Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Norge: Ny lov om seksuell trakassering

1. januar 2018 er ordlyden § 13 defineres seksuell trakassering som 

«Enhver form for uønsket seksuell oppmerksomhet som har som formål eller virkning å være krenkende, skremmende, fiendtlig, nedverdigende, ydmykende eller plagsom.»

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Om #homoekteskap og #homovigsel – #ekteskap #vigsel

Om #homoekteskap og #homovigsel

Det er krig, sult, ensomhet, hjemløshet, fattigdom, arbeidsledige, folk som ligger ute sommer som vinter i all slags vær uten ly for vær, temperatur og vind, folk som ikke har klær og muligheter til personlig hygiene og ingen seng å sove i, ikke har penger til det mest grunnleggende, drap, mishandling og psykisk mishandling (inkluderer mobbing), vold, trusler, tyveri, ran, økonomisk kriminalitet, narko, narkosalg og verving av barn, menneskehandel, prostitusjon, pedofiler, kidnapping, forfølgelse, voldtekter og overgrep, terrorisme, ekstremisme, IS m.fl. som dreper uskyldige, ødelegger og driver sitt folk og andre folk på landsflykt og undertrykker folk, sjikane, undertrykkelse, hatkriminalitet, brudd på menneskerettighetene, rasisme, mord og massemord, diktaturer, mangel på ytringsfrihet, maktmisbruk, justismord, hevngjerrighet, ødeleggelse, hat, mangel på likestilling og tilgjengelighet, løgner, arroganse, bedrag, uærlighet, sjukdom og død og enda mer i verdenen. Og folk klager og henger seg opp i at og om to voksne mennesker som er gla i hverandre skal få eller ikke få gifte seg i kirken.

Helt ærlig, det finnes annet å ta tak i enn to voksne som vil gifte seg.

Noen hevder det er synd og forbudt i bibelen. Det er mye som står i bibelen:

“Du skal ikke dømme andre, varpå du ikke vil bli dømt…”

“La den som er uten synd kaste den første steinen…”

“Elske din neste som deg selv…”

“Det du vil at andre skal gjøre mot deg, slik skal også du gjøre mot dem.” sa Jesus

“Jeg er veien, lyset og kjærligheten…” sa Jesus

“Håpet, troen og kjærligheten, og størst av dem er kjærligheten.”

Det finnes verre ting i verdenen enn to voksne som er gla i hverandre og vil gifte seg i kirken uansett kjønn. Og at de gifter seg, skader ikke meg, faktisk at de skader ingen.

Jeg tror vi overlever det. Jeg synes debatten på nei-siden gjennomsyres av smålighet og egoisme. Jeg har ingen problemer med å se hvordan det ville være å bli gla i noen som er like gla i en selv, og så bli nektet å gifte seg, man trenger ikke å være homoseksuell for å se det. Det er vel kun dem som mangler evne til empati som ikke greier det. Og det finnes verre ting i verdenen en to voksne homoseksuelle som er gla i hverandre og vil holde sammen, la oss hellre engasjere vår energi på det som trenger å gjøres noe med, nemlig dem som skader andre.

/ Annelie

om #homoekteskap #homovigsel #ekteskap #vigsel

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Opinion and menstruation

Menns bemøtende av kvinners standpunkter

I dag opplevde jeg bemøtende av en kar. Jeg sa rett ut og bestemt hva jeg mente om noe. Han spurte: “-Har du mensen?”

Bare fordi man sier meningen sin på skarpen til en kar så skal man måtte få høre at man har mensen?! Dra til helvete!

Hva om vi kvinner skulle nedvurdere alle meninger, tanker og følelser menn har til å være en hormonell forstyrrelse pga pungkulene deres?

Jeg har ikke mensen, jeg har et eget hode å tenke med, jeg har tanker, meninger og følelser. Respektere det.

/ Annelie

In English

Mens reactions to women’s viewpoints

Today I experienced reactions from a man. I said straight out and strongly what I meant about something. He asked: “- Are you menstruating?”

Just because a woman say their opinion with sharpness to a man then one have to listen to  “- Are you menstruating?” ?! Go to hell!

What if us women should disparage any opinions, thoughts and feelings men have to be a hormonal disorder due to their testicles?

I do not have my period, I have a head to think with, I have thoughts, opinions and feelings. Respect it.

/ Annelie

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A Muslim who Think Canada Should Ban the Niqab and Burka in Public

Today I read a article in Huffington Post that I find both good, right and interesting. It is good she comes out with this information, if someone like myself or any other non-muslim person would do that one risk to get the rasist flag smashed in ones face. The article is

As a Muslim, I Think Canada Should Ban the Niqab and Burka in Public

A Muslim mother who never saw a niqab when she was growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, she is astonished to see Canada’s judiciary caving in to Islamists who have nothing but contempt for Canada’s values of gender equality.

She says: “In the 25 years I have called Canada home, I have seen a steady rise of Muslim women being strangled in the pernicious black tent that is passed off to naïve and guilt-ridden white, mainstream Canadians as an essential Islamic practice.

The niqab and burka have nothing to do with Islam.

They’re the political flags of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, the Taliban, al-Qaida and Saudi Arabia.

Now I learn I have not only to fight the medieval, theocratic adherents of my faith for a safe space for myself, I have to battle the Federal Court of Canada as well, which has come out on the side of these face masks.

The ruling concerns the case of Zunera Ishaq, a 29-year-old woman who emigrated to Canada from Pakistan in 2008.

After previously showing her face to an immigration official in 2013 when taking her citizenship test, she refused to take part in the citizenship ceremony because she would have to show her face while taking the oath of citizenship.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government rightly banned face masks at such ceremonies, but this was found to be unlawful by the Federal Court.

With all due respect, let me introduce our Canadian judges to their Pakistani colleagues in the jihadi badlands of Peshawar.

In November 2004, the Chief Justice of the Peshawar High Court (PHC), Tariq Pervaiz Khan, ordered female lawyers not to wear face veils in courtrooms, saying they couldn’t be identified, nor assist the court properly while wearing veils.

He scolded the niqabi women saying,”You are professionals.”

Covering the face is not a religious requirement for Muslim women.

The injunction in the Qur’an is for modesty (for men and women).

Some Muslim women interpret this as covering their head with a scarf or chador.

A scholar of Islamic history, Prof. Mohammad Qadeer of Queen’s University, Kingston, wrote in the Globe and Mail in March 2006:

“The argument about concealing one’s face as a religious obligation, is contentious and is not backed by the evidence.”

He added, “in Western societies, the niqab also is a symbol of distrust for fellow citizens and a statement of self-segregation. The wearer of a face veil is conveying: ‘I am violated if you look at me.'”

It is a barrier in civic discourse. It also subverts public trust.”

The federal Liberals and NDP are treating Canada’s niqabis as latter-day Rosa Parks, fighting for justice.

This is vote-bank politics that is, as my friend and secular activist Tarek Fatah calls it, “sharia Bolshevism.”

There is just one way forward: The next government must legislate the complete ban on wearing face masks in public, not just to expose the hypocrisy of the Islamists but for the sake of our security as well.” Huffiington Post

And this is my claim also. I have read about the use of burqa, niqab and such garments for some years and and found that

Purdah or Pardaa (from Persian: پرده, meaning “curtain”) is the practice of concealing women from men. According to one definition:

Purdah is a curtain which makes sharp separation between the world of man and that of a woman, between the community as a whole and the family which is its heart, between the street and the home, the public and the private, just as it sharply separates society and the individual.

This takes two forms: physical segregation of the sexes, and the requirement for women to cover their bodies and conceal their form. Purdah exists in various forms in the Islamic world and among Hindu women in parts of India.

This segregational issues is taken even further than only clothing, and women many places are not allowed to leave the house without their father, brother, cousin, husband or other male relative. They are not allowed to go to school, work, meet in groups, or in any way blend with the opposite sex. This leads to non equality between theh sexes and this is a really disturbing practise. It give men the upper hand to do what they want and rule the lives of the women while women have no say in the matter.  Read more here in my blog post about it and also see My Stealthy Freedom (آزادی یواشکی زنان در ایران‎) and follow their Facebook and visit their website
Personally I do not agree with face covering at alle regardless of reason because it makes the person anonymous and I am not able to see who I am talking to, if the person is tru, is lying, is happy, sad, angry, aggressive, feel well or is sick. The person is deporsonalized and it is literally as talking to a curtain.

At work I do not like when people enter to the desk vailed or masked regardless of reason, and when it is not acrually a rule that women shall cover all it is wrong to make claims for it. Beside that I do not like covering of women since it is a wrong against equal rights between men and women.

Source and read the whole article at:

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#Racism #Discrimination

Race and Racism?

I agree with Mellody Hobson we should not be color blind but color brave, see the video:

Only the human is one species. Is there really scientifically several races when it comes to humans? A species and a race is a genetic thing. Humans living today have no several races according to genetics as I have learned. There are different colors of skin, eyes, hair and so on but no different races I have learned, we all look the same inside. Maybe someone could start with changing this word flaw? There are humans, period. The word discrimination is more appropriate, it does not make the different peoples living around the world stand out. We are actually all humans.

What does the word racism come from?

“There are several theories about the origin of the word “race”. One is that it is related to the Latin “ratio” which means sense, secondly, that it comes from the Arabic “ra ‘s” meaning “head”, a word that in both Arabic and Ottoman Turkish is used both figuratively as metaphorical, the last in the sense of  “origins”, “the principal ” or “typical” possibly “the norm” . This way the use of “head” is also our expression “substantially” and “mainly” . The first instances in a European language is in Spanish “raza” or “Razza” and is recorded from the 1200s on, ie during the Andalusian Caliphate. It then means roughly “people group”. It is said that the word in the first centuries  primarily used for people who are descended from a common origin.
Use of the word in a meaning related to the emerging science occurs only in the late 1700s. Michael Biddiss points out that the word ” race” was used in a variety of meanings, from “the race of birds” “The British Race” . ” The British Race” , was used in all seriousness with important political and cultural overtones. Continue reading

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The view on women in Society @MileyCyrus #RapCulture #MileyCyrus #rap #NotBuyingIt


Miley Cyrus provides all women disrepute. She is a disgrace to women. I would not give a dime for the conserts. Is this a good role model for young people? No wonder girls are struggling with such a cultural phenomenon. There is something wrong with the culture when women always portrayed as horny hores and men as dressed and strong. I see no equality between the sexes here, nor is there anything moral about this way of portraying people. Women are more than sexuality. Rap culture has an overall red tread where women become exploitation objects and sexual objects. I do not see music where the men are doing so about themselves in this way. And this is supposed to be a role model for young people, both girls and boys? Continue reading

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I feel lucky, and symptom free

A improved life

Since some time ago I can finally feel happiness, I feel well, feel free to have a good day, being almost symptom free, and the best thing of all is I have had a good day for months. I have gone from having a PEF 250 (that is half lung ability to Breathe normally) in 2006 -2007 to almost having no symptoms at all toady in 2014. It have been  7 years of struggle finding out what Works, adjusting medicines, Learning what to avoid and adjusting my life to my asthma. The later is actually the sad part, having to skip doing stuff I used to be able to do.

So what have I done to make a better life for myself?

  1.  Cleared the home, my car and my camping trailer for Products containing fragrance and color
  2. Thrown out all fabric carpets.
  3. I bought a sofa I can dust.
  4. A clean kind of minimlalistic style at home.
  5. Avoid all situations where People are smoking and wearing perfume, and where using fragrance Products.
  6. Changed work Place and gotten my work Place adjusted to me.
  7. Adjusting my medicines and even got stronger medicines.

I work full time, I am  not sick or on sick leave more than anyone else – actually not much at all, and all of this together make my day so much better. Of course I have my problems to deal With in life like anyone else from time to time, but when it comes to my Health regarding asthma I have a much better life. And what was really important to make this possible was that my work Place is cleaned fragrance free. It made a hugh difference. Also I work in a area where there are not so many Bling customers. They are most of the Down to Earth People not bathing in fragrance and such before they leave home. Got to love them!

If there is a sad thing in all this, it would be the limitation it have to put on myself to keep it like this. I have to stay away from surroundings where fragrance is. It can put a limitation on whom to visit, where to go and somtimes where to travel.

Important to know is the biggest myth about asthma to know. Many believe that medicine fix all problems and one can do whatever one want. Asthma medicine do not mean you can take medicine and do whatever you want regardless. You have to stay away from what make you sick and take your medicine.

But I try to do what I can do

I do travel, I do visit People (if the environment allows it), I do work, I can do a lot of things only not things involving contact with inhaling fragrance products. I am well as long as the air is good, but it only take the pollution to get symptomes again. Sick I will be forever, all my life, that will never change. But in a non polluted environment I can have a good life.

So much more I could do if there were less of those Products in the world.  Then I could do everything!

Fresh air without fragrance pollution. I love it!


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Stop Bullying!

Stop being a Bully!

spiteful Hard Words, hate speach, mocking around, pushing, threatening, lying about someone, spreading rumors, messing With someones Things and life, abuse and so on hurt other People. Some get really depressed, have to go on sick leave, can’t work or go to School, and some even kill themselves.

I have myself experienced being bullied, both at School and at work. People spreading rumors, lying, making hate speach, and are being cruel. They do their best being awful. And if being hurtful is what You aimed, you succeded. But You have not won. What you succeded doing was make a mess in my life, and in addition to that You succeded being disliked.

Words and bad behaviour can be sharper than a knife. What You do have a impact and have a consequens for others. It can also hurt the relationship between other People. Sometimes the Third party get hurt and the relation between the person hurt and the Third party.

badeball Sometimes I Wonder what kind of brainless People those are going on like that hoping to hurt others? They must really have a IQ of bath ball. You know the plastic ones With only air in it. It can not be any much more than that, since they have not the ability to see longer than their own little corner of the world. Their mean hurtful little corner of  world. I mean, what if it was You who does this who was the target of Your abuse? What would it be like if someone did it to You? Think before You spread Your stink around, and think of the wider consequens Your action could cause. If you hurt someone badly enough they might actually take the step to kill themselves. And what if You were the reason they did it? You know, there is something called karma. What goes around, comes around. I personally often wish You meet yourself in the door. Maybe that would make You know yourself a bit better?

I also often read about People getting hurt by others. And I have also all to often experienced People who in their spiteful little lives need to push other People around to feel they are strong, in the centre of attention. and the need to make a point even for the smallest little thing. Grow up and be an adult about it.

Today I read an article about Simon Brooks, 15 years old, who killed himself due to bullying. I have also read about a man in Sweden who was bullied at work and killed himself. Bus drivers are also often target of different passengers pitiful and spiteful little lives, and the need to “take that one” for what he or she supposedly did or did not do, or even have not done at all. Some customer make a fantasy story up and address it to the employer or other arena to get revenge. Sometimes it is for the smallest Things, sometimes it is even the customers own fault they were talked to. I have experienced it myself, and I know of stories told by People I have worked With telling about customers lying to their bosses to make a mess and hurt the employee. Do You actually know how small You are? The lowest of the lowest, if You ask me. If You have to complaint at least be Nice about it. and at least have the decency to be honest.

Really, be mature, honest and grow up. Only small-minded People bully, lie, revenge and try to be hurtful.

Simon Brooks, 15 was bullied at School. And he killed himself.

Lasse Persson, 53 was bullied at work,  He looked for help With the management, but they did not help. He committed suicide. The management are now sentenced in Swedish Court as responsible for the suicide. (link in Swedish)

Those who do not kill themselves maybe get depressed, get in such a bad condition they have to go on sick leave, some have to change Schools or work (either from needing a New environment or they get sacked because of the lies).

Also read

Maybe You do not like what You read today? Well, at least it is the truth, even if it is the harsh truth. If You feel I just hit You like the hammer on the head of the nail, then You have a great deal of self work to do.

If You do not like someone, just leave them alone. If someone leaves You and You feel hurt from it, just leave them alone. If You do not like what someone do, just leave and leave them alone.

Revenge, lies and spitefulness only makes You a spiteful and pityful person.

Grow up and be mature about it.

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Pharmacy in Stockholm reported

Fragrance Products pollutes the air

Medical Newspaper Dagens Medicin reports: A woman (not me) in Sweden experienced the same issue as me and reported the Pharmacy  in the Chain of Apoteket AB in Stockholm to Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) complaint on People trying Products perfumed and polluting the air.

According to the complaint the pharmacy is selling a lot of fragranced and scented Products located in the entrence of the pharmacy. People stand there and test the Products and the Chemicals and content of the Product gasses of to the air an pollute the indoor air so the woman get sick.

I totally agree With her. It is about time we get Equality and Availability Access on Equal terms.  Well done to stand up for herself and tell them NO! I am all on her side. I have experienced the same thing myself here in Norway.

Is the air for everyone?

Norway “According to the Norwegian public reports,” NOU 2005: 8 of equality and accessibility. Legal protection against discrimination on grounds of disability. Defined disability as “Fuksjonshemming occurs when there is a gap between the individual’s abilities and design or function in surroundings / environment / buildings.” “

Sensitivity to the environment is protected by law. When triggered sensitivity to pollution in the environment an individual become sick. The ability to be in the environment is therefore limited.

Discrimination and Accessibility From New Year 2009 in Norway it is illegal to discriminate against persons with disabilities in all areas of society. The new law of 2009 gives the right to access everywhere in society.

17.02.2009 Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud: The freedom to function in society should be equal for everyone.

“Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud enforces anti-discrimination and Accessibility Act (dtl), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. The Act also has provisions on universal design, see § 9, and individual arrangements, see § 12 Several of the problems with asthma, allergies and sensitivities can raise questions for dtl. “Equality and Diskrimineringsomdudet LDO

pharmacy, apotek, allergy, allergi, sensitivity, asthma, astma, fragrance, perfume, parfyme, parfym

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Sensitive and sick from Fragrance – Kirsten Hegge Hansen –

A Young girl Kirsten Hegge Hansen, back then at the age of 14, could not go to School just as Brandon Silk in the US cannot in 2013. Bea a girl in Sweden is attending school but have hugh problems being able to be there because of her school mates use of fragrance products. Read Bea has had Enough!

Kirsten is sensitive to fragrance in all kinds and forms. The School make a bad job arranging Accessibility for Kirsten and she had to be taught at home.

When others use fragrance Products it is enough to make her ill, and being in a such environment the bad Health only escalates. To function and stay healthy she is dependent on others using fragrance free Products.

She get sick from among other Products fragrance fabric softeners, detergents, deodorants, hairspray, soap, lotion for example.

According to Norwegian Equality and Accessibility Law all Public are shall be accessible to all With disabilities.

As far as I know in t his case accessibility was not well enough taken care of later either.

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Website Accessibility

New Accessibility Law for websites

From 1. July 2014 New a Law for accessibility is live for all websites on internet. It goes for all, both Public Government, businesses, and private sites. It should be designed With WCAG 2.0.

I have always thought this is an important thing being accessible to all, even those With poor eyesight. Sadly not all web themes on WordPress fulfill those rules coming, and the old  theme I used really did not. It have been bothering me for a long time, so this night I sat many hours trying to find a theme as Close to the recommendations in the Law as possible. I ended up With the Yoko Theme.

Some of the rules in WCAG 2.0 is

  • Text must be easy to read dark on light background.
  • Links must be blue and underlined.
  • Easy to find, use and see menu
  • Easy to find the way around the site without risk for getting lost.
  • A and AAA meaning possibility to larger the text.
  • Avoid a lot of Things that can be confusing for an eye not able to see so good, no disturbing design.
  • Images and photos should have a text describing the image.
  • Keyboard access
  • Contact form sheets must be easy to use, visible and maneuverable.
  • It is also important to know that some colors are bad and some are worse for People With bad eyesight, and some combinations are worse than others. A white background With easy to read black text and font is to prefer.

Listen to more of this (English)
Read (Engish)
Read (Norwegian)

I have written to and asked them to make the accessibility better on WordPress. I hope it will happen soon. I have also  asked to get a function that allow me to fold the posts at the FrontPage. As you know I have rather long posts and it would be more presentable to have them folded. Easier to view and get a overlook, and ability to give the Reader an option to “Read more…”.

I hope you are more satisfied With my new Yoko Theme and would be happy to  hear what you think.

Thank you


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#StoppHatprat – Stop bullying and Stop Cyberbullying

Stop hate speach!

People should think twice before opening their mouth at others. It does not matter if you show yourself or if you do it secretly. You are standing in front of a real person With real feelings. And what you do hurt them.

Lying, being grim, talk nasty, being harsh, insensitive, shun People out, being aggressive, insult, abuse, threat, and so on and you are a bad person doing so.

When you are having fun or are being revengeful to other People, you are by me committing a crime. What you are doing is psychological abuse.

These People have committed suicide due to bullying and cyberbullying:

Hope Witsell 1996-2009 took her live after being bullied and cyberbullied.

Kenneth Weishuhn Jr. 1997-2012 took his live after being bullied and cyberbullied

Amanda Todd 1996 – 2012 took her live after being bullied and cyberbullied.

Hannah Smith 1999-2013  took her live after being bullied and cyberbullied. She was was found hanged following bullying by internet trolls on

Phoebe Prince (15) took her live after being bullied and cyberbullied.

Rachael Neblett 1989-2006 took her live after being bullied and cyberbullied.

Grace K. McComas 1996-2012  took her live after being bullied and cyberbullied.

Jessica Logan 1990-2008 took her live after being bullied and cyberbullied.

Ryan Halligan 1989 – 2003 took his live after being bullied and cyberbullied.

Tyler Clementi 1992-2010 took his live after being bullied and cyberbullied.

Sarah Lynn Butler 1997-2009 took her live after being cyberbullied.

Rebecca Sedwick 2001-2013 took her live after being cyberbullied.

Rehtaeh Parsons 1996-2013 She killed herself after being raped by 4 tenagers who then bullied her sending Pictures of here to many People.

Daniel Perry 1996-2013 killed himself after being threatened,  targeted in a webcam blackmail plot, and cyberbullied.

13 year old girl from Kumla Sweden took her own life after being cyberbullied. She had been filmed, photographed and ill spoken to online. Images and photos spread online.

Charlotte Dawson 1967-2014 killed herself after being cyberbullied.—nu-ar-hon-dod/

Lasse Persson 1957-2010 Was bullied at work, He looked for help With the management, they did not help He committed suicide. They are now sentenced in Swedish Court as responsible for the suicide.

There are a hundred ways of saying things, the good and the bad and troublesome. It is nevertheless preferable honesty, civility, constructive positive guiding and kindness in the same sentence.

I have myself been bullied through life. At School they did not let me in the playing, I was never asked for, rarely invited to parties, called fat, I was much alone. As an adult I have been lied about, I have been lied to, rumor spreading, cyberbullied, herrassed, not helped by the management, talked bad to and so on. It is NOT ok.

Stop hate speach!

In Norway have started the European campaign #StoppHatprat

European site Hate Speach Watch

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Perfumed physician reported for discrimination –

Perfumed physician – reported for discrimination

“A patient claims that a doctor at the health center in Hagfors ‘ stink ‘ perfume and that he therefore discriminated patients.

The county council’s health center in Hagfors in Sweden has been notified to the Discrimination Ombudsman (DO) by a woman living in Hagfors.

She claims that a doctor at the health center at one point last fall, ” stench ” perfume and that he therefore discriminated patients suffering from , for example, chemical intolerances , allergies, asthma and copd as well as others who are sick of perfume scent.

The notification states that in the premises at the health center is a sign with the text Be perfumefree – a call physician have not followed , she says. ”

For a doctor working for others’ health and well then it is reprehensible to meet scented at work, whether it is directly from the bottle in the form of perfume, after-shave lotion, cologne, etc., or additives in the products you use. Those sitting there to help and nursing a sick, let them not be the reason why others are sick, period.


Perfume and Air pollution – Or Second hand fragrance

(Scroll down for English) This is a sticky post, scroll Down for newer blogposts.

Parfyme en luftforurensning – eller Passiv parfyme

Ved en yrkesskade i 2007 fikk jeg astma og er blitt meget plaget pga kjemikalier og herunder bland annet parfyme og tobakk. Parfyme av idag er ikke blomster, men i hver parfyme er både benzenprodukter, alkoholer, løsemidler, ftalater, kjemikalier m.m. og mange av de er både kreftframkallende, allergiframkallende, irriterende for hud, slimhinner og luftveiene m.m. Luftveiene strekker seg helt ned i bronkiene i lungene og ut til Alveolene som er de som transporterer oksygen til blodet og resten av kroppens organer. Luften vi puster inneholder også alt som fordamper, støver og avgassing fra alt omkring oss, inkludert fra mennesker. Alt går videre ut i blodet. Røyk er idag et kjent slik fenomen med avgassing, men det de ferreste tenker over er avgassing fra parfyme / etterbarberingsvann og parfyme i parfymerte produkter, så kalte luftoppfriskere, signaturdofter (fragrance marketing), parfymerte rengjøringsprodukter m.m. Dette er en forurensning av luften med kjemikalier som irriterer luftveiene, og spesielt for sensitive hvilke inkluderer de med lungesjukdom. Visste du forresten at astma og allergi teller som handikap og er omfattet av Diskriminerings- og tilgjengelighetsloven? Continue reading


At the Pharmacy – perfume – by Annelie Molin

I had used up my box of 2 ml Ventoline asthma medicine and needed more. To get this one must go to the pharmacy. It is totally life necessary.


Usually it is manageable, it works for me.

Now Christmas is coming up and the gift shelfs are stacked with products. Even at the pharmacy. But they stack it with perfumed products, and inscense. The air gets filled with what I become sick from. I went into the pharmacy to get medicine to stay healthy from asthma, and had to flee the pharmacy due to what make me ill. I had an asthma attack inside the pharmacy and had to leave the subscription with the pharmacist and run out of there. I had to stand outside in the street, and I had to shout to her through the door what I needed and tell her to deliver it outside where I was waiting. I could not enter. Becoming ill, forced out because of it, and a feeling of being banished, humiliation and illness, pluss everyone staring at me.

This is absolutely intolerable.

One must be able to go to the pharmacy and get ones medicine without getting sick from it. A pharmacy is firsthand for those who are sick and needs their medicine, not for the healthy. Those who want perfume and fragranced products can and should buy that with the perfumery.

On top of it if we take an even closer look at this, it even locks me out from buying perfume free lotion, bandages if I would be in need of it, or what ever you need from a pharmacy, and the pharmacy is the place one can buy perfume free make up. So now I am locked out from getting my subscribtion medicine, lotion, make up a.s.o.

The pharmacy should be available to everyone. It is the place to get life saving medicine.

I am so angry it makes my blood boil.

Enough is enough!

/ Annelie

Update: 10 March 2014:
Medical Newspaper Dagens Medicin reports: A woman (not me) in Sweden experienced the same issue as me and reported the Pharmacy  in the Chain of Apoteket AB in Stockholm to Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) complaint on People trying Products perfumed and polluting the air.