Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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10 Questions to Ask Before You Say “I Do”


Very many relationships crash, in fact 50 % of all Norwegian marriages crash. I think many marry to easily not reflecting on if this is a person I can STAY married to? I have always asked myself that question when Meeting a man. Is this a person I could STAY married to? I have actually been asked this question a couple of times. You know the question: – Will you marry me? And then I have searched my heart and felt if the question: – Can I STAY married to this person? if it is answered correctly. I have said no so far. Mostly since many of the Things needed for STAYING married is not fulfilled. I feel marriage is not just getting married. It is not a day, marriage is the rest of the life. Many make such a fuss over the one day, of course it should be Nice. But marriage is actually not only that day, one should make more fuzz over the other parts answering the questions: – Will I be able to STAY married to this person? I feel marriage is not just getting married.  At least it is the way it should be. Marriage should not be like having a fling, one day on and over the next day. Marriage is With a best friend one love that special way, a person that is both a best friend and one is attracted to. A life friend. And also a person that if it is possible should be a good husband and a good dad. Marriage is about Family. It is about trust, faith in one another, love, co-working, both living and coping, one have to be able to feel well-being, togetherness and be able to solve problems together. It needs ability to communicate. Living together also means need to have well-being, one must like living together. Living With the good habits is easy enough, it is living With the bad habits that is not as easy. Specially communication and some other Things is hard to find. Today I got a New Facebook friend and through this person I found a site online talking about just those Things. It was Nice Reading since it took on stuff that I have thought of many times. Continue reading


Human Canaries and Friendship

Even asthma

Even for asthma sensitivity for small dozes are there. A person with asthma reacts on dozes 0,02 ppm. So I you have just a little on, it may be to much. Best is to go fragrance free. Then you do not bather anyone.

Ichigo Ichie

In addition to many of the health issues I’ve talked about in this blog, one of the major conditions that has increasingly affected my daily life is my extreme sensitivity to fragrances and certain chemicals.  People with sensitivities like me, and others diagnosed with “multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)” are referred to as “canaries.”  We are human canaries.  The name “canary” comes from a past practice of miners who would take the birds into the mines with them as an animal sentinel, to provide advanced warning of danger.  Canaries are more sensitive to toxic gases than humans, so if the bird stopped singing, got sick, or died, the miners would know they needed to escape the mine or use protective gear before they were affected.

Low levels of fragrances and chemicals that most people probably wouldn’t notice, will make me very sick, so sick that I could be…

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Laughing, Emotions and Asthma

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En god latter forlenger livet

… er et gammel ordtak. Men det er ikke alltid sant for de med ashtma.

En fersk australsk studie utført ved University of New South Wales viste at latter er en astma trigger for over 40 p% av australierne med astma. En lignende studie utført ved New York University viste at latter er en vanlig astma trigger for over 50 % av personene som ble testet.

En latter kanskje ikke forkorter livet til en person som har astma, men kan faktisk føre til et astmaanfall. Spesielt når du har en dårlig astma periode.

For eksempel: om lag 40% av Austrailias 2.000.000 astmasjuke lever i frykt for å le på grunn av astma. Dette er ikke begrenset til Australia at det kan skje, men er et faktum for de fleste av oss som har astma.

Å le er spenning, entusiasme og oppegging, og spenning utløser stresshormoner, og stress er en kjent faktor for å utløse astmaanfall.

Om du i utgangspunktet er frisk och ikke har diagnosen astma får du ikke astmaanfall av følelser og stress som nevnt herover, men har du diagnosen astma kan du være i risikosonen for å drabbes når du utsettes for slik.


En film som får deg å gråte, en krangel og kamp med din partner, stresset av arbeidsrelaterte tidsfrister, andre arbeidsrelaterte problemer og motgang, glede og sorg, sex og spenning kan få en person med astma å gispe etter luft. Sterke følelser som frykt, stress eller latter kan noen ganger føre til astma symptomer. Det gjelder både for voksne og barn.

Barn kan lett bli påvirket av høye nivåer av følelser. Fra anfall av knising til skrikende raserianfall, det kan gi effekter på barnets astma, men selvfølgelig også for voksne med sterkt skiftende humør.

Hvordan kan jeg stoppe stress fra å påvirke min astma?
Mens det er umulig å eliminere følelsesmessig stress fra livet ditt, kan du lære å redusere effekten og gjenkjenne potensielle symptomer som kan trenge litt symptombehandling.

  • Vær oppmerksom på ting, hendelser eller personer som legger stress i livet ditt, og arbeide på hvordan du reagerer på dem slik at du forblir roligere, og kanskje hvis nødvendig eliminere dem fra livet ditt.
    Erkjenne følelsene du har – dette er en teknikk som kan være effektive i å redusere deres innflytelse.
  • Hvis du kan, bør du fjerne deg fra stressende situasjoner og mennesker.
  • Finne konstruktive og positive måter å redusere ditt sinne, angst eller frykt.
  • Lær mer om astma, ta en aktiv rolle i omsorg for deg selv og ta kontroll.
  • Trening er en fin måte å avreagere, og er bra for deg også. Bare vær klar over at fysisk aktivitet kan også utløse astma så ikke tar den for langt.

Livet kan være en berg og dalbane av følelser slik at den beste tingen å gjøre er å være forberedt så mye du kan, og sammen med passende astma medisiner du kan ta kontroll over astmaen din.

Ha alltid akuttmedisin mot asthma med deg bare i tilfelle.


Jeg har faktisk opplevd det selv.

Hvis du finner astma merkelig, prøve å leve med det. ;) Det er som en eske konfekt, du vet aldri hva du får. ;)

/ Annelie

Dette blogginnlegget ble inspirert av en
nyhetsartikkel i The Daily Telegraph 24 august 2009

A good laugh extend your life

…is a old saying. But that is not always true for those with ashtma.

A recent Australian study performed at the University of New South Wales showed that laughter is an asthma trigger for over 40 % of Australians with asthma. A similar study carried out at New York University showed that laughter is a common asthma trigger for over 50 % of the subjects tested.

A laugh maybe not shorten the life of an asthma sick person but can in fact cause a asthma attack. Especially when having a bad asthma period.

For example about 40% of Austrailia’s 2 million Asthmatic fear laughing because of asthma. This is not limited to Australia, but is a fact for most of us having asthma.

Laughing is excitement and excitement triggers stress hormones, and stress is a known factor for triggering asthma.


A movie making you cry, a fight with your partner, the stress of work related deadlines, other work related issues and hardship, joy and sadness, sex and excitement can leave a person with asthma gasping for air. Strong emotions like fear, stress or even laughter can sometimes lead to increased asthma symptoms.

Children can easily be affected by high levels of emotion. From fits of giggles to screaming tantrums; the effects on their asthma can be similar. But of course, even adults with many great high and lows is affected too.

If you are healthy and not diagnosed with asthma you will not have an asthma attack of emotions and stress as mentioned here, but are you diagnosed with asthma you may be at risk for astmaattacks when exposed to emotions and stress.

How can I stop stress from affecting my asthma?
While it is impossible to eliminate emotional stress from your life, you can learn to reduce the effect and recognise potential symptoms that may need some reliever medication.

  • Be aware of the things, events or people that add stress to your life, and work at how you respond to them so you remain calmer, and maybe if nessecary eliminate them from your life.
  • Acknowledge the feelings you are having – this is a technique that can be effective in reducing their impact.
  • If you can, remove yourself from stressful situations and people.
  • Find constructive and positive ways to reduce your anger, anxiety or fear.
  • Learn more about your asthma; take an active role in caring for yourself and staying in control.
  • Exercise Is a great way to let off steam, and is good for you as well. Just be aware of that excercise may also trigger asthma so do not over do it.

Life can be a roller coaster of emotions so the best thing to do is to be prepared as much as you can, and along with appropriate asthma medication you can take control of your asthma.

Always have your reliever with you just in case.


I have actually experienced it myself.

If you find asthma strange, try living with it. ;) It is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you are gonna get. ;)

/ Annelie

This blog entry was inspired from an
news article in The Daily Telegraph August 24, 2009

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Wash laundry and laundry rooms – by Annelie Molin

(Scroll down for English)

Har man ikke problem med parfymer og kjemikalier selv kan det være vanskelig å forstå hvordan parfymerte vaskemidler kan være til problemer for sensitive.

I private hjem og andre steder blir det ofte brukt parfymerte vaskemedler og tøymyknere når man vasker tøy. Mange oppfatter det som en nytelse med duft, noe de ofte også tror er naturlige dufter. Dessverre innholder dufter som idag blir tilsatt vaskemedler er bare en stor coctail med kjemikalier i en blandning som lager en duft. Noen velger parfymerte vaskemedler i ukunnskap, eller pga økonomiske årsaker da de i villrede tror de mer helsefremmende vaskemedlene er dyrere.

For å ta et eksempel på en av situasjonene jeg selv har opplevd skal jeg fortelle om en gang jeg var på besøk hos en venn.

Jeg banket på dørra. Allerede i gangen utenfor dørra kjente jeg vaskemedelduften men visste ikke hva sort det var. Ikke at det har så stor betydning hva merke det er da det er parfymert, fordi parfymert er parfymert og jeg visste problemen ville melde seg. Jeg stod der og gruet meg.  Jeg ble sluppet inn, og kom inn i gangen og skulle henge av meg jakken. Duften av vaskemedlet og tøymyknere fra tørketrommelen var så sterk av det stakk i nesen, og sekundene etterpå så snørte seg lungene mine sammen og jeg begynte å hoste momentant og veldig hardt. Jeg fikk ikke pust. Jeg måtte fly stedet og løpe inn på stua med både klær og sko på, med håndvesken i hånden. Og dørråpningen til gangen måtte dekkes til og vinduene på stua åpnes. Derpå måtte medisinen fram. Krampene i lungene var meget kraftge.

Det er slitsomt å ha det slik. Det er slitsomt å måtte melde fra før man kommer på besøk og ikke kunne komme spontant. Det er slitsomt å måtte bli alvorlig sjuk i lungene fordi andre, også venner, på død og pine må bruke parfymerte produkter.

Bruker du parfymerte produkter? Tenk på at der er folk omkring deg som har besvær av det. Det er ikke et spørsmål om hvis der er folk som sliter med det, fordi 20-25 % av Norges borgere har noen form for astma og allergi og ofte sliter disse også med sensitivitet mot parfyme og sterke dufter. Noen er lungesjuke og disse får alvorlige symtomer med lunge- og pusteproblemer, andre får eksem, kløe, svie i øyner, hodepine, migrene osv. Ikke alle tør å si noe om det fordi de er redd å være uhøflige og støte seg med sine venner.

Også etter at de er brukt i maskinene så gir tøyet fra seg gasser. Det du oppfatter som duft, er i grunn kjemikaliene som gasser av seg i luften og spres til alle omkring som må puste det inn. Det sitter også i stoffet slik at de med kontaktallergi risikerer å få eksem, kløe osv.

Meldingen her er at om du har venner, eller har besøk av folk som er sensitive, eller i det hele tatt har lokaler der folk av alle sorter oppholder seg, ta da og kutt ut de parfymerte produktene. Velg mennesket og vennene før duften. Da er du en god venn og et godt medmenneske.

In English

If you have no problem with perfumes and chemicals, it may be difficult to understand how scented detergents could be a problem for the sensitive.

In private homes and other locations are often used perfumed deturgenst and fabric softeners when washing clothes and other fabrics. Many consider it a pleasure to use scent, something they often think are natural fragrances. Unfortunately contain today’s fragrances that are added to detergents just a huge cocktail of chemicals in a mixture that creates a fragrance. Some choose perfumed detergents in misguidence, or because of economic reasons as they puzzled think the more healthy is more expensive.

To take an example of one of the situations I have experienced, I’ll tell about a time I was visiting a friend.

I knocked at the Door. Already in the hallway outside door knew I could smell the fragrance but did not know what brand it was. Not that it’s so important what brand it is as it is scented, because perfumed are perfume whatever brand and I knew the problem would arise. I stood there and dreaded. I was let in, and came into the hallway and ws about to hang off my jacket. The scent of the detergent and fabric softeners from the dryer was so strong, it stinged in his nose, and seconds later my lungs tightened up and I began coughing instantaneous and very hard. I had to flee it and run into the living room with clothes and shoes with the handbag in hand. And the door the time had to be covered and the windows in the living room opened to give me fresh air. Thereupon I had medicate hard. Cramps in my lungs were very powerful. Not everyone say anythning about it, since they are afraid to be rude and make enemies with their friends.

It is difficult to accept this. It is tiring to have to notify before arriving for a visit and could not come spontaneously. It is tiring to have to be seriously ill in the lungs because others, also friends, must use perfumed products.

Do you use scented products? Consider that there are people around you who have symptoms of it. It is not a question of if there are people who struggle with it, because 20-25% of Norway’s citizens have some form of asthma and allergy and often these also struggling with sensitivity to perfumes and strong scents. Some are lung sickness and these are serious symptoms with lung and breathing problems, others get eczema, itching, burning in the eyes, headache, migraine, etc.

Even after they are used in the machines the fabric gives away the gases and fumes from the scent. What you perceive as the fragrance is due to chemicals gases in the air and spread to all around who have to breathe it. It is forced on all. It also sits on the fabric so that those with contact allergy might get dermatitis, itching etc.

The message here is that if you have friends or have visits from people who are sensitive, or was at all premises where people of any sort is present, then take and cut out the scented products. Select man before the fragrance. Then you are a good pal and a good fellow human being.

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Odentlige venner de kan man ha det gøy sammen med, og ibland blir man uenig, kanskje krangler litt og så blir man venner igjen. Er rare venner som bryter vennskap over uenigheter og ikke snakker sammen.

Jeg mener hvordan skal man kunne være venner et helt liv om man ikke snakker sammen? Det kommer jo før eller siden situasjoner som oppleves som problematiske, misforståelser osv, og snakker man da ikke om det så kan man jo aldri løse det heller. Så rare venner de som ikke snakker sammen, de er ikke mulig å være venner med lenge fordi om der blir problemer da kan man ikke løse de.

In English

Real friends they one can have fun with, and at times you maybe have disagrements, arguing perhaps a bit, and then you become friends again. Is weird friends who break friendships over disagreements and not talking.

I mean how can we be friends for a lifetime if you do not talk? It will sooner or later come situations perceived as problematic, misunderstandings, etc., and then if we do not talk about it, so no one can never solve it either. So weird friends who do not talk, they are not possible to be friends for a long time because if there are problems then you can not solve them.


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The grandest gift – by Annelie Molin

Den fineste og største gave du kan gi noen som blir sjuk av parfymer og kjemikalier er å begynne bruke kun parfymefrie produkter. Da gir du din venn helsen i gave. ♥

Den största och finaste gåvan du kan ge någon som blir sjuk av parfymer och kemikalier är att gå över till att använda bara parfymfria produkter. Då ger du din vän hälsan i gåva. ♥

The grandest and nicest gift you can give someone with sensitivity to fragrances and chemicals is to start using only fragrance free products. This is you giving your friend health as a gift. ♥

~ Var snill dele denne med dine venner.
~ Var snäll dela denna med dina vänner.
~ Please, welcome to share this with your friends.


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Co-op Asthma, Allergy and Sensitivity

Joint Sensitivity

Do someone in your family or your friends got asthma or allergies? Then you got asthma and allergy as well.


She’s nuts you think? Well, you do not literally got asthma, allergy and sensitivity yourself if your better half, your children, aunt oncle friends a.s.o have it, but since your family member or friend have asthma, allergy and sensitivity then you should live like you have it yourself.

Clean out all that make your family member, relative or friend sick, throw away products that is bad for your them and replace them with allergy and asthma friendly products for all in the family to use. It benefits all family, and the person sensitive.

This way you help making your partner, relative, family member or friend being able to be healthier.

It is the best gift you can give.

This goes for all in the workplace, home and visitors.

Clean fresh air is the best you can give to your family, friends and collueges.

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Friends like medicine – by Annelie Molin

There are situations in life where friends possibly can cause asthma attacks with their habits, but they are also most useful to be able to avoid it.

This is about asthma and cars and not about slander about friends, but sometimes one have to tell a little except for names to be able to tell the story at all.

Some days ago I was with a friend to see another friend of mine. He had promised to fix a fault with the connection with my car stereo. A faulty connection a former friend made. In 2010 I bought a new car stereo, and this former friend of mine “helped” connecting it. He managed to cable the stereo to the headlights, making me getting problems with the lights on my car. A silly one. And he did it even though I told him not to change the connection from how it was made before. But I had nothing to say in the matter, he did it anyway. And I know to little about connecting car stereos to be able to argue using good reasons. I only had a bad feeling in my stomach when he went on making the connection that later gave me car problems.

Luckily there are other people who knows what to do..

Two nice friends and a nice day. Talk, music, and intelligens, help and a long walk. I like that.

Ok, both of them smoke and I had to avoid them smoking, staying away while they did that. As always my lungs closed up… But here I do not talk to be negative about that. No this is an all other matter. My friend who liked to help me with my car, like he did know I could not be in the car while he was soldering with the led and soldering tool he kindly asked my friend to sit in the car with him and do the job. I did not have to be there, I just stoud outside the car watching. Bless him, and bless my friend who sat there helping doing the job for me. I would not have been able to sit there with all the fumes around. And I did not even have to tell them I could not! :)

And he fixed my car stereo, and I am so happy!

So now I can listen to the radio and music without having the headlights on, it saves  battery, and surely the light bulbs will not burn, and it will work better in the future.

So sometimes friends are like medicine, not only to me but also for my car. :)

Thank you!!

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Hurt? – I smell nice, so what?

(For English scroll down)

Hvis noen ber om parfymefrihet, føler flere seg såret, irritert, defensiv. Man må forstå at det handler ikke om deg som person eller om ditt valg av duft, det handler om kjemikalier i produkter med duft som forurenser luften som alle må puste i og gjør flere syke akkurat som passiv røyk. Hvis du bruker det så tar du ikke kun et valg for deg selv, men for alle rundt deg. :-)

In English

If someone asks for freedom from expsure to perfume, many feel hurt, irritated, and on the defensive. One must understand that it’s not about you as a person or your choice of fragrance, it’s all about chemicals in products with fragrances that pollute the air that all breathe in and make them sick as passive smoke. If you use it then you are not just making a choice for yourself, but for everyone around you. :-)

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How I handle perfumed friends

Translation in English further down.

De er fortsatt mine venner også om de fortsetter å bruke parfyme. Men du skal da vite at du skader min helse. Hvordan jeg håndterer parfymerte venner kan være vanskelig ibland fordi dette parfymespørsmålet er ibland sensitivt, ibland like sensitivt som jeg er sensitiv overfor parfymen. Noen kan ikke skjønne at parfyme kan skade andre, mens andre aksepterer at det er slik men ikke tror det er så farlig så lenge som jeg ikke får et stort astmaanfall.

Jeg informerer om at parfyme gjør meg sjuk. Jeg medisinerer. Hvis de likevel fortsetter å bruke parfyme når jeg er med, da må jeg bruke mye mere medisin og så holder jeg pusten når de kommer for nært. Ja, omtrent som man gjør når noen lukter vondt. Jeg synes også at parfyme dufter godt, men jeg blir sjuk av det likevel, det irriterer luftveiene, slimhinnene og lungene mine slik at jeg får tung pust, hoste og astmaanfall av det.

De som ikke bare lar være å bruke parfyme når jeg er med, er nokk de som ikke ser at også bare litt i lengda gjør sjuk, f.eks. at en liten eksponering under lengre tid er like ille som stor eksponering under kort tid. At også om jeg ikke står og hoster lungene av meg så får jeg en reaksjon. Små doser over lenger tid gjør at det bygger seg opp og 4-5 timer senere kan jeg få en astmaattack. Det kan godt skje etter at vi har skilt lag, og jeg har kommet meg hjem. Det bygger seg altså opp over tid, også om eksponeringen er liten.

Venner som er gla i en vil ibland gi en klem. Det er koselig, da blir jeg gla. Men om de har parfyme på seg da kan det bli problemer. Jeg liker jo å få en klem, å få en klem er koselig, men er jo ikke så koselig å bli sjuk av en klem. Nå er det jo i og for seg ikke klemmen jeg blir sjuk av. En klem vil jeg gjerne ha, men parfymen kunne jeg klare meg uten, det er den som gjør sjuk.

– Jeg vil gjerne møte deg, men jeg vil ikke treffe din parfyme!

Koselig er det også å gå sammen med venner, ta bilen, shoppe, ut og spise, fare på tur og så videre. Men har de parfyme på seg da senker det gleden litt fordi da må jeg gå mindst noen steg, helst noen meter, unna de for å klare å gå sammen med de. I bilen går ikke det i det hele tatt, det er et lukket rom da muligheten å bevege seg bort er ubefintlig, man sitter der man sitter.. Om noen likevel har parfyme på seg, da må jeg åpne vinduene, jeg sier ikke stort men smyger hånda ned til knappen og åpner. Er det kalde ute, det er likegyldig, åpne må jeg. Noen ganger er det for mye parfyme og da må jeg ut av bilen, eller personen må ut av bilen og vaske seg før vi kan fare. Noen ganger tar jeg bare stopper jeg et sted ved f.eks. en kiosk som en unnksyldning for å komme meg ut.

Det setter meg i en litt ubehagelig situasjon. Man vil jo slippe å klage, og man vil jo ha hyggelig, men da lungene stritter imot da må man si stopp. Men samtidlig vet man at når man gjør det, sier stopp og du må gå og vaske deg, da kan man i samme setningen krenke den andre som gjorde seg fin. Den personen kanskje til og meg gjorde seg fin for meg. Jeg opplever slike situasjoner som vanskelige.

Jeg unngår ofte å vise at jeg blir sjuk. Jeg tar medisin da ingen ser, eller jeg tar medisin uten å si hvorfor jeg må ta medisin. Kanskje det er feil av meg, men samtidlig så har jeg jo sagt og forklart til alle at jeg blir sjuk, så jeg burde jo ikke måtte gå og mase hele tiden?

Kanskje de ikke forstår hele omfanget? Bare fordi jeg ikke detter om og støtter meg til veggen så tror folk jeg ikke blir sjuk? Er jeg for tapper? Men sannheten er jo at jeg dytter i meg så mye medisin for å dempe sjukdomssymtomene for å kunne være rundt de at jeg får skjelvinger på hendene. Skjelvinger på hendene er bivirkningene av medisinen jeg tar. Jeg kan også for økt hjerterytme. Der er en grense for hvor mye medisin man kan ta før det får en negativ effekt på helsen ved bivirkninger.

Mitt ønske er at alle som har en rundt seg som er sensitiv for parfyme, at dere ikke bruker parfyme, fordi det gjør det lettere og koseligere å omgåes dere.

In English

They are still my friends even if they continue to use perfume. But you should know that you hurt my health. How do I deal with perfumed friends can be difficult at times, because this question of perfume at times is sensitive, sometimes just as sensitive as I am sensitive to perfume. Some seem to not understand or not know that perfume can harm others, while other accepts that this is so, but do not think it’s so dangerous as long as I do not get a big asthma attack.

I am informing them that perfume makes me sick. I medicate. If they still continue to use perfume when I’m around, then I use a lot more medicine and I hold my breath when they get too close. Yes, much like you do when someone smells bad. I also think that the perfume smells nice, but I get sick from it, it sensitives the respiratory tract, mucous membranes, and my lungs so that I get shortness of breath, coughing and asthma attacks from it.

They seem to fail to see that only a little use of perfume  makes sick in the long run. They seem to not understand that a small exposure during a period of time is as bad as a big exposure for a short time. That even though I do not stand coughing my lungs of me I do get a reaction. Small doses over longer time allows the build-up and 4-5 hours later I get an asthma attack. It may well happen after we parted, and I have come home. It builds up over time, ie, whether the exposure is small or big.

Friends who are fond of  me will at times give a hug. It is cozy and I like it. But if they have the perfume on then it can be a trouble. I like to get a hug, to get a hug is nice, but is not so nice to be sick from the hug. Now it is not the hug itself I get sick from. A hug, I would like to have, but the perfume I could do well without, it is the perfume that makes sick.

– I like to meet you, but not your perfume!

Nice is also to go with friends, take the car for a spin, shop, dine out, go on tour and so on. But when they have perfume on then it lowers the enjoyment a bit because then I have to walk least a step, preferably a few meters away from the others to be able to walk with them. The car is a whole different matter, it’s a closed room when the opportunity to move away is not there You sit where you sit and can not get away.. If anyone still has perfume on, then I open the windows, I do not say much but slips my hand down to the button and open. Is it cold outside, it does not matter, I must open. Sometimes there is too much perfume and then I have to get out of the car because of my lungs close up, or the person must be out of the car and wash before we can go.

It puts me in an uncomfortable situation. One want not to complaint, and one want surely to have a nice time, but when the lungs resist then you have to say stop. But at the same time one know that when one do say stop, and tell them you must go and wash yourself, as you can in the same sentence violate the others who did put perfume on to be fine. They maybe even did it for you.

I avoid often to show that I am sick, I want our time together will be about having a nice and fun time, and not about that I am sick. I take medicine when nobody is watching, or I take the medicine without saying why I have to take medicine. Maybe it’s wrong of me, but at the same time as I already said and explained to everyone that I am sick, so I should not have to go and nag all the time?

Maybe they do not understand the full range? Just because I do not fall over and stand clinging myself to the wall so do not people think I am sick? But the truth is that I push in me so much medicine to curb the illness to be around those who use perfume that I get tremor hands. Tremors of the hands are the side effects of the medication I take. A high heart rate is also a side effect. There is a limit to how much medicine you can take before it gets a negative effect on the health.

My wish is that everyone who is around people that are sensitive to perfume, that you do not use perfume because it makes it easier and nicer to associate with you.

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The backside of asthma and allergies – by Annelie Molin

Imagine you got asthma. Put yourself in the position of the asthmatic, and do this while you read this..

You got asthma. What does that mean to you? When you breathe in things that are bad for you, your immune system tells the lungs that this stuff is really bad for you, and your lungs react to the impulse and your bronchi in the lungs get filled with mucus and the muscles around the bronchi spasm and narrows the airways even more so that you get hard to breathe.

This is your position and it follows you wherever you go in life. How much you would even want to get rid of the problem this brings you, you can never really be free of it.

You are asthmatic and this is your life.

Very many things can make you sick. Some depends on what your immunesystem reacts on. You either react against one thing or several (most common is to react against several), but one thing that is sure is that if you keep the stuff around you get sick from,  then your health decline. Your declining health about asthma means that the more you are subjected to what makes  you sick, the more asthma problems you get. You use the problem solver you got, your asthma medicine, the inhalations that is your life saviour. If you are able to avoid the allergens and irritants you will not get as sick.

At home you clear out all that make you sick to have a good life, to not have to medicate so much and not have to get sick all the time.

The doctor told you to take your medicines, and you do, but you also know that it is best to stay clear of all that make you sick, since it is the only way to not become unnecessarily ill. Even so, you kan not stop using your medicines, and you know this. You can not stop because if you do you would let the chronic inflammation flare free with heavy difficulty breathing as a result.

At home you got your free haven, you managed to clear it for as many allergens and irritants as possible. The air is clear for all the stuff that you get sick from, and you are constantly aware of not bringing any “bad stuff” into your home. All to not provoke your illness.

Taking your medicines and having the free space, your home free for allergens and irritants, you can manage the illness rather good. Most days are good, even though not all.

Your biggest problem is the rest of the world. The problem is the use of others of stuff you get ill from, and they do not know  you get ill from it, and they put themselves and their preferred wants and likes first. And in this world you must join if you are not going to lock yourself inside your home and live your life alone.

Those people believe that by using all the stuff you get ill from they are more pleasing to other people, that others find them more attractive and sociable. It starts every day already in the morning. In the many thousands of homes they get up in the morning and take the daily shower  (that is good) but they wash themselves in perfume, the perfumed body and hair hygiene products, dry themselves with the perfume washed towel, remove hair with perfumed products, smear their face with perfumed products, add deodorant that is perfumed,  to avoid dry skin they smear perfumed lotion on them, and style their hair with perfumed products, spray hair spray, and many also add cosmetics that are filled with perfume (mostly women) and then add newly washed clothes washed in perfumed products, to their wardrobe and it is their choise to dress in. Rather many also add the final spray of perfume or after shave. Ah, they think to themselves each time, I smell so nicely. : ) Then they go out in the world to meet with other people in believes that it will be appreciated by all that they smell nice as they feel it.

Then they meet you in town, and they stand beside you, there where you are and where you need to go. They do not know you got asthma, and in their minds they are in their full right to smell and spread the smell to others. It is only nice they think – smiling over the thought…

But you stand there, maybe in the que in the grocery store, and need your food like anyone else. The persons in front of you and behind  you smell of all the perfumed products that they added this morning, you feel the scent in the air. In your mind you recognize that is yes smell nice, but in the same second you know this is not good for you. And in the same second as you think that you feel a raspy sensation in your lungs, and you know that this is the start of an any level asthma attack. You start to cough, first mildly, people around you look at you in pity believing you got a cold, but you have not a cold, you got something worse. Then you start coughing more and more and you cough up mucus coming from your lungs. It is there, but you are indoors and where to spit?  Start looking for paper in your pockets.  You continue coughing and your lungs work to get air. While they do that you breathe in more of the scent around you, and you get even more subjected to what you get ill from and cough even more. It becomes a bad circle and you start to get heavy breathing. Already you have started to take your medicine to get through the situation. To manage to stand there in line to be able to pay for the food you need. It lightens up a bit thanks to the medicine, but the perfume continues to hit your lungs while you breathe, and you must take more inhalations of medicines to manage to stay there. The que goes slowly. You have to breathe, it is a natural thing, everyone does, and for every breath you breathe in more of the perfume, and get affected by the asthma time by time as time pass. You take even more medicine to help the situation. People take no notice of you. It is so common to see people using inhalator that no one notice. You stand there and wish that they could stop using that awful perfume… even though it smell nice. Lines moves slowly. You get more sick and you take more medicine. Finally it is your turn. You address the cashier, and feel the smell of perfume from her too and hairspray. F…k you think to yourself. And you feel the lungs again and medicate even more. You stand there and get stressed and wish your were out of there for long time ago. – Why do the woman work so slow? – I want out of here NOW!  you think to yourself. Finally all is paid for. Finally I can get out of here! You pack the bags while you feel the scent of the person beside you packing their bags, soon you will be free of it! Walking out of the store. Soon fresh air outdoors : )) *Your happy thoughts..* You pass by the perfume and beauty shop, and the smell of all the products is spread in the air, and you go to the other side of the entrence hall to get so far away from it as possible to avoid more scents. … There is the door. : )) Outside stands several people, and you wonder if they are only talking or if they are smoking? The last thing you need right now is smoke down your longs too. You medicate even more to press down the fury in your lungs. When you get closer to the doors you see the glow from the cigarettes, people stand there talking and seem to have a good time, but you get stressed by the smoke and wish they could go somewhere else, you have to pass to get out.. You pass, and as everyone else you have to breathe, and you therefore breathe in the smoke. It takes 1-5 seconds before your lungs that are already sensitive because of the perfume before, closes up and you get heavy breathing. You stress to get pass them at the same time as you are medicating even more. After a 100 meter walking in fresh air you feel your lungs calm down a bit. Finally out of there. But your lungs are not all well yet, so you take more medicine to get better. And then you feel it. Your heart rate are getting higher and you get shaky hands. The side effects of the medicine strike you and you get that on top of a tight chest.

You think to yourself that – If they only knew, maybe then they would stop using all that stuff? Now you only need to get home and find your peace at home, and wait until the storm blows over.

Take more medicine, eat some healthy food, look at some movie, read some emails.

What would  you think if all this really was you?

Next time you need to fill you cabinet, please go for the 100% perfume free producs in bless that you do not cause pain on anyone else.

What is Asthma? Read more..

Thank you.

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Co-op Relationships and Friendship

Life is co-operation, it is give and take. How will it ever be possible to go through life in a long-term relationship of any kind if one do not talk together and with each other in a constructive, honest and nice way to gain a good outcome for both? It is not possible to do that without. It does not matter if it is a friend relationship, work relationship, flirt relationship, love relationship, parental – child relationship or what ever kind of relationship. Talking at a person is not co-op, it is a monologue that only put the other person down. It only push the other one a way. And it certainly do not create a productive togetherness.