicine and do whatever you want regardless. You have to stay away from what make you sick and take your medicine.

But I try to do what I can do

I do travel, I do visit People (if the environment allows it), I do work, I can do a lot of things only not things involving contact with inhaling fragrance products. I am well as long as the air is good, but it only take the pollution to get symptomes again. Sick I will be forever, all my life, that will never change. But in a non polluted environment I can have a good life.

So much more I could do if there were less of those Products in the world.  Then I could do everything!

Fresh air without fragrance pollution. I love it!


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Pharmacy in Stockholm reported

Fragrance Products pollutes the air

Medical Newspaper Dagens Medicin reports: A woman (not me) in Sweden experienced the same issue as me and reported the Pharmacy  in the Chain of Apoteket AB in Stockholm to Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) complaint on People trying Products perfumed and polluting the air.

According to the complaint the pharmacy is selling a lot of fragranced and scented Products located in the entrence of the pharmacy. People stand there and test the Products and the Chemicals and content of the Product gasses of to the air an pollute the indoor air so the woman get sick.

I totally agree With her. It is about time we get Equality and Availability Access on Equal terms.  Well done to stand up for herself and tell them NO! I am all on her side. I have experienced the same thing myself here in Norway.

Is the air for everyone?

Norway “According to the Norwegian public reports,” NOU 2005: 8 of equality and accessibility. Legal protection against discrimination on grounds of disability. Defined disability as “Fuksjonshemming occurs when there is a gap between the individual’s abilities and design or function in surroundings / environment / buildings.” “

Sensitivity to the environment is protected by law. When triggered sensitivity to pollution in the environment an individual become sick. The ability to be in the environment is therefore limited.

Discrimination and Accessibility From New Year 2009 in Norway it is illegal to discriminate against persons with disabilities in all areas of society. The new law of 2009 gives the right to access everywhere in society.

17.02.2009 Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud: The freedom to function in society should be equal for everyone.

“Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud enforces anti-discrimination and Accessibility Act (dtl), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. The Act also has provisions on universal design, see § 9, and individual arrangements, see § 12 Several of the problems with asthma, allergies and sensitivities can raise questions for dtl. “Equality and Diskrimineringsomdudet LDO

pharmacy, apotek, allergy, allergi, sensitivity, asthma, astma, fragrance, perfume, parfyme, parfym


Quing and fragrance

When you stand in line, do you know who stand beside you being sensitive to fragrances? Being allergic, asthmatic or having any other lung disease and being sensitive in other ways can be disabeling. When you que and have no problem a sensitive person have to leave the place due to your fragrance, and then they can not do what they aimed to do while you can. Go Fragrance Free!


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Invading fragrance

Fragrance you wear is something not asked for by others…


Some may think it is a awful photo. Yes, it is. It is not fun that the moose died, and not the person in the car either. Look to the combination of the word invade and the photo.  People who crash in to other peoples lives with their unwanted fragrance and make people rush to the hospital in ambulance for emergency treatment is a rather harsch reality too. Fragrance is a common cause of asthma attacks, and brutal ones too. Some people do not survive for example an asthma attack, just as people sometimes do not survive a crash with a moose. It is the harsh reality and that is the point with this photo.

I am sorry if you find this photo disturbing, but life and reality is sometimes disturbing.

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The sensitivity trap – by Annelie Molin

This is how asthma can affect your life, or rule it.

Due to the bad roads were I work I have a bad work-day all days at work. One get shaken, not stirred. Badly shaken.

I have asked to get a new bus, a bus that better absorb the movements and shaking released from the bad road and give a better day.

If I do not get that I have two options.

  1. endure. Wich I will not. Workday is too bad.
  2. change workplace. But then I have my asthma to consider. I might end up getting it like before having a bad asthma day every day.

As a bus driver one meet people all day long. All these people mostly wear some fragrance, either as perfume and aftershave, or as fragrance products on their person or in their clothes. Also very many smokes and stink of tobacco chemicals. All of this are substances that makes me sick in asthma. Result is clogged lungs all day long and forced to use a lot of medicine.

I like the job as a bus driver, but the part of the job that include humans too often force on me what make me ill:

  • fragrance
  • tobacco chemicals

Where I work now there are less of this air pollution. Less perfumers and less smokers, and even fewer people = less of the chemical air pollution. We also clean the busses and offices fragrance free for the benefit of my health. Even cleaner air. And it works. I rarely have any asthma problems now. It is a long time since I was ill actually. I am still sick since asthma is chronic, but I rarely have any symptoms now. That is really good. It is lovely! In this it feels like life is finally smiling again after so many bad asthma years. I actually did not believe it was possible to ever get this well, and I want it to last.

Now I am in the situation that the bad roads and the bad bus make a bad work environment and it affect both my work day, my health and my will to be working there. One is so many hours at work. I am badly shaken and totally worn down every day at work. I just wish for a better day.

A new bus would improve the situation. A better bus would make it better, but honestly it would not eliminate the shaking. Maybe I would have a little better day, but it will not improve the roads.

Get a new job you say?

I could just make a call to the main office and ask for a transfer, but then again I risk getting those bad asthma days back. Looking for a total new place to work always hold in store the same risk.

To have to choose between the two:

Having a bad day worn down, or risk getting sick like before years. I do not want to get sick in asthma all day long again, it is too hard, and I do not want to have a bad work day feeling worn down at the end of every day.

That is the asthma trap. Loss of freedom to easily change a situation.

A fragrance free and smoke free world, and good roads.

If I could only have it all.

But then again, how to make everyone go tobacco and fragrance free?

I wish there were a law against such polluting of the air we all share and make people sick, and I wish people could think of their fellow-man who get ill from their use of fragrance and tobacco.


/ Annelie

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At the perfumery part 2 – by Annelie Molin

I found I needed two more brushes for my makeup. One eyeshadow brush, and a new lipstick brush. Back to the perfumery again then. :-!


But this time I did not want to put myself in the position getting acutely ill in asthma due to the perfume in the air in the perfumery, so I desided to wear my industrial gas mask I sometimes use at work going there.

“- I wonder what they will say, and how they will react when I enter the store in my protective facemask?”, I thought to myself.


Well, well, here goes nothing… At least I will not get a bad asthma and allergic reaction to the fumes in the shop.

I entered and first I did not see the lady from last time I was there, only a person new to me. So I was kind of forced to lift the mask to explain to her the situation. I only had the mask off for a few seconds but it was enough for my lungs to close up as a reaction to the perfume, and I had to run out of there to get better and to put it back on. After I went back in I met the lady from last time, and I felt more secure on getting help with less trouble. She told the girl what I bought last time and gave hints on what I needed this time. This way I did not have to talk as much. Using pointing, body language and talking with the mask on we managed to find what I wanted.

Luckily they could hear what I said even with the mask on. As I was about to pay we talked and they asked a lot.

“- Have you had it like this all your life?” and such questions. I think it is alright people ask, it is much better they ask than they go making their own thoughts about it that maybe is incorrect.

“- No, I got a work injury in 2007”, I replied.

“- Oh, that bad”, they said.

And after a little more talking the girl said she also had been working in a bus wash and got injured from it, but she got a skin problem from it. It really is a lot of strong chemicals used in such places and also perfumed cleaning products for indoor cleaning. No wonder people get ill from working with it, we concluded.

Well, chit chatting with the mask on, and the staff took it really nicely, and I got what I needed.


Do you think it sounds strange and extreme this? Well, try having acute breathing difficulties for 3 days, I rather go shopping wearing a mask for 5 minutes than getting a asthma and allergic attack for 3 days. When being sensitive one can not afford caring about what others might think. Health must come first.

It is a nice and sunny day and I feel fine thanks to my mask, and I am going to work the rest of the day also.



Read part 1

Ps This is not about complainting on this specific shop, it could have been just any perfumery.

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Put outside – by Annelie Molin

Du vet hvordan det er når du ikke kan bli med? Enten det er fordi du ikke er tillatt, utelatt eller ikke kan? Det er slik det føles når jeg ikke kan gå steder og møte mennesker på grunn av deres bruk av parfyme og parfymerte produkter. Og hvorfor kan jeg ikke gå? Fordi hvis jeg blir utsatt for parfyme så slår det ut på min astma og jeg får problemer med å puste. Og det er som om når noen holder en hånd over nesen og munnen din .. Parfymister, pls gå parfymefri!

In English

You know what it is like when you can not join? Either it is because you are not allowed, put out or can not? That is what is feels like when I can not go places and meet people because of their use of perfume and perfumed products. And why can I not go? Becuase if I get subjected to perfum my asthma strike me and I get heavy trouble breathing. And that is about like when someone hold a hand over your nose and mouth.. Perfumers, pls go fragrance free!

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At the perfumery – by Annelie Molin

(Scroll down for English)

På parfymeriet

For ca to uker siden jeg kjøpte Fedora parfymefri sminke på apoteket for å komme enda nærmere å være parfymefri. Jeg gjør dette både for min egen gode og fordi jeg skal på besøk til ei venninne og hennes familie i sommer, og hos de man ikke kan gå inn med den minste duft på.

Så mine gamle sminkekoster var ubrukelige siden jeg har hatt dem i 30 år, fra før jeg fikk astma og derfor er de fylt med forskjellige ting. Ikke bra for meg, ikke bra for noen. Selv om jeg ville rense dem ville jeg trolig ikke være i stand til å få dem rene nok. Og jeg ønsker ikke å risikere å få duftmolekylerpå min nye sminke.

Så tingen å gjøre var å kjøpe nye. Og eneste sted som selger sminkekoster av kvalitet er parfymeriet.

“Oh my, tenkte jeg for meg selv. Hvordan vil dette gå?”

Jeg hade ikke noen vernemaske for hånden, men siden parfymeriet er det eneste stedet som selger kvalitets sminkeskoster så måtte jeg gå dit.

“Jeg håper det ikke er så ille, tenkte jeg for meg selv. Det er ganske tidlig på dagen …”


Jeg kunne ikke ha tatt mer feil. Jeg kom inn i butikken, og der var en sterk og tung eim av parfyme i luften.

Jeg spurte damen bak disken for sminkekoster og hun var svært vennlig og ivrig etter å hjelpe meg. Jeg fortalte henne, jeg er sensitiv så jeg vil sannsynligvis bli syk her og må kanskje gå utenfor. Hun var veldig forstående. Vi så på forskjellige børster, men etter bare 2-3 minutter begynte mine lunger å tette seg og jeg måtte gå ut for å medisinere. Jeg stod og lente meg med en arm til søylen, sprayet Ventoline fra innhalatoren og gispet etter luft. Men jeg måtte komme tilbake in for å bli ferdig der. Jeg sjekket ut noen flere, og måtte gå ut igjen. Samme historien. Inn igjen på nytt for å betale, og når jeg stod der og skulle betale kjente jeg kroppen varsle meg at hvis jeg ikke kommer meg ut ut av butikken umiddelbart ville det bli farlig.

Damen var veldig hyggelig og snakket. Jeg følte jeg måtte løpe ut derfra for å komme vekk fra parfymegassene, men jeg måtte bli fordi jeg måtte betale.

Senere da jeg kom ut var jeg syk, tette lunger, vanskelig å puste, jeg hostet og gispet etter luft. Jeg måtte kjøpe lunsj også, fordi jeg skulle jobbe senere. Jeg skyndte meg gjennom matbutikken så fort jeg kunne mens jeg brukte min inhalator, hostet, pustet tungt og slet. Tilbake på kontoret fik jeg endelig brukt min AeronebGo med Ventoline, og til slutt fikk jeg det bedre.

Jeg synes det er ille at en person som er virkelig sensitiv for parfyme må gå til parfymeriet for å kjøpe kvalitetskoster til sminke. Det bør selges overalt der sminke blir solgt.
Et annet godt poeng i dette er at parfymefri sminke som de fleste av de sensitive trenger for å kunne sminke seg, at de ikke har adgang til det grunnet parfymeeimen i parfymeriene. Slik som for meg for eksempel.

Til historien hører at jeg fortalte den hyggelige damen i parfymeriet at jeg normalt unngår å avlegge visitt inn butikken hennes, selv om de selger parfymefri sminke, selger smykker, strømper og mer på grunn av parfymen der. Det er synd, sa hun. Det er ikke sånn det skal være, sa hun. Jeg kommenterte at hun skulle sette opp en vegg, og ha to avdelinger, en for duft produkter, og ett for duftfri. Men det var ikke mulig svarte hun, for da ville de ha måttet ansette flere medarbeidere. Men hun kom med et forslag, om jeg kunne banke på vinduet og da hun kunne bringe sminkeprøvene til døren slik at jeg ikke trenger å bli syk fra å komme inn i butikken. Det var veldig hyggelig av henne, men jeg tror ikke det. Da går jeg så heller gå på nettet og kjøper økologiske sminke online fra sofaen min. Hvis butikkeiere er ikke villig til å tilpasse seg til sensitive mennesker da vil jeg heller bruke pengene mine andre steder.

Men jeg må si det på en måte var svær kundeservice av henne, de ferreste ville ha giddet å bry seg i det hele tatt.

/ Annelie

Les del 2

Ps. Dette handler ikke om å klage på denne spesifikke butikken, det kunne ha skjedd i hvilken en butikk som helst der selger eller doserer disse varene.

In English

At the perfumery

About two weeks ago I bought Fedora perfume free makeup with the pharmacy to get even closer to being fragrance free. I do this both for my own good and because I am going visiting a friend and her family this summer, and there one can not enter with the slightest of fragrance on.

So my old make up brushes were useless since I have had them for 30 years, since before I got asthma and therefore they are filled with different stuff. Not good for me, not good for anyone. Even if I would clean them I would probably not be able to get them clean enough. And I did not want to risk getting fragrance on my new make up.

So the thing to do was to buy new ones. And only place selling make up brushes of quality is the perfumery.

“Oh my, I thought to myself. How will this work?”

I did not have any protective mask in hand, but since the perfumery is the only place selling quality brushes I had to enter.

“I hope it is not too bad, I thought to myself. It is rather early in the day…”


I could not have been more wrong. I entered the store and it was perfume heavily clinging to the air.

I asked the lady behind the desk for brushes and she was very helpful and eager to help me. I told her, I am sensitive so I will probably get sick here an maybe have to step outside. She was very understanding. We looked at different brushes but after only 2-3 minutes my lunges started to close up and I had to go out to medicate. I stoud leaning to the pillar with one arm, pumping Ventoline and gasping for air. But I had to get back in. Checked out some more and had to go out again. Same story. In again to pay, and when I stoud there about to pay I felt the warning sign notifying me if I do not get out of there immediately it would become dangerous.

The lady was very nice and chatted. I felt like running out of there to get away from the fumes, but I had to stay because I had to pay.

Later when I came out I was ill, clogged and tighten lungs, hard to breath. I had to buy lunch because I was to work later. I hurried through the store getting what I wanted while using my inhaler, coughing and struggling. Back at the office I was able to use my AeronebGo with Ventoline, and finally got better.

It is bad I think that a person really sensitive to perfume have to go to the perfumery to buy quality make up brushes. It should be sold everywhere make up is sold.
Another good point in this is that perfume free make up needed by those sensitive is unavailable to them because of the perfume gases in the shop. Such as for me for an example.

To the story goes I told the nice lady in the perfumery store that I normally avoid entering her store, even though they sell perfume free make up, trinkets, stockings and more because of the perfume sold there. That is a pity, she said. It should not have to be that way, she said. I commented that she should put up a wall and keep two departments, one for fragranced products, and one for scent free. But that was not possible she replied, because then they would have to hire more staff. But she came with a suggestion, that I could knock on the window and then she could bring test samples to the door so that I do not have to become ill from entering the store. It was very nice of her, but I think not. I then rather go online and buy ecologic make up online from my sofa. If shop owners are not willing to adapt to sensitive people I rather spend my money elsewhere.

But I must say it in a way was very customer service minded of her to offer it to me, the fewer would have even bothered to care.

/ Annelie

Read part 2

Ps. This is not about complainting on this specific shop, it could have happened in any shop selling or distributing this kind of merchandise.


Discrimination – by Annelie Molin

(Scroll down for English)

Diskriminering av arbeidssøkere

For tiden snakkes det mye om diskriminering fra arbeidsgivere når arbeidssøkere søker arbeid.

Er det greit med slik utplukking av “feilfrie” arbeidstakere?

Jeg mener nei. Det er feil av en arbeidsgiver å nekte en person jobb på grunnlag av handikap, og om mulig arbeidsgivers egen ukunnskap om handikapet. Det er feil å nekte en med handikap arbeid fordi en handikapet kan gjøre en akkurat like god jobb som noen annen.

Så hva med meg?

Jo, jeg har et par handikap. To. Jeg har hørselskade og noe som kalles miljøhemming grunnet sensitivitet. Og nei, det er ikke torgskrekk eller noe psykisk. Miljøhemming er når en astmatisk ikke kan være et sted fordi der f.eks. blir røyket, eller brukt eller sprayet med parfyme, vasket med feil rengjøringsprodukter, feil blomster e.l. Hemmingen ligger i at miljøet blir utilgjengelig for personen grunnet luftforurensning.

Ja, og også i andre situasjoner kan det skje at folk ser litt rart på en om man vedgår at man har handikap. Jeg har som sagt både hørselskade og miljøhemming grunnet asthma, og spesielt miljøhemming grunnet sensitivitet er noe som folk ikke kan forstå og ofte synes at jeg må tilpasse meg dei. Men hvordan å fortelle lungene at de skal tåle parfyme og røyk bare fordi andre vil bruke det?

Og om det å høre. Det er forskjell på å være døv og å være hørselskadet. Hørapparat bruker man for å kunne høre, ikke det motsatte. Jeg jobber som alle andre, og jeg ser egentlig ikke meg selv som handikapet. Jeg har et lite handikap, jeg er ikke mitt handikap. Jeg har mange gode evner, kunnskaper, personlige sider osv. Jeg har noen utfordringer i det daglige liv, og jeg har lært meg å leve med det, og å mestre det. Jeg hører i grunn ganske bra da ene øret er feilfritt, og med hørapparatet på det andre øret så hører jeg enda bedre. Men så fort du sier du har hørapparat så ser folk ibland litt rart på en, spesielt arbeidsgivere. Og det er no litt dumt synes jeg, fordi man har som sagt hørapparat for å høre, ikke for å ikke høre.

Mennesker med hørapparat er ikke døve, de hører.
Mennesker med miljøhemming  grunnet sensitivitet er ikke rare, de er friske i frisk og ren luft.

“Å google en kandidat er ikke ulovlig, men å forkaste en søker på bakgrunn av den informasjonen de finner på Facebook eller andre nettsteder, er ifølge Arbeidsmiljøloven ikke tillatt.”

“Innhenting av helseopplysninger ved ansettelse, eller bruk av informasjon om sykdom, vil fort være i strid med Diskrimineringsloven eller Arbeidsmiljøloven.


Les: Aftenposten: Jeg har vurdert å ta med bandopptaker på intervju
Les: NRK; Arbeidsgivere ønsker ikke syke folk

In English

Discrimination of job seekers

Discrimination from employers when job seeking efforts is now a hot topic in the news. Is that okay with so picking the “flawless” workers?

I mean no. It is wrong for an employer to deny a person a job on the basis of disability, and if possible the employer’s own lack of knowledge on a handicap. It is wrong to deny a handicaped work because a handicaped can make just as good a job as any other.

So what about me?

Yes, I have a some handicap. Two. I have hearing loss and something called environmental inhibition from sensitivity. And no, it’s not square fright or something mental. Environmental Inhibition from sensitivity is when for example an asthmatic can not be somewhere because there eg. are smoked, or used or sprayed with perfume, using the wrong cleaning agent, wrong flowers, etc. The inhibition is that the environment becomes unavailable to the person due to air pollution.

Yes, and in other situations it may happen that people look a bit odd on me if I admit that I got disabilities. For one it does not show from looking at me. I have both hearing loss and environmental inhibition due to asthma, and especially environmental inhibition from sensitivity is something that people can not understand and often find that I have to adapt to them. But how to tell the lungs to withstand perfume and smoke just because others want to use it? The lungs live their own life and do not care what I or your think.

And about hearing loss. There is a difference between being deaf and hearing disabled. Hearing aid we use to hear, not the opposite. I work like everyone else, and I do not really see myself as handicaped. I have a handicap, I am not my disability. I have many good skills, knowledge, personal pros etc. I have some challenges in daily life, I’ve learned to live with it and to master it. I hear quite well when one ear is flawless, and with hearing aid on the other ear so I can hear even better. But as soon as you say you have a hearing aid people look at you kind of strangely, especially employers. And that is a bit bad and silly I think, because as I said one hearing aid to hear, not to not hear.

People with hearing aid is not deaf, they hear.
People with environmental inhibition from sensitivity is not strange, they are healthy in fresh and clean air.

“To google a candidate is not illegal, however, to reject an applicant on the basis of the information they find on Facebook or other sites, according to the Working Environment Act is not permitted.” Norwegian law

“Obtaining health information on employment, or use of information about the disease, will soon be in violation of the Anti-Discrimination Act or the Working Environment Act.” Norwegian law

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Dirty people and asthma – a bus driver with Arriva –

(Scroll down for English)

Urenslige folk og astma, fungerer det?

I dag ble jeg fortalt fra en venn om en artikkel i en avis i Danmark om en kvinne som kjørte bussen med Arriva når en gammel mann kom inn stinkende av gammel svette og skitt. Kvinnen som har astma ble syk fra mannens stank (les avgassing av dårlig hygiene) og fortalte ham om å gå av bussen. Denne saken endte opp i avisen der folk var rasende på kvinnen fordi hun ikke lot den gamle mannen reise på grunn av hennes helse.

Ældre lugtende mand smidt af bussen

“Buschauffør hos Arriva beskyldes for usmagelig afvisning af gangbesværet og svagtseende mand. En ældre, gangbesværet og svagtseende mand blev i mandags udsat for en særdeles nedværdigende behandling på Busterminalen i Herning. En kvindelig buschauffør afviste brutalt manden med den besked, at han lugtede og derfor ikke kunne komme med bussen. Selv om manden bad om hjælp, fik han ingen – før en passager i bussen hjalp manden hen på en af terminalens bænke.”

Hva er der da å si om dette?

Man kan kanskje synes det var urettferdig og jeg kan se at det oppleves som ille for den som blir avvist. Men i samfunnet er man sammen med andre mennesker, og man må holde styr på seg. Hvis en person ikke klarer å ta seg av sin egen personlige hygiene da må vedkommende få hjelp til det. Det er ikke lov å være til plage for andre på bussen. Som sjåfør får man høre klager fra passasjerer om slike ting. Man er ikke aleine på bussen.

Astma er ikke et sjelden sykdom. Om lag 300 millioner mennesker har astma verdensomspennende (tall fra WHO 2011), og jeg har det også. Jeg er også en bussjåfør, akkurat som den damen som jobber i Arriva i Danmark, og dette med folk som er så skitne at de stinker lange veier fra gamle svette er et vanlig helseproblem for en person med astma. Hennes tilfelle er på ingen måte sjelden eller unik. Det kan oppleves som urettferdig å nekte mannen å reise, men det er like urettferdig å måtte bli sjuk av andre, det er ikke slik man skal måtte ha det. Og folk har blitt nektet å reise av samme grunn uten at sjåføren er blitt sjuk av det. Jeg vet om spesifikke tilfeller der friske sjåfører har nektet passasjerere adgang av samme grunn, dårlig hygiene, med omtanke om andre reisende.

Det er trolig ikke godt kjent at en person med dårlig hygiene kan føre til helseproblemer for en annen person, for eksempel en person med astma, men det er ikke desto mindre sant, jeg har faktisk opplevd det selv da en uteligger sto for nært at jeg fikk pustevansker av stanken.

Hva som skjer når en slik skitten person møter på bussen er at den astmatiske personen opplever svie i luftveiene og deretter tetter lungene seg og astmatiske personen får problemer med å puste. Jeg har opplevd dette selv mange ganger når passasjerene på bussen ikke har dusjet på lenge. Spesielt ille var det en gang en hjemløs person sto nært meg som luktet som en gammel ikke vasket renovasjonsbil som stått lenge i varmen, med andre ord sterkt. Jeg fikk pustevansker. Gammel svette inneholder ofte også rester av parfyme og tobakksrøyk. Svette er en kjemisk blanding, du kan lese om innholdet til ren svette her.   Dette er ikke noen nyhet. Muligens at personer med manglende kunnskap ikke vet.

Ikke møt opp på bussen skitten, men ikke møt opp på bussen dynket i parfyme heller. Kom på bussen parfymefri og ren. Det vil være bedre for alle, og også mer sunt for alle de med astma, både sjåfører og passasjerer.

Og selvfølgelig, det passer til alle steder i samfunnet. Ikke vær til plage for andre.

På forhånd takk, ved pennen om saken


Kilde Artikkel i danske Alt om Herning

Les også vitenskapelig artikkel om kroppslukt:

In English

People with bad hygiene, inpact on asthma?

Today I was told from a friend about an article in a newspaper in Denmark about a woman who drove the bus with Arriva when an old man entered stinking of old sweat and dirty. The woman who have asthma got ill from the man’s stench (read, off gassing) and told him to leave the bus. This case ended up in the local newspaper where people were furious about the woman not letting the old man travel due to her health.

Older smelling man showed away off the bus

Bus driver at Arriva accused of unsavory rejection of walking-impaired and partially sighted man. An elderly, mobility difficulties and partially sighted man was on Monday adopted an extremely degrading treatment at the bus terminal in Herning. A female bus driver refused the man with the message that he smelled and therefore could not get on the bus. Though the man asked for help, he got no help – before a passenger on the bus helped the man onto one of the terminal benches.”

What is there then to say about this?

One might think it was unfair and I can see that it is perceived as bad for those who are rejected. But society is one with other people, and you have to keep yourself in a way that you function with others. If a person fails to take care of their personal hygiene when he must get help. It is not allowed to be a nuisance to others on the bus. As a driver, you get to hear complaints from passengers about such things. One is not alone on the bus.

Asthma is not a rare illness. About 300 million people have asthma world-wide (figures from WHO 2011), and I have it too. I am also a bus driver, just like this woman in Denmark with Arriva, and this with people being so dirty they stink from old sweat from far is a health problem for a person with asthma. Her case is no way rare or unik. It may be perceived as unfair to deny the man to travel but it is equally unfair to have to be sick by others, it is not the way you should have to have it. And people have been denied travel for the same reason without the driver has been sick from it. I know of specific cases where healthy drivers have refused passengers access for the same reasons, poor hygiene, with consideration of other travelers.

It is probably not well-known that a person with bad hygiene can cause health problems for another person, for example a person with asthma, but it is non the less true. I have actually experienced it myself once when a (this time) homeless person was standing close to me and I got breathing problems from the stench. Also this sweat stench from others can hold rests of perfume, tobacco and more. The content of sweat is a chemical compound, read here.

What happens when such a dirty person enter the bus is that the asthmatic person get a sensation of burning in the airways and then the lungs tighten and the asthmatic person get trouble breathing. I have experienced this myself many times when passengers enter the bus without have showered in a long time.

Do not show up at the bus dirty, but do not show up at the bus drenched in perfume either. Do show up at the bus perfume free and clean. That will be nicer for everyone and also more healthy for all those with asthma, both drivers and passengers.

And of course, it fits to all places in society. Don’t be a pain.

Thank you, by the pen on the matter


Article in the Danish Newspaper Alt om Herning

Also read about body odor:

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Good manners, fragrance or stench – by Frøydis Karlsen

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Frøydis Karlsen er ei dame som blir sjuk av andre sitt parfymebruk. I denne artikkelen beskriver hun sine opplevelser.

Faksimilie av Frøydis Nilsen debattinnlegg i Aftenposten 5. november 2010.

Faksimilie av Frøydis Nilsen debattinnlegg i Aftenposten 5. november 2010.

In English

Good manners, fragrance or stench

Frøydis Karlsen is a woman who is sick of second fragrance use. In this article she describes her experiences.

“After having read the article by Aage Hegge Hansen in the newspaper on the 1. of October 2010, I felt I had to tell everyone about my difficulties with and views on perfume use.

I am allergic and react to perfume with breathing difficulties on most perfume. What for others is a nice scent, for me is a develish stench. When it comes to cleaning products and washing products including softeners I think it is totally meaningless to add fragrance (aka perfume) to them since they have absolutely no function for the result. I have heard of cases where people have been sent to hospital acute after use of fragrance products. I have also been in contact with Denofa and Lilleborg about fragrance products. I was told that is a rule in the EU agreement that states that some products has to be added fragrance. It is absolutely horrific that such agreement is made to add chemicals and fragrance that causes so many people distress and illness, and that in worst case can cause death.

Some days ago I went to a store in the Alta Amfi mall, and the lady behind the counter stanched of perfume. Luckily my errand there was brief so I could get out of there fast. My wish is that the shop owners forbid their employees to use perfume and perfumed products, aka fragrance and scent. It should be forbidden at work since it is absolutely unnecessary. It should be possible to use scent without bathing in it. That goes not only for women, but for men too. Such I call living stench bombs. I cannot say it is good manners to make other people ill.

Frøydis Karlsen”

 And she is so right this Frøydis Karlsen in Alta in Norway. There is no need to use perfume and scent, and make other people sick. What if it was you that became ill from others perfume use? It is everywhere and you cannot escape it. Lets start a new better way and cut the perfume use everywhere. And also remember that perfume comes hidden in other products too. Buy scent free products and limit the risk of making others ill.

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Bus and perfume – by Annelie Molin

Today I drove the bus up the mountain, took onboard some students and drove back down again. At the buttom of the road it is time to let som other students oboard coming from a corresponding bus. First 5 went great, then came onboard a lad with a lot of aftershave on. It reaked from far. I have had some good weeks last few weeks, but when he entered like perfume bomb the good times were gone. I started to cough cause the lungs narrowed, and it didn’t stop. I took medicine, but I kept on coughing. I luckily had a break, so I parked with all doors and window open in the cold weather. I had to air out the bus, the whole bus reaked.

He probably wanted to appear nice.
Instead he became a health problem.

Where I worked before was much worse, it was in the city and every 5 passenger was using. Imagine that and having asthma…

Ok, there are medicine, but they have backsides and it does not really solve the problem. Being affected by the things one get sick from over and over again, is a big impact and distress on the body. Continious impact by the allergens and you are sick all the time. And the side effects from the medicines are no nice. I took my strong medicine back at the office since the light version of it did not help. Now I have racing heart and shaking hands, it is the backside of it. My hands shake like crazy. And that only because of a guy using aftershave.

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Asthma, allergy and sensitivity – Persons with disabilities environment is covered by the discrimination and accessibility act

(Scroll down for English)

Er luften for alle?

paragraph “Nei, mener flere som forteller Likestillings- og diskrimineringsombudet om sin miljøhemming, og om store utfordringer med å delta i samfunnet.

Åshild Flatebakken, seniorrådgiver og jurist i avdeling for lov og rettigheter, har sett nærmere på hvordan diskriminerings- og tilgjengelighetsloven kan gi et diskrimineringsvern for personer som for eksempel er allergisk mot parfyme.

På spørsmålet om personer med miljøhemming er omfattet av diskriminerings- og tilgjengelighetsloven svarer Flatebakken ja.”

Hva er en miljøhemming?

“- Miljøhemming brukes som en samlebetegnelse på tilstander med en eller annen slags overfølsomhet for noe i miljøet, for eksempel parfyme, vaskemidler og planter, som gir plager og kan føre til sykdom, sier Flatebakken.

Hun utdyper at vi ikke har mye praksis når vi skal se nærmere på miljøhemming og diskriminering, men både Likestillings- og diskrimineringsombudet og Likestillings- og diskrimineringsnemnda har uttalt at allergi er omfattet av lovvernet.” LDO 31. aug 2012

Og alle oss som er sensitive sier HURRA!!!!

In English

Is the air for everyone?

paragraph “No, says the number of people that tells the Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud about their environmental inhibition, as well as major challenges to participate in society.

Åshild Flatbakken, senior advisor and lawyer in the department of law and rights, have looked at how discrimination and Accessibility Act may provide protection against discrimination for people such as allergic to perfume.

On the issue of persons with disabilities environment covered by the Discrimination and Accessibility Act responds Flatbakken yes.”

What is an environmental inhibition?

“- Environment inhibition is used as an umbrella term for conditions with some kind of sensitivity to something in the environment, such as perfumes, detergents and plants, which causes annoyance and can cause disease, says Flat ground.

She explains that we do not have much practice as we shall see further on environmental inhibition and discrimination, but both the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud and the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Tribunal has stated that allergy is subject to legal protection. ” LDO 31. aug 2012

And all of us with sensitivities say HURRA!!!!

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Perfume free helps – by Annelie Molin

I have been very often and much sick last year, not always equal to sick leave I try to stay at wor) but. I have been using both much preventive medicine and also very much Ventoline to keep me going. I know a big part of the problem is at work with the products that are in use there. I told it to my lung doctor and also to my boss. First it seamed troublesome to do something about it, it sounded.

I got fed up with always being sick all the time taking medicine all the time, so I throw away the fragranced washing up liquid used in the kitchen at work and got another sort for my own money. And I  bought a cleaning agent myself  I know I do not get sick from for use at work. Both the cleaning lady and I used it when needed, I also got myself my own fragrance free soap for the bathroom. I have also kept a bit to myself  lateley in my perfume free safe environment at home.

And you know what? I have not been much sick for a long time now! I have hardly used any Ventoline! Of course I have used my preventive asthma medicines, that I will have to do for the rest of my life. This shows it do help a lot with fragrance free products.

And this I told my boss. Using another product than those used in the work environment helps, I said. And I do not get as sick, and do not need to use as much medicine, I said.

And my boss promised to buy perfume free products for use in the work environment from now on.

I hope he remember and keep his promise.

And one more thing. If we start getting our localities and buses cleaned fragrance free, it will benefit all the fragrance allergic passengers too. ;)

I wish the rest of the world could be fragrance free as well. What a wonderful world it would be.

Fragrance free helps!

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A new cafe – I got sad – by Annelie Molin

I work in a very small community. This week a new small cafe opened. It looked so very homely and cozy. They sell things like curtains, pillows, lamps and such for the home, and also have tables and serving coffee and cakes. Lovely. :) I so liked to go there today. Entered the door and it was as cozy inside as it looked in the window.


But in the same moment I came in the room I felt my lungs protest. My heart sunk. Not again! It is such a nice place, I thought to myself. :'(

I wanted cake so I tried to endure and took medicine. But it got worse.

When the lady had helped the other customer I kindly asked her if there where scented candles on the tables? And explained I got asthma and is sensitive. She said, – No I think it is normal candles. Then I asked even more nicer, – Then maybe it is something you use to clean with? She said, We use Pine soap. – That is normally not the worst kind, I replied. We had to conclude with that maybe it was a customer who had been there before who had wore perfume.

I had planned to have a coffee and cake in the cafe, but had to leave with the cake in a bag.

A pity. And I got sad. I will try another time to see if it goes better. If not it is something in the cafe that irritates the lungs. I hope not.


At the Pharmacy – perfume – by Annelie Molin

I had used up my box of 2 ml Ventoline asthma medicine and needed more. To get this one must go to the pharmacy. It is totally life necessary.


Usually it is manageable, it works for me.

Now Christmas is coming up and the gift shelfs are stacked with products. Even at the pharmacy. But they stack it with perfumed products, and inscense. The air gets filled with what I become sick from. I went into the pharmacy to get medicine to stay healthy from asthma, and had to flee the pharmacy due to what make me ill. I had an asthma attack inside the pharmacy and had to leave the subscription with the pharmacist and run out of there. I had to stand outside in the street, and I had to shout to her through the door what I needed and tell her to deliver it outside where I was waiting. I could not enter. Becoming ill, forced out because of it, and a feeling of being banished, humiliation and illness, pluss everyone staring at me.

This is absolutely intolerable.

One must be able to go to the pharmacy and get ones medicine without getting sick from it. A pharmacy is firsthand for those who are sick and needs their medicine, not for the healthy. Those who want perfume and fragranced products can and should buy that with the perfumery.

On top of it if we take an even closer look at this, it even locks me out from buying perfume free lotion, bandages if I would be in need of it, or what ever you need from a pharmacy, and the pharmacy is the place one can buy perfume free make up. So now I am locked out from getting my subscribtion medicine, lotion, make up a.s.o.

The pharmacy should be available to everyone. It is the place to get life saving medicine.

I am so angry it makes my blood boil.

Enough is enough!

/ Annelie

Update: 10 March 2014:
Medical Newspaper Dagens Medicin reports: A woman (not me) in Sweden experienced the same issue as me and reported the Pharmacy  in the Chain of Apoteket AB in Stockholm to Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) complaint on People trying Products perfumed and polluting the air.

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Products location in shops vs asthma and allergy

Hvordan produkter blir plassert i en butikk kan ha stor betydning for tilgjengligheten til både produkter og butikken.

En person med astma, allergi og sensitivitet kan bli stengt ute fra en butikk med dårlig produktplassering.

Se denne videoen for å lære mere om dette:

Viktig info til alle butikker

Video på

(I am sorry this video is in Swedish only)

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Improve for Environmental inhibited by Allergy, Asthma and Sensitivity

(Scroll down for English)

Forbedre for miljøhemmede.

Der er noen enkle grep man kan ta for å forbedre for miljøhemmede. Det trenger ikke være hverken kostbart eller kreve store inngrep.

Forbud mot å plassere parfymeri og kosmetikkvarer ved kassene og direkte ved inn-/utgang og lage avstand til andre varer men helst i eget rom der dette er mulig. Det er også viktig å huske på at parfymeprøving og prøving av parfymerte og kjemikaliefylte produkter som hårspray i butikker med tøy og andre varer gjør at parfyme smitter over til klær og andre varer som blir solgt og at dette er til problem for både de som er astmatiske, og de som har kontaktallergi og eksem av parfymer, og de som på annen måte er senstive mot parfyme.

Krav på om parfymeributikker så det ikke er åpen planløsning ut til senterenes ganger der folk skal gå og passere, og krav på bedre utlufting til slike butikker. Man må kunne velge å bli eksponert for dette, eller velge å ikke bli det.

Forbud mot duftmarketing, dvs duft og parfymesetting av innendørs luft i lokaler der offentligheten har adgang, samt arbeidsplasser. Igjen, dette er parfymering av luft som igjen gir plager og sjukdom for de sensitive og dette smitter også over på produkter som selges i f.eks. butikker og luft og interiør i lokaler ellers. Varer man da kjøper i denne butikken (om man klarer å være der så lenge) blir smittet og man får da parfymestoffene med hjem, dette kan gi symtomer i astma, såre øyne, hodepine, kvalme, og for de med kontaktallergi og eksem m.fl. Man må også huske på at folk kjøper gaver, så om en person ikke selv går inn i en butikk med slik duftmarketing så kan noen venn/familie komme å gå i slike butikker og uvitende bringe dette med til den sensitive i form av gaver som gjør den sensitive sjuk. Et forbud koster ingenting for butikksinnehaver /eier / innehaver /eier av lokaler der offentligheten har adgang å følge.

Krav om tilpasset plassering av astma og allergivennige produkter i butikkene slik at sensitive ikke må gå blandt de produkter som gir sjukdomssymptomer. Den mengden med pakker som står stablet i reolene i butikkene avgir gasser av parfymer og kjemi i luften, dette gjør sensitive sjuke av å gå i butikker. Ved å plassere de bedre egnet kan dette unngås. Det koster stort sett null og ingenting.

Forbud mot røyking ved entreer.

Forbud mot røyking på uteserveringer.

Forbud mot bruk av parfymerte produkter om du jobber i en stilling med kundekontakt, eller sammen med andre.

Forbud mot bruk av parfymerte produkter i lokaler der offentligheten har adgang.

Det er ikke nødvendig å bruke parfymerte produkter i lokaler når det idag finnes gode alternativer som er astma og allergivennlige og mange av de faktisk er billigere  eller koster likt de produkter som er parfymerte. Dette inkluderer selvfølgelig såper, luftfreshere, wc blokker osv på toaletter, røykelse og duftlys osv i lokaler, og gjelder ikke kun rengjøring.

Krav til offentligheten om å dempe parfymebruken når man tar offentlig transport og ved visitt til steder der offentligheten har adgang.

Igjen idag finnes gode alternativer til parfymerte egenpleie, hudvård skjønnhetsprodukter og hårprodukter som er parfymefrie, det er ikke nødvendig å forurense luften for sensitive.

Dette mener jeg skal gjelde også transport der offentligheten har adgang slik som taxi, fly, tog, tunnelbane, trikk, båt, ferge, handikapptransport osv. Og det skal gjelde både personal og rengjøring av disse.

Det skal også gjelde skoler og barnehager, sjukehus, legesentre, redningstjeneste osv, også frivillige slike.

Stille krav til produsenter av produkter om å føre en alternativ serie med astma og allergivennlige produkter, og da skal dette gjelde både for produkter rettet mot både privatpersoner og bedrifter. Og alle forhandlere av produkter av denne art skal være pålagt å selge slike produkter.

Kravene om astma og allergitilpassning skal også gjelde rengjøringsfirma som arbeider i lokaler, kontorer der offentligheten har adgang eller kan komme at ha adgang til. Også i folks hjem.

Men helst alle firma og lokaler da renholdere er blandt de som er mest utsatte for å bli sensitive.

Loven om tilpasning og diskriminering sier det ikke må være for kostbart å tilrettelegge. Igjen, det koster ikke noe å følge krav og lover, derfor er dette veien å gå.

Forbud koster ingen lokalinnehaver, butikksinnehaver, kontorinnehaver, bedrift eller organisasjon osv noe å følge. Tilrettelegging er derfor mulig.

Det er viktig å huske på at f.eks. astmatikere reagerer med pustevansker på stoffer i luften på nivåer så små som 0,02 ppm.

Jeg har en ting å si. Sensitive kan reagere med kvalme, hodepine og migrene, svimmelhet, utslett, akutte pustevansker og mange flere symtomer som er svært ubehagelige. Hva om det var du?

In English

Improving for  the Environmental inhibitet.

Environmental inhibited are those sensitive to pollution of the invironement indoors and outdoors.

There are some simple steps you can take to improve for the Environmental inhibitet. It need not be either expensive or require major changes.

Prohibition against placing perfumery and cosmetics merchandise by the cashiers and by the entrence and exits, and create distance from other items but preferably in a separate room where possible. It is also important to remember that perfume testing and testing of perfumed and chemical-filled products like hairspray and other products in shops with clothing and other items make perfume spills over to clothing and other merchandise being sold, and that this is the problem for both those who are asthmatic, sensitive, got other lung diseases, allergies a.s.o. and those who have contact allergies and eczema of perfumes and those who are otherwise senstive to perfume.

Requirement to perfume shops so it is not open-plan out to mall, the hallways where people will go and pass, and demands for better ventilation of such stores. One must be able to choose to be exposed to this, or choose not to be exposed to it.

Prohibition of scent marketing, fragrance and perfume thats setting of indoor air in buildings where the public has access and workplaces. Again, this is perfume adding to air which causes annoyance and disease for the sensitive and this can also be transmitted over the products sold in eg. shops, and air and interior space otherwise. Items you then buy in this shop (if you manage to be there that long) gets infected and you will then get perfume ingredients with you home, this can cause symptoms with allergy, asthma, head aces, neaucea, aso, and for those with allergic contact dermatitis. One must also remember that people buy gifts, so if a person does not even go into a store with such scent marketing, some friends / family get to go to such stores and unknowingly bring these to the sensitive in the form of gifts that make the sensitive ill. A ban is a low cost for owner / proprietor of the premises where the public has access to follow.

Requests for custom placement of asthma and allergy friendly products in shops so sensitive not to be among the products that causes disease symptoms. The amount of packages that are stacked in racks in stores oozing of perfumes and chemicals in the air, making sensitive sick from going to the store. By placing them more suitable such can be avoided. It costs almost zero and nothing.

Ban on smoking at entrances.

Ban on smoking in outdoor restaurants, cafe and other kinds of food selling.

Prohibition against the use of scented products if you work in a position where you have cusomter contact. And eg. at all firms where you work with or together with other people.

Prohibition against the use of scented products in areas where the public has access.

It is not necessary to use perfumed products on the premises when today’s great options that are asthma and allergy friendly and many of those are actually cheaper or the same cost to the products perfumed. This of course includes soaps, airfresheners / air fragrance, toilet blocks etc in toilets, incense and fragrance candlest, and other products scented, and not only cleaning.

Requirements for the public to curb the use perfume when taking public transport and visit to places where the public has access.

Again today there are good alternatives to scented personal care, skin care, beauty products and hair care products that are fragrance-free, there is no need to pollute the air for those around you and for the sensitive.

I mean this should also apply to public transport and other transport where the public has access such as taxi, plane, bus, train, underground, boat, ferry, handicap transport, etc. And it should apply to both personnel and cleaning thereof.

It shall also apply to schools and kindergartens, hospitals, medical centers, rescue etc, also volunteers such.

Require manufacturers of products to complete a series of alternative asthma and allergy friendly products, and when this should apply both to products aimed at both individuals and businesses.

The requirements on asthma and allergy adjustment shall also apply cleaning company working in premises where the public has access or may get access to. (Eg. any premises since people working as cleaners are those who have the highest risk of getting sensitive.)

The law of adaptation and discrimination saying it can not be too expensive to facilitate. Again, it costs nothing to follow requirements and laws, therefore this is the way to go.

Prohibition costs no locality owner, shop owner, office holder, business or organization etc something to follow. Adaption is therefore possible.

It is important to remember that eg. asthmatics react with difficulty breathing in substances in the air at levels as small as 0.02 ppm.

I have one thing to say. Sensitive react with nausea, headaches and migraines, dizziness, rash, acute breathing difficulties and many more symptoms that are very unpleasant. What if it were you?

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The grandest gift – by Annelie Molin

Den fineste og største gave du kan gi noen som blir sjuk av parfymer og kjemikalier er å begynne bruke kun parfymefrie produkter. Da gir du din venn helsen i gave. ♥

Den största och finaste gåvan du kan ge någon som blir sjuk av parfymer och kemikalier är att gå över till att använda bara parfymfria produkter. Då ger du din vän hälsan i gåva. ♥

The grandest and nicest gift you can give someone with sensitivity to fragrances and chemicals is to start using only fragrance free products. This is you giving your friend health as a gift. ♥

~ Var snill dele denne med dine venner.
~ Var snäll dela denna med dina vänner.
~ Please, welcome to share this with your friends.


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“The Spoon Theory” on Asthma

Today I read a blog that made a big impression on me. The Spoon Theory was so cleaver written. It is about a girl who got something called Lupus. This theory of hers is actually applicable to asthma too. One have to change the point a bit but it nicely explains the strains living with asthma.

Everyone has heard about asthma but if you have never experienced it yourself you are not likely to understand what it is like to live with it, and friends need to understand what it is like to be fully able to be considerate enough to brighten your day.

The Spoon Theory on Asthma

What does it feel like? What is it like being sick? Not physically but in other ways in the ordinary life.

You get a bunch of spoons in your hand. Those are your health this day.

“I explained that the difference in being sick and being healthy is having to make choices or to consciously think about things when the rest of the world doesn’t have to. The healthy have the luxury of a life without choices, a gift most people take for granted. Most people start the day with unlimited amount of possibilities, and energy to do whatever they desire, especially young people. For the most part, they do not need to worry about the effects of their actions. So for my explanation, I used spoons to convey this point. I wanted something for her to actually hold, for me to then take away, since most people who get sick feel a “loss” of a life they once knew. If I was in control of taking away the spoons, then she would know what it feels like to have someone or something else, in this case my illness, being in control.”

This is very applicable to asthma. For a person with Lupus you lose energy for every little thing you do. If we translate this to asthma every little thing you get exposed to that make your asthma react will take a way one spoon from your daily health.

“She grabbed the spoons with excitement. She didn’t understand what I was doing, but she is always up for a good time, so I guess she thought I was cracking a joke of some kind like I usually do when talking about touchy topics. Little did she know how serious I would become? I asked her to count her spoons. She asked why, and I explained that when you are healthy you expect to have a never-ending supply of “spoons”. But when you have to now plan your day, you need to know exactly how many “spoons” you are starting with. It doesn’t guarantee that you might not lose some along the way, but at least it helps to know where you are starting.”

One spoon is one part of your health, the possibility to breathe. What takes away the spoons when you have asthma is the allergens and irritants you get exposed to through the day. You start your morning with taking your medicine and you go off to meet the rest of the world. In my case I am an all year asthmatic. What does this mean? Is there any half-year asthmatic? No not really, but some having asthma got seasonal problems like with pollen. I and others have asthma to things that is all year.

Chemicals you meet all year everywhere. They are hard to avoid since you find them on people using them for beauty treatment, smelling nicely, washing and cleaning a.s.o.

If I am lucky I start my day with a hundred spoons, like in 100% ok this day, but very often I wake up with a goose nesting in my lungs and it needs to be cleared out with inhalation medicine and pills. In such days I start with about 70-80 spoons.

I leave for work, or other duties, fun and pleasures, and meet hundreds of allergens and irritants a day. For every allergen and irritant I get exposed to I lose a spoon.  I loose breathing ability. And note that the allergens and irritants are on most people using fragrance, fragrance products, smoking, and also when cleaning and washing clothes and buildings a.s.o. It is everywhere, also in the everyday air cause of fragrance, exhaust, scented candles, air-fresheners, road dust, and much more in addition to all what people wear and use. And at party’s and holiday’s there are even more of it since people tend to bathe in it, to in their minds make themselves more attractive. What they actually do is make themselves unattractive to people like me.

So without taking medicines I lose a spoon every time I get exposed to any of this. And every time I lose a spoon I get breathing problems. If I continue loosing my spoons the breathing continuously get worse throughout the day.

To help the situation I take medicine to get better throughout the day. This can give me a spoon back for a while, but only until I get exposed to allergens and irritants the next time, then it starts over again. If exposure to allergens and irritants get too much to handle then hopefully I can manage it myself by using medicine I have gotten from the pulmonary clinic at the hospital. If not I get a massive asthma attack and need to go to the hospital for help. I always need to save spoons so I do not run out of them, so I can avoid a big asthma attack. However medicine has its limits. It is only allowed to take so much of it before one get side-effects from it, and those side-effects are scary and take away a spoon too. When overusing Ventoline your heart starts ticking really hard and very fast, it is pounding and racing, and you can not take any more of the medicine. Then you start loosing spoons fast.

“I asked her to list off the tasks of her day, including the most simple. As, she rattled off daily chores, or just fun things to do; I explained how each one would cost her a spoon.”

Most people do what ever they want without even have to think of doing or not doing it? Or even am I able to do that?

For a person with asthma one has to avoid what make one sick. This actually mean you have to avoid places and situations known to you to make your asthma break out. This can be going to a public toilet because there are air-fresheners and perfumed soap installed, or pass an entrance since people are smoking in front of the door, a smoker breathing on you, a smoker kissing you, avoid go to a restaurant because of burning incense or scented candles and perfumed people there, avoid taking the bus or train since many people are perfumed, get sick from visiting the doctor’s office because the medical personnel is using fragrance products, having to deny sitting with friends in a car or letting friends sit in your car because of fragrance and smoke, avoid places where perfumed products are used, shops, planes a.s.o.

“I then explained to her that she needed to choose the rest of her day wisely, since when your “spoons” are gone, they are gone. Sometimes you can borrow against tomorrow’s “spoons”, but just think how hard tomorrow will be with less “spoons”. I also needed to explain that a person who is sick always lives with the looming thought that tomorrow may be the day that a cold comes, or an infection, or any number of things that could be … dangerous. So you do not want to run low on “spoons”, because you never know when you truly will need them.”

Yes, you can deny you got asthma and try to go everywhere anyway. Maybe you manage for a while if you medicate very hard, but the truth is that it will cost you. It will make you end up sick, and all the exposure pile up and build up an asthma attack as time goes. Even not eating three meals a day and sleeping well make one lose a spoon.

“We went through the rest of the day, and she slowly learned that skipping lunch would cost her a spoon, as well as standing on a train, …  She was forced to make choices and think about things differently. Hypothetically, she had to choose not to run errands, so that she could eat dinner that night.”

On a bad day I might have to avoid cooking because of fumes, avoid some people since I know that their homes hold chemicals and stuff I get sick from, I might have to avoid meeting people I know smoke or use perfume and scented products, I might have to avoid going places in all and stay home to restore myself. All to be able to end the day with as many spoons as possible.

“She had tears in her eyes and asked quietly “Christine, How do you do it? Do you really do this everyday?” I explained that some days were worse than others; some days I have more spoons than most. But I can never make it go away and I can’t forget about it, I always have to think about it. I handed her a spoon I had been holding in reserve. I said simply, “I have learned to live life with an extra spoon in my pocket, in reserve. You need to always be prepared.””

Yes, just like this it is like having asthma too. Asthma force you to make changes in your life. One need to think before acting, just doing is something that is in the past. To be able to keep all the spoons to stay healthy one have to think through the actions coming. If I do this do I get sick? If I do that will that make me ill? I have to avoid that! a.s.o.

“Its hard, the hardest thing I ever had to learn is to slow down, and not do everything. I fight this to this day. I hate feeling left out, having to choose to stay home, or to not get things done that I want to. … I wanted her to understand, that everything everyone else does comes so easy, but for me it is one hundred little jobs in one. I need to think about the weather, my temperature that day, … before I can attack any one given thing. When other people can simply do things, I have to attack it and make a plan like I am strategizing a war. It is in that lifestyle, the difference between being sick and healthy. It is the beautiful ability to not think and just do. I miss that freedom. I miss never having to count “spoons”.”

If one do not think it through one has to pay for the denial by getting ill with breathing problems and in worst case a big asthma attack with severe breathing troubles.

Take away one spoon from a person with asthma and you give one breathing problem.

Weather, this days condition, allergens, irritants, is the obstacles in the daily life. Most people got the obstacles on them, or got them in their homes, they are at work, they are at the mall, shops, food stores, public transportations, in the city, by the doors, in public toilets, restaurants, cars and places in form of air fresheners and ash trays, outdoors in form of people smoking a.s.o.

Like the girl who wrote The Spoon Theory, I do not look sick. You can not see on the outside that I got a handicap, asthma, so therefore the best thing you can do for me and others in the same situation is to avoid using fragrance products at all and stop smoking. This will help us stay more healthy so we also can live like you do without having to think of what we can do, at least a bit more.

Asthma makes you only do stuff asthma allows you to do, and avoid what you can not.

Medicines for asthma help keeping the symptoms in check, but it will not cure it. This is important to understand. It is no wonder treatment. The true wonder treatment is to not be exposed to allergens and irritants. Give a spoon and enable to keep a spoon.


Source of quotes: The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino.


Asthma – a handicap – open fireplace – by Annelie Molin

(For English, scroll down)

Hvordan kan astma være et handikapp? Det viser jo ikke og personene kan gå uten hindringer?

Et eksempel på situasjoner hvor astma kan være et handikapp opplevde jeg sist jeg var på tur med en gjeng. De er greie folk og jeg liker de godt, men de har kanskje litt lite innsikt i situasjoner som kan være til problemer for meg som har astma.

De gjør det ikke med vilje det vet jeg, men mere av vane og fordi det er sett på som koselig. Jeg tror de ferreste tenker på slik som dette.

Vi leide en hytte i lag alle og skulle overnatte der. Etter en fin tur i flott natur, og etter middag var det dags for kveldskosen i stua. Jeg var litt sein inn på stua og der hadde noen tent i peisen. Det var en peis, ikke en peisovn, og det luktet brannrøyk i hele stua. Jeg var skeptisk til hvordan dette skulle gå, men gikk inn og satte meg lengst inne i et hjørne og åpnet et vindu. Stua var svær, med stoler rett foran peisen og en sofa langt unna ved vinduene, det var der jeg satte meg. Jeg satt allene, men likevel i samme rom som de andre slik at jeg kunne høre hva de snakket om. Noen klaget over at vinduet var åpent, det ble kalde sa han. Jeg svarte bare med at jeg måtte ha frisk luft p.g.a min astma da det er bare slik det er.

Men likevel, røyken spredde seg i rommet utenfor pipa fordi der var ingen glassdørr som holdt ilden og røyken lukket inne, og også om jeg satt et godt stykke unna så var kjemikaliene osen i røyken der i rommet. Jeg likte meg i hjørnet der, det var koselig å sitte med beina opp i sofaen. Jeg klaget litt over at de fyret opp i peisen, og fikk kommentaren at jeg kunne jo gå og sette meg i det andre rommet? Jeg sa som det var. – Det er ikke noe kjekt å sitte allene på spisestuen på en pinnestol og alle andre sitter her og koser seg sammen. Men etter noen få minutter måtte jeg likevel gå ut av rommet. Det var for mye med den lille røykosen som var i rommet. Gassene fra peisen tettet lungene mine og jeg måtte rømme stedet. Jeg ble redd det skulle bli riktig galet, og der vi var i fjellheimen så var det langt til nermeste sjukhus og ikke dekning på mobilen så kunne det bli farlig. Jeg gikk en tur ute for å få frisk luft og pøste på med medisiner, men det tog lang tid før det ble bedre. Etter middagen var det eneste å gjøre å gå og legge seg da jeg ikke kunne være i stua. Det ble tidlig kveld på meg, mens de andre hygget seg på stua.

Det er kjipt og ensomt når slik skjer. Og det er da astman blir til et handikapp. Et handikapp er noe som hindrer en fra å deltake og gjøre noen ting.

Jeg ville så gjerne være med. Men samtidlig vil man jo ikke være den som ødelegger stemninga for de andre heller. Men så får man kvelden ødelagt for seg selv istedet.

In English

How can asthma be a handicap? It shows not, and the person can walk without obstacles?

An example of situations where asthma can be a handicap I experienced last time I was traveling with a crowd I know. They are nice people and I like the well, but they may have some small insight into situations that could be trouble for me who has asthma. They do not do it intentionally, I know that, but more out of habit and because it is seen as cozy. I think the fewer think of such things like this. Things went like this…

We rented a cottage together all and would stay there over the weekend. After a tour of the beautiful scenery of nature, and after dinner it was time for evening and togetherness  in the living room. I was a little late into the living room and there was a lit fireplace. That was a open fireplace, not a fireplace with doors, and a smell of fire smoke in the living room. I was skeptical about how this would go, but went in and sat in the sofa in a corner and opened a window. The living room was huge, with chairs in front of the open fireplace and a sofa far away from that by the windows, that was where I sat. I sat alone, but still in the same room as the others so that I could hear what they were talking about. Some complained that the window was open, it was cold, he said. I replied simply that I had to have fresh air because of my asthma. But still, the smoke spread in space outside the pipe because there was no glassdoor that kept the fire and the smoke closed in, and also if I put a good distance away, it was the chemicals in the smoke in that room. I enjoyed myself in the corner there, it was nice to sit with my legs up on the sofa. I complained a little over the fire in the fireplace to give them a small hint, and got the comment that I could go and sit in the other room? I said it as it was. There is no fun to sit by myself in the dining room on a wooden chair, while all sit in the livingroom together. But after a few minutes, I had to leave and go out of the room. It was too much with the little smoke that was in the room. The gases from the fireplace sealed my lungs and I had to flee the place. I was afraid it would go wrong, and where we were in the mountains, it was far to the nearest Hospital and no signal on the mobile it could become dangerous. I went for a walk outside to get fresh air and poured or rather overused the medication to get well again. But it took rather long. After dinner was the only thing to do to go to bed since I could not be in the livingroom. It was early evening at me while the others enjoyed themselves on the living room. It sure suck and are lonely when such happens. I would so like to join. But at the same time, really who want to be the grumpy one who destroys the mood of the others either? But then you get the evening ruined for oneself instead.

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Friends like medicine – by Annelie Molin

There are situations in life where friends possibly can cause asthma attacks with their habits, but they are also most useful to be able to avoid it.

This is about asthma and cars and not about slander about friends, but sometimes one have to tell a little except for names to be able to tell the story at all.

Some days ago I was with a friend to see another friend of mine. He had promised to fix a fault with the connection with my car stereo. A faulty connection a former friend made. In 2010 I bought a new car stereo, and this former friend of mine “helped” connecting it. He managed to cable the stereo to the headlights, making me getting problems with the lights on my car. A silly one. And he did it even though I told him not to change the connection from how it was made before. But I had nothing to say in the matter, he did it anyway. And I know to little about connecting car stereos to be able to argue using good reasons. I only had a bad feeling in my stomach when he went on making the connection that later gave me car problems.

Luckily there are other people who knows what to do..

Two nice friends and a nice day. Talk, music, and intelligens, help and a long walk. I like that.

Ok, both of them smoke and I had to avoid them smoking, staying away while they did that. As always my lungs closed up… But here I do not talk to be negative about that. No this is an all other matter. My friend who liked to help me with my car, like he did know I could not be in the car while he was soldering with the led and soldering tool he kindly asked my friend to sit in the car with him and do the job. I did not have to be there, I just stoud outside the car watching. Bless him, and bless my friend who sat there helping doing the job for me. I would not have been able to sit there with all the fumes around. And I did not even have to tell them I could not! :)

And he fixed my car stereo, and I am so happy!

So now I can listen to the radio and music without having the headlights on, it saves  battery, and surely the light bulbs will not burn, and it will work better in the future.

So sometimes friends are like medicine, not only to me but also for my car. :)

Thank you!!

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I feel his scent – by Annelie Molin

I feel his scent when he walkes past me.

I enjoy it.

But sometimes he uses perfume,

and a moment later I start coughing.

My lungs tighten and I get trouble breathing.

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How it really feels – by Karen Skålvoll

I have an online friend who got asthma with alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency. At her last blog entry she talks about what it really feels like having asthma with alpa1 and peoples habits and likes. It was so good explained that I asked her to allow me to post it here on my blog, and she was kind enough to allow it. So here my dear reader you can find out how it is to live with asthma with an alpha1 deficiency in additon. From my side: Having a “normal asthma” is just like that just except for the burning sensation and the dying lung. But even a person with an “ordianary asthma” can get damages to the lungs when exposed to stuff they get sick from, the lungs get hardened, and the illnesses symtomes can develop to become 24/7. It is therefore very important to any asthmatic – alpha1 or not – to avoid any what makes the asthmatic ill. Happy reading, and hopefully listening. – Annelie

How it really feels – by Karen Skålvoll

“It is certainly very difficult for those who are healthy to understand that we who are living with a serious lung disease react to fragrances others have chosen to take on. The fact that it burns the lungs, the mucus, painful spasms in the bronchi and is really just child’s play, because us with alpha 1, we get lung damage as well. Sometimes I am willing to pay the price to visit some of the world, but mostly I let it be. I stay home. Putting an injection of medicine to open to breathe is no fun, the heart races away with a pulse that is sky high and it is physically difficult to hold a glass, not talking about holding a pen or write.

When it comes to those with alpha 1 lacking the protein (alpha 1 antitrypsin) it is the alpha1 antitrypsin that protects the lungs, and we do not have that. This means that everything we breathe damages lung tissue much more than those who do not have this gene defect. A bit like in children who have not yet fully developed lung tissue (that you can read about here: children’s health in front of the staff’s vanity, indoor air quality, children and allergies) I have severe uncontrolled asthma on top of my Alpha 1 can be on any given day loss of life in an asthma attack because others have chosen to dress up. Arguments like, “I used just a little” or “only little won’t hurt anyone” or “it’s just soooo little..” or “I can not help it..” provoke sometimes even though I have gotten extremely hard bones in my nose eventually. The vanity of others will go in front of other people’s health, I think is directly frightening. Let everyone breathing fresh air that does not bathe in perfume, it is the best for children, allergy sufferers, those with lung diseases and, not least for most people.

Since I have alpha 1 I also feel on the psychological element in this. My lungs are damaged and get damaged more because of all those who smear themselves and spray themselves with so much, if I get an asthma attack I am simply promoted one step closer to death. It’s a brutal reality that is not spoken about. To smoke or use spray in one form or another close to some of alpha 1 is considered an abuse, because we get lung damage of the sort. The more we tell, the more we talk about this the more knowledge comes out of the public. I hope that future generations will not have to hear all the prattling that those who talk about freedom of perfume are selfish, they can only wear masks, they can stay home, etc. No, the only thing that counts is the information we need to be visible and we must have the courage to talk about the unpleasant consequences of others’ decorating.” – Karen Skålvoll


“He who Rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution Which Rejects progress in is the cemetary.”  – Harold Wilson


Thank you for sharing Karen and for beautifully explaining to us all.

Don’t you know what astma is? Read about asthma and what it is..


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Equality and Asthma – by Annelie Molin

(Scroll down for English)

Likestilling og Tilgjengelighet

Likestilling og tilgjengelighet berører også astma og allergi. Hva er likestilling for deg?

Jeg deltaker i Likestilllings og Diskrimineringsombudets kampanje på Facebook med dette bildet.

In English

I am a participant in Equality and Discrimination Ombudsman’s campaign on Facebook with this picture.

Photo translation:
“For me equality is…

To be able to do the same as others on the same terms and possibilities.

Specifically for me it would be a wonder-world to be able to go wherever I want, meeting, dealing with and talk with whomever I want without being exposed to tobacco and perfume that I am asthmatic to. Dropping lung congestion, to let go detours, avoiding places, avoid talking to others due to it. And an end to the open testing perfume in a store (it should happen in a closed in space.) The use of scented products, fragrance block, air fresh, and strong cleaners that clog the lungs in the room where the public has access. This is a social barrier, a barrier that prevents me from going places where it is and talk to people who use it. I have to avoid the fact that I’m being dense in the lungs. Everyone must have fresh air and healthy lungs to feel good. It’s on my wish list.”


Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money. ~ Jules Renard

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Perfume free products in perfume environment – by Annelie Molin

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Parfymefrie varer i parfymerier

Er håpløst å finne et variert utbud av parfymefri sminke. Og paradoksalt nokk, den parfymefrie sminken som finnes den selges ofte i parfymerier. Dette betyr at er du sensitiv og blir sjuk av parfyme da må du inn i en parfymebutikk for å kjøpe en parfymefri vare. Det er fint at de selger parfymefrie varer, men det rare med det er at mange i målgruppen for de parfymefrie varene ikke har adgang til butikken fordi de ikke kan oppholde seg i butikken grunnet parfymestanken.

Jeg vet jeg kan gå online og kjøpe i diverse nettbutikker, men det er ikke det som er poenget. Det er jo tåpelig at slike parfymefrie produkter selges i parfymeributikker der sprayes parfyme hele dagene. Det går jo ikke ann å gå inn og kjøpe de parfymefrie produktene uten å bli sjuk. Det er et særdeles dårlig opplegg. Er parfymefrie produkter kun til for de som tåler parfyme?

Jeg skulle ikke måtte gå online for å kjøpe, jeg skal kunne gå i butikken og kjøpe slik som alle andre. Jeg liker å kunne se på sminkeprodukter før jeg skal kjøpe de, da ser man varen, man kan prøve konsistensen og fargene bedre og slipper kjøpe katta i sekken. Samme problemen møter man på en del klesbutikker, f.eks. men ikke utelukkende CUBUS, der selger se klær og parfyme i samme butikken, og hele kassan er inngjerdet av parfyme, parfymerte produkter og parfymeprøving. Å handle på slike butikker er likestilt med å bli sjuk.

Det er for dumt å stenge kunder ute fra produkter de vil ha og behøver. Dette er ikke bare snakk om tilgang, men også om likestilling. – Det å kunne velge selv. Å kunne ta den koselige shoppingturen slik alle andre kan, og det å kunne gå inn i butikken, prøve og kjenne på varen, og få varen i handen direkte og slippe vente i 1-2 uker før produktet blir levert.

In English

It is almost impossible to find fragrance free makeup. And paradoxically enough, the fragrance-free makeup found it is sold in perfumeries. This means that if you are sensitive and become sick from perfume you must enter a perfume shop to buy a perfume free make up product, and those g who are sick from perfume is not likely to enter such a store. This mean they are exclueded from buying it.

I know I can go online and buy in various online stores, but it’s not the point. It’s ridiculous that such fragrance-free products are sold in perfumeries where tried and sprayed perfume all day. It is not able to go in and buy the fragrance-free products without getting sick. It is a very bad treatment and plan. Is fragrance-free products only to those who can tolerate perfume?

I should not have to go online to buy, I should be able to go to the store and buy like everyone else. I like to look at the make-up products before I buy them, when you see the item, you can test the consistency and color better and do not buy like wearing a blind patch. Same problem one encounters in some clothing stores, for example. but not exclusively CUBUS, which sells clothing and perfume to see in the same store, and the whole cashiers area is fenced by perfumes, scented products and perfumes testing. Shopping in such stores is equated with getting sick.

There are too stupid to shut customers off from products they want and need. This is not just a question of access but also about equality. – Being able to choose for themselves. Being able taking the cozy shopping trip just as everyone else can, and being able to go into the store, try and feel the product and get the product directly in the hand and drop to wait 1-2 weeks before the product is delivered.