Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Public consultation on the review of the #European #Disability Strategy 2010-2020 #EU #asthma #allergy to #fragrance #astma #parfyme #parfym

EU ask for Your opinion!

“There are approximately 80 million citizens with disabilities in the EU, who often face barriers that prevent them from fully participating in all aspects of life on an equal basis with others. In its commitment to eliminate these barriers and improve the life of people with disabilities, the EU became a party to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN Convention). Implementing the Convention is an ongoing process and it is a shared responsibility of the EU institutions and the Member States. The EU can only act within the powers conferred to it by the EU treaties. A first review of the EU’s implementation of the UN Convention, done by the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, recognized the progress achieved until now, but also provided some recommendations for the future.

At EU level, the UN Convention is implemented through the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020. This Strategy has identified eight main areas for action at EU level: Accessibility, Participation, Equality, Employment, Education and Training, Social Protection, Health and External Action. Having reached the halfway point in its implementation, the European Commission launches this public consultation in order to assess its impact and to ensure EU policy remains tailored to the needs and rights of persons with disabilities.

This questionnaire asks for your opinion on what has been achieved so far at EU level, your views on the challenges faced by all persons with disabilities and how the European Union should address them. We appreciate all replies from citizens, organisations, public authorities, businesses, academics and other stakeholders.

We will use the findings of this public consultation to assess the progress made under the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 and to identify gaps to be addressed at EU level to ensure the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in society.”

Completing the survey should take about 20 minutes.

Give #EU your opinion on your fragrance #availability issues, scream at the top of your lungs! Tell them about your issues in a fragrances world. Here is your possibility to inform them. (link in Swedish and English below)



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#Norway Sentence for ignoring and exposing the population to harmful pollution levels @astmaalleri #astmaallergi #tryggluft #NAAF

Norge er dømt i Luxembourg for å ignorere luftkvalitet

Luxembourg – Norge: “Domstolen i Luxembourg setter nå et endelig punktum for luftkvalitetssaken NAAF har kjempet i nesten ti år. Norske myndigheter er dømt for i en årrekke å ha utsatt befolkningen i byene våre for helseskadelige nivåer luftforurensning. NO2 (Nox) og svevestøv, og i noen grad også SO2, har lenge forurenset mange byer i Norge. I flere år har luftforurensningsverdiene, særlig om vinteren, vært så høye at det var både helseskadelig og ulovlig. Norges Astma- og Allergiforbund (NAAF) har advart mot denne utviklingen i snart ti år. Da man ikke ble hørt, heller ikke i forhold til den skjebnesvangre dieselfavoriseringen i 2007, klaget forbundet i 2011 norske myndigheter inn for EFTA. Vi så rett og slett ingen annen utvei for å få slutt på eksponeringen man utsatte befolkningen for.

Siden den gang har ESA, EFTAS overvåkningsorgan, konkludert med at NAAF har helt rett, dette er både helseskadelig og ulovlig. ESA sendte da et offisielt brev til norske myndigheter der de redegjorde for saken og krevde forbedringer.

Heller ikke den nye regjeringen evnet dessverre tilfredsstillende å rydde opp i situasjonen og ble således trukket for retten i Luxembourg. Det er denne retten som nå har avsagt dom: Norge overholder ikke det europeiske luftforurensningsdirektiv.”

Norge er nå dømt i retten i Luxembourg for å unnlate å verne befolkningen mot luftforurensninger. Jeg vil gratulere NAAF for godt utført arbeid.

Det er kanskje dette som må til for å få slutt på den unødvendige forurensningen av parfyme i samfunnet som så mange blir sjuke av?

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Norway scentenced for ignoring air quality

Luxembourg – Norway: “The Court in Luxembourg is now putting a final end to the air quality issue NAAF has fought for almost a decade. Norwegian authorities are sentenced for during a number of years to have exposed the population of Norwegian cities to harmful levels of air pollution. NO2 (NOx) and particulate matter, and to some extent also SO2, has long polluted many cities in Norway. For several years, air pollution values, especially in winter, been so high that it was both harmful and illegal. The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF) have warned against this trend in almost ten years. Warning were not heard, nor in relation to the devestating diesel favoritism in 2007, NAAF complained in 2011 Norwegian authorities in EFTA. NAAF saw simply no other way to end the exposure seen vulnerable population.

Since then, the ESA, the EFTA Surveillance Authority, concluded that NAAF absolutely right, this is both harmful and illegal. ESA, sent an official letter to the Norwegian authorities in which they explained the matter and demanded improvements.

Neither the new government succeeded  satisfactory to clean up the situation and was thus brought to court in Luxembourg. It is this right which has now ruled: Norway does not comply with the European pollution directive. ”

Norway has been sentenced in court in Luxembourg for failing to protect the population against air pollution. I want to congratulate NAAF for work well done.

Maybe this is what is needed to also  get the air free from the uneccessary pollution by fragrance that make so many ill?

Read the full article at (in Norwegian):