Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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#Racism #Discrimination

Race and Racism?

I agree with Mellody Hobson we should not be color blind but color brave, see the video:

Only the human is one species. Is there really scientifically several races when it comes to humans? A species and a race is a genetic thing. Humans living today have no several races according to genetics as I have learned. There are different colors of skin, eyes, hair and so on but no different races I have learned, we all look the same inside. Maybe someone could start with changing this word flaw? There are humans, period. The word discrimination is more appropriate, it does not make the different peoples living around the world stand out. We are actually all humans.

What does the word racism come from?

“There are several theories about the origin of the word “race”. One is that it is related to the Latin “ratio” which means sense, secondly, that it comes from the Arabic “ra ‘s” meaning “head”, a word that in both Arabic and Ottoman Turkish is used both figuratively as metaphorical, the last in the sense of  “origins”, “the principal ” or “typical” possibly “the norm” . This way the use of “head” is also our expression “substantially” and “mainly” . The first instances in a European language is in Spanish “raza” or “Razza” and is recorded from the 1200s on, ie during the Andalusian Caliphate. It then means roughly “people group”. It is said that the word in the first centuries  primarily used for people who are descended from a common origin.
Use of the word in a meaning related to the emerging science occurs only in the late 1700s. Michael Biddiss points out that the word ” race” was used in a variety of meanings, from “the race of birds” “The British Race” . ” The British Race” , was used in all seriousness with important political and cultural overtones. Continue reading

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The view on women in Society @MileyCyrus #RapCulture #MileyCyrus #rap #NotBuyingIt


Miley Cyrus provides all women disrepute. She is a disgrace to women. I would not give a dime for the conserts. Is this a good role model for young people? No wonder girls are struggling with such a cultural phenomenon. There is something wrong with the culture when women always portrayed as horny hores and men as dressed and strong. I see no equality between the sexes here, nor is there anything moral about this way of portraying people. Women are more than sexuality. Rap culture has an overall red tread where women become exploitation objects and sexual objects. I do not see music where the men are doing so about themselves in this way. And this is supposed to be a role model for young people, both girls and boys? Continue reading

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I feel lucky, and symptom free

A improved life

Since some time ago I can finally feel happiness, I feel well, feel free to have a good day, being almost symptom free, and the best thing of all is I have had a good day for months. I have gone from having a PEF 250 (that is half lung ability to Breathe normally) in 2006 -2007 to almost having no symptoms at all toady in 2014. It have been  7 years of struggle finding out what Works, adjusting medicines, Learning what to avoid and adjusting my life to my asthma. The later is actually the sad part, having to skip doing stuff I used to be able to do.

So what have I done to make a better life for myself?

  1.  Cleared the home, my car and my camping trailer for Products containing fragrance and color
  2. Thrown out all fabric carpets.
  3. I bought a sofa I can dust.
  4. A clean kind of minimlalistic style at home.
  5. Avoid all situations where People are smoking and wearing perfume, and where using fragrance Products.
  6. Changed work Place and gotten my work Place adjusted to me.
  7. Adjusting my medicines and even got stronger medicines.

I work full time, I am  not sick or on sick leave more than anyone else – actually not much at all, and all of this together make my day so much better. Of course I have my problems to deal With in life like anyone else from time to time, but when it comes to my Health regarding asthma I have a much better life. And what was really important to make this possible was that my work Place is cleaned fragrance free. It made a hugh difference. Also I work in a area where there are not so many Bling customers. They are most of the Down to Earth People not bathing in fragrance and such before they leave home. Got to love them!

If there is a sad thing in all this, it would be the limitation it have to put on myself to keep it like this. I have to stay away from surroundings where fragrance is. It can put a limitation on whom to visit, where to go and somtimes where to travel.

Important to know is the biggest myth about asthma to know. Many believe that medicine fix all problems and one can do whatever one want. Asthma medicine do not mean you can take medicine and do whatever you want regardless. You have to stay away from what make you sick and take your medicine.

But I try to do what I can do

I do travel, I do visit People (if the environment allows it), I do work, I can do a lot of things only not things involving contact with inhaling fragrance products. I am well as long as the air is good, but it only take the pollution to get symptomes again. Sick I will be forever, all my life, that will never change. But in a non polluted environment I can have a good life.

So much more I could do if there were less of those Products in the world.  Then I could do everything!

Fresh air without fragrance pollution. I love it!


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Pharmacy in Stockholm reported

Fragrance Products pollutes the air

Medical Newspaper Dagens Medicin reports: A woman (not me) in Sweden experienced the same issue as me and reported the Pharmacy  in the Chain of Apoteket AB in Stockholm to Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) complaint on People trying Products perfumed and polluting the air.

According to the complaint the pharmacy is selling a lot of fragranced and scented Products located in the entrence of the pharmacy. People stand there and test the Products and the Chemicals and content of the Product gasses of to the air an pollute the indoor air so the woman get sick.

I totally agree With her. It is about time we get Equality and Availability Access on Equal terms.  Well done to stand up for herself and tell them NO! I am all on her side. I have experienced the same thing myself here in Norway.

Is the air for everyone?

Norway “According to the Norwegian public reports,” NOU 2005: 8 of equality and accessibility. Legal protection against discrimination on grounds of disability. Defined disability as “Fuksjonshemming occurs when there is a gap between the individual’s abilities and design or function in surroundings / environment / buildings.” “

Sensitivity to the environment is protected by law. When triggered sensitivity to pollution in the environment an individual become sick. The ability to be in the environment is therefore limited.

Discrimination and Accessibility From New Year 2009 in Norway it is illegal to discriminate against persons with disabilities in all areas of society. The new law of 2009 gives the right to access everywhere in society.

17.02.2009 Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud: The freedom to function in society should be equal for everyone.

“Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud enforces anti-discrimination and Accessibility Act (dtl), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. The Act also has provisions on universal design, see § 9, and individual arrangements, see § 12 Several of the problems with asthma, allergies and sensitivities can raise questions for dtl. “Equality and Diskrimineringsomdudet LDO

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Sensitive and sick from Fragrance – Kirsten Hegge Hansen –

A Young girl Kirsten Hegge Hansen, back then at the age of 14, could not go to School just as Brandon Silk in the US cannot in 2013. Bea a girl in Sweden is attending school but have hugh problems being able to be there because of her school mates use of fragrance products. Read Bea has had Enough!

Kirsten is sensitive to fragrance in all kinds and forms. The School make a bad job arranging Accessibility for Kirsten and she had to be taught at home.

When others use fragrance Products it is enough to make her ill, and being in a such environment the bad Health only escalates. To function and stay healthy she is dependent on others using fragrance free Products.

She get sick from among other Products fragrance fabric softeners, detergents, deodorants, hairspray, soap, lotion for example.

According to Norwegian Equality and Accessibility Law all Public are shall be accessible to all With disabilities.

As far as I know in t his case accessibility was not well enough taken care of later either.

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Equality and Segregation

I find it a problem that the Norwegian Equality and Anti-discrimination ombud work for the right to wear hijab and maybe also burqa in official positions.

Internationally this is maybe old News and a long gone discussion. I am not a rasist, I have no problem With People immigrating and I like talking to them, and even be friends. I have no problem With that. But I have read on the subject hijab and burqa, and I have seen a lot of documentaries on the subject and learned what it stands for.

The Equality and Anti-discrimination ombud looks at it as I have learned in the light of the right to have a religion and to Express oneself that way. As a Equality and Anti-discrimination ombud they also have to stand up for the equality of women. So lets take a look at hijab and burqa and what it stands for.

Purdah or Pardaa (from Persian: پرده, meaning “curtain”) is the practice of concealing women from men. According to one definition:

Purdah is a curtain which makes sharp separation between the world of man and that of a woman, between the community as a whole and the family which is its heart, between the street and the home, the public and the private, just as it sharply separates society and the individual.

This takes two forms: physical segregation of the sexes, and the requirement for women to cover their bodies and conceal their form. Purdah exists in various forms in the Islamic world and among Hindu women in parts of India.

This segregational issues is taken even further than only clothing, and women many places are not allowed to leave the house without their father, brother, cousin, husband or other male relative. They are not allowed to go to school, work, meet in groups, or in any way blend with the opposite sex.

“Rules regarding Muslim women’s (and men’s) attire are derived from the Quran, Islam’s revealed text, and the traditions (hadith) of the Prophet Muhammad. In the Quran, states: [Chapter 24, verses 30-31] “Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty… And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and adornments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers…(a list of exceptions)”  [Chapter 33, verse 59] “O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons…that they should be known and not molested.” There are similar, yet less obvious requirements for a Muslim male’s attire. 1) A Muslim man must always be covered from the navel to the knees. 2) A Muslim man should similarly not wear tight, sheer, revealing, or eye-catching clothing. In addition, a Muslim man is prohibited from wearing silk clothing (except for medical reasons) or gold jewelry. A Muslim woman may wear silk or gold.”

A fatwa, written by Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid on the Saudi Arabian website Islam QA, states:

“The correct view as indicated by the evidence is that the woman’s face is ‘awrah which must be covered. It is the most tempting part of her body, because what people look at most is the face, so the face is the greatest ‘awrah * of a woman.”

* Awrah or aurat (arabic: عورة) is an Islamic term that indicates which parts of the body to be treated as private and to be covered by clothing. Which parts of the body which is considered awrah is different for men and women and for children and adults, but there is also a variation between different Muslim orientations. The term awrah is derived from the root ‘AWR which means “flaw”, “imperfection” or “weakness”. The most common translation is, however, “nudity”.

Social effects
It is impossible to tell whether a woman wearing a burqa is smiling or crying or showing any other emotion. Women say that this leads to a feeling of being completely invisible.

Purdah is not to be restricted to the clothing, it runs all through the way of living. It is a patriarchal way of building the society where the men are the head masters and women to be at lower rank and devided from the men. This will in the long run mean that women can not be where men are. You think this sounds strange? Of course there are those who are milder in their way of practising Purdah, but then again you have those who are not. Most of them are those who wear those garments.

So why is it a problem that the The Equality and Anti-discrimination ombud work for it is ok to wear those garments?

On one hand you can say that they should have the right to practice their traditions, and that is of course right. One can also say it is good because then they can go to work and work. Of course.

But then again

They could do that without the hijab and the burqa. Purdah is segregation of the sexes, and a way to segregate the womens rights from the mens. In many countries where Purdah is practiced women may not work, may not go out alone, they have not the same rights as men, and in Saudi Arabia in 2013 they do not even have the right to drive a car even though they have a drivers licese. Purdah is the way to segregate. Many would argue it is not, even many of them who wear it. But if we look at the facts and the history behind those clothes we get the reality of the facts.

Is that what we want?

If you want to look at different Purdah garments you can click here


At the Pharmacy – perfume – by Annelie Molin

I had used up my box of 2 ml Ventoline asthma medicine and needed more. To get this one must go to the pharmacy. It is totally life necessary.


Usually it is manageable, it works for me.

Now Christmas is coming up and the gift shelfs are stacked with products. Even at the pharmacy. But they stack it with perfumed products, and inscense. The air gets filled with what I become sick from. I went into the pharmacy to get medicine to stay healthy from asthma, and had to flee the pharmacy due to what make me ill. I had an asthma attack inside the pharmacy and had to leave the subscription with the pharmacist and run out of there. I had to stand outside in the street, and I had to shout to her through the door what I needed and tell her to deliver it outside where I was waiting. I could not enter. Becoming ill, forced out because of it, and a feeling of being banished, humiliation and illness, pluss everyone staring at me.

This is absolutely intolerable.

One must be able to go to the pharmacy and get ones medicine without getting sick from it. A pharmacy is firsthand for those who are sick and needs their medicine, not for the healthy. Those who want perfume and fragranced products can and should buy that with the perfumery.

On top of it if we take an even closer look at this, it even locks me out from buying perfume free lotion, bandages if I would be in need of it, or what ever you need from a pharmacy, and the pharmacy is the place one can buy perfume free make up. So now I am locked out from getting my subscribtion medicine, lotion, make up a.s.o.

The pharmacy should be available to everyone. It is the place to get life saving medicine.

I am so angry it makes my blood boil.

Enough is enough!

/ Annelie

Update: 10 March 2014:
Medical Newspaper Dagens Medicin reports: A woman (not me) in Sweden experienced the same issue as me and reported the Pharmacy  in the Chain of Apoteket AB in Stockholm to Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) complaint on People trying Products perfumed and polluting the air.