Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Public consultation on the review of the #European #Disability Strategy 2010-2020 #EU #asthma #allergy to #fragrance #astma #parfyme #parfym

EU ask for Your opinion!

“There are approximately 80 million citizens with disabilities in the EU, who often face barriers that prevent them from fully participating in all aspects of life on an equal basis with others. In its commitment to eliminate these barriers and improve the life of people with disabilities, the EU became a party to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN Convention). Implementing the Convention is an ongoing process and it is a shared responsibility of the EU institutions and the Member States. The EU can only act within the powers conferred to it by the EU treaties. A first review of the EU’s implementation of the UN Convention, done by the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, recognized the progress achieved until now, but also provided some recommendations for the future.

At EU level, the UN Convention is implemented through the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020. This Strategy has identified eight main areas for action at EU level: Accessibility, Participation, Equality, Employment, Education and Training, Social Protection, Health and External Action. Having reached the halfway point in its implementation, the European Commission launches this public consultation in order to assess its impact and to ensure EU policy remains tailored to the needs and rights of persons with disabilities.

This questionnaire asks for your opinion on what has been achieved so far at EU level, your views on the challenges faced by all persons with disabilities and how the European Union should address them. We appreciate all replies from citizens, organisations, public authorities, businesses, academics and other stakeholders.

We will use the findings of this public consultation to assess the progress made under the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 and to identify gaps to be addressed at EU level to ensure the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in society.”

Completing the survey should take about 20 minutes.

Give #EU your opinion on your fragrance #availability issues, scream at the top of your lungs! Tell them about your issues in a fragrances world. Here is your possibility to inform them. (link in Swedish and English below)



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Background sound – noise

Damaging background noise

What you call music in a video or tv production, either it is your private video on internet, or a business production may not be a very good idea.

Very many in the world are hard of hearing, it is all from a little hearing disability to deafness, and when you add noise to any video, show, program or movie it is hard for us to hear what you are saying. This is especially when the sound it so loud it melt together with your voice.

You need to stop doing this. And if you are shooting a direct interview please stay out of noisy streets and other noise!

I am so sick and tired of people adding so-called fancy music to videos and shows, interviews you can not hear because of background noise, and people talking in the mouth of each other. What are you thinking? Don’t you want us to receive what your message is? Don’t you want us to enjoy your program, movie or show?


When you add such noise to the program, video, show, movie and such it is like standing at the tube when the train comes in to the platform and you try to hear what your friend tell you while they walk away from you and is turning their head away. You get it?

Fine, do better in the future.

/ Annelie

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Disabled and managing

A inspiration and a thruth forward bringing experience

I today saw this video about a girl named Jen who dispite her disability broke though. She is a fantastic girl and a real inspiration for all with handicaps. But not all with handicaps are as lucky to be able to break through their handicap. People with lung diseases have a handicap. No, you say? Well, they have. The definition of a handicap is

Lung diseases such as asthma among other, allergies, and other sensitivities is a handicap. How so? A handicap is defined:

“According to the Norwegian public reports,” NOU 2005: 8 of equality and accessibility. Legal protection against discrimination on grounds of disability. Defined disability as “Disability occurs when there is a gap between the individual’s abilities and design or function in surroundings / environment / buildings.” “

So when the indoor air is polluted by fragrance, scent, chemicals and other pollutants the room is no longer accessable.

So why this comparation with the persons with disability moving? First I have to say I do NOT say it is a easy life having no legs, have problem walking or lacking any lim and being disabled that way, They can many times (even if not everyone) get around it using a chair, or other help and pure will.  I do see it can be a real problem having such disability. But for people with the disability lung disease is are handicaped in a way crusual for organs crusual for living. When you pollute the air we all shall breathe it makes the room unaccessable and we can not just jump around to get over it.

Some would say it is only to put on a mask. But there is a big problem with that. What if one need to eat, drink, or talk with someone? If you remove your mask you are not protected anymore.

This is a really truly ispiring girl and she is worth all the praise she can get, and I am glad for her that she found her sister and did so well in her sport.

I just want to put everything in perspective to make you see that even if some handicaps are relatively easy to overcome, not all are and sometimes you have to give to make it possible for others to join. Please go fragrane free, smoke free and vaping free so all with lung diseases and senstivities can jump too.

And if you get provoced by this, try to walk a mile in our shoes.

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I feel lucky, and symptom free

A improved life

Since some time ago I can finally feel happiness, I feel well, feel free to have a good day, being almost symptom free, and the best thing of all is I have had a good day for months. I have gone from having a PEF 250 (that is half lung ability to Breathe normally) in 2006 -2007 to almost having no symptoms at all toady in 2014. It have been  7 years of struggle finding out what Works, adjusting medicines, Learning what to avoid and adjusting my life to my asthma. The later is actually the sad part, having to skip doing stuff I used to be able to do.

So what have I done to make a better life for myself?

  1.  Cleared the home, my car and my camping trailer for Products containing fragrance and color
  2. Thrown out all fabric carpets.
  3. I bought a sofa I can dust.
  4. A clean kind of minimlalistic style at home.
  5. Avoid all situations where People are smoking and wearing perfume, and where using fragrance Products.
  6. Changed work Place and gotten my work Place adjusted to me.
  7. Adjusting my medicines and even got stronger medicines.

I work full time, I am  not sick or on sick leave more than anyone else – actually not much at all, and all of this together make my day so much better. Of course I have my problems to deal With in life like anyone else from time to time, but when it comes to my Health regarding asthma I have a much better life. And what was really important to make this possible was that my work Place is cleaned fragrance free. It made a hugh difference. Also I work in a area where there are not so many Bling customers. They are most of the Down to Earth People not bathing in fragrance and such before they leave home. Got to love them!

If there is a sad thing in all this, it would be the limitation it have to put on myself to keep it like this. I have to stay away from surroundings where fragrance is. It can put a limitation on whom to visit, where to go and somtimes where to travel.

Important to know is the biggest myth about asthma to know. Many believe that medicine fix all problems and one can do whatever one want. Asthma medicine do not mean you can take medicine and do whatever you want regardless. You have to stay away from what make you sick and take your medicine.

But I try to do what I can do

I do travel, I do visit People (if the environment allows it), I do work, I can do a lot of things only not things involving contact with inhaling fragrance products. I am well as long as the air is good, but it only take the pollution to get symptomes again. Sick I will be forever, all my life, that will never change. But in a non polluted environment I can have a good life.

So much more I could do if there were less of those Products in the world.  Then I could do everything!

Fresh air without fragrance pollution. I love it!


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Pharmacy in Stockholm reported

Fragrance Products pollutes the air

Medical Newspaper Dagens Medicin reports: A woman (not me) in Sweden experienced the same issue as me and reported the Pharmacy  in the Chain of Apoteket AB in Stockholm to Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) complaint on People trying Products perfumed and polluting the air.

According to the complaint the pharmacy is selling a lot of fragranced and scented Products located in the entrence of the pharmacy. People stand there and test the Products and the Chemicals and content of the Product gasses of to the air an pollute the indoor air so the woman get sick.

I totally agree With her. It is about time we get Equality and Availability Access on Equal terms.  Well done to stand up for herself and tell them NO! I am all on her side. I have experienced the same thing myself here in Norway.

Is the air for everyone?

Norway “According to the Norwegian public reports,” NOU 2005: 8 of equality and accessibility. Legal protection against discrimination on grounds of disability. Defined disability as “Fuksjonshemming occurs when there is a gap between the individual’s abilities and design or function in surroundings / environment / buildings.” “

Sensitivity to the environment is protected by law. When triggered sensitivity to pollution in the environment an individual become sick. The ability to be in the environment is therefore limited.

Discrimination and Accessibility From New Year 2009 in Norway it is illegal to discriminate against persons with disabilities in all areas of society. The new law of 2009 gives the right to access everywhere in society.

17.02.2009 Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud: The freedom to function in society should be equal for everyone.

“Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud enforces anti-discrimination and Accessibility Act (dtl), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. The Act also has provisions on universal design, see § 9, and individual arrangements, see § 12 Several of the problems with asthma, allergies and sensitivities can raise questions for dtl. “Equality and Diskrimineringsomdudet LDO

pharmacy, apotek, allergy, allergi, sensitivity, asthma, astma, fragrance, perfume, parfyme, parfym

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Sensitive and sick from Fragrance – Kirsten Hegge Hansen –

A Young girl Kirsten Hegge Hansen, back then at the age of 14, could not go to School just as Brandon Silk in the US cannot in 2013. Bea a girl in Sweden is attending school but have hugh problems being able to be there because of her school mates use of fragrance products. Read Bea has had Enough!

Kirsten is sensitive to fragrance in all kinds and forms. The School make a bad job arranging Accessibility for Kirsten and she had to be taught at home.

When others use fragrance Products it is enough to make her ill, and being in a such environment the bad Health only escalates. To function and stay healthy she is dependent on others using fragrance free Products.

She get sick from among other Products fragrance fabric softeners, detergents, deodorants, hairspray, soap, lotion for example.

According to Norwegian Equality and Accessibility Law all Public are shall be accessible to all With disabilities.

As far as I know in t his case accessibility was not well enough taken care of later either.

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Perfumed physician reported for discrimination –

Perfumed physician – reported for discrimination

“A patient claims that a doctor at the health center in Hagfors ‘ stink ‘ perfume and that he therefore discriminated patients.

The county council’s health center in Hagfors in Sweden has been notified to the Discrimination Ombudsman (DO) by a woman living in Hagfors.

She claims that a doctor at the health center at one point last fall, ” stench ” perfume and that he therefore discriminated patients suffering from , for example, chemical intolerances , allergies, asthma and copd as well as others who are sick of perfume scent.

The notification states that in the premises at the health center is a sign with the text Be perfumefree – a call physician have not followed , she says. ”

For a doctor working for others’ health and well then it is reprehensible to meet scented at work, whether it is directly from the bottle in the form of perfume, after-shave lotion, cologne, etc., or additives in the products you use. Those sitting there to help and nursing a sick, let them not be the reason why others are sick, period.

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Nisselueforbud i Norge! Norske skoler innfører forbud mot nordisk kulturarv.

There are two optioins for immigrants and non origins. If one move to another country one must respect the way of living there. If one cannot respect the way of living there, one have the other option in hand, and that is to leave and live somewhere else.

For one thing, I am not from Norway, I moved here. What would it look like if I demanded the Norwegians to eat Swedish Food at Christmas and forbid them to have the traditional Norwegian dishes? Should we who live in Norweay demolish the Norwegian ways to fit those who move here?

It is wrong when  Norwegian kids as Norwegian traditions  bids for example are not allowed to use the Santa Hat to School at Christmas, while it is ok for muslims to wear hijab. Anyone else see the issue and problem here?

When in Rome, do like the Romans.

If you want to be here, respect us and Our ways.

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Disability benefits…

(Svroll down for English)

Nei, dette handler ikke om at jeg er blitt ufør, jeg arbeider full tid. Dette handler om menneskers oppfattning om uføre.


Uføretrygdet… Mange mennesker har det fordi de enten er for svake eller syke for å arbeide.  Der er store fordommer og “rasisme” mot de som er uføretrygdet. Når en person som er uføretrygdet kommer på tale i samtale over en kopp kaffe i forskjellige situasjoner da hører man ofte folk si:

Personen er lat og gidder ikke jobbe, han / hun lurer trygdesystemet for å slippe arbeide og for å kunne leve av staten, han / hun påstår den har vondt her og der, den er sjuk med det og det, men den orker gå dit og dit, han / hun har vel feil på hodet også! etterfulgt av et hånfult flir.

Når jeg hører slik blir jeg meget provosert og rett og slett forbannet. Den arroganse som blir vist av de som ellers er så hyggelige, som jeg normalt liker så godt, forvandles på under et minutt til hatiske, fordomsfulle, arrogante, selviske drittsekker som setter seg til dommere over andre menneskers liv og skjebner.

Jeg har lite tro på at de fleste blir sjuke fordi de finner det ok og behagelig. Man blir ikke sjuk og går ned i lønn, lever med plager og sjukdom, handikapp, fordi det er så moro, det er ikke slik at de har bestilt det på nett fordi det var så praktisk å ha.

Alle, og da mener jeg absolutt alle kan bli uføre og måtte på uføretrygd om skjebnen vil det. Det holder med å for eksempel være ute for et trafikkuhell, falle ned stigen da du maler huset ditt, blir sjuk i arbeidet så kallet yrkesskade, kroppens funksjoner svikter pga, sjukdom eller slitasje eller kanskje til og med arvelig betinget årsak.

Istedenfor å sette deg som uforstandig dommer over andre og snakke masse skit om andre bør du heller tenke over hvor heldig du er som ikke er sjuk og kan arbeide, og ikke tråkke andre sitt navn nord og ned. Hvem er du som dømmer andre? Det kunne vært du!

In English

No, this is not about that I have become disabled and being on disability benefits, I work full time. This is about people perceptions about people on disability.

Disability benefit

Disability benefit … Many people get it because they are either too weak or sick to work. There is great prejudice or “racism” against those who are receiving disability benefits. When a person is receiving disability benefits and the subject of their lives come up over a cup of coffee in different situations, when one often hears people say:

The person is lazy and can not be bothered to work, he / she uses and abuses the social security system to avoid work and to live off the state, he / she claims to be in pain here and there, it is sick this and that, but they can do and go there and there, he / she has probably faulty head too! followed by a spiteful grin.

When I hear so I become very angered and simply cursed. The arrogance displayed by those who otherwise are so nice, who I normally like so well, in less in a minute turns in to haters, prejudiced, arrogant, selfish bastards who put themselves up as judges of other people lives and destinies.

I have little faith that most people are sick because they find it ok and comfortable. You do not get sick and lose wages, living with ailments and disease, disability, because it is so fun, it’s not that they have ordered it online because it was so convenient to have.

Everyone, and I mean absolutely anyone can become disabled and be forced to be on disability pension if fate will. It is enough to be in a traffic accident, fall down the ladder when you paint your house, ran down with a car in the street, being sick from work; so called occupational illness or injury, body functions fail due to illness or wear and tear, or maybe even hereditary caused illness.

Instead of putting yourself foolish judgments of others and talk mass shit about others, you should think about how lucky you are that you are not sick and can not work, and not trample other’s name down in the mud accusing them of being criminals. Who are you to judge others? It could have been you who was sentenced to be unlucky in life!


Discrimination – by Annelie Molin

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Diskriminering av arbeidssøkere

For tiden snakkes det mye om diskriminering fra arbeidsgivere når arbeidssøkere søker arbeid.

Er det greit med slik utplukking av “feilfrie” arbeidstakere?

Jeg mener nei. Det er feil av en arbeidsgiver å nekte en person jobb på grunnlag av handikap, og om mulig arbeidsgivers egen ukunnskap om handikapet. Det er feil å nekte en med handikap arbeid fordi en handikapet kan gjøre en akkurat like god jobb som noen annen.

Så hva med meg?

Jo, jeg har et par handikap. To. Jeg har hørselskade og noe som kalles miljøhemming grunnet sensitivitet. Og nei, det er ikke torgskrekk eller noe psykisk. Miljøhemming er når en astmatisk ikke kan være et sted fordi der f.eks. blir røyket, eller brukt eller sprayet med parfyme, vasket med feil rengjøringsprodukter, feil blomster e.l. Hemmingen ligger i at miljøet blir utilgjengelig for personen grunnet luftforurensning.

Ja, og også i andre situasjoner kan det skje at folk ser litt rart på en om man vedgår at man har handikap. Jeg har som sagt både hørselskade og miljøhemming grunnet asthma, og spesielt miljøhemming grunnet sensitivitet er noe som folk ikke kan forstå og ofte synes at jeg må tilpasse meg dei. Men hvordan å fortelle lungene at de skal tåle parfyme og røyk bare fordi andre vil bruke det?

Og om det å høre. Det er forskjell på å være døv og å være hørselskadet. Hørapparat bruker man for å kunne høre, ikke det motsatte. Jeg jobber som alle andre, og jeg ser egentlig ikke meg selv som handikapet. Jeg har et lite handikap, jeg er ikke mitt handikap. Jeg har mange gode evner, kunnskaper, personlige sider osv. Jeg har noen utfordringer i det daglige liv, og jeg har lært meg å leve med det, og å mestre det. Jeg hører i grunn ganske bra da ene øret er feilfritt, og med hørapparatet på det andre øret så hører jeg enda bedre. Men så fort du sier du har hørapparat så ser folk ibland litt rart på en, spesielt arbeidsgivere. Og det er no litt dumt synes jeg, fordi man har som sagt hørapparat for å høre, ikke for å ikke høre.

Mennesker med hørapparat er ikke døve, de hører.
Mennesker med miljøhemming  grunnet sensitivitet er ikke rare, de er friske i frisk og ren luft.

“Å google en kandidat er ikke ulovlig, men å forkaste en søker på bakgrunn av den informasjonen de finner på Facebook eller andre nettsteder, er ifølge Arbeidsmiljøloven ikke tillatt.”

“Innhenting av helseopplysninger ved ansettelse, eller bruk av informasjon om sykdom, vil fort være i strid med Diskrimineringsloven eller Arbeidsmiljøloven.


Les: Aftenposten: Jeg har vurdert å ta med bandopptaker på intervju
Les: NRK; Arbeidsgivere ønsker ikke syke folk

In English

Discrimination of job seekers

Discrimination from employers when job seeking efforts is now a hot topic in the news. Is that okay with so picking the “flawless” workers?

I mean no. It is wrong for an employer to deny a person a job on the basis of disability, and if possible the employer’s own lack of knowledge on a handicap. It is wrong to deny a handicaped work because a handicaped can make just as good a job as any other.

So what about me?

Yes, I have a some handicap. Two. I have hearing loss and something called environmental inhibition from sensitivity. And no, it’s not square fright or something mental. Environmental Inhibition from sensitivity is when for example an asthmatic can not be somewhere because there eg. are smoked, or used or sprayed with perfume, using the wrong cleaning agent, wrong flowers, etc. The inhibition is that the environment becomes unavailable to the person due to air pollution.

Yes, and in other situations it may happen that people look a bit odd on me if I admit that I got disabilities. For one it does not show from looking at me. I have both hearing loss and environmental inhibition due to asthma, and especially environmental inhibition from sensitivity is something that people can not understand and often find that I have to adapt to them. But how to tell the lungs to withstand perfume and smoke just because others want to use it? The lungs live their own life and do not care what I or your think.

And about hearing loss. There is a difference between being deaf and hearing disabled. Hearing aid we use to hear, not the opposite. I work like everyone else, and I do not really see myself as handicaped. I have a handicap, I am not my disability. I have many good skills, knowledge, personal pros etc. I have some challenges in daily life, I’ve learned to live with it and to master it. I hear quite well when one ear is flawless, and with hearing aid on the other ear so I can hear even better. But as soon as you say you have a hearing aid people look at you kind of strangely, especially employers. And that is a bit bad and silly I think, because as I said one hearing aid to hear, not to not hear.

People with hearing aid is not deaf, they hear.
People with environmental inhibition from sensitivity is not strange, they are healthy in fresh and clean air.

“To google a candidate is not illegal, however, to reject an applicant on the basis of the information they find on Facebook or other sites, according to the Working Environment Act is not permitted.” Norwegian law

“Obtaining health information on employment, or use of information about the disease, will soon be in violation of the Anti-Discrimination Act or the Working Environment Act.” Norwegian law


At the Pharmacy – perfume – by Annelie Molin

I had used up my box of 2 ml Ventoline asthma medicine and needed more. To get this one must go to the pharmacy. It is totally life necessary.


Usually it is manageable, it works for me.

Now Christmas is coming up and the gift shelfs are stacked with products. Even at the pharmacy. But they stack it with perfumed products, and inscense. The air gets filled with what I become sick from. I went into the pharmacy to get medicine to stay healthy from asthma, and had to flee the pharmacy due to what make me ill. I had an asthma attack inside the pharmacy and had to leave the subscription with the pharmacist and run out of there. I had to stand outside in the street, and I had to shout to her through the door what I needed and tell her to deliver it outside where I was waiting. I could not enter. Becoming ill, forced out because of it, and a feeling of being banished, humiliation and illness, pluss everyone staring at me.

This is absolutely intolerable.

One must be able to go to the pharmacy and get ones medicine without getting sick from it. A pharmacy is firsthand for those who are sick and needs their medicine, not for the healthy. Those who want perfume and fragranced products can and should buy that with the perfumery.

On top of it if we take an even closer look at this, it even locks me out from buying perfume free lotion, bandages if I would be in need of it, or what ever you need from a pharmacy, and the pharmacy is the place one can buy perfume free make up. So now I am locked out from getting my subscribtion medicine, lotion, make up a.s.o.

The pharmacy should be available to everyone. It is the place to get life saving medicine.

I am so angry it makes my blood boil.

Enough is enough!

/ Annelie

Update: 10 March 2014:
Medical Newspaper Dagens Medicin reports: A woman (not me) in Sweden experienced the same issue as me and reported the Pharmacy  in the Chain of Apoteket AB in Stockholm to Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) complaint on People trying Products perfumed and polluting the air.

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Equality and Asthma – by Annelie Molin

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Likestilling og Tilgjengelighet

Likestilling og tilgjengelighet berører også astma og allergi. Hva er likestilling for deg?

Jeg deltaker i Likestilllings og Diskrimineringsombudets kampanje på Facebook med dette bildet.

In English

I am a participant in Equality and Discrimination Ombudsman’s campaign on Facebook with this picture.

Photo translation:
“For me equality is…

To be able to do the same as others on the same terms and possibilities.

Specifically for me it would be a wonder-world to be able to go wherever I want, meeting, dealing with and talk with whomever I want without being exposed to tobacco and perfume that I am asthmatic to. Dropping lung congestion, to let go detours, avoiding places, avoid talking to others due to it. And an end to the open testing perfume in a store (it should happen in a closed in space.) The use of scented products, fragrance block, air fresh, and strong cleaners that clog the lungs in the room where the public has access. This is a social barrier, a barrier that prevents me from going places where it is and talk to people who use it. I have to avoid the fact that I’m being dense in the lungs. Everyone must have fresh air and healthy lungs to feel good. It’s on my wish list.”


Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money. ~ Jules Renard

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Perfume free products in perfume environment – by Annelie Molin

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Parfymefrie varer i parfymerier

Er håpløst å finne et variert utbud av parfymefri sminke. Og paradoksalt nokk, den parfymefrie sminken som finnes den selges ofte i parfymerier. Dette betyr at er du sensitiv og blir sjuk av parfyme da må du inn i en parfymebutikk for å kjøpe en parfymefri vare. Det er fint at de selger parfymefrie varer, men det rare med det er at mange i målgruppen for de parfymefrie varene ikke har adgang til butikken fordi de ikke kan oppholde seg i butikken grunnet parfymestanken.

Jeg vet jeg kan gå online og kjøpe i diverse nettbutikker, men det er ikke det som er poenget. Det er jo tåpelig at slike parfymefrie produkter selges i parfymeributikker der sprayes parfyme hele dagene. Det går jo ikke ann å gå inn og kjøpe de parfymefrie produktene uten å bli sjuk. Det er et særdeles dårlig opplegg. Er parfymefrie produkter kun til for de som tåler parfyme?

Jeg skulle ikke måtte gå online for å kjøpe, jeg skal kunne gå i butikken og kjøpe slik som alle andre. Jeg liker å kunne se på sminkeprodukter før jeg skal kjøpe de, da ser man varen, man kan prøve konsistensen og fargene bedre og slipper kjøpe katta i sekken. Samme problemen møter man på en del klesbutikker, f.eks. men ikke utelukkende CUBUS, der selger se klær og parfyme i samme butikken, og hele kassan er inngjerdet av parfyme, parfymerte produkter og parfymeprøving. Å handle på slike butikker er likestilt med å bli sjuk.

Det er for dumt å stenge kunder ute fra produkter de vil ha og behøver. Dette er ikke bare snakk om tilgang, men også om likestilling. – Det å kunne velge selv. Å kunne ta den koselige shoppingturen slik alle andre kan, og det å kunne gå inn i butikken, prøve og kjenne på varen, og få varen i handen direkte og slippe vente i 1-2 uker før produktet blir levert.

In English

It is almost impossible to find fragrance free makeup. And paradoxically enough, the fragrance-free makeup found it is sold in perfumeries. This means that if you are sensitive and become sick from perfume you must enter a perfume shop to buy a perfume free make up product, and those g who are sick from perfume is not likely to enter such a store. This mean they are exclueded from buying it.

I know I can go online and buy in various online stores, but it’s not the point. It’s ridiculous that such fragrance-free products are sold in perfumeries where tried and sprayed perfume all day. It is not able to go in and buy the fragrance-free products without getting sick. It is a very bad treatment and plan. Is fragrance-free products only to those who can tolerate perfume?

I should not have to go online to buy, I should be able to go to the store and buy like everyone else. I like to look at the make-up products before I buy them, when you see the item, you can test the consistency and color better and do not buy like wearing a blind patch. Same problem one encounters in some clothing stores, for example. but not exclusively CUBUS, which sells clothing and perfume to see in the same store, and the whole cashiers area is fenced by perfumes, scented products and perfumes testing. Shopping in such stores is equated with getting sick.

There are too stupid to shut customers off from products they want and need. This is not just a question of access but also about equality. – Being able to choose for themselves. Being able taking the cozy shopping trip just as everyone else can, and being able to go into the store, try and feel the product and get the product directly in the hand and drop to wait 1-2 weeks before the product is delivered.

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Hurt? – I smell nice, so what?

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Hvis noen ber om parfymefrihet, føler flere seg såret, irritert, defensiv. Man må forstå at det handler ikke om deg som person eller om ditt valg av duft, det handler om kjemikalier i produkter med duft som forurenser luften som alle må puste i og gjør flere syke akkurat som passiv røyk. Hvis du bruker det så tar du ikke kun et valg for deg selv, men for alle rundt deg. :-)

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If someone asks for freedom from expsure to perfume, many feel hurt, irritated, and on the defensive. One must understand that it’s not about you as a person or your choice of fragrance, it’s all about chemicals in products with fragrances that pollute the air that all breathe in and make them sick as passive smoke. If you use it then you are not just making a choice for yourself, but for everyone around you. :-)

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Medicines solves all? – by Annelie Molin

Take a pill!

Sometimes I get provoked. That happens when I get a comment like ” Take a pill and medicine”  and you will not have any trouble kind of attitudeabout asthma and allergy. This last time I heard it from NAV (Norwegian Social Security office).

There is a common belief that medicine solves all problems when it comes to asthma and that everyone and every place around can carry on like always and before. That is so further from the truth as you can come. And the worst thing is that even the professionals seem to believe medicine is the overall solution when it comes to asthma.

They are right in that medicines helps, so far so good, but it do not clear away any obstacle.

Like for me. I know (March 2012) take the highest dose of  one of the strongest available asthma inhaler Symicort Turbuhaler 160/4,5 with 3 inhales taken 3 times a day, and in addition to that I take SingulAir 10 mg x 1. Still I get heavy breathing, and even more when subjected to allergens and irritants. Like today I have like a cotton boll rumbling around in my lungs making it harder to breathe, and I just took my medicine 30 minutes ago.

So when NAV and the professionals, or any other say I will be all fine as long as I take my medicines, I get provoked. Surely they may not have asthma, and surely not my asthma, since they do not know better. Still on this high doses of asthma medicines I still get chokes from my asthma when I get in touch with (eg. inhale) any of the stuff I get sick from. This may hinder me to do some things. That make it a disability, and the disability do not entirely go away because of constant medicine use. It can also hinder me from doing some work, even if not every job. Sometimes I have to ask my colleges to do stuff for me, like going down in the basement and get toilet paper in the storage room because of mold there, I have been through not being able to start my route directly because of perfumed colleges who sat there, or passengers perfumed, but had to wait ’til I had aired out the bus/car, I have been forced to stay home from company events because of asthma and air pollution in form of third hand smoke and also fragrance, and probably I have to decline the offer to drive some tourist routes because of the tourists fascination of perfume, they shower in it.

I am only healthy when I take my medicine AND are able to AVOID and stay away from the chemicals and substanses that make me sick.

But of course, without medicines if would be A LOT worse. Without medicines I would be really sick everyday, and off medicines over time my lungs would probably suffocate me.

And again, it is also depending on what you get sick from. And how? It has to do with the situation you get exposed in. Is the allergen and irritant on every person or most persons? Is it all year around or only seasonal? And are the asthmatic person subjected to it all over? Long term is worse than really short term when it comes to being subjected to what make you ill. Those with seasonal asthma like against pollen are probably symptom free at least half the year, those like me who is sick from chemicals have to avoid it all year around everywhere. For example, only think of how many uses perfume / fragrance in any form? Or how many locations are cleaned with fragrance cleaning agents and strong cleaning agents?

It is a good thing listening to those who got asthma themselves.

Medicines do not solve all difficulties about asthma, but yes it helps oneself to not totally choke on it when you are able to avoid what make you sick. This means that even if you avoid what makes you sick when you do not take your medicine you would get sick. I have actually tried it a period of time a long time ago and I can tell you that is no good idea. I ended up with a hugh asthma attack. That is the brutal truth about how asthma works.

So I take my medicine and I try to avoid what make me sick as much as possible. If I meat it at you, I may have to avoid you. And still I try to do whatever I am able to, and I will not stop working, but yes asthma is a disability, and it strikes in a way others who do not have asthma can imagine. When you get affected by an allergen or an irritant you have to escape the premises, and then take your medicines, and you can not enter the place again before the allergen or irritant is gone. In a job situation that can be a bit tricky depending on the situation and location. Is it possible to escape the location and leave the person? Surely one would leave anyway, but just as well. Is it in-doors or out-doors, is it windy or still? Out doors when the wind is blowing allergens and irritants fly away faster. In-doors it is locked in the room, and not even a good ventilation is good enough to carry the allergen or irritant away. This is why I for example want a fragrance free and tobacco free world, it would really help a lot. Fragrance and tobacco is the two most common things, besides other chems that pollutes the air for me and commonly force me to escape the premises.

When an asthmatic tells you something is bad and pollutes, do listen, it is those with sensitive lungs that learn it the hard way.

And sometimes I turn the thing around on its head and say,

– It is not my asthma that is the problem, but he pollution that prohibit me from going anywhere and doing what ever I want or need to do.

It is like with stairs and a wheel chair. The person in a wheel chair can go about anywhere as long as the floor or the ground allows it. It is just the same way with me. Where the air is fresh and clean I can be any time.

Problem is that the air is not always fresh and clean, and I myself can not alone choose when it is, that others do for me.


“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing,
but in the midst of living.”  ~ Anais Nin


Do report!

Are you one among us who get sick from inhaling perfume, aftershave, cologne, fragrances (fragrances is actually perfume), or you get allergies from getting in contact with fragranced products?

The fragrance mania in the world today gets even worse by the minute, one get exposed to fragrances on people, in products, in cleaning, in airfreshening, designer fragrances spread by machines in shops, offices, hotels, toilets and other buildings and rooms. And the fragrance spread in the air we all have to breathe.

–  We all must breathe to live – what if the air you breathe makes you sick?

Do not just accept the fact it is there! Go report that you got sick, where you got sick and from what. You are there and they need to hear it! And also, you are not alone!

Contact your governemental health department and your consumer centre, and tell them what is going on and make them register it along with your note from the doctors! It is the only way to make them see that fragrance, aka. perfume and scented products, is a problem in many peoples daily life. Too many sit in silence and do not speak out.

Speak out and tell them the truth!

Fragrance, ac perfume or scent is the new second hand smoke! It is spread to everyone around the wearer or source, and it is forced on everyone around to inhale.

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Restrictions on perfume use – LHL Yes Please! –

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Vil begrense godlukta

( 23 Oktober 2011) “LHL mener det bør innføres restriksjoner på bruk av parfymerte produkter. Landsforeningen for hjerte- og lungesyke (LHL) tar nå til orde for å begrense  bruken av parfymerte produkter i barnehage, skole og helseinstitusjoner. Bakgrunnen for tiltaker er at vel 1,4 millioner nordmenn sliter med ulike  former for allergi eller overfølsomhet for ulike stoffer. Mange av disse  reagerer på parfymeprodukter.” Kilde:

LHL skriver på sitt nettsted:


Landsmøte 2011: Forebygging av parfymeskader

Landsmøtet i LHL vedtok 23.10.11 følgende uttalelse:

Det er mange som reagerer svært negativt helsemessig på å bli eksponert for parfymerte produkter. Slik eksponering kan være sykdomsutløsende. Det betyr at de som er berørt, prøver å unngå situasjoner og arenaer med stor risiko for eksponering. LHL er inneforstått med at det ikke er aktuelt med noe generelt forbud mot parfymerte produkter. LHL mener likevel at det finnes mulige tiltak som kan være til hjelp for de det gjelder.

LHL mener det må settes av penger til forebyggende opplysningsvirksomhet, slik at flere vil ta hensyn til at parfymerte produkter kan påføre andre helseskader.

LHL mener at det må innføres restriksjoner mot bruk av parfymerte produkter i barnehage, skole og helseinstitusjoner.

LHL mener det må presiseres at kravet til universell utforming i diskriminerings- og tilgjenglighetsloven § 9 også omfatter tiltak for å forebygge eksponering av ulike irritanter, herunder parfymerte produkter.”

Sitat slutt.

( 23 Oktober 2011)  “LHL mener det må settes av penger til forebyggende  opplysningsvirksomhet, slik at flere vil ta hensyn til at parfymerte  produkter kan påføre andre helseskade. Organisasjonen påpeker videre at  kravet til universell utforming i diskriminerings- og tilgjenglighetsloven §  9 også omfatter tiltak for å forebygge eksponering av ulike irritanter,  herunder parfymerte produkter.

Av ca. 2500 kjente duftstoffer, er ca 100 kjent som allergifremkallende hos mennesker.

LHL beskriver tradisjonell parfyme som “verstingen”, men også  rengjøringsmidler, skyllemidler, såpe, stearinlys og leker inneholder  parfymestoffer. Parfyme finnes også i enkelte naturkosmetiske produkter.

– Mange med parfymeallergi unngår å bruke offentlig transportmidler og må  holde seg unna sosiale arenaer der risikoen for å bli eksponert for parfyme  er stor. Det er eksempler på barn som ikke kan møte på skolen fordi  medelever og lærere bruker produkter de ikke tåler, sier generalsekretær  Frode Jahren i LHL.

Symptomer på parfymeallergi kan være tetthetsfornemmelse, hoste, piping i  brystet, tett nese, nysing, kløe i øynene, økt slimproduksjon, kløe på hud,  trøtthet og uopplagthet, kvalme og svimmelhet.” Kilde:


Jeg kan signere på alt som tetthetsfornemmelse (dvs vanskelig å puste), hoste, piping i brystet, tett nese, økt slimproduktsjon, trøtthet og uopplagthet.  Og jeg kan også signere på at når passasjerene bruker parfyme da er det ille for meg. Ja, takk til begrenset parfymebruk!!!

In English

Want to restrict perfume use

( October 23, 2011) “LHL believes it should be introduced restrictions on the use of scented products. The Norwegian Heart and Lung Association (LHL) is now called for limiting the use of scented products in kindergartens, schools and health institutions. The reason for this is that some 1.4 million people in Norway suffer from various forms of allergy or hypersensitivity to various substances. Many of these react to perfume products.

LHL believes, therefore, it must set aside money for prevention bureaus, so that more people will take into account that scented products can inflict injury. The organization also points out that the requirement for universal design in the Anti-Discrimination and Accessibility Act, § 9 also includes measures to prevent exposure to various irritants, including perfumed products.

Of the approx. 2500 known fragrances are about 100 known as allergens in humans.

LHL describes traditional perfume as “bad guys”, but also detergents, rinse aids, soap, candles and toys containing fragrances. Perfume is also found in some organic and natural cosmetic products.

– Many people with perfume allergies avoid using public transport and must stay away from social arenas where the risk of being exposed to perfume is great. There are examples of children who can not attend school because other pupils and teachers use products they can not tolerate, says Secretary-General Frode Jahren in LHL.

Symptoms of perfume allergy can be tightness sensation, coughing, wheezing, stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, increased mucus production, itching of the skin, fatigue and distressed, nausea and dizziness.”



I can sign on at all that: tightness sensation (ie, hard to breathe), coughing, wheezing, nasal congestion, increased mucus production, tired and distressed. And yes, as a bus driver I can also sign under that when passengers use perfume it is a bad thing for me. Yes, Thank you to the restrictions on use of perfume!!!

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When other people make you sick – By Annelie Molin

I blog here to inform. I hope you my reader have use of the information I give. Not too many know what asthma REALLY  is, and what those allergic,  asthmatic and sensitive people can get sick from. My hope is that if you do not know as much about asthma, that after reading my blog you are a bit better informed and care about what you use in the future.

When other people make you sick

That is a way of saying that most people take for a person who behave in a way that make the other person say “you make me sick”, the term of disgust, but this is not about that. This is about when other people makes people physically sick. Now how is that possible?

Very many persons in the world are allergic, asthmatic and sensitive against different things that others are using. To make another person sick you do not have to physically touch the person. And it is not about the mentally making someone ill either.

Lets just take a look at the daily life of just anyone.

It is socially accepted and normal amongst very many to use for example tobacco and perfume daily. They actually feel it is their human right to do so, and no one is allowed to tell them otherwise. Very many use perfume to indulge themselves, and to make them look nice to others, or even attract others. But for some people this use is a hazard to their health and possibly to their very life. And what happens when those people meet in the same room and must co-exist?

Perfume got the effect on an allergic, asthmatic and sensitive person that is repellent and off-putting. It does not have the effect that the user want. I can take an example here.

Yesterday I met a lady in the grocery shop who often travels with my bus. She is very nice and I was glad to see her. It was also an unexpected meeting since she does not live in the area. She started talking and we had a nice conversation. But in the instant I came 2,5 meters from her I could feel the stank of her perfume in far, and it was so VERY STRONG. Even if I stood 2,5 meters away it was like putting my nose right in her bottle. There were a cloud of perfume around her that reached 3 meters away. I came 1,5 meter away from her that is the normal distance to keep when socializing here, and I got ill. I felt my lungs tighten and felt it was coming that I would soon be unable to breathe. Since I got asthma I can not be around and too near people having perfume on them. I get so really sick from perfume. And I am not alone in the world to have this problem. Even if she is a nice lady to chat with, I really wanted to leave because I got ill from her use.

Another time I was exposed to perfume was in May 2011 and the evening came and I got a phone call. A friend asked if I would like to go to the restaurant? I got very glad and said Yes! I’ll pick you up in half an hour. : ) I parked outside and waited for him. When he entered the car I smiled at him and said hello, and in the same second I had an asthma attack. He forgot I have asthma and had sprayed aftershave all over him. The aftershave was so strong, the fragrance filled the whole car. I had to open all the windows same time as I was coughing badly trying to get air, and take my medicine. Did not help. The perfume stank spread in all of my car. It was cold outside and we drove with the windows open. My friend froze but I could not close the windows, because if I did I would get even more, really, really sick. I can not sit in a car with all that perfume, and it was a 15 minutes drive to the restaurant. I had to have the windows open. Only other option would have been to let him out of the car and let him walk home. At the restaurant I was sick all evening. He stank all a cross the table. I tried to medicate, it helped a bit but it never really ended. It was even possible to hear it on my talking. My breathing made my voice sound strange and raspy. After a while I needed to visit the ladies room. Took my Symbicort Turbuhaler medicine and needed to rinse my mouth. I got in to the ladies room and a wall of perfume in form of washing agents and air-freshener met me. I just took medicine and needed to rinse my mouth, and now I again got breathing problems because of the air-freshener. From the ashes in to the fire. Rinsed my mouth and then quick out again. Still sick.

It happens that I enter a store to go shopping. Such happened for example this summer. I needed new batteries for my hearing aid and entered the local farmacy to buy some, but they were sold out and I had to go to the Clock and Juwelery store to buy it. I entered the store and the lady in the store stank of perfume and I got sick. I bought my batteries, that costed about 40 NOK more than at the farmacy (robbery if you ask me) and on top of it I got sick from the staff’s perfume use. I will never enter that store again. I can not have getting sick from going shopping. There they lost a costumer. I would rather drive far to a shop that is scent free, than go shopping there.

And then you got the smoking that is a hot topic for many. Very many smokers feel they are herrassed by the anti-smokers, and then again there are us who get sick from the smoke.

An example of this is:
We stroll around. It is a sunny day and my friend suggest a coffee or a beer in the sun. Ok, I say, and think to myself that this is nice. At the same time I get worried over smokers. I look around to see if there is any clear table, a table without smokers sitting around it. Ah! There is one! We sit and order our drinks, and talks. Half way through the beer and the coffee the person(s) at the table next to me lights a cigarette. Wind drives the smoke in my direction. I feel the asthma strike my health again, just as many other times. We sit outside, the smoker is allowed to smoke there, still I get sick. It gets bad, and I have to leave.

A stroll on the docks along the canal. Some smokers walk in front of me. I have to sick- sack to avoid their fumes, still it hits my lungs. I get sick again and get breathing problems. Silently I suggest to my friend to take another road in hope of there are no smokers. We go there. It is ok for a while, so comes that smoke again. I go around it to avoid it. Worst is when they go on all sides of me. Where to escape then?

We want to enter the mall, or pass the doors to the waiting hall at the buss/train station or airport. They are either going in the mall or they are taking a bus, train, or flight. It is not allowed to smoke inside the mall and waiting hall so people stand in front of the entrance for the “last smoke”, smoking them up. The smoke is thick in front of the doors. I get scared and worried thinking I must pass that. If I want or need to get in there I have to pass it. I go through it and it takes a second or two for the smoke to hit my lungs, and then it takes a few seconds again before I feel my lungs protest and tighten, and I get trouble breathing. Sometimes i try to hold my breath to avoid the smoke because if I do not I will get sick. If there are to many standing there in front of the door I maybe can not hold my breath long enough. Then I get sick again.

Now of course this is only a few examples of what happends. I have experienced many more, and lots of people could tell you other times they got ill from others use.

You can read more and also personal true stories here:

If you want to know how many people have asthma, you need to prepare yourself for the answer! It is such a large number that you would be surprised! It has been estimated that more than twenty million people in America suffers from asthma, and Norway in the year 2011 have a total of about 4.920.400 inhabitants, out of those are approximately 1.230.100 persons with allergies, asthma and other sensitivities, and about 639.600 of those got asthma. That is roughly 7 % of the population of the US and 13 % of the Norwegian population. A report (WHO 2006) also showed that as many as 300 million people worldwide suffers from this condition. It has been estimated that by the year 2025, there will be at least one 400 million people who suffers from asthma.

I addition to those 80 million people with diagnosed moderate to severe COPD, and millions of others with mild COPD, allergic rhinitis, and other chronic respiratory diseases, which are often undiagnosed. And chronic respiratory diseases caused over 4 million deaths in 2005, including over 3 million deaths from COPD and 255,000 deaths from asthma.

Remember that you can make many people sick, but also remember that you have the power to prevent that. If you stop using fragranced products and quit smoking you help many thousands of people who get sick from the use.

Thank you


You can also read:

Sources and read more: World Health Organization (WHO), and professor Kjell Aas

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Politicians – daily and at election


– Dere er opptatt av Barns oppvesktvillkår, helse, sjukvård mv… Den handler om allergi, astma og sensitivitet. Det handler mye om barns oppvekstvillkår det også. ca 1.23 Millioner personer i Norge er allergiske, astmatiske og sensitive av noe slag og merparten av disse er også sensitive mot parfyme og røyk. Men dere gir tydeligvis blaffen.

Dette er noe dere bør ta tak i. Ikke bare er det et problem for den enkelte som allerede er sjuk, men også et problem for de som står i risikosonen for å bli sjuke. Da de blir sjuke, da blir de aldri friske igjen. Og for sammfunnet er astma, allergier og sensitivitet en meget dyr historia i tillegg. Sjukmeldinger koster stat og kommune mye penger. Alle medisiner som trengs for å dempe symptomene koster mye penger. Ja, medisinene er til for å DEMPE SYMPTOMENE, IKKE HELBREDE SYKDOMMEN. Astma, allergi og sensitiviteet går IKKE å helbrede da man en gang har fått det. Medisinene er KUN til for å DEMPE symtomene men sjukdommen går ikke bort helt av den grunn, og det er ikke helt uvanlig at symtomene ikke heller forsvinner helt også om man tar medisin. Eneste som hjelper er å fjerne det man blir sjuk av. Man kan ta hvor mange piller og inhaleringer som helst uten at det hjelper stort, så lenge som man befinner seg blandt det som gjør en sjuk. Det eneste som hjelpere er å fjerne det som gjør en sjuk og gir symptomer. Derfor er det slik at de som har astma, allergi og sensitivitet må holde seg borte fra hele miljøet der allergener og irritanter er.

Astma, allergi og sensitivitet kan være like handikappende i sitiuasjoner og miljøer som det å være bundet til en rullestol. For en allergisk, astmatisk og sensitiv person kan det være akkurat like handikappende å ha astma, allergi og sensitivitet som å være rullestolbrukere og medføre at en person blir utstøtt fra jobb, sosiale sammenkomster, møter, handleturer, bussturer, togturer, flyturer kjøpesentra o.s.v. Røyk og parfymefritt er de allergiske, astmatiske og sensitives rampe, den rampe som rullestolbrukeren i sin situasjon trenger for å komme seg opp trappene for å ikke bli ekskludert. Se eksempel med Kirsten:

Astma, allergi og sensitivitet er et handikapp. En som er sjuk i astma, allergi, sensitivitet blir ikke frisk av å ta medisiner, men må bli befridd fra det som gjør sjuk.

Personlig har jeg erfart å ikke kunne kjøpe varer jeg vil ha fordi der er parfymavdeling plassert ved siden av kassan, og der foregår parfymeprøving. Eller jeg kan ikke engang gå inn i en butikk fordi der stinker av duftstoffer (det andre kaller godlukt). Jeg har stått og ventet i køen i kassan og blitt sjuk av andres parfymebruk. Jeg jobber på bussen og har i hopetall opplevd andres parfymebruk og tobakksbruk er et helseproblem, dette til tross for at jeg har krav på en røykfri arbeidsdag i min arbeidsplass så blir jeg likevel utsatt for røyk fordi folk blåser røyken ut i bussen når de skal gå inn. Folk som nettopp har røyket har mye røyk igjen i lungene tross for at de ikke tror det, og da de puster på en astmatikere da blir astmatikeren sjuk. Astma er en lungesjukdom. Og når en astmatikere blir sjuk da er det lungene som streiker og ikke lenger fungerer som de skal. Parfyme er også et stort problem for astmatikere og gjør sjuk på likt med tobakk. Men parfyme finnes ikke bare på flaske, men er også indullet i en rekke andre produkter alt fra vaskemidler, kremer og lys, toalettpapir, blader, skosåler mv.

I USA og Canada er røyking og parfymebruk forbudt i det offenlige rom også ute i bl.a New York, Los Angeles, Halifax m.fl steder

Det finnes ingen vitenskapelig oversikt over forekomst av miljøhemming i Norge, men noen små forsøk på å få kunnskap finnes utført av, og spredte undersøkelser er gjort internasjonalt. En av de mest solide er gjennomført i Kalifornia for vel 10 år siden (Kreutzer, Neutra, Lashuay 1995). I den amerikanske undersøkelsen var det mest plager hos personer med astma (31,5 % mot 13,9 % hos de andre 3%). Mange av de med astma rapporterte alvorligere og /verre reaksjoner enn de uten astma. Av de spurte så er det temmelig nær den forekomst av astma som er funnet i Norge. Man må dok huske at detter er noe gamle tall og antallet med astma øker for hvert år i Norge. Av det totale antall intervjuede var det 6,3% som hadde legediagnostisert miljøsykdom (”environmental illness”) eller multippel kjemisk overfølsomhet. Disse diagnosene øker også i hele verden og også i Norge.

Astma er lik over hele verdenen, lungene fungerer likt uansett land man bor i.


Jeg synes det viser på arroganse å ikke engasjere seg mere i et så viktig tema. 1/4 av Norges innbyggere har det problemet med allergi , astma og sensitivitet.

Astma, allergi og sensitivitet går under loven om Likestilling og tilgjengelighet:

“Likestillings og Diskriminerings Ombudet håndhever diskriminerings- og tilgjengelighetsloven (dtl), som forbyr diskriminering på grunn av nedsatt funksjonsevne. Loven har også bestemmelser om universell utforming, jf. § 9, og individuell tilrettelegging, jf. § 12. Flere av de problemstillingene med astma, allergi og sensitivitet kan reise spørsmål etter dtl. ” Likestillings og Diskrimineringsomdudet LDO


Annelie Molin

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1,230,100 people

(Scroll down for English)

1.230.100 personer

I begynnelsen av 2011 hadde Norge ca 4.920.400 innbyggere.

25% av disse har sensitiviteter som astma, allergi, lungesjukdom og andre sensitiviteter. 25% av 4.920.400 = 1.230.100 personer med astma, allergi og / eller andre overfølsomheter

I USA og andre land, er forbudet mot parfyme, forbud av bruk av parfymerte produkter, røyking også utendørs på offentlige steder som gangveier, fortau, torg, strender, parker områder rundt matutsalg og utendørs kafé, forbud mot dufter, røykelse , duft lys, etc., på offentlige steder og arbeidsplasser er allerede et faktum. Det er på tide at Norges innbyggere som har følsomhet også får tilgang til frisk luft uten allergener og irritanter som kan forebygges. Pollen kan vi ikke gjøre noe med da det kommer hvert år, og er ute av vår kontroll, men vi kan hindre folk å bli syk av parfyme og røyk. Det er ikke parfyme eller duftende produkter som gjør at du rengjør, men duften gjør flere hundre tusen mennesker syke hver dag. Det er mulig å friske deg selv duft fritt

Verden er full av alternative ikke-parfymerte produkter i dag av hva folk ikke blir syke av. Det er ingen unnskyldning lenger.

1.230.100 mennesker er i risikosonen for å  bli sjuke av bruk av parfyme og røyk bare i Norge. Du kan også legge til resten av verden, hvor mange du får da?

In English

1.230.100 persons

At the beginning of 2011 Norway had about 4,920,400 inhabitants.

25% of those have sensitivites like asthma, allergy, lung diseases and other sensitivites. 25% out of 4,920,400 = 1,230,100 people with asthma, allergies and/or other sensitivities.

In the U.S., and other countries, the ban on perfume, the ban of use of scented products, smoking even outdoors in public places like boardwalks, sidewalks, squares, beaches, parks areas around food stands and outdoor cafe’s, ban against fragrances, inscense, fragranced candles, etc., in public places and workplaces are already a fact. It is time that Norway’s inhabitants who have sensitivity also have access to fresh air without the allergens and irritants that are preventable. Pollen we can do nothing about, it come every year and is out of our control, but we can prevent people getting sick from perfume and smoke. It’s not the perfume or fragranced products that make you clean, but the fragrance makes several hundred thousand people sick every day. It is possible to freshen  your self scent free.

World is full of alternative non-fragranced products today of wich people do not get sick from. There are no excuse any more.

1,230,100 people the danger zone of getting sick from use of fragrance and smoke only in Norway. You may also add the rest of the world, how many do you get then?