Fresh air does not smell of fragrance

Frisk luft lukter ikke av parfyme.

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Smoke ban in apartments – Lundberg’s –

Now it may be an end to smoking in your own apartment.

The real estate Lundberg’s in Sweden is going smoke-free for all tenants.
– Smoking is one of the most common complaints they say, so now they have a smoke ban indoors and  in all Apartments.

The new rules mean that you can not smoke neither in his apartment, on the balcony or in the outdoor area.

The ban affects thousands of people across the country.

According to real estate Lundberg depends initiative of displeasure from the tenants.

– The two most common complaints we get is that the person who was in the laundry room before one has not been cleaned up or that any other tenant smokes so that it enters a non-smoking tenant’s apartment, he says.

Valid from January

The new rule is written into all new leases as of year end. However, existing tenants will not be affected in any legal sense. The company hopes instead that they should change their habits of respect for their neighbours. 09 Januar 2014